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Does the Multi RS Solar feed in to the grid?

The Multi RS Solar has ESS options for "Optimise with/without battery life". When you use this, it uses the batteries first and any additional load requirement at the output is achieved by using the grid AC in feed.

My question is, will this result in any grid feed in either deliberately or just by leakage and is this allowed in the UK?

I don't want any grid feed in if that wasn't already obvious :)

I'm looking for some facts here rather than speculation or hypothesis if someone really knows the answer?

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ESS (grid interaction) on the MultiRS Solar is currently not allowed in the UK because it is not type tested yet.
The IET would take their own time performing product type testing.

The MultiRS Solar can be used in it's default configuration as inverter / charger where it does not feed back.

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Thanks for the quick response.

Under what circumstances would it feed back into the grid? Is it if the batteries are fully charged and there is excess solar available over and above an load requirement?

What I really want is self consumption without feed in.

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I use mine for self consuption. It is disconnected from the network most of the time, with the backfeed relays open.

I only close the backfeed relays when I would like to take some energy from the network at cheap rates if the battery is low.

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Ok, now you've got my attention! This is essentially what I want to do. Charge batteries with solar during the day and top up the batteries between 1am and 5am on cheap electric.

When you say "backend relays", do you mean the relays in the RS (and if so, how?) or are you using an external relay/contractor with a timer?

I guess if you don't use ESS and disable the mains input then you can't get the RS to supplement the output current under high load which I would really like to do.

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