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Virtual switch settings on VeConfig

270W solar panels- EasySolar 48/3000 (Multi) with MPPT 150/50- 4x200 Ah gel batteries in series for 48V . BMV 700 - CCGX Color control. No Grid feed in allowed . Grid available for AC IN.

I am having serious difficulties setting up ESS / Assistant with VEConfig.

When looking at what Virtual Switch can offer, I realize this is far enough for what I want to do.

1_ Use as much solar as possible to recharge the batteries ,

2- Set VS for Grid ACIn to come ON when batteries are too low (50 V) or when a heavy load is powered .

I have set up VS on VEConfig . All seem OK; I have "sent" the settings .

However, I do not see my Multi behaving according to the VS settings . Example . i have SET AC IN "ON" if more than 3000 W is requested , or if batteries get lower to 50 V.

Right now my batteries are 52 V, and my AC OUT loads are 500 w.

Until I solve the VS settings problem, I have my EasySolar "ACIN" breaker on "OFF" as I do not need , nor want any AC IN .

If I turn on the AC In breaker with these voltage / Watts described above, my AC In comes in ? It should not.

Did I forget something after setting VS on VEConfig ?


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where is and how to wire the virtual switch A on a multi ?

Dear everyone

I would like your help concerning the virtual switch that i used.

I select in the virtual switch this usage : drive aux relay (VS =ON) +ignore AC input.

And i would like to switch ON the relay when the Udc is under 46volts. Switch Off when thé udc is above 51 volts. If power more than 4200w connecter to AC curent.

I know how to enter the value on the software but i didn't find the physical aux relay on the multi ? And how wiring ?

Is the Aux 1 relay with + and - ? Or Aux 2 ?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

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3 phase Multiplus 24V/3000/70-16 problem with ignore AC


I have 3 Multiplus 24V/3000/70-16 configured as 3 Phase System, all are switched in a group. Firmware Version is 2612430 on all 3 ones.

I tried VS and the assistent to do not ignore AC input when the loads are higher than 2400W for 5 seconds. This works only for L1. When the loads are higher than 2400W on L2 or L3 the system does not switch to AC input. I tried now for 2 days, an i can´t figure it out. Maybe i am to stupid :-(.

Can somebody help me.

Tank you very much

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Do you require Anti islanding device when on Virtual Switch Ignore AC

I understand any ESS requires Anti-Islanding relay. Does the Virtual Switch Ignore AC also requires it? My PV is connected to the MPPT to charge the batteries and I want the Grid only to charge the batteries in case the PV power is not enough or I have used a lot of power at night and I have depleted the batteries.

  • Quattro 48/5000
  • Smart Solar 250/100
  • Venus GX and
  • BMV-712 monitor

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Virtual Switch with ESS

Short version:

What is the impact of disabling the AC_1_in on a Multiplus II with the virtual switch in an ESS system?

Long version:

I have two systems, each with a Multiplus II 48/5000. Each has a single Narada 48NPFC100. The battery is generally sufficient for my requirements, with very little taken from the grid. My consumption doesn't justify additional battery purchases. However, the battery goes into protection mode the moment the output current exceeds 100 A.

We have pretty unstable grid supply. If the grid drops when there is no solar input, the battery often goes into protection mode with an overcurrent alarm. If I switch off the grid input via circuit breaker before the grid drops (it is loadshedding, so pretty predictable), the battery and inverter stays up. So basically, the battery really doesn't like that moment between where the grid drops and where the anti-islanding relays open. Also, the battery then struggles to boot up the Multiplus unless there's an additional powersource (grid comes back or power from the panels).

My plan is to use MQTT with a scheduler to disconnect the grid a few mintues before loadshedding is scheduled to start, and to then reconnect it after loadshedding is over. Any reasons why I can't use the virtual switch to do so? The rest of the time I'm perfectly happy with my ESS setup - it is only when the grid drops at night that I have issues.

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Multiplus 48Vdc 5K 230VAC inverter Virtual Switch Not Working

The internal transfer switch stopped working. The system was setup such that when the battery voltage reaches 48V for 5 seconds the internal transfer switch brings in the utility to power the loads. I loaded the ESS assistant settings in the inverter as an attempt to bypass however I don't see the menu options for the ESS on the CCGX. I also have no option but to advise the client to switch manually. I need some assistance to resolve this issue.

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Priority to solar on a boat where ESS is not possible, using MPPT and keep batteries 100%


I have a system with 2 MPPTs, Quattro 5000 24V 50/70 and Color Control GX.

When I connect to the shore, I want to use energy from the solar panels in priority, and complement with the grid. I do not want the batteries to be used at all, i.e. no discharge of the batteries.

Using the Keep Batteries charged mode would be great, but ESS is not possible on a boat (why?) and I've no anti-islanding material. Using hub-1 v2 assistant only use battery voltage and will permit batterie use. Virtual switch is not enought intelligent. Etc...

If you have a solution for a boat, it would be welcome !
Thanks in advance,


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How do i get my Easy solar 5000 VA to ZERO Feed In , Charge batteries only from PV and Discharge my batteries (Panasonic DCB ) to 40 %

I am having challenges with a self consumption model in the following aspects

1. after installation of EM 112 meter and activating Zero feed in , the battery module discharges providing power to both AC out #1 and 2 instead of providing backup only to Critical loads and leading to a complete outage.

2. If i deactivate the EM 112 with Zero Feed in- the PV yield is considerably low as its only feeding the critical loads .

Saswat asked
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Prioritze Solar charging when using "Ignore AC Input" option

Good Day,

I have a simple outcome,

Use solar to power up loads and charge batteries when available and if the loads go higher than X W amount use the grid .

Now using VS options doesn't allow you to use Assistants.

With the below I achived the following :

If the loads are > 1500W for 2seconds the Grid kicks in.

If the loads are < 800W for 2mins the battery AND solar takes over.

The battery conditions work as stated below as well.

Now the issue is :

When the grid is NOT required the system is using nearly 50% from batteries and 50% from solar (+-) .

When the batteries reach < 50% the batteries are charged from the Grid rather than the Solar.

PS : My solar array produces about 1600W

How can I maximize the use of the solar ?


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Virtual switch / alarm output not working.

I have a really old victron multiplus compact 2000. I have tried to get the alarm output to drive a relay that will start a generator. I have had no luck in ever getting the alarm output to trigger the relay. I know the most likely option is that I have done something erroneous, but I can't help thinking the output is not working. I have programmed a lot of different options to debug the issue using VEConfig. To the very least I would expect checking the "invert VS" button would make the relay switch, but no.

What if the previous owner shorted the output, would that damage it? Any way I can see if has been shorted? The connector does not sit straight, seems like someone has used significant force to fasten the wires. What is the likelihood off damage? If damage is likely, have anyone tried repairing it? I am well above average on electronics and soldering, but I still need to know what to do.

I have connected the right alarm terminal to battery GND. The right terminal is connected to on terminal on the solenoid on the relay. The second terminal on the solenoid is connected to 12V battery. The intent is that the alarm output will allow current to flow in the relay solenoid and switch the relay on. If I short the wires going into the two alarm terminals, the relay switches.

Any ideas? Please do not ask med to deliver it to a dealer. It is installed in a cabin in the mountains and the unit is really old. The motivation to dissemble it, transport it back and forth, etc, is really low. If I cannot get it to work myself, then the unit will never start the generator.

Anyone had similar issues?

thomasgol asked

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Easysolar in backup mode with solar panel and very poor grid network (Central Africa)

Hi there,

Our system is as below

- 12 solar panels 250Wc Trina Solar

- 8 batteries AGM 250Ah each

- 1 Easysolar 48/5000

What we will like to do:

  • Solar consumption priority, 100% self-consumption
  • Call to AC grid when the battery voltage drops to 75% for 3 minutes and loads exceed 2000W, then reconnection when the battery voltage returns to 90% and loads below 1500W
  • Battery protection: disconnect batteries when discharged at 35% , reconnection when 50%
  • No battery charge by the AC grid only by the batteries

we have used the tool Virtual Switch to configure but when you download the configuration the system is showing that the system is "blocked" and no more power coming in/out of the easysolar.

also it's seems like ESS would be the right tool to use, but we don't have it in our assistant lists in VE configure, also how to deal with country code and other parameters ?

here below what's we have configured.






we are little confused as our victron dealer can't help us since two weeks we are asking support from him

I hope getting a clear answer and procedure from victron support.

the matter is urgent as we are currently on site

many thanks for the support

Frank Kengne asked
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1 Answer

VE configure ESS settings change problems

Good day. I am facing a problem trying tyo set some settings on ESS via VE configure.

When I reach the VE configures, Virtual switch tabs, the values are greyed and cannot be changed ?

I probably did something wrong, but cannot figure out what ! I tried many other changes, but still non editable ? Any idea ??


This is the tab where I cannot change the settings : "when loads higher than " .....


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Feature Request: Combining "BatteryLife" (ESS) with Ignore AC


ESS is definitively the best solution for self consumption. But there are still a few cases where it is not allowed to be grid parallel or it is too expensive to install an anti islanding device. Furthermore there are situations where ESS isn't the best solution to use, e.g. in a camper. But these people often don't want to waste their solar power while being connected to the grid.

So what I thought would be nice to have is to combine the "Ignore AC" functionality with the "BatteryLife" from ESS. This would give the option to use self consumption while keeping the batterys alive. I don't know how complicated it would be to implement this (in ESS, VS, HUB1 or other) but it would be great to have full batterys every few days without always looking after them. There should probably also be an option in Venus OS for disabling this (enable charger). So when the camper leaves the campsite the battery could optional charge to 100% from grid before.

What do others think about this?



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Virtual Switch control with Aux-1 and Aux-2 instead of using assistants

Why don't you integrate the Aux-1 and Aux-2 inputs to control virtual switch.
VS is an easy and reliable method for DC coupled solar system.

The Ignore AC with dedicated gen control would even allow to control the MPPT in case of a Battery / Cell full signal withuout any other external relaying

Assistant are a pain because
- documentation is fairly poor
- every time you want to adjust a parameter in the assistant ( e.g. a threshold ) a running system goes black when assistant is charged
- all conditions are OR connected, it is a pain to program an AND condition for interlocking
the only way seems to be inverting every input and the output which makes things difficult to read and is error prone

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Virtual switch vs. ESS

I have a Mulitplus 24/1600/40-16.

I want to load the battery + use the rest active for loads.

If I had no battery + rest from the solar panels (20 % Reserve), I want to change to the normal grid.

I can't find infos to make it with die Virtual switch.

I thought to update to ESS, but is not possible I have an old Firmware 2616413.

If I Register to the homepage (Professional Site) is it possible to update to the latest Firmware.

Software says 2616415 ??

Thanks for your help.

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