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vcsf file with my SmartSolar 100/20

How can I open a "*.vcsf" file the history of my Smart Solar 100/20. With a previous version, the software produce a *.csv file and it was easy to open with Excel.

What is the solution now?

Best regards


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Set generator as running when AC1 is active.

Hi folks,

I have AC1 set as generator input and it works as expected, bar for a limit addressed on another post.

I would like to track generator run hours but I do not have auto start set up yet as this involves a modification of the generator.

I currently start and stop the gen manually, which works for me right now, and would like AC1 to set the generator start and stop flag which would then log run hours for me.

I apriciate that its litterally the reverse of what would typically be required.

Is this possible? If not is there any way to build and run a script to make it possible? Could I build a custom helper of example. or is there perhaps a helper that runs script?

Multypluss 48/5000/70 & CCGX.



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SmartSolar 100/20 Bluetooth

When I go to the victron app (android samsung) the controller is listed, when I attempt to connect it goes to 20% and then cannot connect.

I have disconnected the controller overnight, done a fresh install of the app and a factory data reset on the phone, none of which worked.

Any advice or suggestions welcome, I'm out of ideas.

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100/30 MPPT solar charger

I have 2 170watts panels on my RV roof, and 2 100 watts panels on the ground. The total watts is 540. Can I use the 100/30 charger if I connect the one's on the ground in series in one string and the one's on the roof in one string. And then parallel the strings together and then into the charger? Or do I need the 100/50 charger?

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Power Difference between values shown by Smartsolar and Smartshunt (Battery Monitor)

There are huge differences between the Values I get from the MPPT and the battery. Everything is luke warm to ambient temperature. Cables are not an issue - they are total overkill.
The Smartshunt values are independently verified by a very good BMS.

Anyone can shed some light on the situation for me?

Power Solarpanels: 34.07V * 13.4A = 456W

Power Battery: 27.27V * 16.30A = 445W

MPPT efficiency loss: 2.4% That's ok


Meanwhile, the Smartshunt shows verified 407W!!

Where are the missing 38Watts??


I am using LiFePo4 at low C rates - so round trip efficiency is virtually negligible in light of the losses I am trying to figure out.

Update: I've measured everything, thank god that I've the equipment for that since values vary in the milliseconds.

The only thing that does not match at all is the purported Solarpanel amperage output. Voltage seems pretty accurate. As such 1.4A were reported, when there were really 1.1A. A 21% difference!

That makes me really fed up and unless that is my specific unit I am gonna make sure that other people will become aware of the kind of product they are really buying.

But that doesn't explain everything. The only thing certain is that there are no real physical losses present.

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Help look over Multiplus 2 schematic - Reward

Hello everyone,

I need someone, who is very experienced with the Multiplus2, PVs, lithium Ion battery and Grid Connection, to look over my schematic in a zoom Meeting. I will give you 10€ as reward. Someone, who speaks german would be good.

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Help with simple Off-Grid Setup 48v EasySolar + LiFePo4


i'm starting my plans about a simple off-grid solar setup, built around EasySolar 48/5000 and LiFePo4 Batteries.

My goal of the setup is to have one normal european AC 230V-16A output, so that i can plug in for example a washing machine (most of them reach 3200W while heating the water), or simply all electronic products suitable for AC 230V outlets. That is why i chose the EasySolar 48/5000, that offers around the wattage necessary. Also the ability to load this with an external power source. So this is fix.

About the size of the batteries, i am not sure yet if i need double Ah, or if 100Ah is enough, but this is easy to exchange, when i know that all other components are in a correct setup.

I would really appreciate someone looking at the simple setup plan to check:

- if all the components kind of fit and work together,

- if some important parts are missing,

- if it could be simpler or less components (= cheaper, but i dont think so, its super simple already),

- what special connection cables i need, that dont come with the main products,

- is a 250A Fuse behind the batteries right? (the BatteryProtect has a Maximum Peak Current of 250A so i figured this would be fine...)

I am new to Lithium-Batteries and the VE.Bus BMS, so especially there i am not sure, if all connections are correct. Or if the VE.Bus BMS is the right BMS for me... Also i saw inverted and non-inverted remote cables. What do i need?

- do i need something like a battery balancer? it seems to me that it does not make sense with Lithium-Batteries...or am i wrong?

Im looking forward to someone leaving a statement to this setup and my questions.

Thanks in advance :)


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Best way to connect 4 MPPT controllers to Cerbo GX 6 meters away

Question regarding the wiring of 4 Victron SmartSolar MPPT controllers and the Cerbo GX. The Cerbo GX has only 3 VE direct ports. The controllers will be mounted about 6 meters from the Cerbo GX. Should I keep all the controllers together and use a USB hub with a single VE Direct cable to a single port on the Cerbo GX? Alternatively, I would need to run 3 VE Direct cables to the 3 VE Direct ports (once again, 6 meters away) and one VE Direct to USB cable (6 meters) to one of the USB ports on the Cerbo GX. Appreciate your thoughts re: this. Thanks.

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Integrating Windenergy to a Victron installation


I've been looking to integrate a SWT (small wind turbine) to my Victron Quattro installation and have some questions.

Is there a supported partner for integrating wind into a victron system? In my research i've found that the Bornay windturbines seams to be a good choice. Any one here that has some experiences with these units? What is possible to integrate to VRM for example?

It would be awesome if one could monitor the information from the windturbine on VRM.

What woud be best, AC-coupled (on AC-out) or on the other side (AC-in with a smart meter)?

If you (who are reading this) has allready integrated wind to a victron setup, could you please share your experience and setup?

Kind regards


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Smartsolar 75/15, Hardcoded Voltages of load output mode "always on"?

Hi Smartsolar- Users :-)

I run a SmartSolar 75/15 together with 12W Solar Panels und a 12V (4S) Winston LiFeYPo 90Ah Battery in my Caravan.

Battery setup is kind of "90% full is enough -Setup" with 14V/13.4V/14.3V/30days balancing. HAve 1,7A Balancer boards on every cell.

Usually, i run the load output in mode "always on" when i use the caravan.

ATM, i am on holiday in Kühlungsborn at the Baltc Sea Coast, where Weather was quite bad. So i only got 130Wh loaded into the Battery the last 4 days, while i used 880 Wh for TV etc., all shown on the Victron Connect app.

Today, i noticed (from my gas warner beeping all the time when getting power, was the only device obn battery power at that time, taks 0,1A) that the load output switched off and on every few seconds. So i checked the battery voltage in the app: as far as i remember, it was at 13,2v.

That is way to early to switch off the battery power; these cells do have ca. 1200 Wh from 4,1V down to 3V/ cell.

Date shown here:

Now, i changed the load output mode to user "defined 2" with off <12V and on >14,4v

I thought "Aways on" would mean" always on? Does anyone know if there are voltage limits in mode "always on"?

Best regards from Germany...


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Smartsolar 250/100 not visible

Hello,we've recently installed an off-grid system using Pylontech batteries, 2 paralleled multiplus II ,diesel generator, a Smartsolar 250/100 and a color control.

All is set up and working fine except the Smartsolar charger doesn't seem to be visible. It is providing a charging output but not being controlled by the batteries requirements and not showing on the screen. The selector switch is on number 7.

We have it connected to VE.can on the CCGX there is a terminator in the other CCGX port. From the second port on the Smartsolar we have the correct type of lead to the batteries. There is no terminator on the battery end. We also have tried connecting using VE direct as well with no difference.

The Pylontech shows on the sytem and is providing SOC etc information as expected.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Control maximal Charge Current from SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 with BMV 712

Dear Victron,

I have installed an oversize PV System in relation to the battery in my car (Old VW T2), which I use to demonstrate PV opportunities in Indonesian rural areas. ( All installation is private financed by us and we try to promote renewable energy to rural places in Indonesia without any payback. But step by step the local media ask us for interviews and talks in the television and we start our blog in Indonesian on YouTube :D

1. The Panels can produce 1,16 kWp under STC. Size was chosen based on the maximal allowed space on the roof.

2. SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 charge my battery with an additional SmartBatterySense and BatteryProtect BP-100.

3. Just one Luminious SMF 12V 200h is installed due to weight and lack of space (I know this is not ideal, but it is an old car and 69 kg for each battery is just really heavy)

4. SUOER FPC D1000A Pure Sinus Wave Inverter (1000W continuous power/2000W peak power)

To increase the maximal life-cycle of the battery under tropical high temperature I reduce the maximal charge current to C10, which means 20A. When I demonstrate it to the people I put some big load to my Pure Sinus Wave Inverter. Since my PV System can easily produce more than 80 A on the 12V site at daylight, I need a device which can change the maximal charge current depends from the load.

The BMV 712 can easily read the current and direction of the current which going in and out of the battery and it can be easily connected via Bluetooth to the other devices.

Is there a possibility to drive the MPPT from the SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 with the measured current from BMV 712 so that the net current to the battery is limited to 20 A?

Or is there another device which can do this which is available in Indonesia, because Victron parts I bring directly from Germany? I didn't buy the BMV on those time due to lack of money, but now because of the response and the interest I need a solution.

It is so great to see the people step by step understanding renewable energy and with my background as a physicist i can explain them a lot :D

I am really happy for any advices or helps.

Thank very much.

Best regards,


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SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 turning the load "On" then "Off" then back "On".

I purchased a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Charge Controller. I am having a problem with the charge controller cycling the load "On" then "Off" then back "On".

Description of failure:

1. The charge controller will show that the load is set to "On".

2. A 12v fan is connected that draws a max of 9W of power or a car cell phone charger is plugged in (without the phone connected or charging)

3. The charger controller will show that the load is turned to "Off"

4. Have a pause for 1 to 2 seconds

5. The load will then be turned to "On"

Notes: The charge controller never shows a voltage below 12.6 volts from the battery so I know that it is not pulling a large load from the battery.

I don't see how a 12v phone charger without a phone connected could be tripping the 20A capacity of the controller.

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Smart solar 100/30 with lifepo4 inconsistencies

Have installed a smart solar 100/30 and have a 200ah lithium Chinese battery with built in bms and no interface. Also using a Victron smart sense and a victron battery protect on the load side. Currently using the lifepo4 default charging profile, but in the max charging history I’m seeing figures of over 14.7 v most days and over 15 volts some days. Is that normal?

Also confused about the difference between absorption and float. I was under the impression that you are not meant to float lifepo4 batteries, yet the charger is choosing to float.

Is the default setting the best one to use or should I be tweaking the settings using expert mode?

Sorry for the newby questions, I’ve done a ton of reading but there’s heaps of conflicting information out there.

Bought (and love) the victron kit so I could look after my shiny new battery properly, just want to make sure I have it as right as can be.

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Welche Parameter für benutzerdefinierten Ladealgorithmus der MPPT-SmartSolarRegler

Hallo in die Runde,

noch bin ich neu hier und unwissend.

Ich plane mein spezielles E-Fahrzeug (kein normales E-Auto) mittels einer Solaranlage zu laden. Hierfür erscheinen mir die SmartSolar-Laderegler durchaus geeignet. Das Fahrzeug verwendet LiFePo Batterien, natürlich mit BMS. Aber die Anzahl der Zellen entspricht nicht den üblichen vielfachen von 4 für 12/24/48 V. Verbaut sind 15 Zellen in Reihe also nominal genau 48V. Bei ca 51 sollte von Bulk auf Absortionsladen umgeschaltet werden, und Absortionsladen sollte auf höchstens 53,2 V begrenzt sein. Der vorprgrammierte LiFePo4 Algorithmus hat gemäß Datnblatt der Regler eben höhere Werte, weil hier von 16 Zellen ausgegangen wird.

Wo knn ich etwas über die möglichen Parameter und Wertebereiche des vorgesehen benutzerdefinierten Algorithmus erfahren oder nachlessen. Sind obige Werte programmierbar.

Freue mich über jede helfende auskunft und verbleibe

mit freundlichen Grüssen


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VE.Smart Networking Unidentified Network

I was installing one of my Smart Solar MPPT VE.Can devices today, and browsing the menus to see what was around. Having never used or looked at VE,Smart I opened the menu and selected join existing and found an unknown network, "Olaso UNO".

The only thing in my Yacht that has this name is the Cerbo GX and VRM Portal. Any ideas what this is?



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Solar panel confusion

Hello, I am looking for advice regarding updating my current solar panel setup on my leisure vehicle.

Currently I have a single 80w panel and a Victron 75/10 controller. With weight on the roof being the constraint, I think I have three options:

  1. Add another 80w panel and wire them in series to take into account the factory wiring, using the current controller
  2. Add another 80w panel and wire them in parallel but update the factory wiring, using the current controller
  3. Remove the 80w and install a 100/20 controller, update the wiring and a 200w panel (being the max size/weight I could install)

What do you think would give me best yield, all year round in the UK?

Many thanks for looking.

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Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 VE.CAN

I am about to install the above model into my system comprising a Cerbo and Smart Lithium Batteries with a VE.Bus BMS. I have been reading the manual in preparation and found the following regarding the BMS connection.


I am surprised that it suggest the VE.Bus BMS charge disconnect is connected to the L-Pin. The VE.Bus BMS will supply a high signal until a charge disconnect event occurs when the signal will drop too floating. In all other devices the VE.Bus BMS is therefore connected to the H-Pin. Even the description of the use of the L and H terminal match that in all other manual, and implies it should be connected to the H pin.

Could someone advise if this is a typo in the manual and the VE.Bus BMS should indeed be connected to the H Pin of the Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 VE.Can?

Many Thanks

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Is this a Normal Trend Graph?


I have a mppt smart solar 100/50 charge controller. I have 4-25watt hooked up in parallel. Im seeing my trend graph constantly fluctuate between 13 volts and back up to 19 volts. Nominal output voltage is near 22 volts. My amps hardly go above 3.5 amps. Nominal amps are 6.8 for specs.


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Low temperature cutoff not working

I have attached a temperature sensing cable to my BMV712 and it is reading the temperature off the battery. I have connected my mppt 100/30 through networking to the bmv and the controller is receiving the temperature. The controller is set to rotary switch 7 for my LifePo batteries and the low temperature cut-off is greyed disabled but showing 5c as the documentation says. However it is NOT stopping charging as I have tested this down to 3c. This is a VERY important feature for me as I live in the mountains of Colorado and we get cold. It is NOT working. Please advise.

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Solar Production Example

Hi all, I am taking a stab in the dark but was hoping someone in the community might be able to help.

I am looking into installing some solar panels with my system and would like to get a real idea of how much of a difference it has made for other users.

I am based in Pretoria and essentially would like to get some solar data from someone's installation so I can look at how effective it was/is.

I dont know if anyone is comfortable to send me anything, but it would be greatly appreciated and would help me ever so much. A CSV would be ideal but at this stage, I would take anything.

Regards Ewald

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MPPT 150/45 TR with 4 175W HQST Solar panels

I recently acquired a Smart Solar MPPT 150/45 TR. I used the Victron MPPT Calculator and the recommended settings based on Victron solar panels, was this model. My question is The following.

Based on the Nominal PV power @ 12V for the controller is 650W. My total PV array power with all PV cells in Series will be 700W. The Voc for each pannel is 24.3 and Vmp is 20.3, the current is Imp 8.62A and Isc 9.35A. If I used these 4 panels in this case I will be exceeding the recommended power in which I know is not good; But when I typed my numbers it appeared to be good for this model in the calculator as seen below:


Using other calculators and taking into consideration the temperature effects it will give me 60Amps which also exceeds the current parameter.

My battery is a Lifepo4 at 12Vdc or 14.4Vdc (400AH). If I do a manual calculation using the MPPT of 700W/14.4 it gives me 48.61A. (1) Should I drop 1 solar panel to reduce the wattage, to be on the safe side or (2) should I do a parallel series arrangement for this controller? On a similar note the PV array will be 40ft away from the solar controller, the MPPT Boost effect only occurs downstream meaning on the output of the solar charge controller or this MPPT boost effect occurs input and output of the controller. This is just to know how I will size my Input cables from the PV array and the output to the batteries. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Integrating 123\SmartBMS with Victron components like the Multiplus and Smartsolar mppt?

Any suggestions for available/recommended relays/integrations between these components? My understanding is that 123 smartbms has a relay connection that should be able to talk to the multiplus....but I'm not yet certain of the specifics.

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best way to use the Solar Power first on a Quattro system when connected to the Grid

We have 2 x Quattro 24/8000 units with 4 Kw of DC coupled Solar with a 250/85 mppt smart solar reg

The Units are 1 year old and on the latest Release Firmware 473

whats the best setup to get the system to use all the available solar power first before it draws form Grid or the Generator.

The picture below shows 30watts of solar but it should be over 1.5Kw available at this time of day


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SmartSolar 75/15 Absorption Voltage Higher than Set

Finally have a clear cold day and am able to test my SmartSolar 75/15 installation. I have a pair of new 100ah 12v AGM deep cycle batteries that were only slightly discharged and a 100 watt 20v solar panel supplying the charge.

To the point, the configuration screen of the charge controller shows the absorption voltage set to 14.4 volts, but the app shows the actual voltage being produced is a consistent 14.67-14.68 volts. My BMV-712 Battery Monitor confirms the voltage as 14.65 volts which is close enough. Reading voltage at the batteries with my older voltmeter shows 14.58 volts.

My concern is the battery manufacturer says 14.7 volts is the high end of the absorption range and I don't want the controller to ever exceed that. Since the controller is already exceeding its own configured voltage, I'd really like to know if there's a risk of the voltage going even higher.




img-4367.png(208.5 kB)


img-4366.png(193.8 kB)


img-4365.png(192.7 kB)

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No load output

I tried to search but I am unable to find out how to turn the load output of my smartsolar 100/20 mppt back on. Resetting with the victronconnect app does not do it. Smartsolar has the jumper removed.

Twice today the load output switched off. First time when connecting a 12v pc adapter/charger to the load output. It came back on after i disconnected the adapter, set the load output to off, then back to batterylife.

Second time when I connected a Lipo rc charger to the load output. The charger was in idle mode, not connected to anything. I disconnected it, tried the same procedure as above (+"allways on"), and even reset the smartsolar with the app. I still have no load output.

The smartsolar is hardwired to two lifepo4 100ah battries and two solarpanels (in parallell). The installation is in a cabin with quite long cable stretch, previously powered by 3 AGM batteries and a PWM regulator with no such (but other) problems.

Any ideas?

Smartsolar firmware is v1.39

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Relay for SmartSolar 100/20 load output
I am having trouble connecting things like a car stereo, inverter etc to the load output of my SmartSolar 100/20 MTTP. Apparently the new 1.42 firmware did not improve on things.

I read in the forum that adding a relay may fix the load output disconnect problem. I would like to try to install a relay on the load output but I don't know what relay is recommended or how to connect it. The power consumption in my system seldom is above 130W (lighting, pc, tv etc)

Please link to a quality, low self consumption kind of relay (if there is such a thing). Even links to ebay may be of interest. I also need to know how to connect it. Thanks.

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How to: two smart solar devices networked to a bmv712

I have, in my RV smart two solar controllers and a soon to be BMV 712.

I understand from some users on this site that the smart solar devices can synch together so they stay in the same charge mode, ie share the charge current.

To do this i think i link all three devices in the same blutooth network. But then what? Do they them synch their modes by talking to the BMV 712?

Is there any other component I need to make this work?

Currently, my solar devices will work on their own, but together, only the highest output device seems to supply full current. The other stays at 0Amps. Although I'm not sure the fact that its the solar controller with the brightest panels that triggers it to be the only provider.

Any help would be appreciated.

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MPPT 100/20 , Battery monitor and Phoenix inverter in a mixed DC an AC system

If I connect the inverter direct to the battery should I connect the DC 12V loads to the MPPT or to the battry also? A battry monitor BMW-712 is part of the system as well

amatts asked

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What am I missing in order to have a full Smart Victron system?

So I've come up with this setup and I'm wondering if I'm missing something, I want my setup te be completely smart so I can see stats and change settings of all my devices through the Victron app. I'm also wondering if all my components are the correct size and type for my solar panels and battery.

- Fiamm POWERCUBE AGM CX 230 AGM, 12V 230Ah

- 2x Panasonic HIT N-serie 250 W SJ25 (combined in paralel produce: 44.3v/11.3A)

- Victron MultiPlus 12/800-35

- Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12/24V-65A

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

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