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Glass bridge integration: Victron Energy - Raymarine

I just watched a new Victron Energy YouTube video with same name as the title above. The information in the 43 second video is sparse, however, if I'm interpreting the video correctly all I need to have Victron data appear on our Raymarine AXIOM Pro 9 multifuntion display is a Raynet to RJ45 adapter cable. I would then connect the adapter cable directly from the AXIOM to CCGX "without" any intermediary device. Of course I would also have to install the VE app on my AXIOM MFD via the Raymarine Lighthouse 3 OS.

Is my understanding correct? This would be a huge step forward for monitoring the electrical system of our sailboat while at the helm, given that the CCGX is not suitable for above deck use.

I look forward to a confirmation one way or the other.

Kindest regards.

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MultiPlus 12/3000/120. Do I need 16 or 50 Amp version?

I searched but answers not found. Please help with this MultiPlus question.

I'm about to order a full suite of Victron devices for a lithium battery and solar system on a yacht. Storage will be at 12V, with four 12.8V 300Ah Smart lithium batteries - so 1200Ah. A Multiplus 12/3000/120 will provide charging from 230V AC shore power, as well as on-board inverting when needed. This Multiplus is available with either 16 or 50 amp Transfer Switch.

The MultiPlus' maximum charging output of 120A is ideal for the planned battery bank, being 10% of the Ah rating. Question is, should I choose the 16 or 50 amp version? Is the 50 amp version only intended for yachts typically used in 115V shore power regions? Or is this 50 amp version a good choice for my yacht, given the capacity of the battery bank? It could be that the 16 amp version will not be able to supply house AC (say, an electric fan heater) and charge the batteries at full rate, simultaneously.

Am I understanding this parameter correctly? Thank you.

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Looking for professional system designer to help with EV Refit of a 48' Motor Yacht


Looking to hire/collaborate with a system designer who has previous experience designing a system for a motor yacht or sailboat. It can be globally based. We can collaborate over the internet using draw.io. I've created a rough diagram of my idea.

Please find my diagram here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_cgSoFykH7BRqq-ECAIdWs_vHTshDzvJ

I've posted the job here on UpWork where you can define your hourly rate for this job and get started right away securely:


Looking forward tow working with you :)

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Cerbo GX or Color Control GX and Monitoring Bow-Thruster Batteries

Hello everyone.

My yacht's Victron install will have two Cerbo GX communication-centres and screens, for monitoring all batteries, tanks, pumps, inverter/charger, AC, alternator temperature, etc. The bow-thruster, anchor-winch and capstan winch will be powered by a pair of 12V lead-calcium batteries, in series for 24V. I am looking at the Skylla-TG 24/50, or perhaps the Phoenix 24/25 for charging these batteries from shore power.

It appears these chargers do not have data connectors. The Skylla-i models have VE.Can connectors, which would make integration with the Cerbo easy.

So if I stick with the small, simple and lower price Skylla-TG (or even lower Phoenix), how will I get bow-thruster battery SOC data to the Cerbo? Perhaps with a BMV-702? I won't need the 712's Bluetooth given the Cerbo. I could use the second monitor of the 702 for the engine-start battery.

If I use a BMV-702, what will be displayed on the Cerbo GX screen? I imagine I'll be able to set it up so I can see the bow-thruster battery-bank SOC, but will I see the current flow in and out, from the charger to the batteries, from the batteries to the consumers?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Electrical system recommendation for offshore sailing yacht

Hi Victron Community,

I hope these stressful quarantine days find you well.

Let me explain what I have and what I want to accomplish and maybe you can help answer some of my questions and concerns

I am making switching to electric propulsion on my 43'(13.1m) yacht since the 40 year old Diesel Buhk/hydraulic drive system has seen better days.

For this I am installing a Fischer Panda 8000 NE PMS 230VAC 50Hz max power 6.5kW

The propulsion motor I am considering would be 48VDC with around 15 to 20kW of power with an expandable 48V 100 Amp-Hour battery bank

I also want to solar panels provide some level of charge as I am planning on cruising to the south pacific islands.

I have been considering the EasySolar II GX setup since it seems to have all of the parts in one unit.

One of my fears is that it's IP rating is 2.1, which would mean that I would most likely have to install the unit in dry locker that is constantly ventilated.

Would you recommend going this route of would you go for separate components for each one of the functions of the EasySolar unit, meaning, separate charger, inverter, MPPT solar charge controller, battery balancer etc... Price would not be an issue, as I estimate the costs of having to replace the EasySolar unit would offset going the separate route.

I think it's a big decision and it's possible to argue for both configurations:
1.On the one hand would like the fact that I could maintain each of the functions separately in case either of them fails, whereas with the EasySolar I imagine it would be very hard to debug issues since it seems like it would all be bundled together, and the low environmental rating makes me think it would not be very well suited for the marine environment.
2.On the other hand having everything centralized in a neat small package would make it indeed easier to accommodate in a very well designed dry locker with proper ventilation and possibly a small dehumidifier.

I apologize for the long message, but I seem to have a lot of spare time these days and it's got me wondering.

Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards



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Any pointers? A mock up wiring diagram for my new Multiplus 12/500/20

Hi all,

I have found some previous threads from here very useful and knocked up a wiring diagram last night to fit my new Multiplus 12/500/20 which I was hoping someone of superiour knowledge might be kind enough to scan over.

Most of the kit in this diagram is already aboard but I want to move a few bits around (e.g. RCD is in an ugly place and want to add the AC circuit breaker panel next to the DC one).

I am not an electrician but have had to undertake many repairs on electrical equipment at sea or in remote places on a variety of vessels (never my own) so hopefully I am not too far off the mark. But please show me where the gaps in my knowledge are and where I need to read up.



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