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Venus GX lose communication with Inverters (repetitive issue on different system for the last 4 months)


This problem has been happening to us relatively often in our sites for the last 3-4 months. At least 5 or 6 times, each time of different systems. Suddenly the Venus GX lose communication with the inverters despite the inverters are running and powering the load, there is no data on the remote console on the inverter side


How to solve the issue is quite simple, we reboot the Venus GX and straight away there is data on the console. So, seems like the problem is on the Venus device and not on the Inverters


Obviously, this is not something we can do manually every time that there is a problem and if there is no signal on site, there is no way we can solve the issue so I hope this issue is addressed on upcoming firmware updates.

All these GX devices are running v2.60 and the inverters on which this have happened were running different firmwares 475 and 430.

Is there any kind of watchdog feature that could reboot the Venus if it is not seeing data from the inverter? if there is not, I think that would be an interesting feature to add on. I am seeing this feature on the GX manual but I dont think this is what I am looking for:


Could this be a hardware issue? If we upgrade to the new Cerbo GX that has a more powerful CPU and more RAM, would it be less likely to get this crash? or might it be a pure software issue?

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Venus Generator Quiet Hours 1 hour out

Hi all,

my generator quiet hours are 1 hour out - presumably to do with the clocks changing in the UK today. The time on the Venus tiles is correct, but the generator has gone into quiet hours 1 hour early. (time on unit 18:31, quiet hour start 19:30, generator screen shows quiet hours)

Running v2.60. is this a bug?


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NMEA 2000 SOC no longer showing on Maretron DSM 410 after Venus 2.60 firmware upgrade


I just upgraded my Cerbo GX to 2.6 from 2.51 and am no longer getting the Battery SOC and Time Remaining displayed on my Maretron DSM 410.

If I revert back to 2.51 both values display correctly but if I promote to 2.6 I lose those values. Voltage and Current work in both scenarios. I looked through the settings on the Cerbo GX, but could not find specifically a setting that would affect this.

On the Maretron I am picking up "Any" device instance, I also tried to specify a specific battery monitor rather than "Any" on the Cerbo.

I have the Smart Shunt, and two Multiplus' in parallel. There is a BMS as well on 3 Victron Lithium SmartBatteries (300ah) for a total house bank of 1200ah.

It is definitely a change from the firmware as I can toggle between the firmware versions consistently to get it to work on 2.51 and not on 2.6. Any thoughts?



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Increased Data usage with V2.60 and/or VRM

I am using a color control GX on my boats system, it is connected to a 4G Wifi router, Since this week I notice quit high consumption of data, which could only be used by the GX! (4.5GB in 5 days!)

Could it be the new version 2.60 is using more data?

And/ or will the new VRM protal use more?


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