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How to view all nmea 2000 data from signalk server in Grafana?

I have installed venus large image and venus docker grafana that works properly, but I do not get access to all nmea2000 data from signalk server in Grafana, only "victron data". In segnalk server I can see that all data I want is available in "data browser". I assume that only a small detail is missing since all data is already in the signal server and influxdb already sends victron data to Grafana .. Will be very grateful for answers that can point me to the right course for further troubleshooting.

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Hi and thanks for the reply. After further study of the problem, I suspect that venus docker grafana can only display data from victron. They call it "victron advanced dasboarding" so that is probably the intention as well. To forward all nmea data to influxdb I read online is a lot of data and requires a strong processor and ram. In that case, this will explain why the developer has programmed it this way.

Venus large image that includes signal is pre-configured with plugin influxdb, victron venus and wilhelmsk. Using both venus docker grafana and venus large image I think is double up in my installation. I want to use garafana to present all nmea data and this can be done easily in signal server using plugins.

So my plan is to install signal server and grafana on my mac mini and set everything up on the same device. I then only need to retrieve nmea data from cerbo gx via signal listening n2k-on-ve.can-socket.

I do not need venus-docker-grafana and venus large image.

I hope I have understood this correctly, nice if you can verify my plans if you know this is correct.

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since no one has replied, I'll try at least bring it up to the top of the Q list (but not quite sure I'll be right...)

not sure that venus docker grafana does take onboard so to speak other data that make it to signalk...

I'm doing all that with lots of N2K data, but I'm sending all signalk data via influxdb to another server and there runs grafana to visualise them.

so maybe you have to go full blown grafana and not the venus docker version?

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The Venus docker I believe includes an influxeb instance. If the IP and port of the influxdb instance is exposed outside the docket system then you could use the signals influxdb plugin to send all the signalk data into influxdb. A bit of searching should give you all you need to make it work

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Thank you so much for the reply and apologize for my limited knowledge of terminal programming and technical English. If I understand this correctly, I will not be able to use the "venus-docker-grafana" to display all my nmea data and can uninstall this, correctly?

I have installed "venus large image" on cerbo-gx which has everything in a finished solution with the exception of Grafana which is installed on my mac mini (12v supply and powerful) So I will continue reading to find the correct setup. What I'm not sure about is whether I should install signal-k server on mac mini instead of cerbo-gx. What are the benefits and limitations? Read that there will be limited possibilities for plugin and storage of data on cerbo-gx. That brings me to the next question which is how does influxdb store its data, locally on cerbo-gx?

Thank you for making all this available and free to use, I am impressed!

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