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Alarm Rules doesn’t show temperature probe

I have a temperature probe connected directly to my Venus hub and it is used to monitor the general temperature inside the battery compartment on my RV. I had set up an alarm rule to warn of low temperature but realized I had set it up incorrectly. I deleted the Alarm Rule but now the temperature probe does not show up on the drop down list for selecting devices for Alarm Rules. I checked the Venus device but it just shows Internal Temperature as an option. How do I get the temperature probe back so I can set up an Alarm Rule?

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Temperature Alarm in 15kVA Quattros going off with 10 kW load

HI I have 3 x 48/15000 Quattro units 3 Phase connected wit Solar MD lithium Batteries 50Kwh capacity. Busy testing the system .

The Temperature Alarm keeps on coming up when we pull loads of at least 10Kw per phase . The temp coming out of the units does not feel excessive as well we have a Air-conditioning system in the room . I try to establish at which temperature the Quattro triggers as this is of major concern now , and I do not have any of these issues on other units running definitely at higher temperatures.

Will appreciate assistance in this regard


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Lithium battery charging in Arctic expedition conditions

@Ur12VMan , @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff)

Hi 12VMan (and Victron staff please). I found your thread on Lithium battery protect settings while searching, but decided my comment should be a new question.

Thanks for your answer in that thread, mentioning that Victron lithium batteries issue a temperature alert at 5C. This gets my attention. My research to date was indicating that lithium batteries are OK for charging down to around 1C (and for discharging well below 0C, as an aside). I need to pursue this, as I'm planning to use Victron LiFePO4 batteries in Arctic conditions, in an expedition yacht that will be static for days to a week or two. Water temps will be down to around 2-3C, sometimes lower depending on icing. I'm looking into the need for heating for the battery box, which will be under the insulated floorboards and so outside of the primary heated spaces. If 5C is the real deal, I need to get serious with calculations on battery energy that might be consumed in making the batteries warm enough to be chargeable. Or other heating.

So, where is this 5C figure coming from? OK, I see +5C mentioned in the 12.8V LiFePO4 battery data sheet.

This prompts a few specific and important questions, about the Victron 12.8V 300Ah variants:

1. What is the lower internal battery temperature at which the battery signals to a connected BMS that charging is not permitted?

2. If the answer to Q1 is different than +5C, what is the consequence in terms of battery health (and charging efficiency?) of charging occurring between the two temperatures?

3. Does the answer to Q2 depend on the rate of charging?

4. If the internal battery temperature is just high enough for the battery to allow itself to be charged, and in this case at a low rate of 20A per battery (80A from a normal alternator, shared between 4 batteries), will this charging slowly warm the batteries up such that a higher rate of charging can be initiated in due course?

5. At what battery temperature (measured by a sensor on the positive terminal, or is there a way to get the internal temperature?) can high rate charging at ~150A per battery be initiated, such that no appreciable damage to battery health occurs? Would it be prudent to step the charging rate up slowly as the batteries warm up?

Clearly, it will be helpful if I rig a temperature sensor for the battery box, to guide appropriate action before each charging session.

The boat will use an Integrel On-Engine Charger (basically a big and very efficient second alternator) which can charge at up to a very high rate. Or it can be turned off so that charging is via the engine's standard alternator only. I might need to raise the battery box temperature before starting to charge each week or so. Heat from the main engine during these charging events will then help.

Thank you for your help with these questions. :-)

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Battery Temperature

I m having this alarm in my CC GX "sensor temperature error". And I can see on VE. Bus System Battery Temperature widget a temperature peak of 54 °C.

I have a EES with a MPPT and a Quattro. In my settings I got my batteries at 100% SOC. Also I got zero feed in. So the batteries are not supposed to discharge and the energy generated helps the loads.

Why are the batteries overheating???

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Orion DC-DC overheating

My Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30 Charger runs hot, and the output current folds back considerably. Anyone else with this problem? When cold, it will output 33A. When hot, it will fold back to 26A or less. Parts of the case may exceed 134dg F, in a cool (60dg F) environment. By adding a 80CFM fan above the fins, the case temperature is lowered by 20 degrees F, and the unit will continuosly output 30A. It would appear that the heat sink is undersized. Comments?

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Why do Battery Temps vary widely between SmartShunt & MPPT, Multiplus and SmartLithium

Below are several iOS VictonConnect screens show seemingly significant Battery Temperature differences.

My SmartShunt has battery temp sensor and shares to MPPT over VE Smart Network and they read 88, which is also the ambient temp.

The Multiplus shows 96 and the Smart Lithium displays 94.






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Phoenix Inverter: Temperatur zu niedrig


Ich habe ganz neu einen Phoenix Smart Inverter 12/1600.

Direkt nach der Installation beim ersten mal einschalten, fàngt er an 2x zu blinken(grùn/rot).

Die app teilt mir "Temperatur zu niedrig" an. Die Raumtemperatur hat ca.23 GradC, das kann doch nicht sein. Bin nach Anleitung gegangen.

Ausserdem fàllt mir auf, das alle 3(L/N/PE) eine Verbindung zueinander haben, was ja einen Kurzschluss gleich kommt, ist das im ausgeschalteten/nicht funktionierenden Zustand normal?

Short form in English:

I bought a new Inverter and installed it yesterday, but it won't work, it's blinking twice and the App tells me "temperature too low".



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Victron Multiplus Temperature light blinking when cold
Hello All!

I have a multiplus 2000 and the temperature light is blinking on the remote control. The batteries are cold, the fan not running on the multiplus, all lights on multiplus look normal.
This happens when on generator and shore power, and when not using either. Not getting a response from victron. Any ideas?

Also, I'm currently connected to shore power with the multiplus OFF. Not sure if that's bad for either the batteries or the victron?

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Multiplus and Low Temp Charging Control

I can't see anyway to do the following, but as Lithium Batteries get more and more popular and the Multiplus range grows, surely this is going to get more and more a need?

When the battery temp drops below around 5C, you don't want your Lithium Batteries to be charging. But how do you prevent that whilst still being able to use them, AND be able to use the 240V Supply when hooked up?

Is there any way to disable the Charger function while still keeping the 240V input active for passthru and Power Assist when using typical LiFePO4 Batteries and not adding extra BMS systems. (I would have thought that would/should have been possible to program within the Multiplus?)

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MultiPlus: Disable Charger based on battery temperature

I'm currently building an RV off-grid system based around a Lithium Tesla Battery and MultiPlus. In the system is also a BMV 702, BatteryProtect 220 and Color Control.

As the Lithium Battery really doesn't like to be charged below freezing temperature I'm planning to have an automated heating pad that keeps the battery warm, but I would like to have a fail safe which disables the MultiPlus Charger whenever the temperature of the Battery reaches 5°C

My current setup is to connect the BMV-702 Temperature Control Sensor to the Battery and then connected the BMV-702 Relay to the MultiPlus AUX1 which controls the Charger via the Charge Assistant. This works nicely, but I was wondering:

1. The MultiPlus already has a Temperature Sense Connector plus the Temperature Sensor shipped, when I measure the voltage of the Temperature sensor I get a reading of 2.6V at 25°C. Is there any datasheet of the Temperature Sensor that I could use to configure the MultiPlus Assistant for temperature? I would really like to not depend on the BMV for the temperature measuring and best have the MultiPlus measure the temperature directly.

2. I found the new Shared Temperature Sense feature of the Venus/ColorControl: https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2018/10/17/venus-os-v2-20-scheduled-charging-equalize-and-more/ which mentions:

the Venus-device will send the battery temperature to the connected Solar Chargers and Inverter/chargers.

But I don't see anything in the MultiPlus Configuration Screen to do anything with that Temperature or any other way that it actually receives the temperature form the Venus/ColorControl.

Plus just two other small questions:

1. Is there any way to see the current voltage reading on the MultiPlus AUX inputs? I'm having a bit a hard time to find the correct voltages to use in the Assistant

2. When I disable the Charger in the VEConfig all together, but then enable the Charger again via the Assistant based on the AUX1. The charger is actually running! That's a bit scary ;) Also which charge settings are used? I assume just the last settings of the charger before it was disabled all together?

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Can I see the Multiplus Internal Temperature?

According to the spec sheet, a Multiplus will de-rate its output when the temperature exceeds 40C. Is there any way to see this is happening? Through VictornConnect? I sometimes see less than full battery charge current, and I suspect this is the cause, but can find no way to confirm.

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Cerbo GX output N2k from temp senders?

I just added on a couple temp senders to the Cerbo unit and have it reporting on VRM. I have other data from the Cerbo reporting on my NMEA 2000 network such as inverter power, battery voltages and such. I have not been able to see the temp sensors on my N2k network. In the cerbo device menu the temp sensor shows it has an instance number assigned of 25 but from my maretron screen there is no temp data available other than known other devices. Any one else been able to get this to work?

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Low temperature cut off for MPPT

I have 2 MPPT 150/45 connected to a lithium battery. There is also a multiplus 2 connected to the lithium battery with a temperature sensor. The DVCC has been activated to ensure max charge current is not exceeded. This has been proven to work. Shared voltage sense and Shared temperature sense has been activated. The temperature sensor has been set to the Multiplus 2 sensor. I have set the MPPT to low temperature cut off of 5°C and cooled the sensor with aerosol spray down to -10°C and the MPPTs do not cut off the charge.

Reading further into this it seems you can do it with a VE smart network, but the MPPT's that I have do not have built in bluetooth and the VE direct socket it being used to connect them both to the CCGX

Is there any other way of getting this function to work with this setup?

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MPPT Derating / Throttling - Can PV voltage affect heat generated?

I'm trying to solve my MPPT Derating issue, I have 2600 watts of panels connected to 2x 100|50 Blue Solar Charge Controllers. The panels are in 2 groups of 4 in series parallel pairs with a voltage of around 80 volts. My battery bank is 24 volts.

I have a fan on the charge controllers, bad news is they are stacked, so the hot air form one tries to cool the next, but they both throttle. I also have ventilation of the charging / inverter / battery bay, but it still throttles. I see they derate at 40c, so I hit that often.

I'm wondering if there is any advantage to going to all parallel on my panels? Is excess heat being generated by stepping down 80v to 24v vs 40v to 24v ?

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Band new Bmv-712 not showing temp correctly.

Hello Victron Community

I have a problem,.. I’ve been searching through the VC forum for the last couple of days and can’t figure out how to get the temp on my BMV712 I just bought. the temp censor wires that come with it just don’t seem to be working at all.

I’ve connected the cables with the temp censor on to the positive terminal and im now getting a read out of -1 degrees c. I’ve changed the misc setting to. Aux/temp and still no change. I’ve got a lifepo4 system and don’t want to change my battery with the terminal temp registering that so I got my wife’s dyson Hair-dyer our and heated the terminals where the censor is on the possible side to see if the temperature will read but no luck. I’ve changed the fuses over to 1a blade fuse, as some other people advised on this forum. Some others on here say I need to buy the smart battery sense but seems pointless when it’s part of its basic function.

Any help would be great appreciated.


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Voltage and Temp monitor options

What’s the order of preference for voltage and temp monitoring? I just finished setting up my Victron solar generator for my off-grid cabin which is inclusive of a multi-plus 3000, Solar charger 100/30, BVM-712 and Cerbo GX. I have everything set up and working and trying to optimize my settings and limits but unsure which devices is best to handle monitoring or if the Cerbo GX is sharing it all either way.

Technically three of the devices are capable of the temp and voltage monitoring so should I just use one for each function or tie everything to the Cerbo since it will act as the hub? Or should I try to get each device to read as much data as possible?

An example is the temp compensation. The Multiplus has this input along with the BVM and Cerbo but since multi will charge battery when generator is running I assume it’s better to have multi manage directly. I’m hoping that the info is shared with MPPT for compensation as well through the Cerbo.

The multi also can measure voltage at the battery and compensate but then seems to make the BVM midpoint measure redundant. I only have 2 batteries in series so there isn’t much of a midpoint.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it but wanted to see if anyone else had similar thoughts.

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Brand new LiFePO4 with low temp alarm out of the box

I bought 4 Victron 200A Smart LiFePO4 batteries and one of them has a low temperature alarm on the Bluetooth app right out of the box. It is obviously a false alarm since it's alarming for -162 degrees Fahrenheit! Of course that alarm will trigger self-protection and not allow charging. I've also inquired through my dealer, but is this something that has been seen before? Is it fixable? Like by Victron support remotely zapping it with a firmware update or something (maybe wishful thinking)? Or will I need a replacement? The other three show "Ready for Use". Any insight is greatly appreciated. I'm on a time crunch in getting this installation completed, so the thought of one of the batteries being faulty and needing replacement is less than ideal.


Same screen with alert acknowledged to show cell status:


One of the other 3 "good" batteries:


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Bluetooth Dongle & VE.Bus Smart Dongle Low Temperature Cut-off

Building a small system with a Multiplus 3000/24, Bluesolar 100/300, BMV 700, and two lithium batteries. I’d like to implement low temperature cutoff for the system. The bluesolar is NOT a smart / Bluetooth enabled controller.

Question: If I add a Ve.Bus smart dongle to the multiplus and Bluetooth dongles to the BMV and Bluesolar, will that provide the infrastructure to enable low temp cutoff for both the Bluesolar and the inverter?



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Second Controller Increased LiFePO Battery Bank Temperature

We just installed a second MPPT 150/85 controller to work with our solar wall of 6x 190w panels. The first controller is also an MPPT 150/85 and it handles our roof's 6x 180w + 2x 190w panels.

For both controllers, we set up the BMV 712 settings to match. Both are running the adaptive absorption setting, and 13.4v for float and 14.5v absorption.

We're incurring two issues ....

  1. The batteries hit 108°F on an 89°F day. Is that ok? We've never gone above 92°F with the first controller at a max v of 35v.
  2. The BMV app displays the second controller accumulating wattage, averaging 60v, when in float mode.

We're just concerned about the lack of syncing between the two controllers and the increased temps. :) Eric

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Multiplus temperature alarm

Multiplus 12/3000/120-16 230/240V with firmware update 2609469

Firmware Chip number 2609408.VFD

Since installing this firmware update in March 2020 whenever the Multiplus is in Absorption mode (connected to shore power) we get repeatedly temperature alarms (light flashes on the front panel and warning message is displayed on GX Color Control device).

We only get these alarms during Absorption mode, once it switches to Float mode the alarms stop regardless of the load.

These alarms are becoming more recurrent to the point where they seem to appear every 2 min.

Is it possible to roll back to the previous firmware or is there a new firmware available that solves this issue?

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Battery temperature monitoring and component connections


I am planning a full Victron installation on a brand new 36 feet outboard motor boat with the following components to have the highest level of service electrical autonomy when mooring:

1 MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16

1 Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX

1 Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50

1 Battery Monitor BMV-712 Black Smart

4 Batteries Lead Carbon Battery 12v/160Ah connected in parallel as one service pack

2 Solar pannels 305W-24V

2 SmartSolar MPPT 100/30

2 Cyrix 12/24V-120 Intelligent Combiner to charge engine batteries from solar during winther

As an EE engineer, I appreciate the quantity and quality of technical documentation available. Nevertheless, the "networking" and communication between components is not very clear because of the multiple networks/protocols/links (VE.Direct, VE.Can, VE.Bus, Bluetooth, etc…).

1/ I would have these components connected as described in the Cerbo GX Manual (chapter 2.1. Overview of connections).

I assume this is correct?

Or any recent changes or better way?

2/ Battery temperature monitoring remains unclear with respect to my list of components despite some information I could read on this forum. I read that enabling Cerbo STS would have the Cerbo send the measured battery temperature to the Inverter/charger system as well as all connected Solar Chargers.

I need temperature monitoring:

  • when charging with Multiplus (harbor)
  • when charging with SmartSolar with the Multiplus turned on (mooring).
  • when charging with SmartSolar with the Multiplus turned off (mooring).

Does the Multiplus temperature sensor provide temperature data to the Cerbo and to the SmartSolar even when the Multiplus is turned off?

Or do I need to add a temperature sensor to the BMV-712?

Or do I need to add a VE.Bus Smart Dongle?

3/ If I do not add the VE.Bus Smart Dongle, can I still get the system monitoring data connecting the VictronConnect iPhone app to the SmartSolar via Bluetooth?

Thanks for your help

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VRM+BMV712 - No Batt Temp

I have recently hooked up my BMV712/MPPT Solar to VRM portal via VenusOS - its really great and loving it so far.

I have battery temp being fed into the network by Smart Battery temp sensors. And this works as I can see Batt Temp on the solar? (or was it the BMV?)

Anyway - I was wondering if I am doing something wrong as despite the battery temp being on the network, it is not passed through to VRM.



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Max charging temp for Victron Lithium battery

I have a 3600 Multi II with a VE.bus BMS and 3 Victron Lio batteries. Configured them all with the config program and let all the defaults be after I changed the battery type to Lithium. Lio Assistant is loaded. Plugged in shore power and the batteries charged happily for an hour or two and then stopped charging. The red 4 cell volt/temp LED is lit on the BMS and the batteries report charge disable in the iphone victron connect app. The cells are all under 4 volts (well under) but the temps on the batteries are 25C. Is 25C the max charge temp? If not how do I convince the BMS to charge them once they hit 25C?


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System shutting down when batteries reach around 26 degrees..

We have a fairly new set up on our narrowboat with 2 X 150 AH Lifepo4s. Charging from engine or solar. We are using a relatively low amount of power, and the batteries have barely been below 80% charge. A couple of weeks ago we noticed the system seemed to shut down for no obvious reason. At the time we thought it coincided with new appliances being added, eg a 12v fan or using a new tool/phone charger (via the multiplies). Now it is more frequent and we think is linked to charging and battery temperature. It happens when we enable the solar to charge or when we run the engine to cruise or heat water in the calorifier. And it always happens when the batteries reach around 26 degrees or go above this. The red LED (Cell <4V or temperature) on our VE BUS BMS comes on at the same time. Whatever it is, this doesn't seem like it should be a problematic temperature, but as soon as the system shuts itself down we're then powerless to do anything; either to investigate the issue, or to use basic on board facilities.

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Multiplus II temperature & performance

Hi community,

I have got 6x multiplus 2 3000. Every day when the sun is shining fully (no clouds) my multiplus start to decrease their performance when 13200w are surpassed. (thats approx 2200w per device)

The performance decreases till it reaches 12400w (approx 2066w per device)

Temperature in the room is about 23 degrees, so I don't think this is the reason.
Any other ideas?

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MPPT internal temperature and throttling information

I have 4 SmartSolar 100/30's hooked individually to 4 LG Neon 360w panels and communicating with a BMV-712 with temperature sensor. MPPT manual says full rated output up to 40c. Two questions:

Is it possible to read the internal temperature of the controllers?

What does the compensation curve look like at 40c, 45c, 50c, etc? Meaning how much power is cut?

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Multiplus Temperature Light

This forum has been helpful so time to give back...

There is an undocumented (as far as I know!) error code involving the TEMPERATURE light on the Multiplus.

Normally, if the TEMPERATURE light is flashing, that means the internal MUTIPLUS circuitboard temperature is approaching its upper limit. This is documented in the manual. The light has an additional function that I have not seen documented anywhere.

When in CHARGE mode, if the battery temperature exceeds a preset limit (50C, I believe), the TEMPERATURE light flashes, and the charging current turns off when bulk phase completes and absorption phase of the charge cycle starts. (The part about the current shut down IS documented, but the flashing temperature light is not.)

If the TEMPERATURE light flashes while MAINS is on, and the inverter is off, try turning the MAINS power off. This shuts down the charger, and turns on the inverter. If the TEMPERATURE light immediately stops flashing, the problem is the battery temperature is too high. If the problem is truly the MULTIPLUS internal temperature, the temperature light will keep flashing.

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How to keep Victron equipment cool in hot Aussie summers?

simple question - what can I do to bring the temp of my inverter/reg and batteries down (running easysolar 48/5000 w/ 10kw BYD lithium). Can I bring the inverter units fans on prior factory setting? other options?


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EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 Multiplus Overheating

Good day all,

I have an EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 with MPPT150/100 and when I load the inverter to above 2500W when on solar, I receive the following alarm and the inverter shuts down. "Multiplus 48/5000/70-100, Alarm, High Temperature". The inverter restarts but will shut down very shortly afterwards with the same error. Running at 800-1000W is no problem and when the mains AC is available, there is also no problem with the higher power draw. Everything else is working perfectly. I have tried using an external fan to improve airflow around and through the unit, but the error persists. The time taken when I increase the load, to when the inverter shuts down is between 15 and 20 minutes normally.

Any advice on what could be an issue here?


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