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Power Difference between values shown by Smartsolar and Smartshunt (Battery Monitor)

There are huge differences between the Values I get from the MPPT and the battery. Everything is luke warm to ambient temperature. Cables are not an issue - they are total overkill.
The Smartshunt values are independently verified by a very good BMS.

Anyone can shed some light on the situation for me?

Power Solarpanels: 34.07V * 13.4A = 456W

Power Battery: 27.27V * 16.30A = 445W

MPPT efficiency loss: 2.4% That's ok


Meanwhile, the Smartshunt shows verified 407W!!

Where are the missing 38Watts??


I am using LiFePo4 at low C rates - so round trip efficiency is virtually negligible in light of the losses I am trying to figure out.

Update: I've measured everything, thank god that I've the equipment for that since values vary in the milliseconds.

The only thing that does not match at all is the purported Solarpanel amperage output. Voltage seems pretty accurate. As such 1.4A were reported, when there were really 1.1A. A 21% difference!

That makes me really fed up and unless that is my specific unit I am gonna make sure that other people will become aware of the kind of product they are really buying.

But that doesn't explain everything. The only thing certain is that there are no real physical losses present.

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MPPT 150/45 TR with 4 175W HQST Solar panels

I recently acquired a Smart Solar MPPT 150/45 TR. I used the Victron MPPT Calculator and the recommended settings based on Victron solar panels, was this model. My question is The following.

Based on the Nominal PV power @ 12V for the controller is 650W. My total PV array power with all PV cells in Series will be 700W. The Voc for each pannel is 24.3 and Vmp is 20.3, the current is Imp 8.62A and Isc 9.35A. If I used these 4 panels in this case I will be exceeding the recommended power in which I know is not good; But when I typed my numbers it appeared to be good for this model in the calculator as seen below:


Using other calculators and taking into consideration the temperature effects it will give me 60Amps which also exceeds the current parameter.

My battery is a Lifepo4 at 12Vdc or 14.4Vdc (400AH). If I do a manual calculation using the MPPT of 700W/14.4 it gives me 48.61A. (1) Should I drop 1 solar panel to reduce the wattage, to be on the safe side or (2) should I do a parallel series arrangement for this controller? On a similar note the PV array will be 40ft away from the solar controller, the MPPT Boost effect only occurs downstream meaning on the output of the solar charge controller or this MPPT boost effect occurs input and output of the controller. This is just to know how I will size my Input cables from the PV array and the output to the batteries. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Integrating 123\SmartBMS with Victron components like the Multiplus and Smartsolar mppt?

Any suggestions for available/recommended relays/integrations between these components? My understanding is that 123 smartbms has a relay connection that should be able to talk to the multiplus....but I'm not yet certain of the specifics.

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best way to use the Solar Power first on a Quattro system when connected to the Grid

We have 2 x Quattro 24/8000 units with 4 Kw of DC coupled Solar with a 250/85 mppt smart solar reg

The Units are 1 year old and on the latest Release Firmware 473

whats the best setup to get the system to use all the available solar power first before it draws form Grid or the Generator.

The picture below shows 30watts of solar but it should be over 1.5Kw available at this time of day


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SmartSolar 75/15 Absorption Voltage Higher than Set

Finally have a clear cold day and am able to test my SmartSolar 75/15 installation. I have a pair of new 100ah 12v AGM deep cycle batteries that were only slightly discharged and a 100 watt 20v solar panel supplying the charge.

To the point, the configuration screen of the charge controller shows the absorption voltage set to 14.4 volts, but the app shows the actual voltage being produced is a consistent 14.67-14.68 volts. My BMV-712 Battery Monitor confirms the voltage as 14.65 volts which is close enough. Reading voltage at the batteries with my older voltmeter shows 14.58 volts.

My concern is the battery manufacturer says 14.7 volts is the high end of the absorption range and I don't want the controller to ever exceed that. Since the controller is already exceeding its own configured voltage, I'd really like to know if there's a risk of the voltage going even higher.




img-4367.png(208.5 kB)


img-4366.png(193.8 kB)


img-4365.png(192.7 kB)

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No load output

I tried to search but I am unable to find out how to turn the load output of my smartsolar 100/20 mppt back on. Resetting with the victronconnect app does not do it. Smartsolar has the jumper removed.

Twice today the load output switched off. First time when connecting a 12v pc adapter/charger to the load output. It came back on after i disconnected the adapter, set the load output to off, then back to batterylife.

Second time when I connected a Lipo rc charger to the load output. The charger was in idle mode, not connected to anything. I disconnected it, tried the same procedure as above (+"allways on"), and even reset the smartsolar with the app. I still have no load output.

The smartsolar is hardwired to two lifepo4 100ah battries and two solarpanels (in parallell). The installation is in a cabin with quite long cable stretch, previously powered by 3 AGM batteries and a PWM regulator with no such (but other) problems.

Any ideas?

Smartsolar firmware is v1.39

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Relay for SmartSolar 100/20 load output
I am having trouble connecting things like a car stereo, inverter etc to the load output of my SmartSolar 100/20 MTTP. Apparently the new 1.42 firmware did not improve on things.

I read in the forum that adding a relay may fix the load output disconnect problem. I would like to try to install a relay on the load output but I don't know what relay is recommended or how to connect it. The power consumption in my system seldom is above 130W (lighting, pc, tv etc)

Please link to a quality, low self consumption kind of relay (if there is such a thing). Even links to ebay may be of interest. I also need to know how to connect it. Thanks.

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How to: two smart solar devices networked to a bmv712

I have, in my RV smart two solar controllers and a soon to be BMV 712.

I understand from some users on this site that the smart solar devices can synch together so they stay in the same charge mode, ie share the charge current.

To do this i think i link all three devices in the same blutooth network. But then what? Do they them synch their modes by talking to the BMV 712?

Is there any other component I need to make this work?

Currently, my solar devices will work on their own, but together, only the highest output device seems to supply full current. The other stays at 0Amps. Although I'm not sure the fact that its the solar controller with the brightest panels that triggers it to be the only provider.

Any help would be appreciated.

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MPPT 100/20 , Battery monitor and Phoenix inverter in a mixed DC an AC system

If I connect the inverter direct to the battery should I connect the DC 12V loads to the MPPT or to the battry also? A battry monitor BMW-712 is part of the system as well

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What am I missing in order to have a full Smart Victron system?

So I've come up with this setup and I'm wondering if I'm missing something, I want my setup te be completely smart so I can see stats and change settings of all my devices through the Victron app. I'm also wondering if all my components are the correct size and type for my solar panels and battery.

- Fiamm POWERCUBE AGM CX 230 AGM, 12V 230Ah

- 2x Panasonic HIT N-serie 250 W SJ25 (combined in paralel produce: 44.3v/11.3A)

- Victron MultiPlus 12/800-35

- Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12/24V-65A

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

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Help with setting - 180w panel, MPPT 75/15 and 2 x 60ah gel batteries



i have a single 180w panel, MPPT 75/15 and 2 x 75ah gel batteries and getting a bit confused with the settings.

What would you recommend for the battery preset. Currently on default.




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SmartSolar MPPT opportunity load question (again)

Hello everyone, variations of this question have been asked before on the forums.

I have a 2000W DC water heater and all I'm really wanting to do is to use extra solar to power it, (-only if and when) my Tesla batteries are fully charged or almost fully charged. - I'm talking about utilizing the extra power that the solar panels don't bother to produce while the batteries are in float charge mode.

Simple plan:
Program the SmartSolar MPPT relay output to turn on when battery is at float and use that output to control a Solid-State Relay that is connected to the water heating element.

I guess my questions are:
1) Do I get to use the maximum available solar panel wattage into the DC heater while the controller is in float mode?

2) Micro-cycling lithium batteries = bad? (or) does this consideration even apply in my case? -Controller may (or may not -depending on Victron operation logic) be going in and out of Float possibly dozens of times per day?

3) Why do some people seem to need some sort of PWM output from the MPPT controller to achieve this? - is it that the SmartSolar only puts out its full power during Bulk and the aim is to try to keep it in bulk mode while powering the heater?

4) I have a BMV-712. Should battery State of Charge be a part of this consideration?

Please let me know what you think.


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Data logging over BT from MPPT controller?

Once connected with Victron Connect, the Android app shows instantaneous data and keeps a history but there's no evident way to download that data (power, voltage, current over time). The Windows app can save the data but it cannot connect via "smart" Bluetooth. I've searched manuals, forum, etc. In this very simple system (nothing but panels, an MPPT charge controller, and a battery, no CCGX), is there no way to log the data? Thank you.

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150/100 smart solar history issue

I recently started setting up an off grid system dedicated to run certain loads at my house and set up a 12 volt system. I have 2x multiplus 3000 va inverters wired to 4 Battleborn batteries, a bmv 700 series, and 2x 150/100 smart solar ve.can mppt controllers. I have everything set up except the solar wiring but have noticed that one smart solar history graph is showing current max and min battery voltages (sitting around 13.5 volts since that is the float I have programmed on the inverters until the solar is wired up) and the other shows a min of 0 volts and a max of 655.35 volts. I have tried powering down the mppt, resetting the history, and resetting to default but it keeps showing incorrect voltages. Both of these are connect to the bmv via the Bluetooth smart network too. Anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?



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Is there a way to limit Maximum PV voltage to controller?

I have a 100/20 Smart Solar controller and only 2ea 100w panels. I want it to operate at full capacity by adding panels. Due to conditions on my property I need a longish cable run from my panels to the controller. High current and long runs seem to be expensive due to the cable thickness required. I want to add enough panels, in series, to get close to 100v but am worried about damage to controller. How can I “over voltage” the panels and reduce that voltage at the controller. For example, I envision a voltage limiter of some type. Say feed 150v from panels in and get 100v max out to put into controller. Is such a thing possible? Also, why is the PV input voltage so low for the controllers? Sorry for my ignorance, and thanks for the explanation.


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BMV-712 with VSR and starter battery


I have solar panels charging my ‘house’ battery with BlueSmart controller. I also have a ‘start’ battery connected to the system with a bi-directional VSR. Everything seems to be working ok. As I understand it, VSR combines batteries when either battery reaches 13.7v and disconnects at 12.8v. Solar prioritises ’house’ and alternator prioritises ‘start’ as I would want. My BMV is monitoring ‘house’ including temperature.

My question is whether I need to change my BMV or SmartSolar settings in any way to account for the ‘start’ battery. Both AGM with identical charge voltages, but very different capacities 125Ah vs 26Ah. At that moment I’ve based all settings on just the ‘house’ as if ‘start’ didn’t exist.



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I am just beginning and want to use solar in my tiny house.

I have no idea what I am doing. Can I use a different type of battery brand with a different type of solar panel system brand? I need all the help anyone is willing to offer.

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two MPPTs in parallel - does the app account for this?

If I were to run 2 x 100/20 MPPTs in parallel, both for the charging to batteries AND for the load outputs, do they communicate together and comgine the data that appears in the victron app, namely the history, yield data and consumption data? or do I have to manually double the stats for actual charge/load figures?

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Integrating Windenergy to a Victron installation


I've been looking to integrate a SWT (small wind turbine) to my Victron Quattro installation and have some questions.

Is there a supported partner for integrating wind into a victron system? In my research i've found that the Bornay windturbines seams to be a good choice. Any one here that has some experiences with these units? What is possible to integrate to VRM for example?

It would be awesome if one could monitor the information from the windturbine on VRM.

What woud be best, AC-coupled (on AC-out) or on the other side (AC-in with a smart meter)?

If you (who are reading this) has allready integrated wind to a victron setup, could you please share your experience and setup?

Kind regards


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Low solar wattage..Batteries not charging.

Just installed my solar system for my electric boat.

(4) 100w panels in series.

(4) 12v 100a gel batteries in series. 48v system.

Victron mppt 100/20 48v controller.

Having trouble getting significant wattage from the panels to my controller according to the phone app. Sunny sky all day long today. The little bridge pin was in for awhile but I took it out a few hours ago.

The highest wattage was like 12w, Most of the time it’s been 2-3 watts.

Minnkota display says batteries are 1/2 charged. No change all day.

Everything is connected properly, including ground.

Looking for answers on why this is happening.



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SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 turning the load "On" then "Off" then back "On".

I purchased a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Charge Controller. I am having a problem with the charge controller cycling the load "On" then "Off" then back "On".

Description of failure:

1. The charge controller will show that the load is set to "On".

2. A 12v fan is connected that draws a max of 9W of power or a car cell phone charger is plugged in (without the phone connected or charging)

3. The charger controller will show that the load is turned to "Off"

4. Have a pause for 1 to 2 seconds

5. The load will then be turned to "On"

Notes: The charge controller never shows a voltage below 12.6 volts from the battery so I know that it is not pulling a large load from the battery.

I don't see how a 12v phone charger without a phone connected could be tripping the 20A capacity of the controller.

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HJow do I Re-set A Smart Solar 100/30 from 24v/Lithium to 12v/AGN

I was gifted a Smart Solar 100/30 controller. The guy who gave it to me said it is set up for a 24v system with Lithium batteries. How do I set it to a 12v system with AGM batteries? I assume the controller needs to be connected to the batteries to do this. Will this cause any issues to the controller or is there another way to re-set it/

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dimension question - 75/15 versus 100/20 - max PV input ?

Hi All,

* Charging 12 volt 220AH (2 x 110AH battery bank)
* 2 panels both 24V short circuit - already purchased
* Planning to install in series , looking to select a controller

75/15 or 100/20 ?


My PV voltage is well under 75 at 48V peak
My PV current will be about 6A

So on paper the 75/15 firs the bill

BUT - my total "theoretical" panel power in Watts will exceed the "nominal" figures quoted here:,-75-15,-100-15,-100-20,-100-20_48V-EN.pdf

by a good few watts

given I and V are well under, is that alone enough to say "the 75/15 will be enough"?

or should I err on the side of caution and get the bigger one please (and why please)

Many thanks in advance



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Problem Following Update? [Smartsolar] [Solved]


I'm new to the forum.

I have a 160w Solar Panel with a Victron SmartSolar 75/15, Firmware v1.50.

I'm using a Apple iPhone X via Bluetooth, Firmware v2.25 (Rev2).

I have recently updated my SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 [App & Firmware], since the update my solar reading [voltage & amps] on the app isn't picking up, plus the app is indicating no solar activity for the last 2 days! It was 2 days ago i did the update... There has been a app update today which i've done, but i still have the solar sat at 12.4v, 0 amps, even with the sun out?

I have disconnected & checked my panel & it is giving variable voltage as i'd expect [sun going in & out].

I have also run my fridge to put load onto the leisure batt & drop the voltage, normally i would see the solar voltage/amps/watts pick up, this doesn't seem to happening since update.

I hope i given enough info, i was wondering if anyone else was having similar issues?

Thanks in advance.



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Questions about SmartSolar MPPT charging voltage and battery voltages


I would like to better understand more about how the SmartSolar MPPT 85/150 works. Last summer we had a SmartSolarMPPT 85/150 and a BMV-712 installed in our motorhome. We have 5 x 160w panels on our roof, and run 4 6v AGM batteries in a 12v system with a total of 440AH. The settings in the SmartSolar MPPT are custom set to Absorption 14.4v, Float 13.4, Equalization 15.5v.

I am still learning, so please forgive that some of these questions may be very basic. I really appreciate any help or ideas here.

In general, we feel like our batteries don't last as long as they should. So we're trying to test things and figure out if something is wrong with our batteries. We will also try and take better notes so we have something more helpful to share than just a vague feeling.

#1) I was looking at this document... And it says, "With regard to the Solar Panel voltage, note that the Solar charger will only operate once the Panel voltage has risen more than 5V above battery voltage." So do I understand correctly that if for example our battery voltage was 12.4v, and the voltage coming in from our solar panels was 17v, that it would not charge the batteries? In this example would the voltage from the solar panels need to be 17.4v or greater?

#2) I have a screenshot from a sunny day last summer. If I understand correctly, the voltage coming in from the solar array was 16.76v, and the battery voltage was 14.17v, and it says the battery was in Absorption stage. But since the voltage of the solar array was not 5v higher - would it actually be charging?

#3) We disconnected our batteries today. Right after we disconnected them, Battery 1 was at 6.29v, then after 5 hours of being totally disconnected it was at 6.23v. Battery 2 was at 6.30v, then 5 hours later at 6.23v. Battery 3 was at 6.31v, and 5 hours later at 6.24v. Battery 4 was at 6.31v, then 5 hours later at 6.24v. This will sound very silly - but I'm not quite sure what to make of these numbers! :) I am planning on calling the battery manufacturer tomorrow to ask. It seems like it's good that they were all pretty similar. We know the batteries weren't fully charged before we disconnected, and that we may have to do this again. If anyone has thoughts on whether these numbers sound good or bad that would be great. According to the battery manual, these 6v batteries would be considered full at 6.4v or more, and 6.25v is considered 25% depth of discharge.

#4) Is it possible to equalize our batteries too much? In reading the battery manual, it suggests equalizing them at 15.5v for 8 hours. And that you may have to do this 2 or 3 times. Can anyone tell me if it's dangerous to do that too much?

Thank you so much!!

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SmartSolar lithium battery storage settings?

I have a solar setup with 2x100Ah lithium batteries and two solar panels about 120w each, connected in parallell. 5-6 months of the year (wintertime in Norway) the system/cabin is not in use. Temperatures are well below zero parts of the winter, see temp. chart. In summertime and clear conditions, batteries are generally fully recharged in less than 2 hours the next day with perhaps an average 300Wh charge.

I am pretty sure the batteries (data sheet attached to this post) where delivered to me at storage voltage 13,17v each. The batteries are supposed to have a "Under temperature charge protection" (0C/32F).

What are the best SmartSolar 100/20 settings for "storing" the lithium batteries over the winter under these conditions?

MERITSUN LFP100-12.8.pdf


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Do SmartSolar charging algorithms self adjust for cable runs or should I pick a higher charging algorithm?

340W panel. into 100/30 Smart solar. charging AGM 110ah batteries. THese batteries want an absorbtion voltage of 14.6-14.8volts.

I have a 10-12foot cable run. I currently have installed AWG10 wire between the smart solar and the battery which means if I set the charge profile to profile 3 and 14.7 volts, the voltage at the batteries I think will actually be 14.26v. this isnt enough for these batteries to absorb correctly.

Here is where my electrical knowledge has a gap.

should I select a higher charging profile like profile 5 with 15.1v at the charger and a resulting 14.66 at the batteries after the voltage drop on the cable or will the voltage selected in the profile be the voltage at the batteries?

i.e. do I need to adjust the profile to account for voltage drops in the cable?

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Automatically switch on Phoenix 12/500 VE.Direct on recharged battery


is there a way to turn on the Phoenix 12/500 inverter at a defined battery level (or voltage)?

I have a small island system with 240 Wp charging a 55 Ah/12V LiFePo via SmartSolar MPPT 75/12. This is running fine so far, but I often have a fully charged battery with no way to discharge it on the 12 V system (which I use to charge smart devices and notebook computers). So a lot of sun energy is wasted (charger in float mode).

So I installed a Phoenix 12/500 inverter that now runs a fridge most of the time. I also installed an automatic transfer switch, so the fridge gets landline power in case the battery is too low for the inverter. This also works fine.

But now the inverter discharges the battery completely and then it does not turn on again, when the battery is full again. But I would like to switch off at 20% battery level (so I have enough spare for my more efficient 12V system) and automatically turn on at 80% battery level (so the inverter just kicks in, when I risk to run into a 100% full battery)

Is this all possible with the two Victron devices or will I need to read the battery level with an Arduino via from either MPPT or inverter and then switch the inverter manually on and off via the remote control port of the Phoenix?

Thank you very much


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Smart solar 150/100 with Tristar Diversion controller settings

Hello all

I plan to use a Morningstart Tristar pwm diversion controller in solar system with a Victron 150/ 100 MPPT to divert excess energy to a DC immersion heater . I am struggling to understand the settings esp on the morning star. The manual and vids for Tristar suggest that it should be set to absorb above the absorb level of the Victron ( in my case with Victron AGM's this would 14.4 V for Victron and 14.6v for Tristar my question is if Victron holds voltage at 14.4 and decreases current as it does in absorb. Am I right in thinking the voltages will never reach the Tristar diversion threshold so will never divert anything . And it If I set tristar at 14.4 v will there be anything to divert as Victron will be trying to drop the current in absorb ? Does anyone have any experience of this set up and ant advice on level to set Tristar at ?

regards Simon

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