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status passthru in ess 3-phase

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Multiplus X 2 and 100A current sensor

Hi All,

We have a single 48/5000 multiplus 2, with ESS and 48V lifepo4 battery in a parallel grid connected system. Also 4kw PV direct to grid with an old school grid connected inverter. Currently we use the victron 100A current sensor connected directly to the multiPlus to drive the ESS instead of an ET112 grid meter connected to the Venus OS (raspi).

The system is working great.

I have 2 questions regarding this if anyone can help.

  1. We want to add a second Multiplus. Can we do so still using the current sensor connected to the master only. If so do we just configure the slave in the normal manner but leave the external sensor fitted box 'unchecked' ? - Or do we need to fit a meter (ET112) ?

  2. Because we are running the current set up using the external current sensor the system thinks it sits between the loads and the grid (see photo) and as such throws up a lot of L1 overload messages. I assume I can ignore these as the L1 does not actually pass through the MultiPlus.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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Nur Überschuss in den Akku laden?

Moin Moin,

ich habe folgendes System:

Multiplus 2

48V 105Ah LifePo4 Speicher

2x MPPT 100/20


ESS Assistent ist installiert und so eingestellt, dass der Zähler gegen 0 gehalten wird.


Ich möchte, dass nur PV Überschuss in den Akku geladen wird.


Akku min. SOC ist auf 10% eingestellt (diesen SOC hat die Batterie auch gerade)

Generiert die PV Anlage über die MPPT's nun z.b. 100W, werden diese genutzt um den Akku zu laden (bis ca. 14%).

Danach wird der Verbrauch am Zähler gen 0 gehalten (PV+Akku) bis der Akku wieder bei 10% angekommen ist - danach beginnt das Spiel von vorn.

Ist es möglich, dass nur PV Power für die Ladung genutzt wird, die über ist?

Beispiele (vereinfacht):


PV generiert 100W, Hausverbrauch liegt bei 600W, Zähler geht runter auf 500W, Akku wird nicht geladen.

PV generiert 1200W, Hausverbrauch liegt bei 600W, Zähler wird mit 600W gen 0 geregelt und die übrigen 600W fließen in den Akku.

Danke und Grüße,


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Does the Multi RS Solar feed in to the grid?

The Multi RS Solar has ESS options for "Optimise with/without battery life". When you use this, it uses the batteries first and any additional load requirement at the output is achieved by using the grid AC in feed.

My question is, will this result in any grid feed in either deliberately or just by leakage and is this allowed in the UK?

I don't want any grid feed in if that wasn't already obvious :)

I'm looking for some facts here rather than speculation or hypothesis if someone really knows the answer?

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Multiplus-II + ET112 + Current Transformer


I have recently switched from the CT to the ET112 and noticed something odd

I have a Multiplus-II 3kva + ESS + 140Ah 48v Li-Ion + Batrium BMS (CAN-Bus) + Cerbo GX + PV on ACin

Everything is working fine expect I have noted the following oddity

I was uing the CT and could see the MP2 quickly adjusting to the PV lows and spikes during cloud movment and demands on the ACin during normal operation mode, but since switching to the ET112 I was able to see the MP2 is now really very slow at adjusting the inverter power output and charging, so much so that I can see 1.8Kw export happening from the battery when the sun comes out for 5+ seconds and importing while charging due to the cloud covering up the sun, this is very odd becasue with the CT it was super quick to change and keep the grid at Zero import or export.

I think because the metering has been moved to the Cerbo GX this now has to tell the MP2 to adjust I just wasnt expecting it to be so poor at controlling it with such a slow delay

Everything is working fine just really slow, I'm not runnign anything extera or doing anything extra with the cerbo gx, it is however in superuser mode running v2.52 (came out the same day the cable arrived to pulg in the ET112 so unsure if its a v2.52 related or just expected behavoiur) and i have node red connected to it, no perf issues though and only 1 flow (your charge at night flow) connected to it. Top is not showing any processes that would slow this device down.

Is this expected behaviour when using a ET112 or any Grid meter?


Mark Boys

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ESS - Charging Stop/Start

Why isn't there a start on charge function?

I would like to be able to only start charging each night once my batteries are down to 60% to allow sufficient capacity for my daytime solar charge.

Previous summers I have limited the charging time but that doesn't really solve my problem.

If I have missed a way to do this please advise,

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ESS mit Multiplus-II 12/3000/120-50 möglich?

Hallo zusammen,

ist ein ESS-System mit dem Multiplus-II 12/3000/120-32 möglich? Hat das jemand umgesetzt?

Ich frage daher, da in der Betriebsanleitung zum Multiplus dieser Satz steht, der mich etwas verwirrt.

2.4. ESS - Energy-Speicher-Systeme: Rückführung von Energie in das Stromnetz (nicht anwendbar auf MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32)

Heißt das nun, dass der MP-II 12/3000/120-32 das nicht kann?

Ich habe dazu bisher leider keine Antwort gefunden. Der Händler meldet sich auch nicht deswegen.


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Energy Meter required?

In my setup the grid is only connected to my MultiPlus-II's. My house is only connected to the AC Out 1's on the Multis:


In this setup, the readings are inconsistent:


Question: Do I really need the EM24 energy meter? What is it - in my setup - good for? Is it required by german regulations?

I ask because when I set the grid metering in ESS to Inverter/Charger the inconsistent display is gone:


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ESS mit Nulleinspeisung: Wie den Überschuss zum EV-Laden ermitteln?

Hallo zusammen,

mein Setup sieht wie folgt aus:

Einfamilienhaus, 24kWp auf OST/WEST auf dem Dach, diverse Victron MPPTs, 3x MP2 48/5000, Pylontech-Batterie, Eastron SDM630 (statt EM24) als Grid-Meter

Versorgt werden:

Haushalt, Erdwärmepumpe für Warmwasser und Heizung, zwei E-Autos

Das System läuft als ESS mit Nulleinspeisung und damit dauerhaft netzparallel. Am Grid-Meter wird auf 0W ausgeregelt.

Mein Problem: Woher weiß ich wie viel Überschuss ich habe wenn ich den Strom gerade nicht brauche? Wenn vom Dach gerade 8kW kommen *könnten* ich aber nur 1kW brauche und der Grid-Meter auf 0W ausgeregelt wird, dann weiß das System ja nicht, dass da noch 7kW möglich wären. Erst wenn ich anfange die zu benutzen.

Ziel soll sein, dass ich den Überschuss für z.B. das Laden der Autos verwende. Die Wallbox kann ich per NodeRED und API entsprechend steuern: Ladevorgang starten, beenden, Ladestrom einstellen während er lädt (go-e Charger homefix 11kw).

Ich kann jetzt aber nicht ständig den Ladevorgang starten und die Ladeleistung hoch und runter fahren um festzustellen dass es nicht ausreicht was vom Dach kommt...

Ich hab langsam einen Knoten in den Hirnwindungen. Und ich bin mir sicher, ich bin nicht der erste der darüber grübelt. Hat das Thema schon jemand gelöst? Gesucht hab ich schon, bin aber auch kein Ergebnis gekommen.

Any ideas?



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multiplus 2 using both grid and generator AC!

Good day all,

I have a Multiplus 2 ESS system connected to a DB that has manual a transfer switch between generator and Utility. (Generator use is very little)

I recently had to use my backup generator to charge battery but was unable.

(I now know it was due to grid code etc.)

my question is why cant a user accessible function not be made that will change settings like LOM and weak ac, etc. when generator is selected or triggered via input to accept generator power and then when generator is off and grid back all settings will revert to grid settings?

also would it be an accepted approach to save different settings on VE configure (one Grid and one generator) and upload to multi if I need to use generator and the re upload to go back to grid?

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Time delay grid sync

I am needing to add a time delay for a MPii to sync and accept grid power. The scenario is that some gated estates in South Africa require 15-20min delay before inverters are allowed to sync to the grid after a grid failure to stagger and limit power draw on the infrastructure.

I know this is possible and there are a couple of other threads out there but the instructions are not very clear on how to setup the assistants and in what order. We also use ESS and South Africa Grid code.


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Specifications in grid code standard not respected - agreement problem

i try to force 300 sec delay between grid restore power and ESS commutation relay :

i use "connection time" i find in the gris code Europe EN.. but no luck (60sec changed to 300 sec), the ESS commute grid after 20 sec.

Is there a bug???

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Two separate ESS 15kVA and 500VA


I currently have 3x MP ii in parallel, running well in ESS configuration no issues and very happy I chose Victron except after a year I realised the efficiency is not as expected and trying to improve.

I’ve seen multiple posts and read manuals but can’t satisfy my knowledge on what would be the best approach to this particular scenario.

For low demand times I want to implement a small 500VA multiplus and turn off the bigger inverters, connected to the same 40kWh battery

One approach I know would work would be to double all components: Modbus meter, smart shunt, GX device, this wouldn’t be worth the effort

What I’m hoping is to be able to tap in the Cerbo somehow to share the existing data available for the small inverter to keep the ESS grid set point at 0W.

I’ll have to use only the AC IN terminals on both inverter systems for this set up

It’s almost like I would need a transfer switch on the VE bus.

Any suggestions much appreciated

Thanks George

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AC Coupled ESS Multiplus 2 to existing system - Diagram

We have a multiplus 2 48v 3000va and a Pylon Us5000 4.8kwh battery kit with Cerbo GX kit for an ESS to our existing 10 year old system with 2.25kw of solar via a SMA sun boy inverter.

Please can anyone point me in the direction of the simplest ESS setup diagram so that the installation does not effect our UK feed in tariff?

I understand the Multiplus 2 AC in connection is bidirectional so is this the only power connection needed other than the 48v battery connections?

In addition to the above, is there a maximum distance we should be considering for the position of the Pylon battery from the Multiplus? Cables in the kit are 2m.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

Andrew (Bristol)

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ESS programming

Easy Solar II, Smart Shunt, off grid.

I would like to program ESII, so that the loads on "critical loads output =AC OUT 2" would be activated by SOC.

So the critical load output would be activated when the state of charge is 100% and deactivated when it reaches 50%.

How can i do that?

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Victron Multiplus II not switching correctly to inverter when Grid fails?


As you can see in the graph above sometimes when the grid is switched off during loadshedding ac input will drop, as above but ac output of inverter will follow. This is causing the system to not seamlessly switch over. I did change the low cutoff for ac in to 195v, but it still does this why?

There are 2 X multiplus II in parallel. 2 X e-towers. All ac and DC cables are the same length. I have measured that 1 inverter would push less power to grid side loads than the other.

Do I have a inverter that is not working correctly?

The alarms I get is overload, high DC ripple and low battery, but that clears and all works fine. But the switchover is about 5 seconds.

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