status passthru in ess 3-phase Image

status passthru in ess 3-phase

ESS system not using all PV and battery power available?

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I have a 3 Phase ESS system with 3 x 10KvA Quattros, 5 x 250v 100a VE Can MPPTs and 560ah of lead acid battery,

Scenario 1)

When set on Battery Life - self consumption - Min SOC 80%-no feedback- the system works well until battery reaches 80% SOC. At this stage the system reverts to feeding from grid directly to load and solar array reduces to almost nil.

Why is solar not supplying load? - There is plenty of sun

Scenario 2)

Same settings - battery at 91.5%, solar putting out 5622w, load is at 9890w. 790w is being taken from battery and 4756w is being taken from grid.

Why is battery not supplying load?

I have a feeling there is an incorrect setting somewhere but cannot find it.

Any Ideas

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Multiplus-II GX ESS stays in Passthru State ......


I set up some days ago a ESS System mit 1x Multiplus-II GX 3000, 2x Multiplus-II 3000, 8 x Pylontech 2000 USB, 1x EM24 Ethernet - it worked great without problems. The PV is installed on the AC GRID. In the past days PV was only able to charge the battery uo to 85% SOC during the day. Today sun was much better and the batterie was charged upto 92% SOC. I got four alerts from Pylon BMS that there is overvoltage. The whole system worked after those error message until this evening.

Therefore I stopped the system in the evening and set the Absorption voltage from 52.00 V down to 51.60 Volt with VE-Config. I did it of course for all three units.

After restart of the system I run in problems.

Very soon after starting the system the GX display showed "ESS #3,4" and some time later GX display showed ESS Discharge.

I know from this document, that this error code reads as:

  • #3: Charging disabled by BMS
  • #4: Discharging disabled by BMS

Which explains my problem. But why?

After the relais have been tested the multiplus-II on phase 3 started to flash with mains-on LED green, bulk LED yellow is on, inverter on LED green is on - the display on the GX shows all the time ESS Discharge even when Remote console gives different message.

With the Remote console it shows "Passthru"


I found a lot of threads here, but I wasn't able to find a solution for my problem. I checked in the ESS documentation Q4:

Q4.1: The Grid meter is online, visible and sending actual data

Q4.2: The Pylontech batterie is visible and sending actual data and shows that there 8 batteries, because the charge current is 200A DCL

Q4.3: CCL = 170 A | DCL = 200 A

Q4.4: SOC = 84%, very little AC loads in the moment.

Q4.5: There was no change in the GRID code it is set for Germany from the very beginning to


I switch all of, Pylon batteries as well, removed PLUS cable from batterie, All Pylons looks good and are running, no alert LED is on.

I setup all 3 Multiplus again with the old setup file I used before with absorption voltage at 52,00 V - it didn't help.

I redid the whole setup from very beginning - no positive result.

I set the Multiplus to factory value, I couldn't reset the grid code by not having the neccessary password, but again same problem ...

I use as ESS software the actual release candidate 2.60~15 - can it be possible that there is a software bug wich causes my problem?

I found exactly the same MOD-bus error as @jaro2k described in his thread. Could you solve your problem?


Any idea, what can be wrong? What can I do!

Any suggestion are more than welcome.


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