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SmartShunt keep losing firmware after losing power, requiring updates to work again

I've got a smartshunt that works fine when it's working, but seem to lose it's firmware when I disconnect it from power (just some of the time). The system is still in bench testing mode as I await delivery of my van. I'm currently building/testing batteries, so I'm doing a bunch of cycling on and off. It doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes when I apply power back after disconnect, the SmartShunt isnt working. I connect via bluetooth/victron connect and it requires a firmware upload. Screen shows:

current version: None

New version :v4.05

I install the firmware (again) and everything works fine again for a while. I can't pin down a specific set of events that triggers it besides the power down, seems very random. It is connected to a CerboGX via ve direct cable. Screen shot attached.


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Can someone help me troubleshoot my smartshunt?

It's wired so that the negative terminal from the battery goes straight to it, then you have the loads on the other side.

For some reason it picks up current but never shows total Ah consumed so all the stats are completely wrong.



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how too reset a smart shunt

Hi I have a 500AH Smart Shunt, all was working well until i switched from the MACbook to the iPhone app i pressed disable bluetooth thought it was the computers bluetooth turns out it was the shunts bluetooth. Now its totally disabled and i cant turn it back on. I have the PUK as its on the label i removed the shunt from power let it sit for 5 mins and put it back in still no joy. So question is how does someone turn the Bluetooth back on i dont have the cable or and other victron device.

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Smartshunt + VE.Direct LoRaWAN are compatible to send SmartShunt data to VRM Portal?

I think to connect a Smartshunt with a VE Direct LoRaWAN, to read remotely the battery State of Charge and other parameters Smartshunt may send to the VRM Portal.

Is this a legitimate, feasible use case supported by Victron? Anybody tested this configuration?

I read VE Direct LoRaWAN manual but I do not see compatibility with the SmartShunt. Thus my questions above.

Below an excerpt form the VE Direct LORaWAN manual:

Product compatibility

This module has one VE.Direct port and is compatible with:

  • All MPPT Solar Charge Controllers which have a VE.Direct Port
  • BMV Battery Monitor 700 series
  • BMV Battery Monitor 712 Smart series
  • Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct models

The module is not compatible with our Peak Power Packs - even though they have a VE.Direct Port.

More information is also available on our website:

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SmartShunt information on the VE.CAN

I have two SmartShunts connected to the Cerbo with VE.Direct.
As far as I understand the Cerbo puts the information on the VE.CAN.

Is there a table with the available VREG's? Is it similar to the Lynx Ion?

Which VREG's are sent periodically, which are send on change and which need to be requested?

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Victron 500A Smart Shunt - setup questions

Hi All,

I am relatively new to campervan setups, and I do not have a background in 12v electrics.

I have had a Victron 500A Smart Shunt installed in my campervan, which I am really pleased with on first inspection.

There are a number of options in the Victron Connect app to allow configuration of the Smart Shunt, here are those settings.


Even after looking in the manual, I am not 100% sure what many of them mean, and whether the factory default settings are correct for my specific battery.

I have already changed the Battery Capacity setting to be 110AH to match the battery, but I am not sure about the rest of the numbers (Tail current, charge floor and so forth) in relation to my specific leisure battery.

Question 1

The battery fitted is a brand new 12V 110AH Xtreme AGM Leisure Battery (XR1750) NCC Class A . I am hoping someone on here can either confirm that the default settings are fine, or give me an idea as to what they should be?

Question 2

When I know the battery is 100% I want to click the "Synchronise" button (I am not sure the installer did this). My question here is, do I need to wait for the battery to be at rest (so the voltage has settled), i.e. a couple of hours after dark, or can I just click it during the day when it is in "float mode" (when the voltage would be higher)?

Many thanks for the information.

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Adding a Bus Bar for Negative terminals to Smart Shunt


I have a BMV 712, and right now there are just too many (5) negative wires attached to the Shunt, i can't tighten the nut with the lock washer. I was thinking of adding a bus bar (Marinco 500a, no fuses) for the negative wires, and running that to the shunt. Does the wiring in this diagram make sense to do that? The negative wires are different sizes and lengths (1AWG, 8 AWG, 12 AWG), does that matter? And does it matter which stud on the bus bar the negative wires are connected to? Meaning does the last stud need the wire going to the shunt?

Or do i need the bus bar at all, and i could just distribute the negative wires across both posts of the Shunt? Right now, i had Battery 1 negative going to the left side of the shunt, and 5 other negative wires going to the right side (negative from battery 2, negative from bilge, negative from dc panel, another negative and then the wire to the ground).

Thank you for any help!


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My SmartShunt shot up from 61% to 100%?!

I have a smartshunt in my connected to my 105Amp hour lithium battery. This morning, I checked the battery percentage and it was on 61% as I had been testing out my new fridge overnight. 5 hours later, it has been sitting in the shade with no way to charge the battery, I check it and it is suddenly on 100%. I do not understand how this is possible and it makes me feel uncomfortable that the smart shunt is not reliable and may be giving me false readings.

Why did it do this? Please help!

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How do I install the Smartshunt with parallel batteries?


What is the correct way to install the smartshunt on my battery bank ?!

I have 2 battery (12v) in parallell, and 2 VE Blue Smart 75/15 charges (synchronize charging)



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SmartShunt - Different current reading between bluetooth and VE Direct

I have a SmartShunt 500A/50mv and the current reading using VE Direct is 1.0A higher than when using bluetooth (if I don't recalibrate the zero point). If I connect just the battery and no load, reset the zero point using bluetooth and VictronConnect I get a reading of 0.00A. If I then plug in a serial connection to the VE Direct port and watch the serial stream of data on a terminal app or with VictronConnect it reads 1.0A. If I then do a zero reset using the VE direct port the reading changes to 0.00A. If I then go back to using bluetooth the reading is 1.00A. If I apply an actual current through the shunt there is a 1.00A offset unless I reset the zero point again using the same connection method as the reading are taken with. I'm using the latest firmware. Any ideas what is going on and how to fix this?

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Smart Shunt in a marine application

I am looking to add a smart shunt to 2 12v 100ah Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries in series in order to monitor state of charge.

I have an onboard battery charger with positive and negative leads to each battery.

Would both negatives attach to the shunt?

Also would the bilge area on my boat (where my batteries are) be a suitable environment for the shunt?


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Smart Shunt lost connectivity after firmware update

Did a firmware update on my smart shunt after the VictronConnect app said I had to. Then tried to update pin from default to a new one. I was unable to complete pin update and lost all connectivity with the shunt. The app will not accept the default or the new pin. When I try to change the pin in the app, it says the PUK code is wrong. I can see the shunt in the app but not on my phone bluetooth list. The bluetooth blue light is flashing on the shunt.
I’ve tried everything in the troubleshooting guide but no luck. I even tried using my wife’s phone to install the shunt from a clean start. Same results.

I suspect the firmware update or the pin change got corrupted.

What can I do now?


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SmartShunt Ferrule Power Pin Won't Catch/Stay In

The ferrule power pin at the end of the red fused cable won't catch or stay in the VBatt hole. If I place the pin in the Aux hole, I can immediately feel resistance, and by pressing harder, the pin goes further into the hole & catches. Gently pulling on the pin shows that its well connected. Pushing the orange tab in allows me to remove the pin. On the VBatt hole there is no resistance. The pin goes out the way in & there's no catch, as if a spring or something isn't woking to hold the pin in. I can freely move the pin in/out of the VBatt hole.

Wondering if anyone has experienced this & resolved?

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How to see time left on battery - VRM

Hi all! I've just added my smart shunt to my Venus OS and am looking at the VRM. On the bluetooth app I can see time left on the battery but am unable to find this display on the VRM portal. Does it exist, and if so, where can I find it? TIA!

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Adding a additonal SmartShunt .. will it show in the Raspberrypi


I am looking to gather the data in my Home Assistant Dashboard for the Orion-TR smart 12-12 30AD c-DC I know that the data is fed with the Bluetooth but Victron don't give us the possibility to connect to I was thinking adding an additional Shut at the output of the DC-DC with the Ve-cable

- It this feasible?

- Will it disturb the overall electrical system?

- If yes, will the additional shut be displayed on the RaspberryPI 7 inch screen?

- If yes, will it be possible the get the information via the MQQT mapping


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712BMV & 2no Bosch L5 013 90Ah batteries


I have two Bosh batteries L5 90Ah in my motorhome, and also 220W of Solar which are connected to Schaudt Electroblock EBL99 and Schaudt LR1218 regulator.

Can someone please confirm the correct battery settings i should have on my BVM712?

Kind regards,


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Cerbo Gx with ET112+Smart devices

This is the equipment I have:

  • Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50
  • 2 x ET112 connected with 2 RS485 to USB Adapters
  • SmartShunt 1000A connected via VE Direct Cable
  • 3 Smart Battery Sense
  • 1 Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-18 isolated


1 Et 112 to generator Output

1 Et 112 to Shore power line

SmartShunt to Service battery

1 Smart Battery Sense engine battery

1 Smart Battery Sense thruster battery

1 Smart Battery Sense for a secondary battery

Questions :

  1. How can I connect the Smart Battery Sensors to Cerbo in order to get voltage information?
  2. If the above is not possible, how can I get voltage information from other batteries?
  3. How can I insert the on AC Input to show me voltage of the grid?
  4. Is it possible to have separate information for the Generator output?
  5. How can I setup an alarm whenever the shore power is being disconnected?

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Waterproofing a Smart Shunt

I recently installed a Smart Shunt in the battery box in my Class A motorhome. The shunt worked fine until the first trip after which it was reporting crazy numbers and would not connect reliably to the app via bluetooth. The battery box is semi enclosed with several sections open for venting. I was driving in heavy rain and wondering if it got wet enough to cause the problems. I replaced the unit but need to some ideas to water proof the shunt. Doesn't look like Victron sells a waterproof box for this unit.

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Doubts Smartshunt cycle counting.

Good evening, I have been a very satisfied Smartshunt owner for about 2 weeks.

But I have some doubts.

1) I would prefer victronenergy to change the cycle count setting.

In fact, the software only counts a cycle when the battery drops below 65%. This is misleading.

I use a total of 190ah on the camper and the average discharge is 10/15%.

It may turn out that an Agm battery reaches the end of its life and the Smartshunt records only a few dozen cycles.

When in reality the battery has done the 1000/1200 cycles of 15/20% discharge.Cycles that are not counted by the Smartshunt.

Fortunately, the synchronization count is more realistic. Since a synchronization is counted every time the Soc goes below 90% and goes back to 100%.

So I associate the synchronizations with the number of cycles.

It is not possible that in two weeks of daily use it has only 2 cycles.

In reality I am 15 cycles of 20% of discharge... in fact I have about 15 synchronizations.

Otherwise my batteries will die with only 10/20 cycles recorded.

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Connecting LoRaWan module to VRM

I have connected my system to the smart MPPT and a SmartShunt. I have my gateway setup and working and the LoRaWan's light is green. Per the description of the LoRaWan module it should do the trick.

I still cannot get it into the VRM.

When I logged in to my VRM portal it wants me to upload a file.

I have looked for tutorials online and can't find one.

How do I get both my smart mppt and shunt onto my VRM portal for remote access?

Please advise.

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Victron Smart Shunt connection distance problem


My smartshunt is mounted close to the batteries and these are of course located not very central in my sailboat. When I am in the cabin in the front I really cant get any connection. I guess it will be difficult to do something about it, as this is limitation in the bluetooth stack. But it should might be a function which keep the latest view in the memory or buffer? Of cource with a timestamp so I can see it is not alive. Together with a background update in the app, then this would really be great. This thong should not be very hard to develop as many apps are doing background updating.

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SmartShunt to MPPT via VE.Smart Networking and Raspberry Pi


We recently installed a SmartShunt 500A to our existing SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 which is connected to a Raspberry Pi running the VRM Pi Operating System.

The MPPT to Pi broadcasting to the Online VRM is working great.

But when we try to link the newly installed SmartShunt to a VE.Smart Networking network created on the MPPT, the SmartShunt can see the VE network, we can join it (it say it is joined), but the SmartShunt (or any devices added/linked via the VE.Smart Networking) is not appearing in the list of devices.

Both the MPPT and the SmartShunt have the latest Firmware version and so does the VRM Pi.

In the list bellow, I can see the Battery Monitor (SmartShunt) because we tried to connect the VE USB cable to it directly. But then we can see the shunt, but not the MPPT, even if we create a VE.Smart Networking network on the Shunt and join the MPPT to the Shunt network.

LOCALY, BOTH the MPPT and the SmartShunt are collecting data.


As you can see, the MPPT is showing just fine in the Console DEVICE LIST screen, but the SmartShunt 500A is "Not Connected".


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Smartshunt 500... software will NOT download from Apple App Store! Any other source?

Just got it from Amazon... can’t get the software to download from the App Store. :( DOA. Why doesn’t Victron host the downloads on its site?!? What do I do now?

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Cerbo GX best connection to an old ESP DC link box shunt with battery controller

On a motorhome I have an old ESP dc link box with shunt connected to a battery controller to a Blu Power Panel, controlling a Multi 24/3000. Now I installed a Cerbo GX but I cannot view the battery controller. I thought I could see it through the Ve.bus interface but I don’t.

As a solution I could install a smart shunt but I find it difficult to replace the shunt inside the ESP Dc box. Or I need to install a Bmv battery monitor and try to connect his shunt electronic to my old shunt on the ESP DC box? I do not like this solution as I have no panel space for the BMV display so I would prefer to have a smart shunt in the old ESP Dc link box to communicate via with the Cerbo gx. Or a could replace my Blue power panel with a BPP2 that should have a to ve.bus converter so I should connect the Cerbo to the VBController ?

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Is there any Victron device that allows me to mix LiFeP04 battery sizes?


I am dealing with a van upgrade that has a single existing 110 Ah LiFeP04 battery. The system will be upgraded with multiplus, smartsolar mppt, orion, cerbo

The target is to have a 200 Ah battery system and we are currently considering several options.

- Adding one 110 Ah battery. (The state of the current battery os unknown)

- Replacing the system with 2 x 100 Ah batteries (Space is limited and we would like to avoid this solution)

- Replacing the system with 1 x 200 Ah. (Preferred solution so far)

If we go we option 2 or 3, I was wondering if there is any way to re-use the old battery even if amp and size are not the same? Could it somehow be hooked up to the system without reducing the performance of the new battery(ies)?


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Same cable for smartsolar vs smartshunt?

I have two cables and both appear to work flawlessly when connecting my cerbo GX to my smartshunt (the device appears in the top level menu of the console). However, neither of them seem to work for the smart solar.

The BLE connection to the smartsolar works fine, and I was also able to set up "" networking between the smartsolar and smartshunt (which I assume is using BLE?). However, I cannot get a thing out of the smartsolar.

I also doublechecked that both the 'streetlight' is disabled, and 'TX port function' is set to 'normal communications', as I read that these override the serial RX/TX lines of the MPPT.

I finally checked the straight into my laptop and see no streaming characters either.

Is there something else I can do?



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Smart Shunt Bluetooth Module Disable Bluetooth to eliminate duplicates?

I have a Smart Shunt without the display. The bluetooth was so poor that I bought one of the stand alone Bluetooth module. Sure enough it worked. The only problem I have is that the shunt and the BT module both show up on my app under the same name. Is it possible to disable just the Shunt's bluetooth without doing the BT module? Do I just go into the app and hit disable bluetooth?


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Smart Shunt Voltage Question and Range

Hey guys, I have a Smart Shunt installed on my Motorhome. The car is equipped with a 330ah AGM 12v battery. According to the specs, 50% SOC should be around 12v on their website. Yet the last time I ran the battery down, it was showing 50% something at 11.5v. Is there something wrong with the logic or the software?

Also anyone has a problem with the range on the bluetooth? I have to be within 2 feet of the Shunt to get any receiption. I am seriously thinking about ripping it out and place the one with the battery gauge in since that is known to have better BT receiption

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Smart Shunt is going back to 100% after switching off all consumers

Hi !

I added the smart shunt a couple of weeks ago. Installed it according to documentation and it seems like working ok. Was running down to approx 80% and i turned the charger on up to 100% again. After that it went down to approx 80% again and I switched of everything. Saw there was zero use and the only connected consumer is only the Smart Shunt itself. Next morning it jumped up to 100%. This makes no sense as there hasn't been either consumers or chargers connected.



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