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Connecting temperature sensor for SmartShunt with self-built LiFePo4 correctly (and two related questions)

Hi guys.

I am about to install the 500A/50mV-Shunt to my self-made battery (LiFePo4) system and bought the correct temp sensor for the connection with Vbatt+ and Aux.

As I have connected my cells main positive to a copper strip (20x3mm) in order to be able to use bigger lugs (the battery cells only have M6), and the heavy duty lug on the temp sensor has a M10 hole, I was wondering where I should ideally connect it:


A, at the raw cells’ main positive

B, at the battery input of the main fuse, supplying it with power even when the fuse has blown.

C, at the fuse output, NOT supplying it with power, after the fuse has blown, but with a fitting M10 bolt. This is where I will connect the distribution bus bar with all my loads and chargers.

Also, I was wondering whether I could install a manual switch in the positive cable of the temp sensor, making it possible to turn off the shunt and prevent micro current in case I want to store the battery.

I have a Victron Smart Solar MPPT, BlueSmart IP65 and Orion-Tr in my setup. Am I understanding it correctly that the temperature sensor of the SmartShunt supplies all of these with the temperature reading when in the same network as the others, in order to optimize charging?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


P.S.: Of course, I have a BMS between the battery main negative and the shunt, I just didn’t draw it in the above scribble, as the temp sensor should be connected to the positive side, as shown in the manual.

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Correct Victron smartshunt settings

Hi to all, I have installed the Victron smartshunt in my motorhome. I have two 95ah agm batteries and three charging sources: from the electric grid (IUoU 18A abs. 14,3v and fl. 13.8v), from a solar regulator (IUoU about 18A, abs. 14,7v and fl. 13,7v) and a battery to battery chargher (booster) (IUoU 25A max limited current, abs.14.7v and fl.13.7v). How should I correctly set the smart shunt parameters so that the readings are true considering the three charging modes?

Thanks very much in advance and sorry for my bad english


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Smartshunt + VE.Direct LoRaWAN are compatible to send SmartShunt data to VRM Portal?

I think to connect a Smartshunt with a VE Direct LoRaWAN, to read remotely the battery State of Charge and other parameters Smartshunt may send to the VRM Portal.

Is this a legitimate, feasible use case supported by Victron? Anybody tested this configuration?

I read VE Direct LoRaWAN manual but I do not see compatibility with the SmartShunt. Thus my questions above.

Below an excerpt form the VE Direct LORaWAN manual:

Product compatibility

This module has one VE.Direct port and is compatible with:

  • All MPPT Solar Charge Controllers which have a VE.Direct Port
  • BMV Battery Monitor 700 series
  • BMV Battery Monitor 712 Smart series
  • Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct models

The module is not compatible with our Peak Power Packs - even though they have a VE.Direct Port.

More information is also available on our website:

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Sterling B2B with SmartShunt and Cerbo GX

I am building system for a customer using 5 Sterling LiFEP04 batteries, Sterling only honour 5 year warranty with use of Sterling B2B from alternator/starter source. Rest of system is 5Kva Quattro, 100A MPPT SmartSolar and Cerbo GX and GX touch.

What I need to do in monitor the alternator (via B2B) input to the battery bank. So using a SmartShunt seems the logical way to do that, just for alternator charging only. So question is can I configure that on the GX to represent that charging input? Or is there a better way of doing that?

Thanks for any advice.

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Where do I connect the smart shunt negative?

im looking at the smart shunt 500a. In the fitting instructions it says this

" And similarly, there should be no other connections on the battery negative. Any loads or chargers here will not be included in the battery state of charge calculation."

does this mean that the battery negative terminal that the shunt connectes too cant go to a bus bar where all my chargers are also conected too.

It basically has to have its own grounding.

hope that makes sense.

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Howto wire Smart Shunt VBatt+ and Aux

Hi everybody

I have installed a SmartShunt on my Sailboot. Normally every load is behind the main switches of the service and engine batterys. should I connect the VBatt+ und Aux directly to the batterys or can I connect them to the output of the correspondent main switch?

Thank you in advance


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SmartShunt as DC load meter

Can the SmartShunt be used as a DC meter for dc loads? I have a lot of DC loads and would love it I could accurately measure how much power they are using. My Battery is CAN connected.

This would be fantastic if it could be added to the Consumption numbers on VRM.

My hot water heater is DC and uses around 8kWh per day, this doesn't show up on VRM even tho it is a significant use of energy.


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Lynx Smart BMS Extra Voltage Monitoring?

So I'm building a catamaran with a LFP house bank and plan on using a Lynx Smart BMS + Cerbo type system. I'd like to have some info on each engine starter battery voltage via the Cerbo, but throwing a Smart Shunt on each battery seems like it might be a bit of overkill as I don't need SoC, just want to see the voltage. Is there a better way to do this? Can the Smart Battery Sense connect to the Cerbo somehow?

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Same cable for smartsolar vs smartshunt?

I have two cables and both appear to work flawlessly when connecting my cerbo GX to my smartshunt (the device appears in the top level menu of the console). However, neither of them seem to work for the smart solar.

The BLE connection to the smartsolar works fine, and I was also able to set up "" networking between the smartsolar and smartshunt (which I assume is using BLE?). However, I cannot get a thing out of the smartsolar.

I also doublechecked that both the 'streetlight' is disabled, and 'TX port function' is set to 'normal communications', as I read that these override the serial RX/TX lines of the MPPT.

I finally checked the straight into my laptop and see no streaming characters either.

Is there something else I can do?



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Show Starter Battery Voltage on GX Touch


we have a Cerbo GX with GX Touch 50 installed on our boat and are desperately looking for a setting to display the voltage of the starter battery. We have a Smart Shunt 500 in the system and can only display the voltage of the starter battery via Bluetooth. Is there also a way to display the voltage in the system overview on the Touch 50?

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Victron Energy SmartShunt 500 amp Battery Monitor consistently shows 100% SOC but voltage does not reflect this.

Screenshot_20210608-112251.pngScreenshot_20210607-213204.pngScreenshot_20210608-112232.pngI have 2-6v 225ah batteries. 180w solar on roof and 105 portable panel on side. Been camping for a week in predominant shade, getting very little off portable panel and virtually none on roof. Victron app worked great first five days. Battery would discharge to 79% then I'd charge with genny (have a dc fridge). As it was cool this was e/o day. Then got hot, in/out of fridge. Wanted to test limits of fridge and went to 52% SOC after 1 1/2 days so charged via genny. Since that time i get 100% SOC reading all the time although volts are low and volt numbers fluctuate alot. I have attached 1) screenshot of my settings. 2) screenshot of a reading yesterday 3) a reading from this am with genny running. Battery fluid levels are good and app has worked fine in past. Any help greatly appreciated. Thx, mike

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Installing a SmartShunt

I purchased the electrical components for my van from a local vendor. I decided to add a SmartShunt to the system and purchased it from someone else. Because my batteries are connected directly to two distribution blocks I could not figure out how to install it.

My local vendor said I need a third distribution block, and he added the SmartShunt and new distribution block to the electrical diagram, which I am attaching. It surprises me because as you can see there is no connection to the positive distribution block.

Does this diagram make sense?


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Charging speed difference?

Why is the charging speed different on the two marked boxes?

What can I do to fix this?


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Does mppt ground need to connect directly to smart shunt load


I am connecting a MPPT 100 20 and a smart shunt. The mppt is utilized for 2 90W solar panels input.

The wiring diagram I am using shows to connect the mppt battery negative directly to the load connection of the shunt.

Can I instead connect the load side of the shunt to a ground bus bar, and connect mppt negative to that, or does the mppt need to connect to the shunt? Will this affect any readings?


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Are my BMS and Solar Charger working properly?

I have the Smartshunt networked with an MPPT 150/70 charger. There are three 325W solar panels, and four UT1300 105ah lithium batteries.

I'm not sure the charging system is working properly. Please see the photos. Is what I'm seeing normal ? Why isn't the BMS showing a positive rate of charge?

The battery load looks about right (10.77A), but shouldn't I be able to see a net increase in SoC? Are my Victron devices configured incorrectly? When I charge from my generator, the BMS shows it's charging.

We're full time RVers, and it's imperative I get this right. TIA

Edit: I don't know why the charge controller Screenshot isn't showing, but there's a link for it.


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cerbo GX battery percentage false reading

Hi, I have a client with a 12v 3kva multiplus unit connected to a cerbo gx screen with a smart shunt. He has sent me a video of the battery percentage readout on the cerbo gx screen which while charging, it jumps from its actual percentage (74%) down to 1% and back constantly. It only does this while charging and it is mimicked on the VE connect app via bluetooth. Any thought as to what could be causing it?

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Smart Shunt 500A not showing battery state

My Smart Shunt in my 2 battery RV setup (wired as below) is not remembering the last charge setting when the bluetooth connection is broken. For example, batteries are 100% charged and the Android Victron App is connected to the shunt. In the RV, I run out both slides and the fridge is on (draws about 7Ah) overnight. In the morning I start the app to check the remaining battery capacity and it shows 100%. How the heck is that possible?!? I KNOW that I've drained some of the battery overnight. What am I doing wrong?


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Battery is charging - Display shows discharge

I am using a 3 Phase System with a MppT + Smart Shunt + Color Display .

Problem is: Display shows Discharge on Battery, see Pic1, although the only POSSIBLE way for the currrent to go is to charge the Battery. The LEAD Battery is charging per acid reading.

With the settings of the Battery i know for sure that they might be incorrect - standadized settings.

The smart Shunt is polarized correctly - MINUS to System to GND System with 3 Phase System; Minus to Battery to Minus Pole directly on one Pole.

With this setup I already had a correct Current/Charge Reading once; I did however take too much out of battery (battery acid reading showed enough SOC but Display had a lower percentage saved for safety meassures - so battery was in fact still ok to be used - Display did not activate Grid support as it should have - it now does) and the polarization inverted on its own. It went from low percentage to suddenly 100% with negative currentpolarization.

Another issue I face/question I have is that with disconnected Grid and disconnected Load, the only apparent path for the current to take is to charge the Battery. However as you can see in pic 2 the battery still shows a discharge, the Mppt shows correctly positive 5A and positive voltage ( instead of -1A what Color Display shows). Also there are roughly 600W missing in the System ( PV brought a constant of 700W so there is no fluctuation there either.

To summarize my two issues are: Why does my battery charge but is displayed as discharge when Polarization to Battery should be correct

Why am I missing several Hundreds Watts in Display and why does MPPT show a different Current than Color Grid.

All Loadcomponents from System are hooked up on 3Phase system. Nothing else is hooked up inbetween so I am not sending Watts elsewhere undocumented.

Please Help



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Should I upgrade to SmartSolar MPPT? (corrected)

Hello, I have an Airstream with BlueSolar MPPT + MPPT Control. If I add the Cerbo GX (which replaces the mppt controller) + a Smart Shunt, is there any benefit to upgrading from BlueSolar to SmartSolar if all devices are connected to the Cerbo via VE.Direct cables?

In other words can the smart shunt & blue solar share info via the cerbo or do they still need the ve smart network over bluetooth to share info?

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How do I install the Smartshunt with parallel batteries?


What is the correct way to install the smartshunt on my battery bank ?!

I have 2 battery (12v) in parallell, and 2 VE Blue Smart 75/15 charges (synchronize charging)



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Smart Shunt Bluetooth Module Disable Bluetooth to eliminate duplicates?

I have a Smart Shunt without the display. The bluetooth was so poor that I bought one of the stand alone Bluetooth module. Sure enough it worked. The only problem I have is that the shunt and the BT module both show up on my app under the same name. Is it possible to disable just the Shunt's bluetooth without doing the BT module? Do I just go into the app and hit disable bluetooth?


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SmartShunt travel trailer installation

I am installing a 500a SmartShunt on a travel trailer. The battery negative is connected directly to a chassis ground. No other connectors are attached to the battery negative terminal. Can I just install the shunt between these two connections or do I have to physically wire all loads and chargers to the system minus side of the shunt?

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1 Answer

Can we bolt busbar onto 2000A shunt?

Can we remove the supplied bolts from the 2000A shunt, place our copper bus bars over the holes on battery and load side and use new, longer stainless steel bolts to fasten the busbars to the shunt?

Ps. This is for a 135kVA system with busbars running the length of the wall - batteries on lower side and loads on higher side.

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Smartshunt 500A ringing noise

I have just set up my campervan system and j am getting a ringing noise from the smart shunt 500a. I have disconnected all loads and and the noise remains the only way to stop the noise is by the shunts power cable to the battery.

I tested the noise and it is around 16000-19000hz so it is very quiet high pitching ringing noise. I added a picture showing the noise hz.

Its a Saturday now so ill call my supplier on Monday but wanted to Know it anyone has an idea what the issue could be other then faulty equipment.

Its a new install so I am more than confident with my connections so I'm leaning towards a faulty smartshunt but j could be wrong


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Smart Shunt range extension with ve direct

Can I use the Smart Shunt’s ve direct port to put a Bluetooth dongle on an extension for additional coverage? Also can Smart Shunt use the ve direct to USB cable to connect to a computer?

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1 Answer

Smart Shunt and MPPT

I have a Smart Shunt and a BlueSolar MPPT. Will my SmartShunt perform any different with the Bluetooth dongle for the MPPT?

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Smart shunt battery monitor 277

I am getting a high voltage alarm every few minutes from the battery monitor code 277. Not sure how to identify or corr.

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Lynx Shunt VE.Can Installation and Wiring

I am aware that a new Lynx Shunt VE.Can is initially set up to have the battery distribution to its left and the load distribution to its right. Is it possible to modify the Lynx Shunt to allow for the battery distribution to be on the right instead?

I am wondering if changing the position of all or some of the five sensing wires inside the unit would allow for changing the location of the battery distribution. If it is possible, which wires need to be moved and to which positions? If this is not possible by physically moving sensor connections, is there a software setting that could be changed?

My system is currently set up with the battery distribution on the right side of the Lynx Shunt. Based on my VRM portal reports the shunt is measuring the current flow in the opposite direction for how the system is connected. As an example, if my battery bank (9.6kW capacity) SOC drops from approximately 100% to 21% and my inputs are 1kWh from the grid and 21 kWh from the PV array, the VRM is reporting my consumption as 15kWh. Based on those input numbers (which I assume are collected directly from the Multiplus and MPPT), I think that the consumption number should be around 29kWh.

My system is:

8 x Battleborn 12V LiPO batteries (configured as a 24V 400Ah bank)

2 x Multiplus 24/3000/70

1 x SmartSolar MPPT 150/85

1 x Orion 24/12-70

2 x Lynx Distributor (used on battery and load sides)

1 x Lynx Shunt VE.Can

1 x Cerbo GX

1 x GX Touch 50

@Matthias Lange - DE @mvader (Victron Energy) @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) - user overview - Victron Community

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Smart shunt not reading current

I have a Smart Shunt 500a connected directly to the negative terminal of my battery from “to battery minus” side of the smart shunt. (There are no bus bars or other items between battery and smart shunt.) The “to system minus” side of the smart shunt is connected via a bus bar to the Victron multiplus box, dc distribution box and ground. As far as I can tell, the system has 2-3a coming in from shore power (this is based on a reading from my EMS box). All ac and dc circuits are disconnected, so I’m assuming the battery is charging. Current voltage on the battery is 14.38. I am reading through the smart shunt 0a, whether I am testing items on the dc circuit or just charging. Shouldn’t there be some amount of current reading?

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Lynx Shunt vs. SmartShunt


I'm building a new setup for a 24V system with Multiplus II for solar and wind. The battery system is flooded lead acid and I'm interested in monitoring the battery level and charge rate with a Cerbo GX. My question is about the following busbar setup I'm currently planning:

Left side: Lynx Power-In (4 IO slots)

1/ 24V battery system

Right side: Lynx Distributor (4 fused IO slots)

1/ Multiplus II 24V 3000VA

2/ Solar charge controller

3/ Wind charge controller

4/ Victron non-isolated DC-DC converter 24V->12V

It would be elegant to add a Lynx Shunt V.E. Can in the middle, but it would be quite expensive and the CNN-type fuse is crazy expensive. So my idea is to add a 500A SmartShunt between between lower negative bus and then a wire/plate between the upper positive bus. (On a side note, if the Distributor had 5 slots, I could only use that and put the shunt on the negative battery cable.)

Is there anything wrong with this setup for the intended purpose? Do I still need a separate fuse for the battery side?

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