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VRM - total daily solar yeld.

Beside the remote CCGX - scrolling through previous days manually - is there a place or widget to report the daily total solar yield at a glance over the period selected to report in the widget area?

A daily cumulative watt graph option to existing instantaneous watt would be great.

Is this daily total available to download through a .CVS file.

JF Seatern asked

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VRM widget: can I create my own?

Good morning,

I am looking to have/create a widget that combines more than 2 / other already available data.
Is this possible? Can this be requested?

I know that I can export to an excel spreadsheet, but that is not really ‘live’ data.

JF Seatern asked

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widget missing " Battery History"


the widget " Battery History" is missing in my Dashboard



fenix asked

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