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IP22 12/30 compatibility with 100/20 controller?

My IP 22 12/30 has been the only power source charging my 12v Battleborn house battery. It is powered from an inverter connected to start batteries/alternator -works great never any problems, Recently I added 2x 100 watt solar panels in series and wired a 100/20 controller into the Battleborn house battery and if I run solar controller and IP22 at the same time the IP 22 is over heating, it also made a clicking noise. The solar works fine no issues.

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Overheating shouldn't happen.

Are the settings of the IP22 identical to the MPPT?

Is the IP 22 still working when the solar is off?

Wiring diagram would help a lot. Might be you've introduced a fault in the wiring,

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