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vrm remote console

Smart battery sense display

Will it show the temperature/Voltage in the VRM portal?

..if i link the smart battery sense to BMV-712 to Ve.Smart Networking

..if i used wire temperature sensor to the Stater Battery

Fenix asked
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Remote console stuck in tile mode.

Since yesterday, my Remote Console is on Tile mode and can’t be switched back to menu to edit options. The menu button at the bottom did work before. I can switch between the different tile screens, but not back to the menu screen where attached devices are listed. Anyone else having this problem?

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Cerbo GX, can all features of MPPT & battery monitor be used from it, etc?

In my boat I have BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 and battery monitor BMV-702, both with VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle. I am considering getting Cerbo GX, especially to be able to remotely monitor the electrical status of the boat (and to read some data from the MFD of the boat, maybe connect a temperature sensor, etc).

Both my above devices can only connect to (Cerbo) GX from their single VE.Direct port using a cable, so the BT dongles would become useless. So all Input & Output would have to go through the Cerbo GX device, be it done remotely (VRM) or when in the boat (Remote Console).

Q1: Now my question is that can I

a) read all the different data produced by my devices?

b) input all the settings of my above devices (for MPPT no other I/O would remain!)

Is there any difference in the available features in a) & b) above when using Remote Console, or VRM?

I have read most of the Cerbo GX manual, and some other material, but found no real answers!?! That was a surprise :-(

On Bluetooth connection, the manual says under 4.1, Using VictronConnect via BT:

  • From the main device screen it is possible to change the networking settings, view the system on VRM, or open the Remote Console (screenshot of VictronConnet App has both Remote Console & VRM active)
  • It (BT) is intended to be used to assist with initial connection and networking configuration.

Q2: So which one of these two de facto contradictory statements is true?

In my usage pattern, I would prefer using VictronConnect via BT, rather than via WiFi, to access the Remote Console when in boat.

But in reality, is that possible now, or with forthcoming fw versions?

Q3: Power consumption of Cerbo GX? No manufacturer's data is available :-(

- One kind user of this forum had measured it to be ca. 0.3 A @12 V, under unknown use conditions.

All-in-all, I must say that the documentation and data is quite disappointing when it comes to the real beef :-( One Youtube video on real-world usage could be extremely informative...

PS. When trying to post this, I learned that the platform does not allow for smiley non-ascii symbols, the msgs resulted in "Internal error..." :-(

Ksytsi asked
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Venus gx VRM portal battery voltage data
Hey everyone,

I’m looking to get battery voltage data as a data point on the vrm portal, I can see the information on the 1hr chart but not on the daily or weekly information it only shows me battery capacity %age

as the BMV 712 only really give you an estimate battery capacity I like being able to look at battery voltage as data point as a fail safe. How could I make this happen? This is what I want to to see but across all points of time history.

Thanks in advance x

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Venus gx VRM portal battery voltage data

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to get battery voltage data as a data point on the vrm portal, I can see the information on the 1hr chart but not on the daily or weekly information it only shows me battery capacity %age

as the BMV 712 only really give you an estimate battery capacity I like being able to look at battery voltage as data point as a fail safe. How could I make this happen? This is what I want to to see but across all points of time history.

Thanks in advance x


Ben Johnson asked

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how can i add devices to the VRM device list

Good evening,

I i accidentally removed one of my tankmeters from the device list in VRM.

How can i get this device back in the list?

Kind regards,

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No data alarm - lost connection to VRM after update to 2.30

hello team, trust all is well. I have been having an intermittent "no data' alarm since 27th May 2019 after a fw upgrade of the Venus GX from v2.23 to v2.30.

As of the last 26 hrs, the alarm is persistent and can't check data from vrm portal. Any one else experience this issue?

The Venus GX is connected to the internet.

Nzomo asked
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VRM ERROR: Cannot access information [SOLVED]

Good Day , @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff)

I am getting this error on VRM , on all my sites , is this a fault on my side or VRM ?


Johannes Cronje asked
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Question for Victron staff? - Dealer id setup

What is the process for Dealer setup on VRM? Where is the Dealer id code obtained from?


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VRM Remote console and two way communication are disabled, but still work

Venus GX 2.53, both Remote Console on VRM and Two way communication are enabled, but when using VRM (Device list- Gateway) it indicates they are disabled. Funny thing is I can still do Remote console from VRM and it works fine.

I probably would not of noticed this reporting discrepancy if my Victron Connect VRM tab (by the way this feature is really cool) had not suddenly stopped showing my devices after adding a new smartsolar 150-70 into my configuration (but this is another issue).

Quattro 12/5000 firmware 465 (VE.Bus)

Venus GX 2.53 (VE.Bus to Quattro)

BMV-712 Smart v4.04 (VE.Direct)

SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 v1.49 v2.23 v1.10 (VE.Direct)

SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 v1.46 v2.23 v1.10 (Bluetooth only)

Victron Connect v5.20

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VRM charger relay widget not displaying any data, while alarm shows relay engaged

I have noticed there is an issue with the VRM display of the charger relay state. We run a pair of Skylla-IP44 12/60 chargers, running synced. VRM has it recorded that one (or both) charger relays have been engaged, along with the CCGX/Gateway relay. The dashboard widget for the CCGX relay is engaged, and this shows correctly on the dashboard. However, the widget for the charger relay is displaying no data.

Download VRM Export





Allan Yates asked

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relay output for BMV-700 and MPPT 75/15 does not display on VRM

I have a BMV-700 and MPPT 75/15 attached via a raspery PI.

Victron connect correctly displays



the relay state for both but VRM shows no data to display


Duncan Hall asked

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Victron venus with victron inverter

Hello verybody.

I just Installed my new victron Venus GX and my victron Phoenix inverter is not correct displayed. What could be possibly wrong. I connected it with a VR direct USB dongle to the Venus.

in the remote console is the Phoenix inverter not even considered.



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What is the VRM data acquisition method when set for various intervals of reporting?

Hello, my system is using the Victron Color Control GX for power monitoring. The data resolution is in 15 minute increments which is observed in the VRM portal. What value is reported every 15 minutes? Is it the real time power at the time? Is it an average over the 15 minutes? Is it the max over the 15 minutes?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Elena van Hove asked
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How to use VRM PORTAL?

This might be a stupid question but what is the process to add The VRM app On a clinets device and activate the portal on their side ?

Martin Coetzee asked
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Remote Console on VRM enabled but not online - firmware 2.42


I have a Venus GX connected to a Teltronika LTE modem. The Venus posts successfully to VRM, but Remote Console is not able to connect.

(Everything works fine with my computer on the same LAN).

I have tried the troubleshooting tips outline here:


But no difference.


Does anyone else have this working with Firmware Version 2.42?

Kind regards


johannes.hovda asked
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Venus GX WiFi turned off I have a RV with various Victron hardware installed. I bought this setup 2nd hand 9 months ago & was not fully shown how it all worked. About a month ago when using my iPhone I mistakenly turned off the WiFi on the GX & now cant find a way to turn it back on. Also for the last 9 months it has not been logging/updating info on the VRM system. I have an account & it was logging at first. Because I move around a lot is it possible to use iPhones hot spotting (we have 2) laptops (also 2) & connect the venus to internet for logging & updating. Then use the laptops for reading & changing settings on my equipment? One more question. I have a 4G micro SD card. What format does it need to be to use with the GX for logging when not connected? Fat, FAT32 or NTFS?

William Kennaway asked
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Difference between Remote Config file .RVCS and .RVMS


Your editorial shows the downloaded data as a .RVCS file. When I down load the file it comes as a .RVMS file.

The will not open with VE Config latest version.

What can I try?

johnbroome asked
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lost access to VRM portal this AM

My Victron portal stopped updating this morning.

I rebooted all system, they all have inet access.

Removed power and rebooted

I turn ssh on/off, no changes.




waninae39 asked
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Unable to set scheduled charging for 23:xx on ESS configuration

Good Day guys,

I am trying to charge my BYD batteries between 23:00-07:00 when the unit price of grid is the lowest but, somehow CCGX does not allow me to set ESS > scheduled charging > Schedule 1 start time anything after 22:59. Submitting a value e.g. 23:17, returns as 22:17 automatically in submitted task and I also realised that scheduled task never fires at displayed time: 22:17 ( probably its only a gui bug)

The system is running latest firmware Venus v2.42. the bug is probably introduced with v2.4x

It may also be related with Timezone: GMT+3. Anyone faced similar issue?


dolak asked
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DC consumption not logging on VRM?

I have just set up a Raspberry Pi running Venus OS

System: 2x 75/15s + Pi / 7s Lithium NMC / DC only setup with all loads via the load outputs.

So the VRM dashboard shows 'live' consumption at last update, the advanced widget 'System Overview - DC system' does a good job of allowing me to see watts used at any point in time.

Load out data from the MPPTs clearly exists. Why then is there no DC consumption logged on the dashboard like solar power produced?


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VRM App compatibility with iPhone IOS v 13

Does anyone know if / when VRM App will be fully compatible with IOS v13 on iPhone?

The issue is that the Remote Console does not display properly when installed on a device running v13.

jgrimm77 asked
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Hoe kan je het totale verbruik opvragen van een bepaalde periode in VRM?

BV: van 1 januari tot 31 december = 3000KWH-FROM GRID, 1000KWH-SOLAR DIRECT USE, 500KWH-SOLAR TO GRID..

Stella asked
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1 Answer

smart battery sense display


I have a Smart Battery Sense, how to see the data on the VRM portal


Fenix asked
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VGR connection to VEBUS

We have rebuild a system with 6 of current version Quattro 10KVA (Software Version 2653465). The original System with Quattros installed in 2011 was monitored by a VICTRON GLOBAL REMOTE Modem, connected to a BMV600 and sending the Data via GSM network. Now with the new Inverters the VEBUS is not showing anymore on VRM Website and when monitored via SMS it also does not show the VEBUS Values. Only the data of the BMV is shown. When the VEBUS-data is requested via SMS we get the reply: “VE.Bus communication is being established”. The Version of VGR is V2.14, firmware: R7.44.0.2010083112.

Is there any possibility to connect the current version QUATTROS with their VEBUS to the existing VGR GSM Unit. Or is there an Update / setting we can send to the VGR modem in order to see the VEBUS from the QUATTROS?

mriehmer asked
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Multiplus GX connection problem to VRM

I am trying to connect my brand new Multiplus GX to the VRM app. It is connected to a working ethernet cable, and has AC in. The VRM ID printed on the sticker cannot be found when I try to add a device in the app.

What should I do?

Samuel Wingstedt asked
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VRM Battery Charger state widget not time aligned with other widgets

I absolutely love the widgets in the VRM advanced tab. They make observing performance, and drilling down so easy. Especially as the zoom feature now automatically re-populates the zoomed graph with the granular data.

I recently found the Charger State widget which is very handy to know quickly if the charger is the charging source, as well as its state changes. But I noticed that while all the other widgets are perfectly time aligned, this widget is a little off. Not the end of the world, but it would be nice to have this fixed.




Allan Yates asked
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VE Bus SOC not available on VRM

Why is it that I don't get VE Bus SOC [261]on the VRM ? I do get BAttery SOC {258}. Multiplus 5000/48V V4.33 , BMV 702 , Venus GX v2.33.

merle.peter@gmail.com asked
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How long is VRM data kept online?

How long are the advanced history stats available via the VRM portal. It looks like I’m missing data older than about 6 months under the advanced reports, but have older content from the dashboard. It looks like I might need to export these on a regular basis if the historical data is purged.

Steve Mullins asked
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