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Modbus RTU 12v 8CH Relay card to extend Venus Functionality


Have someone tried to add relay functionality to the Venus GX modules?

Is it possible to expand the functionality of the Venus GX by adding modbus RTU relay cards by connecting a USBtoRS485 Victron Partnr: ASS030572018 to the Venus GX and connect some Modbus Relay cards with different slaveadresses to it? I have used several of these relay cards and they work well.

The challenge for me is, how to get the venus GX to communicate with these cards.

Second question is, Im using Home Assistant with Node Red running on a Raspberry PI4 to pull all information from the Venus GX via Modbus TCP from a remote location over VPN. Would it be possible to connect these relay cards to the venus gx with USBtoRS485 and distribute the relays to an address in the Modbus TCP register? So i can controll its functions from the remote location?

Kind of how it looks like its done with:

Modbus TCP Slave 41 - Redflow battery (Modbus-RTU ID 1)
Modbus TCP Slave 42 - Redflow battery (Modbus-RTU ID 2)

8 Channel RS485 Relay Manual.pdf

8 channel rs485 commamd.pdf

Modbus TCPRelay
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