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Does this Van setup make sense?

I'm converting a Van to an office/camper.

I just finished planning my energy system (Or at least think so) and maybe someone here wants to have a look and comment on whether it makes sense? Or maybe give suggestions to improve it?

Energy requirements are between 500-1000Wh per day, depending on usage. And it's mostly used to power a fridge, a diesel heater, lights and some computer equipment. When the sun is shining or the batteries are well charged for other reasons I'm also thinking to do some light cooking which i think might add another 200-500Wh.

The target is to be able to cover about 4 days before needing to charge again, even with bad weather and no driving involved.


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Which Victron products will work on my system?

I have a 500 watt solar panel with 25.78 V and 19.39 A.

1. Would I need a 100/50, 100/40 mppt or a 150/50 mppt?

I will have 2 x 12volt @ 200 AH each lithium batteries and then upgrade to a 3rd battery for a total of 7680WH.

2. Inverter Charger: I am thinking a 12/3000 as I have high items that draw high watts. Up to 1800, eg, hot water heater and induction cooktop.

Does the Multiplus include the charge controller and inverter charger in one? If so, can they be used in a van setup like mine?

3. I would also like to add a b2b charger but not sure which one of your products will be best for my situation. Any links to diagrams would be very helpful. Than you in advance. Deon

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Feed in Excess Solar on small Van setup

I am in the planning stages of converting a Van to a camper, this is a hobby/toy and I understand what I'm doing maybe over the top.

I have a small amount of solar (160W) on the roof permanently, connected to a Blue Solar 75/15 MPPT which charges my batteries (currently 60Ah but looking to double it). I have a BMV 702 and both of these are connected to a Venus GX which has a permanent connection to the internet via 4G and not my home WiFi. I am looking to purchase a new style 1200VA Multi to provide 230ac when out and about and would connect it to the Venus GX.

Currently, most mornings my solar tops my batteries back up from what was consumed during the night to run the GX and internet. This is usually done by 10am and then the solar is sat there doing nothing...

If I was to leave my van plugged into my house via the multi "AC in", what else would I need to feed back the excess solar for the rest of the day? My house consumes a base of about 265 watts so I doubt I'll ever export anything to the grid, but just reduce how much I'm pulling from the grid. And how easy would it be to disable this, say I went to a campsite where I had mains hookup and didn't want to export anything to their system (for safety reasons)?

Is it bad to cycle my batteries on a daily basis, I take about 6% out over night, would I better letting the multi keep them at 100% all the time? The van gets used about twice a month for about three days at a time and I will use between 20% and 50% of my battery capacity in the evenings/nights during this period.

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Van Solar Electric Scheme with PV, Alternator and External 230V Plug

Dear all,

here my idea for the electrification of the Van. First of all, do you see some error in the design? If yes, please correct me if I did something wrong. I have still some doubt:

  • A 24V 300Wp PV will manage to charge a Victron GEL 12/220Ah battery completely considering a normal spring/summer/autumn/winter day?
  • Are the cables area correct considering the cables lengths?
  • Do I need to put in the schema other fuses along the cables?
  • Where do you suggest to use a manual circuit breaker?
  • Is the interconnection of the MultiPlus correct? It is ok a 125A fuse?
  • Which kind of AC Circuit Breaker do I need to consider for such MultiPlus?


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Help needed with relay in campervan conversion

I have 4 x 100 amp AGM batteries set to charge via a relay and our monitor is the BMV 712 smart. My house battery keeps draining and doesn't seem to charge at all. Is there something I need to program for the relay to charge the battery. What am I missing?

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BMV-712: Measure second battery with separate ground?

The wiring diagram in the quick install guide seems to imply that both the main and auxillary voltages are measured to common reference. In my van system, the house electrical systems is isolated from chassis. I run two wires to every load. This greatly reduces the chance of a short if a positive wire gets loose. It also keeps the house electrical 100% isolated from engine electrical (with it's super expensive engine computers).

If I connect as in the diagram, I will be connecting my house negative to vehicle chassis, which I don't want to do. Is it possible to us the BMV-712 to monitor an auxillary voltage without connecting the negative sides of the two circuits?

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Van solar electric scheme 24v and 12v

Dear forum:

I have been exploring the web and seeing a lot of electrical diagrams for a Solar installation in a camper van, but non with the idea I had in mind, so I'm sharing my scheme.

My idea is to have 2 x 180W Solar panels serial conected to have 24v output connected to a MPPT solar controler to charge two 12v batteries (115Ah each, serial conected 24v total). I would like to be able to charge those batteries also with the van alternator, and someone in the forum suggested me to try the Orion DC to DC high power 12v to 24v 450W.

From there, control de batteries level witht he BMV 712 Smart, and some other components (see int the scheme) to have a 12v power line, an inverter to have 220v, etc.

I would appreciate a lot if anybody could comment on this, give me his/her opinion, It is my first electrical scheme, I know there might be some basic error (I'm not sure how to wire the Orion 12v to 24v to the alternator/starter battery and bank batteries), things to be corrected or improved.

All fuses and wire diameters still in process




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phoenix 12/375 inverter and charger ip22 30A in a van - grounding


I live in France.

In my van, I have three solar panels (330W each), a Victron 200Ah Lifepo4, a Victron MPPT 150/100.

I have been relying only in solar to charge the Lifepo4. But I have never known a real winter.

This week, I am considering how to install my Phoenix inverter 12/375 and a Victron IP22 charger 30A.

Do I need to ground the inverter to the van chassis or to the minus of the Lifepo4? Actually, do I really need to ground the inverter as it will remain inside the van?

Regarding the Victron IP22 charger, this afternoon I have mounted a male CEE17 plug under the chassis of the vehicle and passed a cable from it inside the van. I will only connect the IP22 charger to this cable. Do I need to install a 30mA residual current device or breaker with overcurrent protection or another protective device for the IP22? Do I need to ground the vehicle chassis to the earth each time I want to use the IP22 charger?

Thank you.

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