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Feature request: Allow Multiplus to be switched on&off from the VRM Dashboard

Hi there,

I'm using - and loving - the VRM portal, live controlling my installation (the new layout is great).

As I must spare any lost watt, I'm often switching on&off my multiplus C. Somebody knows if, in the future, it would be possible doing it directly on the main page, without opening the console?

That would be awesome !




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BMV-712 Relay to switch off DC to DC Charger and MPPT remote ON/OFF Pins
Hello, could anyone give me some information regarding the best way to set up Relay on the BMV-712 for use in my Campervan

I would like to use the BMV-712 relay to switch off my Victron DC to DC charger & my Victron 150 | 60 MPPT via there Remote ON/Off ( L & H ) pins in case of Low battery temperature ( or another trigger I wish to use ) . I have temperature sensor for the BMV and want to use the low temperature trigger to trigger the Relay.

Wiring wise what would you recommend? What output on the BMW and which pins in the Dc to DC & MPPT should I use?

Just so I'm getting this Correct the "L" pin Supplies a 3.3v Live, When the "H" pin Receives a voltage of 3v or higher it turns the device on, and less the 3V it turns the device off? If this is the case could I Ignore the "L" pin on the devices and Wire a 12V live from the Battery into the COM port of the Relay and then just Parallel the "H" pins from the NC relay port. when the Relay in the BMW is normally closed the charger & MPPT would be ON, when the low temperature triggers ( or any other trigger ) , it will open the relay which would turn off the Charger and MPPT ( and prevent my lithium battery is charging when cold and my Batteries internal BMS doesn't have low temperature charge cut off ) 

OR would I use DC/DC Charger & MPPT L pins in Parallel wired to the COM relay port on BMV, then NC relay port wire in Parallel to the H pins on the charger & MPPT.

Since I want to control both the DC/DC charger and the MPPT remote On/OFF at the same time from the BMV relay. Running the output ( NC ) In parallel to multiple things shouldn't be an issue should it?


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Help a newbie wiring Easysolar remote switch


I’d like to install a remote switch to my Easysolar 1600. Because I’m a newbie, I’d like to ask for help to eliminate costly mistakes.

From what I gather I could use generic 3 position switch, such as this https://www.amazon.com/Single-Double-Rocker-Switches-SHIPPING/dp/B074XKDH9F to remotely change between on/off/charger only. Am I correct?

The next question is about the wiring. It’s not clear to me to which poles I should connect to which Easysolar inputs (charger, middle, on).

I know that there are similar questions asked before, but they seem to concern Multiplus, which has different inputs (ch, +, on IIRC).

I would appreciate if someone could instruct how to do the wiring (or if I’m completely mistaken and this should be left to professionals).

thank you in advance!

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Switch as a group remote VEConfigure always enabled on both inputs

Hello, I have systems where¨switch as a group" is enabled on ac in 1 and disabled on ac in 2 as shown below.


However, both are enabled when remotely downloading the configuration. Even though I disable the AC IN2 again, the configuration always have both switches enabled.


How can I remotely send a configuration with only one switch as group enabled?


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Orion TR smart 12/12 30 manual Fig 4: engine detection override/BMS cable

section 4.5 page 10 figure 4 has image of cables/wire between switch poles and BMS. the image unfortunately is unclear. the cable appears to be a built Victron item, I do not see it in accessories/cables/products. Can someone clarify which specific cable item is pictured?

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VE.Bus BMS System on/off switch & fuse

Hi there,
In the VE.Bus BMS manual, the installation diagram for a Multiplus shows a
"System on/off switch" connected to the Battery + on the BMS
And it shows a fuse connected between the switch and the battery positive terminal
I have circled them both in green below:


I am wondering, for a 24 system:
* What would be appropriate gauge wire for these connections
* What would be an appropriate switch for this connection
* What would be appropriate fuse for this connection

Thank you in advance :)

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Remote on/off MultiPlus from Venus GX

Hi, community!

I have ESS with next equipment:
Quattro 48/1000
Venus GX
BYD B-Box 10.0
SmartSolar x3

We need to be able to remote on/off inverter.
But if we have GX device, than it isn't possible to do that with switch, that was connected to inverter terminals "remote on/off".

How can I solve this task by using Venus GX.
Is it possible to find "remote on/off" terminals on it?
And may be necessary to modify the code?


@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

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Can't get remote switch to work with Multiplus 12/800/35

Hi all, unfortunately I couldn't find an answer to my specific question yet.

I'm trying to wire a simple 3 positions cam switch to the remote switch panel of my multiplus to turn in to on/off/charge only remotely, as my multi is under the bed in a campervan. I also have a BMS connected via the VE.BUS RJ45 connection.

My first concern is, that it seems to have no influence how my DIP settings are set. Am I right to assume that the DIP switch 1 should be set to ON, for the remote switch to work?

In my case, it doesn't matter how my DIP switch 1 is set, as the multi makes no difference in how it behaves if DIP 1 is set to either on or off.

For testing I tried to short the + terminal of the remote switch panel on the multiplus to either the ON terminal and the CH terminal with a cable. (I assume, that is what my cam switch does in the end?) Sadly this wont work as expected/stated on the multi.


Also, the manual states, that my switch should be connected the the Ground-terminal of the Multiplus. Where exactly should i connect the Ground-terminal to my switch? (I have a 3 position cam switch with 8 terminals, of which i only use 4.)

My switch: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07L8SJXGV/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_WcD6EbFW7AH2G



Your help would be very much appreciated... :)

Thanks in advance

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Victron Phoenix inverter compact 12/1200 with Phoenix Control VE.Direct remote

I have a Victron Phoenix inverter compact 12/1200 and want to have a remote switch to turn on and off. I got a Victron Phoenix Control VE.Direct remote but can fathom out the wiring. The inverter handbook says a switch can be put in but not a lot more info. Any help would be great. Thanks

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Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100 keeps switching over to inverter operation

My current system:

1 x Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100

4 x Delta Gel Batteries GX12-200 (12V, 200 Ah)

48 x 150W Solar panels

2 x BlueSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr/MC4

Color Control GX

My problem:

Just installed and connected Quattro unit keeps switching over to inverter operation all the time even under load less than 1kW.

I had the same problem with my previous MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 about 4 years ago. Without Solar panels it worked perfectly, but right after I connected my first solar panels and activated ESS, it started switching over to inverter mode, resulting in overloading. I have weak grid in my village – rather low transformer, so that when someone switches boiler or other heating device, voltage drops to 200V and below. That’s why I installed the stabilizer (Ortea Vega 1500-15 / 1000-20 (15kVA/10kVA – 2 operation modes), but it did no help to eliminate the problem of switching over to inverter operation. What really helped was a new firmware, which you released at that time – right after updating my Multiplus started working perfectly.

It continued before Sept 2019, when I installed the 2nd Multiplus to work in parallel, because I needed more power. But I could not stabilize their parallel work, what I described in details here: https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/46810/2-multis-in-parallel.html

Now in order to get back to normal operation, I bought Quattro 15000, thinking that it will work as good as Multiplus 5kVA in standalone mode. But it does not. I just disconnected my perfectly working Multiplus 5kVA and connected with the same wires Quattro 15kVA. And the problem returned: I have the same abnormal operation: https://youtu.be/aQsTwFqT24g

Dear Victron team,

Can you help out by releasing the next firmware for Quattro 15kVA, similar to the one you released for 5kVA devices? This really solved my issue last time?

Or can you advise me anything else?

I spent so much money and time, trying to figure out what to do and tried almost everything, except direct programming and coding, going beyond capabilities of VE Config. This could really help me, but in order to do it, I’ll have to learn how to do it properly, what will kill lots of my time, which I don’t have.

I’m deeply disappointed. Can you give me a glimpse of hope?

Alexander Ushakov asked
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230V on Filax output

On an oil-platform, a lot of Filax'es are being replaced with Filax 2. In some systems, the connected equipment is so critical, that it needs constant power. Is it possible to connect 230V on the output side of the Filax before removing the old unit, and replacing it, or will the Filax be damaged?

farco-as asked

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Will Victron settings persist when batteries are disconnected?

Besides cutting off loads, should a master battery switch also cut off power to say a BMV 712? I've seen claims that the Victron BMVs will loose their settings without parasitic power from the batteries.

While here, will various Victron charge controllers also loose their settings without parasitic power from the batteries?

I like the idea of everything being off-off for winter storage and maintenance, including storing LiFePO4s at 40%.



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Load-side Switches on Charge Controllers

Is it true, as many claim, that an MPPT charge controller (CC) will burn out if the battery side is disconnected while the PV side is connected and powered? Victron's CC manual stresses connecting the battery side prior to the PV side.

I see many commercial and DIY wiring diagrams with a switch (or breaker) on the CC battery side, in addition to a master battery switch. It would seem that using either switch could burn out the CC. Thoughts?

Does this concern mentioned with "solar" or "MPPT" CCs also apply to DC-to-DC (alternator to battery) CCs?

As my rookie mind considers CC burnout, and CC needs for standby power from the battery side, it would seem wiring approach #1 would be best. The Master Batt Switch really acts as a LOAD disconnect. The downside is CC parasitic draw on the battery.

(1) PV > Switch/Breaker > CC > Fuse > BATTERY > T-Fuse > Master Batt Switch > LOADS

A tempting alternative is #2 so that the Master Batt Switch acts as a BATTERY (vs just load) disconnect, but I've heard concerns that loads could be confused/harmed by the fluctuating PV/CC output without a battery in the mix to normalize things. Another downside is the CC loosing standby power and loosing its settings.

(2) PV > Switch/Breaker > CC > Fuse > LOADS <> Master Batt Switch <> T-Fuse <> BATTERY

I appreciate there are trade-offs, but am looking for something reasonable in my truck camper, which will have PV, Alternator and Shore sources into 200Ah of batteries, and then just DC devices aside from a ~250W inverter downstream.


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Slow Switchover when grid fails.

A recent customer installation, a 10kVA Quattro with 2 x SmartSolar 250/100, 30 x 275W poly modules and 19.2kWh Lithium batteries, running on ESS - the first grid failure resulted in their TV, satellite decoder and computers shutting down and having to reboot. The switchover should happen within 20 milliseconds but it took more like 250 milliseconds, lights dipping visible to the human eye. Any suggestions?

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Remote switch + Venus GX

Hi, I have a Multiplus 48/3000 in an off-grid system with BYD batteries and a Venus GX.

It seems that if the Multiplus is connected to the Venus, the remote ON/OFF switch doesn't work. It does work with the VE Bus cable disconnected.

Is this the way it works?

Is there any chance to have both the Venus connected and the remote switch working?


roberto asked
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Power source switching | Simple 75/15 + Battery setup


I've got a small, single purpose solar setup. Here's the relevant connected components:

  1. 4 x 100w panels wired as 24v
  2. Victron 75/15
  3. 24v LifePO4 (30a total)

The Scenario:

It's a small setup as you can see. I have built a LPG Heated Hot Tub with custom IoT components and software I've written. With a constant draw of around 20w of power, and a peak of around 220w when the water pump is active, everything works great. I built the setup over the summer, when the sun was shining well. My solar / battery to draw calculations were great on paper, but now that winter is setting in I'm seeing some power gaps from lower solar production on cloudy days than I anticipated. After ~3 days of rainy/overcast days my battery is getting depleted. Sure, I can throw more battery at it (expensive), or More solar (expensive and no space).

The Ask:

The Manual way: I'm seeing a need to monitor and intervene before the battery shuts the system down. My proposed solution is to put a 24v source inline with the solar input connected to a transfer switch. It's pretty trivial to monitor battery voltage and perform a source switch on a low-voltage trigger setpoint. I worry about obtaining a fast enough relay with a non-solar specific IoT switch. There's no point in putting this in place if I get a power burp that resets all the equipment on switchover.

The better way?: Is there a specific Victron product that can do this for me? I know some of the higher end full-fledged devices have Transfer Switches built in, but this small setup is way to simple for that. I'd like a stand alone product recomendation if there exists one.

Any input or ideas would be appreciated. I see other transfer switches out there, but I'm here because of the data integration Victron products provide.



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Is the inverter damaged if negative supply is cut off?

Phoenix Inverter 12V 250W

If this inverter is wired with a remote switch supplying 12v to the left hand contact of the two pole connector for a remote switch and this is on, and its +12v main supply is connected but the 0V DC main cable is NOT connected will the inverter be damaged.

I know this sounds like a strange question but explaining why would take a while!



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Bypass and/or just AC-Out breaker for Quattro/MultiPlus. HowTo?

I know community guidelines state "Just one question", but for this project, I have several and I feel they cannot be separated, so bear with me.

I would like to Install a bypass switch to my Quattro, so I can experiment on it while the house is on Grid. For that I would appreciate if there are some component recommendations what to use.

I thought about a Hager HIM406 or 306 (do I need 3 pole or 4 pole?), but if someone has a more cost effective solution I'm all ears. Ideally switching would mean no downtime (also to 24/7 running servers). Not sure if that is achievable, if there was no downtime switching Quattro AC-Out -> grid, but downtime switching back... Better than nothing (both downtime).

So far, so normal - but I would like another functionality:

Switching over the house to grid while keeping AC-In of the Quattro also on grid. a.k.a. just taking load off the Quattro. The rationale behind this is to have house on grid, being able to experiment with Quattro without taking house down and also being able to e.g. charge batteries.

Now how could I achieve all this?

And just so I understand: Why hasn't the Quattro a built-in bypass functionality? I mean it does have a 100A transfer switch, so it should - IMHO - be possible to have the Quattro acting like a wire. And even in the case power PCB burnt out (no charger, no inverter) - which happened to me recently - the limbic system of the Quattro should be enough to provide that 1:1 routing - no?

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victron transfer switch for PV inverter swithing


could i use a victron transfer switch to switch the PV inverter between grid and the quattro ac-output?

i think it should work, the only thing i see "wrong" is the freq (50hz). if it switches to fast.

to solve this i think i need a 10sec delay on the input 2 also?

why and how i wanne use it :


switchbox input 2= grid

switchbox input 1= inverter output (my load) and the K11 ( output will the triggered via a 12v relais in front of that = via pulse from quattro relais)

switchbox output = pv inverter

working with the relais function in the quattro= PV use till 90% battery soc than switch to the grid

and switch back from grid to battery at 75% battery soc.

so if i see this right, "shore" (input 2) is always on , except when the pulse-relais is active (input 1. after 10sec.)


because the PV on quattro output , keeps on losing power (switches off whenand battery is almost full) and because the freq. shifting is not working very good , ABB inverter)

and PV on the quattro input , does not use that power to load battery



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Safety Switch on "Remote on-off"

Hi everyone,

Can we use a safety switch connected on the remote on-off bridge of a Quattro/ Multi ?

I know there's an assistant for that but it's hard to use in big three-phases system:


And it cannot be used on BMS controlled batteries:


Why not wiring it this way:


This way, all the Master remote on-off could be parallelized. Am I missing something about the electrical safety rules ?

Best regards

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Cyrix-ct 120A connection diagram with Dual battery Switch with no combiner is correct?

This is a diagram for boats with one outboard engine and two batteries.

My question is: the connection with this switch below is correct, or you would make a different connection to the switch related with Cyrix?

Translation of “Staccabatterie doppio circuito senza combinatore” in English means: Dual Circuit Battery Switch no combiner, specification of that here https://www.bluesea.com/products/6010/m-Series_Mini_Dual_Circuit_Battery_Switch_-_Red


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1 Answer

Battery Protect max. on/off switching frequency?


does anybody know what is the max. allowed on/off switching frequency for a battery protect (when the BP is controlled over remote Pin)?

(Of course the BP should be able to switch (nearly) full load for this application.)

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transfer switch from Victron trips RCD when changing between power sources while under load.


I have a transfer switch from Victron. It is used to switch between solar power & grid power.

When a switchover happens, e.g. from solar to grid, while there is a heavy load (>2000W) sometimes the grid RCD trips.

I think the RCD trips when an arc occurs inside the B&J R40-22 relay of the transfer switch.

What can I buy from Victron to fix the problem?

FYI, not clear to me why Victron is using a relay instead of a dual contactor with mechanical interlock to do the switchover?

The switchover would be a bit longer than 20msec but for sure no arc can occur between the 2 power sources that may trip an RCD (type A , B, ..)

type of switch : https://stroomwinkel.nl/ve-transfer-switch-5kva-230v.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA4OvhBRAjEiwAU2FoJaKZYx0k2MUZe1HeVRckhrjAxANvnRpu6nRt7NruNR0X5wXTn8mfpRoC6DIQAvD_BwE

Thanks in advance for your response.



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Inverter not switching off

Hi I've got a Phoenix inverter that won't turn off. There are 3 swicth settings; remote, on and off. None of them do anything. The remote switch won't turn it off either. I've tried disconnecting the remote switch. Also tried disconnecting the batteries and plugging it all in again. Still it stays on.

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