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Is it possible as a customer to get a installation manual, that I can't find online about easysolar 24/3000/70?


In fact I would like to be able to progrès in my installation, without bothering my dealer especially on a Sunday, and I find that it lacks some info for an individual for the connection and config of an easysolar 24V, 3000VA, 70A.

Normally in manuals, we should find features and installation instructions, and the first diagnoses of Troubleshooting

This is the case for the mppt controller and the inverter charger that makes up this easysolar!

But I can't find the right one, for the whole easysolar.

I was on the victron site, the support section...

Which evokes:

1) Manuals

2) Suppliers

3) here ;)

In manual, I find a sub menu that inclues 'easysolar'

I selected it, And nothing about my easysolar 's manuel , but more interesting and technical notions of the rule of 1 to 1 regarding AC coupling, or info on VE, direct and many other things but not the manual I'm looking for (if possible in French)

I also go to see the 'old documentation' section

Nothing found either.

Basically what is specific to the regulator, the charger/ inverter, CCGX that I have the manuals of these sub-elements.

For a regular installer, It's simple!

I hesitated to disassemble the bottom hood where are the circuit breakers ..., on the face of it, it was good to do and for a concrete example:

the connection of the battery (classic lead) :

Or can you find the manual of this circuit board and its elements where you have to connect at half height of this easysolar the cables of the battery

Admittedly to say the least battery is written on the PCB, But for the most two screws could have been possible with a black element between the two (fuse?) for the positive connection.

In new approach to this philosophy victron (which I still like hihi) I remain a little in hesitation, battery connected, the CCGX screen of the easysolar lights up without having to intervene on any button the central button between the lights remaining on off

We don't know for sure if we should continue with settings? I saw that on my Android app a new 'friend' (smart mppt...) was present, so I allowed him the connection and the update proposal, I launched it, then updated it surprised me but maybe it must be incremental, and that went well ...

Logically I was going to continue to cable the entrance photovoltaic panels ... If this screen hadn't lit up on its own.

Finally, the process for installation, and therefore the first commissioning seems incomplete to me with the documents handed over.

Just before I started with the installation of a BMV712, and for this element I followed the installation procedure from A to Z, no doubt, but in terms of the interconnections between the basic elements of the easysolar,

My next Doubt concern the 'ground' markings, on the PCB.

I just have to connect the mass of the case below at the bottom right on the ground socket of the installation or I must also add the points notes ground on the circuit board ?

Well understood that there is a secure management of this next ground connection whether the AC input is connected or not... And I think that must be the right option for France by default.

Finally I think I lack a general manual on the whole of this easysolar.

The wiring documents provided for the multiplus do not mention the peculiarities of this easysolar and the interconnection already wired for most of them.

Thank you for any help on these multiple uncertainties. And especially on the magic link download of the installation manual of this easysolar.

Kind regards

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Bridging AC-Out Neutral with Neutral/GND from Grid Supply when they meet in transfer switch?

Per a suggestion found in a Victron manual, I am looking at installing a manual transfer switch that will switch the Supply Feed going in to my "critical load" sub panel... between the AC-Out of my Victron MultiPlus, and the Grid Supply.

The Manual transfer switch has an isolated breaker that will allow only the Inverter Output L1 or the Grid L1 to be connected at one time to the Load L1. If the Inverters fail, or are being worked on, the "critical loads" can be cut over so they are supplied directly from grid.

The problem I am having, and the question I am asking is: The Transfer Switch has a common bus bar for the Neutral. Is it safe to bridge together the MultiPlus AC-Out Neutral, and what is essentially the AC-Input Neutral in this manor when using a transfer switch?

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Series-Parallel vs Parallel Efficency

Currently I have (3) 100W panels wired in parallel that typically operate in the 17-19v range. During full sun they generate power in the 15-20A range. These are wired into an MPPT 100/50 unit that I purposely over-sized as I expect to grow the array incrementally over time. I have currently chosen the parallel configuration as it seems to have more immunity to partial shading, but I probably incur a penalty during full-sun conversion in terms of efficiency.

Aside from the extra power generated by adding a 4th 100 watt panel, would my full-sun power generation efficiency increase significantly by creating two pairs of series panels (for 34-38v) and then running these two series pairs in parallel? I'm sure the voltage increase would help with any cable losses I might have built into the system. Presently my smallest cable is the 10ga at the panels, but I do have nearly 40ft of 8ga and 6ga flexible copper cabling. The (3) 100W panels are set up as a portable/re-positionable ground array for replentishing (2) series-wired T105 6v deep-cycle golf-cart batteries on my RV. Basically I want to be able to recharge the 30% or so battery capacity that I consumed the previous overnight as fast as the batteries can handle (10% of 225Ah). Maybe someday I'll be able to afford to switch over to Lithium cells, but that will have to wait for now.

Honestly, setting up two separate two-panel arrays might seem like more work, but I think the lighter weight of two hinged panels vs the current three might make things easier to move around. It would also, of course, mean building more cabling and another panel frame mount.

Any relevant wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


BTW, what is it with the spell-checker on this site? I don't think I made up any new words today. It seems to red underline several legitimate words as well as much of the jargon I would expect used on this site....

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Genset to paralleled multiplus 48/5000

Just got hold of an ex mod genset, to use as standby for off grid system, it has 2x 45a outlets, each ran off of same single phase , on separate breakers .now , can I run each outlet to each inverter or do I swap out the 2x45s for a single 90 and just use single cable to feed inverters? What happens if one outlet trips and the other is still feeding just one inverter? Thinking of the symmetry of it all!
many thanks matt

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Wiring diagram for EasySolar, Venus GX, BMV-702, 12V battery bank (four batterys) and generator.

I have bought those device one by one and little confused what is the best practise to install all device together.

Is there aby apps available where you can chose product what you are using and it gives prober wiring diagram? Or any one can help? It seems that I lost bluetooth application when installing Venus GX to EasySolar.

Device list:


Venus GX


USB bluetooth dongle

12V battery bank (four batterys)

Generator (no auto start)


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SmartShunt Positive Connection

Must the SmartShunt positive wire be connected directly to the battery post or can it be connected to a positive buss bar 12 inches from the battery?


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Tesla / Victron Overland Vehicle Build - PLEASE CRITIQUE!

Hello! This is our planned system for our overland vehicle build (it's a 4x4 Freightliner Ambulance conversion). We'd love to get feedback on this plan. Is there anything you think we've overlooked, etc. Thanks in advance!


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Orion smart engine Switch


I'm getting a bit confused by the wiring diagram in the Orion smart manual. In this figure (most are very hard to see in the manual it show the ignition switch wired to the engine ignition power and them going to the H pin. but it also shows a bridge to the L pin. If im not mistaking adding this bridge will keep the unit always on..

I would like to have the unit charge from my house bank to my starter and bow thruster bank. I would like this charging to happen only when the engine is on.


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Smart Solar MPPT 100/15 long wire to battery and voltage drop compensation

I'm about to use controller to charge agm battery on my fishing boat. The battery is powering electrical motor. Panel and controller are on land so the wire between the Smart Solar and battery is about 4 meters (12 foot) long. I'm about to use 6mm2 wire. Is there going to be problems due voltage loss? Is there something I could do mitigate the effect? I used calculator to calculate the voltage drop should be about 0.35v. Can I set offset to the controller so the voltage at the battery end would be sufficient?

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MPPT 100/20 internal breaker

Hello all, hope this community can help.

I have a van that has all loads (except inverter) going through the solar controller (MPPT 100/20). They are properly fused with a blue sea systems fuse block and there is a fuse between the block and controller as well. Occasionally when I start my diesel heater the whole system resets. Everything blinks off for a second before coming back online as if there is some internal breaker being blown in the solar controller. No fuses ever blow. I've tried adjusting the load settings in the controller to account for any sudden voltage drop being the issue, problem its intermittent so I'm not sure if changing those settings has solved it or not. I have lithium batteries so sag should not be the issue but if I turn off everything else then usually I can start the heater without the system resetting.

Hoping you can shed some light on this issue for me. Thanks

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Connecting a Goal Zero 100w panel to a Victron 75/10 SmartController

Have tried to read up on everything here, but I’ll admit when it comes to anything electrical in my Jeep I can’t seem to figure it out without asking the community. So!

Have a Goal Zero 100w panel arriving any day. And ordered a Victron 75/10 Smart controller. Trying to sort out wiring between panel / controller / battery.

With the 8mm male plug coming out of the panel, it seems I have a couple options... either an 8mm extension cable - that I’d imagine I’d cut the end off? Or an 8mm to SAE connector. Like the idea of potentially buying an SAE plug to run from the controller. So perhaps that makes sense. The plug I found has 10 gauge wire coming from it. Would I run 10 gauge wire from the controller to battery?

This is the best solution I could figure out. But happy to change direction if there’s an easier solution.

Many thanks,


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How will adding more solar effect my existing systems wiring and monitoring?

To my old system I gonna add some new solarpanels and an mppt regulator. From before there is solarpanels with an mppt, connected to a multiplus compact and batterybank 12v.

I guess I connect the new mppt parallell, but may I connect it through the connections of the old mppt?

The total solarpaneleffect is like 750w, is it ok with 6mm wire?

My new mppt is smartsolar the old not, will wiring effect my bluetooth readings?

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which RJ45 pinouts are in use of MK3-USB

Which RJ45 pinouts are in use of MK3-USB.

I have only 2 pairs left of my UTP cable crossing my home from my MultiPlus 1600 in the basement, to my monitoring pc on the second floor.

With a 4 pair utp using all 8 pinouts everything is working but using only 2 pairs in pinouts 123 and 6 like a regular network , connection is not succed.

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Wire gauge recommended - Orion Smart TR and 100/20 Smart MPPT

Planning out my install for the above two components. The Manual for the Orion calls for 10mm2 wire (<2m) and the MPPT calls for 6mm2 10AWG. When I look at Ancor's site for marine wire, 10AWG appears to be 5.26mm2 with a max amps of 60A. There is no 10mm2 wire so my choices are 6AWG (13.3mm2; 120A) or 8AWG (8.37mm2 and 80A) the 8AWG seems to be more than what the Orion could possibly output; though on the input battery side, the alternator could in theory output 120A.

1. Can the orion even accept 6AWG wire as into the input?

2. Would it be acceptable to use 8AWG on the Output side (with appropriate fusing)?

Am I misunderstanding the recommended cabling?

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A Victron solution for every problem

This is not how I expected to use Victron products today.


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How to use the MC4 connectors on Smartsolar?

Hi all,

The user manual for my smartsolar MC4 model does not help me in deciding which way to wire up my PV panels to the unit. I only have 2 panels (390 watts each) and was originally going to wire in series and then into the pos/neg in's on the regulator. However the MC4 model regulators have several pairs of MC4 inputs which means I could just send cables from each panel straight into the regulator without having to series or parallel them at the panels first.

So, what is the most efficient way to wire these panels up please.

A little more info in Victrons wiring ebook and regulator manuals would be a great help.

My panels are 390watt Voc 75.3v Isc 6.55A.


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DC Wiring Pylontech Akku <> 3-phase MultiPlus ESS

Hello World!

I am designing and setting up shortly a 3-Phase ESS system with 3 x Multiplus II 48V 5000VA and a recharable batterie bank with 8 x Pylontech 2,2 kWh (16,6 kWh). I read a lot here and elsewhere in the net. But I did find only very little information about the DC wiring of the battery bank.

I thought doing it without a minimum fuse technic it will be stupid and dangerous. I discovered at Victron the high current busbar in combination with single fuse holders. I thought to use for PLUS and MINUS DC for each two cable sets from Pylontech and connect each output (2x PLUS and 2 x MINUS) of the in total four cables from Pylontech with 200A fuse to the the busbar (so in total it is 400A) and to connect from bus bar to each of the Multis with a 100 A fuse and cable.

The eight pieces US2000+ will be take place in a high load server cabinet 19" ( 8 x 25 kg = 200 kg ) What about the wiring? The wiring from one akku to the next is standard with the Pylontech batteries. But where to put the two busbars? I think they should go and monuted into the server cabinet! But how to mount? Without any self engineering an d self constructing, I couldn't find any solution. Mount them to what? To wood? to AldDibod?

Any ideas? Any suggestions?


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Wiring for VE.direct non-inverting remote on-off cable

I have two MPPT controllers, that I need to turn off during high voltage event, (HVD) using an external BMS. I have a BMS working that turns off charging to my multiplus 3000 using the 2-wire BMS assistant and the auxilary ports. Thinking I can use the HVD BMS shutoff wire which connects to the multiplus aux and splice them into my two MPPT controllers using two VE.direct non-inverting remote cables.

Is this possible? and if so, would anyone have a drawing the shows how i would make these wiring connections? The VE.direct cables use a sing yellow wire only, not a two wire pos and neg that the Multi aux ports use.

I have not consider using a BP100 due to the two way current limitation/fire potential.

Thanks in advance

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Load-side Switches on Charge Controllers

Is it true, as many claim, that an MPPT charge controller (CC) will burn out if the battery side is disconnected while the PV side is connected and powered? Victron's CC manual stresses connecting the battery side prior to the PV side.

I see many commercial and DIY wiring diagrams with a switch (or breaker) on the CC battery side, in addition to a master battery switch. It would seem that using either switch could burn out the CC. Thoughts?

Does this concern mentioned with "solar" or "MPPT" CCs also apply to DC-to-DC (alternator to battery) CCs?

As my rookie mind considers CC burnout, and CC needs for standby power from the battery side, it would seem wiring approach #1 would be best. The Master Batt Switch really acts as a LOAD disconnect. The downside is CC parasitic draw on the battery.

(1) PV > Switch/Breaker > CC > Fuse > BATTERY > T-Fuse > Master Batt Switch > LOADS

A tempting alternative is #2 so that the Master Batt Switch acts as a BATTERY (vs just load) disconnect, but I've heard concerns that loads could be confused/harmed by the fluctuating PV/CC output without a battery in the mix to normalize things. Another downside is the CC loosing standby power and loosing its settings.

(2) PV > Switch/Breaker > CC > Fuse > LOADS <> Master Batt Switch <> T-Fuse <> BATTERY

I appreciate there are trade-offs, but am looking for something reasonable in my truck camper, which will have PV, Alternator and Shore sources into 200Ah of batteries, and then just DC devices aside from a ~250W inverter downstream.


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Which wire for PV to Smart Solar 75/15 to Battery?

Please excuse my grammar I have suffered a brain injury

My setup will be 2 x80w mono solar panels with Victron Smart Solar MPPT 75/15 to 12 v battery, this should produce in theory 9 amp maximum.

I have fitted a new Smart Solar 75/15, I going to fit my new Smart Battery Sense, the original factory wiring from my old PWM control to battery is 4 metres long in 2.5mm twin core wiring, based on 9 amp this setup will have a voltage loss of 4.08%.

I have read somewhere that the Smart Solar will automatically compensate for this loss or do I need to change the wiring to 4.5mm.

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Wiring Unlimited - a new book

Hi all,

Margreet Leeftink, Sales Manager & trainer in Australia has compiled the second Victron book: Wiring Unlimited.

I'm posting it here on Community as a preview; please put in your comments so we can make it even better before publishing more publicly.

Download your copy here.

I could of course here tease more with whats inside; but better just click the link and see for yourself. I think its a great step forward of bringing all information together as opposed to it being scattered around.

Thank you Margreet for this excellent piece of work! Wie schrijft die blijft :-).

Best regards,


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Wire Victron 800w inverter to double socket?


Just fathoming out the wiring in my campervan build.

Can i wire a double socket plate to the inverter?
So I guess it would essentially be an extension lead but with a double socket plate that i can wall mount?


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Easysolar T-sence

Hi, i want to know if i can root the T-sence wire with the battery cable (200amps Max). In my previous Job, we've learned to not root the sense wire with the Power wire.

What do you think about that?

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MultiPlus Not Showing Live On CCGX

Good morning chaps,

I am just after a bit of help/advise. I have just finished installing a Victron Multiplus in a motorhome conversion. It is installed alongside a 70a MPPT solar controller and all are wired to a CCGX. I recently upgraded the firmware in the CCGX as the multiplus and ccgx were previously in a household setup and they have been stored over a year since I purchased them used.

The MPPT shows in the CCGX via the VE Direct cable and that shows fine, showing the solar input, battery voltage etc.

The issue is that the CCGX does not show when the Multiplus is turned on, it shows a symbol for a Multiplus but it always shows off, even when the inverter is on and powering appliances. The Multiplus is connected using one of the blue bus cables to the VE BUS input on the back of the CCGX and I have tried it plugged in to both connectors in the Multiplus but nothing shows up as working. The Multiplus also and has a temp sensor that is connected from the Sensor connection in the Multiplus to the negative terminal of my battery bank (this all came as a used setup kit other than the mppt).

Should it be a case of just plugging in the blue network cable in both the Multiplus and CCGX and it should all display as connected and working? I presume I am correct with the temp to the negative?

The setup and install is pretty much complete, I just want the Multiplus to show on the CCGX as everything is getting boxed in very soon so wouldn't want to have to rip everything out to change a cable etc....

Attached is a pic of the CCGX, I can take more pics of the back and cabling if required.


Can anyone help out here with some info or advise to get the Multiplus showing on the CCGX?

camperconversion asked
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Wiring 150/50 to battery

Hi, I'm connecting a new smart solar 150/50 to my batteries (12v 1800a/h lead acid). Does it matter which order the cables are connected? +ve or -ve first? Thnx for advice ;-)

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Smart Blue Power IP22 Charger: Connecting batteries and charging

Dear All,

I have a Smart Blue Power IP22 Charger 24v/16amp for my boat engine. I need to charge a 24v system consisting of two AMG 12 batteries (vestus marine batteries). The batteries were delivered with a voltage of each 14.2 volt and the system showed me (using a multi-meter) 28.x volt. It is my second pair of batteries having just lost the first once (chronically discharged).

Now, as I have used the new battery a bit, it shows me 24.6 volt, meassured with the multi-meter. When I connect the Smart Blue Power IP22 charger and look into the App, it says 28.x volt, but 0.0 amp., So, I'm afraid I have connected the chrarger wrongly or that it is broken (?).

Unfortunatly, the guideance in the manual is not sufficient for me as it only shows the side of the charger, not the batteries. As I was unsure whether I have connected the system in the right way, I changed the connectons, but the system still showed the same values. I would have expected that it would show me an error if I connect them in the wrong way (?).

Through this questions may not be difficult for most of you, I'd be glad to understand whether we should already see amps flowing, or should this only happen when the batteries has reached a discharge below 24v? Can I find better information on how to connect the system and is the above written (connection in different order does not change anything) an indication that the system is defect?

Thank you very much!


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Polarity on bottom of mppt 150/100

I just want to check the polarity of the mc4 on the bottom of my controller. Which mc4 are positive


Jakecloss asked
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120/240 Split Phase Diagram Question

Admittedly, this is my first Victron install, and I appreciate all the help so far. I have my system up and running, but have not load tested it yet. I have 120V on each leg and 240V when tested from L1 to L2. Everything seems to be working as expected.

My question is about the AC wiring, and if it is OK to wire it as my diagram shows in the attached pic. The isolation transformer is about 1 meter from the Quattro's. The mains input is about 4 meters from the inverters. I wasn't sure if I need jumpers between the inverters for the neutral and the PE (both input and output), or if a home run for each as illustrated is OK. I thought it looked very clean with individual home runs, so that is how I wired it.

I have only worked with inverters that have built in 120/240 in the past, so the wiring on these is a bit different than I'm used to. I'm trying these out on my own boat, because I really like the custom programming and the integration with other systems. Thanks again for the assistance, any input is much appreciated.


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How to wire neutral and ground when "splitting" the panel for Multiplus 2000?

Trying to install a Multi Plus Compact 2000w in my RV. The shore power connection has four wires: two 50A hot legs (red and black), neutral, and ground. Since the Multi Plus inverter will only power one hot leg, my plan is to "split" my existing breaker panel so that one leg (about half the panel) is powered direct from shore power and the other leg runs through the Multi Plus.

Let's say I leave AC line 1 as the non-inverter side, going straight from shore power into the breaker panel. Then AC line 2 would go from shore power, to the Multi Plus AC-in, then from the Multi Plus AC-out to the second leg of the breaker panel.

But how do I wire the neutral and ground?

Normally AC line 1 and 2 share a neutral and ground (since 1 and 2 are out of phase, their currents cancel each other out on the neutral). But now line 2 gets sent to the Multi Plus while line 1 goes straight to the breaker panel. Is it fine for the neutral and ground wires to simply follow line 2 through the Multi Plus before arriving at the breaker panel? Or does line 1 now need its own neutral/ground? Do I need to split the neutral so that one neutral wire follows AC line 1 into the breaker panel and another neutral wire follows AC line 2 through the Multi Plus? If so, do I need to isolate the two neutrals by cutting the existing neutral bar in the breaker box?

I've read that a better solution is installing a sub-panel, but I'm trying to go for the simplest solution, which I believe would be keeping everything in the existing breaker panel.

Advice would be much appreciated.

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3.1 Wiring of the Allow-to-charge and allow-to-discharge contacts


I am getting confused on how to wire Allow-to-charge and allow-to-discharge relay from BYD box 2.5-10 to EasySolar 48/5000/70-100



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