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Simulateur de SOC raspberry

Bonjour à tous

Afin de tester le bon paramétrage d'une installation PV, j'imaginais utiliser un "simulateur de SOC" . Quelqu'un a t il déjà fait cela ? à l'aide d'un raspberry par ex ?

Merci d'avance

denis-esf asked

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Victron Products and PVsyst

Dear sir

You know that when we size a solar PV system some simulation is required to assure system performance

We use software called PVsyst, but we don’t have Victron charge controller and inverter product in our database

So please could you provide us with these data especially:

  • Charge controller 250/85, 250/100, 150/35, 150/85, 150/100 (extenstion of the file .RLT)
  • Inverter Quattro and multiplus (extenstion of the file .OND)

This will help us greatly to promote victron product to our client through our system designs

Appreciate your support

abdallah-salamah asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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PVsyst Simulation

Hi All,

Have any tried simulating the energy yield of the system using the PV system with Multiplus, Bluesolar charger on the pvsyst ?

Earl asked
Peter Polz edited ·

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