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Gen "running" confirmation from Color GX

So the scenario goes thus.

Color GX set to start gen using relay on SOC conditions. Gen Start at SOC 70% Gen Stop at SOC 90%

SOC reaches 70% and all conditions to fulfil Gen Start are met so Color GX relay is made and Gen Start signal is given.

Gen fails to start for whatever reason. (No fuel, bad battery or even if it runs for a while and shuts down for its own reason)

Color GX displays "Gen Running on SOC condition" but in reality gen is NOT running and Inverter continues draining batteries till unit "Shut Down" conditions are met. Not convenient at all!!!

Not a very pleasant scenario.

Isn't it possible to have a confirmation of Gen Running conditions and an alarm condition given should gen running actually fail?

A good trigger could be Gen Voltage on AC2 (To which Gen output is tied). If Gen Start condition is met by Color GX and Gen Run relay is made with gen start signal being given, a verification protocol should run a check to confirm if there is actually voltage on the Gen line. No voltage could trigger an Alarm Condition on Gen Running state and remedial action can be taken so problem doesn't get worse.

Just a suggestion based on a real problem I have. No way to verify if Gen actually is running. Gen is soundproof and quite a distance away.

CCGX Color Controlfirmware update
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Have you enabled the setting "Detect Generator at AC input"?

It sounds like the feature you are looking for. It's behaviour is described in the Generator Start/Stop Manual here.

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Thank you so much for pointing out this feature to me. I have activated it and all is going well. ;-) Keep safe!

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