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Connect CCGX to SeeLevel N2K tank monitor interface

I apologize if I missed something already posted, but I’m trying to connect an N2K SeeLevel Tank monitor to a CCGX.

I am a bit confused as to what I physically need to facilitate this connection.

I have no other N2K “network” or system in place, and only have the CCGX and the SeeLevel (N2K enabled) controller head.

Is there a cable I can buy (or pinouts for a cable I can make myself) to connect these devices directly to each other?

There was a reference made by @mvader (Victron Energy)


as follows:

For clarity, the “Victron N2K adapter to which @ben refers is just a plug converter goes from micro-c n2k style to RJ-45 Victron VE.Can style.

No electrical components or software in there.

which makes me wonder if I can connect them directly??

Your help is greatly appreciated


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Tank level sensor update interval is too slow on Venux GX

I have a resistive tank level sensor (similar in design to this one) installed in a header tank, and connected to a Venus GX. It works fine so long as the tank level is relatively static - however, if the tank level is rapidly rising or lowering, the Venus can't seem to keep up.

So for example, if I turn on the pump to fill the header tank, it is overflowing by the time the Venus is even reading 80%. Once I turn the pump off, the Venus reading continues to tick upwards gradually until finally reaching 100%, but this seems to take a few minutes to catch up.

Because I want to use this reading to control the pump, it is obviously an issue. I'm fairly sure it's not the sensor, since connecting a multimeter and actuating the slide manually seems to produce instantaneous change in the resistance reading. Is there a way to get the Venus to update the reading more rapidly?

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Power source for GX Tank 140

I purchased a GX Tank 140 along with 4 Safiery Ultrasonic Tank Sensors. The sensors require 12v, and my question is twofold. First,I have a 5th wheel with a victron multiplus and 4 lithium batteries and monitor with a CCGX. Can I connect my Tank 140 to my RV 12v system, and how do I regulate the four sensor inputs to all be 12v? As I understand the setup, inputs 1 and 2 require an external 12v power supply (can I use battery?) and inputs 3/4 are 24v and that is supplied internally from the Tank 140 (as I understand it).

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Cerbo GX and tank level

My CerboGX show the tank level as %

Right now 18% of 200 liters = 36 literes.

How can I get it to show Liters and not %


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Cerbo GX Sensor Recommendations

I'm super excited to find that Cerbo GX can monitor my batteries, solar, AND tanks. My stock KIB sensors are nearly useless, reading 2/3 full until gray water starts coming up my drain, signaling 100% full. It's pathetic.

Does anyone know what sensors I can use that will give accurate level readings and work with Cerbo GX / GX Touch? I would like fresh, gray, black, and propane sensors that work with Cerbo GX.

Will this work? Do I really need 4 sensors for just the black tank?!? https://www.etrailer.com/dept-pg-RV_Sewer-pt-Probe_Sensors.aspx

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VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter - Naming tanks

Hello. I installed two tank sender adapters to Cerbo GX. These are addition to the four tank inputs on Cerbo GX, so in total 6 tanks. The firmware of the Cerbo GX is v 2.66. I could name the four tanks installed on the Cerbo GX directly. But, I could not name the two tank sender adapters. Is there a way to do it ? There is a menu to change the name, but even after making the change, the name is not saving.

Another question is the devices in the device list. Is there a way to put them in order according to our wish ?

Thank you in advance.

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GX Tank 140 & BEP TS1 Ultrasonic Tank Sender

It looks as though the BEP TS1 Ultrasonic Tank Sender would be compatible with the GX Tank 140, but I would appreciate someone confirming before I order.


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How to connect seelevel tank monitor to Cerbo?

I have been following @kwindrem posts and purchased the recommended Seelevel 709 system in the hopes of connecting to my Cerbo. I also ordered from digikey the 3m connector. I used an ethernet cable and cut off one end and am connecting it to the connector. After reading the latest GitHub I installed the newest Cerbo Venus beta update which should be able to read the seelevel. After connecting the Seelevel to the VE Can Port on the Cerbo I am not seeing any tank readings. Is there's some setting I need to change or maybe it's the connector is bad. Anyway any input would be great.

For reference the 3m connector I purchased has labeled 1-4. Using a standard ethernet patch cable the connections are as follows:

1 - white/green

2 - orange

3 - orange/white

4 - green

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'Tank overview' page with Cerbo GX tank level inputs only

In the manual for the GX Tank 140 there is a beautiful 'Tank overview' page that can be enabled. The Cerbo GX have four tank level inputs that I want to use and I don’t want to add a separate GX Tank 140.

Can the 'Tank overview' page be enabled when I just use the Cerbo GX tank level inputs and don’t use the GX Tank 140?

Or must the the GX Tank 140 be connected to the Cerbo GX to be able to activate the Tank overview' page?


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Oceanic System - 3271 Volumetric Tank Sender NMEA not recgonised on the Colour GX

I have a Colour GX connected to NMEA system alongside an Empirbus on a Narrowboat and the water tank level was successfully shown on the colour display using the NMEA CAN adaptor. The water tank sender I believe is the Oceanic System/offshore dynamcis 3281 (Volumetric Tank Sender). This has been working successfully for 4 years and I noticed with recent update this has stopped appearing coinciding with a rewiring job.

I have checked on the Empirbus logs and the tank level sender is transmitting with the FluidLevel PGN and tank sender id. However, the source address is now 255, which seems strange.

Given that there is more NMEA integration with the ColourGX, I am wondering if this has had an impact.

Do you have any suggestions?

Many Thanks,


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GX Tank 140 Sensor Voltage

I have 3 tank sensors that require a 10-12V power supply. On the GX Tank 140 it looks like channels 1 and 2 use an external power source. Does that mean that I need to purchase two GX Tank 140s? Or, can channels 3 and 4 be used with ground only using an external power supply?

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Tank 140 overview option not available in display and language page on the touch 50 display

Hi all, have installed tank 140 but do not have the option to enable the tank overview in the display and language section …. Please help.

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Looking for input - 4 to 20mA and 0 to 10V senders

Hello Community!

We’re considering to add a USB accessory to our GX product range, to add 0 to 10V, as well 4 to 20mA inputs.

But since all of us have very limited experience with 4 to 20mA tank senders, we're looking for some input:

  1. Is it always 4mA = tank empty, and 20mA is tank is full? Or do the empty and full levels need to be configurable in a software setting on the GX Device?
  2. And how important is it that the transducer can be powered by our device?
  3. Anything else we should keep in mind when designing a 4 to 20mA input? Good features you have seen else where?

Also, if you are using 4 to 20 mA senders, please post a link to a datasheet or specs below. And if you have an opinion on the sender, what you like/don't like, welcome to add that.

Lastly, most questions above are for 4 to 20mA, not for 0 to 10V - but if you have special comments about 0 to 10V, welcome as well - obviously. The product we have in mind will have inputs that can be used for both types.

Note, that this is quite early in the product development, I can’t say anything for now with regards to availability dates.

All the best and thank you! Matthijs

ps. just to prevent any question about this: we'll soon launch a new Venus OS version that can work with irregular tank shapes, as well as naming tanks and some more features: all those features will also available for the 0 to 10V and 4 to 20mA inputs. Details here.

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Colour Control Fuel Tank Level

I have a generator with a smart controller which gives me my fuel tank level. My question is would I be able to connect that to the Colour Control GX directly or would I need a sensor?

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Can multiple GX 140 Tank Module connected to the Cerbo GX?

This is an information post.

If you are needing more than 4 tank inputs, we have tested with 12.

2 x GX Tank 140 and the 4 native inputs.

Our voltage based tank level input sensors are either differential pressure or ultrasonic under tank.

There are also LPG tank sensors that are voltage based. All 12 tanks appear on the Cerbo Tank display. Pic attached.

For fewer that 12 it would be easier to see...Watch video on Youtube search Safiery. Cheers


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GX Tank 140 can it work on ground and signal inputs only

If I have level sensors already wired in to my 12V system with 0-10V outputs, can I connect just the signal wire and ground from my sensors to the GX Tank 140 and not take the 12V power from the unit.

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Tank level averaging period

Hey all!

Im running a cerbo gx in my van. I added a small water tank (37l) with a tank sensor, which is connected to the tank probe input of the gx. I noticed that the smoothing period in the gx for the tank values is very long, im guessing at least 10min. Due to the fact that the tank is small, i could empty it twice in that timeframe.

I did my research in the forum but couldnt find an answer: Is there a way to adjust the low pass filter? I sshd onto the device, but couldnt find a matching configuration.

Thank you!



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SeeLevel I (not II) to CerboGX

Our Motorhome has a SeeLevel I, not the newer SeeLevel II, tank monitoring system.

It's hard to find good info, but it would seem the sensor sends a value between 0 and 5V, with linear progression, to show the level. 0V is empty, 5V is full, 2.15V is 43%

I got this info from this manual:

Garnet SeeLevel I Tank Monitor Accessory

That document also mentions the sensors have 1,000 Ohm internal resistance.

I believe we have the Model 707 SeeLevel I (Documentation HERE)

It would seem this system uses the 12V it gets from the RV to power the display, and read the 0-5V values from each of the tanks. Is there a way to read out those values via a CerboGX or similar?

It is my understanding that the newer SeeLevel II system, that DOES have an N2K variant, can work with GX, but I think that would also require new tank sensors to be installed (which I want to avoid).

With lots of older high-end motorhomes being bought by younger couples, I hope someone can find a way to convert SeeLevel I to interact with a CerboGX or VenusGX.

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How many tanks can the Cerbo GX display?

i have six tanks to monitor. Planning on using the 4 resistive inputs on the water tanks and NMEA2000 for the fuel tanks. Will the Cerbo Touch 50 display them all?

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SeeLevel II Cerbo GX Connection

I reached out to Garnet to understand which kit I would need to utilize the NMEA2k capabilities of the Cerbo GX. They told me to look at this version: 709-N2K NLP and they would sell it to me directly. I want the Cerbo GX/Touch 50 to be able to monitor the tank levels using this system. I want fresh, black, grey and propane monitored. How does this need to be setup so I can use the Cerbo GX/Touch 50 to display the information vs the display that Garnet has that comes with the kit?

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Tank level sensor for deep water tanks - Venus GX


I'm using a Venus GX and would like to incorporate tank level sensors for our domestic water tanks. The tanks are around 2.5m deep and I would like to be able to use the tank level sensor input of the Venus GX to determine the volume inside the tanks. I've not come across any sensors that can cope with this depth. Does anyone have any options?

Thanks everyone.

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RV-C CAN Bus tank monitors

I'm trying to figure out how to take advantage of the tank monitoring capabilities in the CCGX. I know for resistive sending units I need the VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter... My only problem is I have three tanks (Fresh, grey, and black) and these adapters cost $400 each!!! I would end up spending more than twice as much on these "adapters" as I have invested in the CCGX itself.

So I started looking at options. For RV holding tank monitoring: SeeLevel II is pretty much considered the standard for high end monitoring. When i was looking at their product offerings I noticed they have sending units that support "RV-C" which is a CAN Bus based protocol. Since the VE.Can adapter simply converts the resistance it gets from the tank into CAN Bus messages... If the SeeLevel II sends CAN Bus messages to begin with then it *should* be fairly straightforward to just connect these to my existing VE Can bus (I already have a CAN bus between the CCGX and my Orion Lithum BMS system)

That's assuming that the RV-C messages sent by the SeeLevel II are compatible with whatever message format the VE.Can adapter sends. I'm hoping someone from Victron can help me out.

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Getting Tank Output in remote console System View

Hi, I've just installed a tank sender for the diesel tank into my Venus GX and a little disappointed to find that the only page that seems to give the output is the Boat/Motorhome overview page. There is plenty of space on the system page, so think that this info not being output there is a real shame. Let me know if I'm missing something, but I've been through all the settings and doesn't seem possible.

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beneteau VDO 5 sensor probe on Cerbo

MIght be a very dumb question but as i understand, the Cerbo only takes resistive tank sensors as inputs. On my boat and many others there is a VDO sensor which comes statard. It consists of five small screws in the tank which then connects to some type of conversion box which then goes to the VDO display panel. The wires to this panel are a positive, Negative and some type of measuring signal wire.

Can this type of measuring device be used in anyway on the Cerbo? I'm clueless with this but maybe someone in the community has a thought or experience.

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Can RV resistance tank sensor be used by the VEnus GX? (recreational Vehicle)

My RV has tank level sensors. 4 pins installed on tank. Each has a resistor connected to it. (except for common)

the bottom 2 pins are at same level. The current system uses 12vdc and it will read 8 vdc when they are both wet. The next pin up is 2/3 level and drop to 6vdc, and 4th pin drops to 4vdc.

So if I remove power and just use the resistances. I should be able to get some reading either NA standard or EU?

the bottom 2 pins have a 0 ohm value when jumped. @ 1/3 level

the next has a 68 ohm valve when jumped to common.

top sensor pin is 188ohm when jumped to common.

I believe this should give 256 ohm when full. and 0 when 1/3 or just slightly off 0 ohm.

I've seen many ppl ask about camper style tank sensors and I think this is what most are referring to. There is no way I can get to my tanks to install float style sensors. And if its any more than building a resistor pack to change the values. I would just stay with the original KIB Tank Monitor system.

It sure would be nice to have it all in the same display.

(Currently have venus/multiplus/bmv-712/mppt 100/50- venus is temporary until cerbo arrives in Canada in August from what I'm told)

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Venus GX Tank level feature request


Can the Venus GX tank level inputs be changed to accept over 100,000 litres? I need to have 150,000 litres.... Also it is extremely slow to increase the value the way it is. Can this be changed as well so the value can be changed quickly?


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Tank senora to Venus GX

I'm trying to get the water tank level sensors connected to the Venus GX. But how.... I can't really get any information out.

I have activated the analog tank sensor on the Venus GX.

The level sensor has two connectors and ground. See picture.


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VE.CAN Resistive Tank Sender

Good day. I have a CCGX with a VE.Direct MPPT, VE.CAN Freedom battery, VE.BUS Multi and a VE.BUS Digital Control. I want to monitor a tank as well. Will the VE.CAN Resistive Tank Sender Adaptor be able to communicate via VE.CAN as well. The battery bank is using the VE.CAN port

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Pinout of resistive tank inputs of a Cerbo GX

Does anyone know, if some of the Pins of the four resistive tank inputs are connected to GND or 5V?

I‘m asking if I have to wire all eight pins for four sensors or if it‘s enought to wire one GND and four signal pins from the sensors...



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Cerbo GX VRM : temperature and tank level

I have temperature sensor and connected the tank sensor to the Cerbo GX.

The Cerbo GX device has reconised these input however it does not show up in my VRM view.

What am I missing here ?

Control panel ::


My VRM view


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