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Compact PV & B2B System

Hi all

I hope this is not an inappropriate question

I'm designing a minimal off grid system for my 1989 LHD T25 1.6TD Westfalia campervan. I will have 2 x 75Ah SLA leisure batteries and 75Amp engine battery. I'll upgrade leisure batteries to LiFePO4 in a year or so. I'll have a single 160 Watt PV panel.

I'll use all Victron kit: MTTP solar controller, B2B charger, Lynx, Shunt and battery disconnect and 230v ac to 12v DC charger. I'll only need 500 Watt inverter to charge ebike, ideally from alternator while moving. I'll use Bluetooth to monitor.

Can you point me to a wiring diagram to help me choose exact model and calculate wiring sizes and fuses.

Any advice or suggestions very welcome.

Many thanks

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BlueSmart IP67 on a VW T4 California


I intend to replace my burned original charger in my VW T4 California (Westfalia 1994) with a Victron IP67.
On the Westfalia charger, there is a secondary ouput line (around 12v) that feed the electronic unit of the vehicle to display the plug symbol.
I wonder if I can use the optionnal Si output of the Victron to feed the unit... I think it's ok for the voltage, but what about the current intensity ? I would like to avoid burning the central unit...

If someone knows, thank you in advance !

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PV and Alternator loads with miniBMS

Hello everyone, I am inspiring myself from this very complete and documented project example provided by Victron: https://community.victronenergy.com/content/kbentry/15035/victron-vw-van-electrics-install-schematic-drawing.html

But the fact is that it is too complete for me. I do want to have the following features:

- Load through Van alternator (I have Euro 5)

- Load through solar panels

I don't want the grid part of it. Many different reasons: too expensive, convert 12V DC to 220V AC result in energy loss and in some countries, 220V AC can be dangerous (electrocuted) and needs the approval of a certified electrician.

So I am taking parts of the two sub-schematics: solar and alternator but I have some questions.

- Do I need the Lynx Distributor? If I have my own fuse box it should be fine I guess

- The negative of car battery is not connected to rest of electronic circuit but it should be right? In the example it is only connected to the negative of Buck-Boost part.

- Do I need the full BMV 712 system? With Solar Panels, I understand that to load with the engine's alternator, we need a management to protect the Lithium battery. But isn't the Buck-Boost already here for that?

- About the Buck-Boost in the example, I understand that the two green and purple cables are connected together. Why? I would gladly have more explanations about the connection between Buck-Boost -> BP 100 -> BMV Smart -> VE.Bus BMS. I have the feeling there are some redundancy here. Am I wrong?

My idea about the connection would be following:

- Solar Panels -> MPPT -> BP100 -> Positive of Lithium battery

- Engine alternator/battery -> Buck Booster -> same BP100 as before -> positive of Lithium battery

- VE.Bus BMS managing both BP10 and Buck Booster

- Lithium battery -> 12 V loads.

Here is my beautiful plan, I just showed the positive (in red) as all negatives are connected., VE.Bus BMS gets the info from Lithium battery (black line) and Buck Booster (purple line) and manages both BP100 (green lines)

Thank you for your help and advice!


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Van installation - alternator, dc-dc

Hi everyone,

In regards to the VE - VW Van solar installation video:

Where exactly are the connections to the alternator done

Is the dc-dc really necessary? is there something simpler?



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