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VRM grid lost alarm will not clear

I labelled my Quattro AC input 1 as ‘shore power’, then set up an alarm rule on my CCGX where all input labels (not available, grid, generator, shore power) were enabled.

When I disconnected my shore power, the CCGX and VRM gave me ‘grid lost’ alarms. I acknowledged the alarm on the CCGX and reconnected shore power but it took a reset to clear the CCGX, and I can’t clear it on the VRM.

I’ve tried deleting the rule and setting up a new one, re-labelling my input as ‘grid’ to see if that’ll clear it - no luck.

Any advice appreciated - would like to clear from the VRM.

bullox asked
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Blue Smart IP65 Charger with MPPT Solar Charger

I want to add on my Caravan a Solar Panel. Actual is build in a Blue Smart IP65 Charger that charges a 50Ah AGM Batterie. For charging with solar i bought a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 Charger.
My Question, can i connect the MPPT Charger parallel with the Shore power Charger direct on the Batterie?

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Testing Shore Power pass thru

I am in the process of a new install. I have wired up the system for Shore power. I have not yet connected batteries to the Victron Mulitplus but would like to test the AC portion of what I have connected so far. Is it OK to plug-in shore power and turn on the Victron to test the AC portion of the circuits without the batteries connected or will the Victron error out and not pass the AC.

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CerboGX, ET112 and Shore power


I have a setup with the Cerbo GX, ET112, BMV712 and a Quick 12v battery charger in a boat. I have the ET112 in-line on the shore power to monitor load. No inverter or Victron charger in the setup by now.

On the GX I can see the ET112 and the power passing through it, and it reports itself as grid. Is there any way I can change this to shore and configure an alarm/notification if disconnected?


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Setting up Parallel Multiplus for a 50Amp RV all documents are very imprecise...

So a 50amp RV shore outlet is actually two 50amp connections for a total of 100amps right? So when I program my multiplus inverters, is my input current limit 100amps meaning I program 50amp or is it 50amp and I program 25amp? Or am I totally misthinking this because it mentions "per phase" and a parallel system is single phase so I should just set it to 100amp... or is that 50amp...

I'm following the following information from the Parallel and three phase VE.Bus systems document

The following settings need to be made in the master of each phase:

  • Inverter output voltage

  • Input current limits
    (the effective input current limit is the setted limit multiplied by the number of units per phase. For example, setting a 10A limit with VEConfigure in a system with two units per phase results on a 20A limit for that phase. Being able to set a different limit per phase allows for maximum configurability.

Also when I'm looking at the maximum charge current, if my total charge limit is 70amp I would set it to 35amp?

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Victron 3000, 30 amps vs. 50 amps, Shore vs. Solar, Batteries not charging when off, of course

New to the group. To lay the groundwork for the question:

  • We have a 50 amp fifth wheel.
  • We bought the unit used from a private seller, very happy overall.
  • The solar / Victron was installed by the seller or he had it done.
  • We have 4x Battle Born 100ah LifePo4, 4x 190W solar panels, 2x MPPT, SmartBMV and the Victron 12/3000/120-50
  • We (the wife, the dog and I) are fulltimers, three months now!

We have been, in the past three months, mostly on shore power, and always on (confirmed) 50 amps. We found that one of the monitor panels (not listed above) showed us at 30 amps continually. Reached out to seller, he indicated that if I had the inverter on, I'd be limited to 30 amps. Turned it to Off, and I'm back to 50 amps and I can run the air conditioners. Excellent for the Texas heat we'd been dealing with.

Two days ago, we relocated to a park, and were fortunate enough to park in the shade. Sure, solar will be very much reduced, but that's okay: we have 50 amps.

Tonight...the generator kicked on. Turns out we ran down the batteries to 50%. Direct DC usage in the rig, like lights, whatever else is straight DC, ran them down. With the Victron set to off, the shore power doesn't recharge the batteries. If I turn the Victron to just "Charger" (not Inverter), it will recharge the batteries, but I will still be limited to a 30 amp system.

This feels wrong to me. I'm a programmer, have been for 30 years. I'm decent at debugging, but I haven't examined all the the wiring and gotten a deeper understanding of the layout. It just feels wrong that it's this way.

When we have good sun, the batteries always get charged up the next day, even on cloudy days. We've been here, in the shade, for... two full days, I think.

I'm trying to determine if one or more of the following are true:

  • Is this a standard solar implementation scenario? That there is only ONE possible charger/converter to replenish the batteries installed at one time?
  • Is there a possible wiring / schematic / system design oversight or bug. (I don't have a schematic yet, I have reached out to get one, if available.)
  • There would have been an original charger/converter installed on the rig, before the Victron, etc. was installed. Does anyone ever have that still wired into the system?
  • Really, my only choices are "have sun" or "be limited to 30 amps even when 50 amp shore power is available"? This cannot be right.

I'm trying to determine that, if the Victron being on limits me to 30 amps, is there a different way to charge the batteries when on shore power? I know my question might be difficult to many without y'all knowing more about how it's wired up. But I'm hoping I kept my questions as free of the implementation as possible and focused on generalizations, and typical scenarios.

For the moment, there's a chill coming into the area tonight and I don't need two A/C's. I'm okay with the 30 amps for now, and I'll get my batteries replenished. Not a long term solution.

I truly appreciate any help anyone can put forth, or any education I can glean out of your answers. I did do extensive research into solar, DC, AC, converters/chargers, inverters, MPPT, etc. before we bought the rig. I feel sort of comfortable in my general knowledge. I was a little sad I didn't get to do the install myself so I'd REALLY know it, inside and out, but the deal was just too good to pass up and our seller was a pleasure to work with. But I lack the intimate knowledge that installing it myself would have gained.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

- Will B.
Somewhere in Kansas at the moment.

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Multiplus shuts down while plugged into shore power on “charge only” mode

I have a Victron Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 inverter/charger.

I use it in my travel trailer with solar panels and battleborn batteries.

I wired the inverter’s “AC out” into the trailer’s breaker box and the shore power cord on the trailer into the inverter’s “AC in“ in order to take advantage of the built-in automatic transfer switch.

I only plug into shore power when I need to use the trailer’s air conditioner. When plugged into shore power, I switch the Multiplus to “charge only” mode as my battery bank and this Multiplus will not power the air conditioner if shore power is lost. It’s start up requires around 4,000 Watts.

However, sometimes when I’m plugged into shore power, the Multiplus will turn off for a few seconds, killing the AC power, and then turn back on again even though shore power was not lost.

This is inconvenient when trying to sleep as I have to jump up and turn off the air conditioner before the Multiplus turns back on and is suddenly tapped for the large load required by the air conditioner. This results in a loud buzz from the Multiplus and the error light flicking on for a second before it returns to normal functioning.

I’m guessing this happens because the Multiplus has parameters to shutdown temporarily when the shore power current, voltage, and/or frequency drops below a certain amount—something one would not notice if the shore power was not entering the trailer via the Multiplus. I do understand these parameters are in place to protect whatever load device you have plugged in, but for me, it’s a inconvenience.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to change these parameters in order to prevent this from happening.

Please point me in the right direction so I can fix this. I have the VE bus. If you could help me with this, I would be very grateful.

Thank you,


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What if? Multiplus 3000 120v Battery Disconnected when on Shore Power

My Motorhome Question

Will I damage my Multiplus if the battery is disconnected while the multi is connected to shore power? I'm thinking of a weird use case where I've either switched off the battery disconnect switch or somehow my battery cable came loose.

Rob Mitchell asked
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How to setup multiple chargers connecting simultaneously.


I have purchased the following devices and I am starting to setup the system on my Boat, where I have a Starter Battery and a House Battery:

  • Blue Power Charger 12 30 3
  • Smart solar MPPT 100 30
  • Orion-TR Smart 12 12 - 30
  • Smart Battery Protect 12/24 100
  • BMV-712 Smart
  • 2 x Victron 12V 175W Mono Solar Panels

My question relates to situation in which these devices will all be working at the same time.

The AC/DC and DC/DC Charger, will rarely do that, as I will either be on Shore Power or on Engine Power, but there could be very rare instances of the engines being run while on the dock for a few minutes when also still connected on Shore power.

My main concern is the MPPT Solar Charger running at the same time as the DC/DC Charger when under way and in daylight. But technically, if I am in the situation described above at the dock, all three chargers could be working at the same time, for some short period of time.

Can this damage the devices or the Battery? At present the Battery is a AGM 100Ah Deep Cycle but I will soon be replacing it with a LiFePO4.

Can someone please recommend the best way to setup this system? Am I better off switching manually things on off based on the usage? Or can I setup the devices parameters in such a way that they will automatically stop working at the right time based on the voltage produced by other devices?

I would appreciate some guidance and help.

Thank you in advance,


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Multiplus 2nd Output - Only active when connected to a 240v source?


I'm looking to install a multiplus 3000 on my yacht, i see there are 2 outputs from the unit, does anyone know if they can be configured so that one of them is only active when connected to shore power or the generator?

My calorifier and battery chargers are currently on the circuit that comes from the gen/shore power so i don't want the inverter to be putting power out on the 2nd output when i'm just on batteries.

Hope that makes sense....

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Boat setup so there are no issues with shore power 50hz or 60hz

I just purchased a Catamaran that is setup on 220 50hz. Aircon, water maker, hot water heaters are all 220 50hz. I have the following:

*Magnum inverter/charger model MS2712E (2700W inverter at 12V)
* Silentwind 400w wind gen connected to a Wind Controller - 12v Max Current Wind 40A/Solar 20A
Max DC output 2x10A
* 2 Victron MPPT 150/85-Tr SmartSolar charge controllers
* 4 LG315W pannels
* Batteries - 4 Lifeline AGM 210Ah

I plan to upgrade to 1200ah or 1800ah lithium batteries.

Based on what I have read it appears there is no way to convert 60hz to 50hz with these devices.

I was thinking of replacing my inverter with 1 Victron (maybe 2 stacked) inverter(s) and run all AC loads through them and add a separate charger or 2 that run off shore power or genset. The idea would be never run all Aircon at same time unless plugged in to shore power or the genset is running. I know there will be losses with AC to DC to AC. What I don’t know is what impact this setup can have to batter life if you assume never discharge bellow mfg recommendations.

Is the above a bad idea?

Jon S asked
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Automatic switchover to Mains Power - not working

I have a Victron Energy Multiplus Inverter 3000 and currently trying to connect up to shore power. When I connect up, the "Mains On" light usually comes on, now it doesn't! I tried to run my genny (Fischer Panda inboard), the genny starts but it won't switch over to Mains power. Usually there is a slight delay of 15-30 seconds and it 'clicks on'. Does anybody know what this might be? The 12v circuits and Inverter running off the batteries seem to work fine, just the mains won't connect. Tried a different shore line, no different, the bollard says that there is nothing connected (Vacant), so it seems like something on the boat.

MikeCC asked
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Invert / passthrough without charging on Multiplus 12/2000?


I have a MultiPlus 12/2000 in our RV. We have an imbalance issue with our lithium cells that causes an overvoltage condition when absorption charging. Obviously this is not an issue when inverting off the house bank, but connecting to shore power and setting the inverter "On" (in order to energize the relay that connects the MP's AC input to the AC output) also inevitably turns on the charger, eventually tripping the OV relay and shutting down the whole rig. The cell balance issue will get resolved in time, but meanwhile I would like to be able to use shore power.

I see that someone else asked about this issue here, and was told they could use an assistant to set the charge voltage to 0V. I looked in VE.Config and found the "charge current assistant". This seems to allow me to set the charge current to 0V, but also allows "disabling the charger when the charge current should be zero". Does anyone know whether to check this box; i.e., whether disabling the charger would also disconnect the passthrough relay?



ablock asked
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Connecting to 120 shore power trips breaker

Have a Multiplus 12/120/3000 with 4-100 amp hour Lithium batteries in series installed in our fifth wheel trailer. Everything has been working great and as it should, but I recently tried to plugin to a standard 120 wall outlet just to trickle charge the batteries while parked in a friends driveway and it would trip the breaker. I tried turning off everything via my breaker panel in my trailer that wasn't necessary to see if it was a load issue...still trips. I also played around with the current limiter settings on my victron digital multi control...nothing made a difference. Multi control was set to charger only. Has anyone else had any issues like this? Maybe something else I can look into to try. Please advise? Thank you in advance :)

shabrown1 asked
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12/3000 does not charge or pass through AC

Hi, I have been using a 12/3000 flawlessly for 2 years. Last year cleaned connections and replaced lugs with proper crimps and added lithium. I have a line filter that monitors surge, Hz and power characteristics. Everything still worked fine and my batteries are fully charged at 13.4V.

Today, I plugged in AC source (generator and shore) and no AC gets passed through and the batteries do not charge (however the inverter works fine). I measured 120VAC at the first input terminal (on the left). When I connect AC source, the 12/3000 beeps and clicks then beeps and clicks again 30 seconds later. After 4 or 5 beeps and clicks, it stops trying.

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Victron stainless steel inlet sockets: compatible with non-Victron shorepower cords?

Are Victron stainless steel inlet sockets (can't find a specific product page on the Victron website - see here for another source: compatible with non-Victron shorepower cords?

I.e. could I use something like this

I have been given conflicting answers so would appreciate some clarification.

Many thanks!

nboatlyf asked
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2 Answers

Victron shorepower cords: IP56 or IP67?

What waterproof rating are Victron shorepower cords I have seen them listed as IP56 and IP67 in different places.

Many thanks!

nboatlyf asked
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3000 / 12v Multiplus Shoe Power Runing Air condition 50 amp service

I have 800 Watts solar panels. 3000watt /12v Multiplus and 3 LifePO4 100 ah batteries.Line 1 (from shore power) goes into Multplus and then goes into the right side of my RV breaker panel of which the circuits I mainly use when boondocking are. Line 2 goes into the left side of my breaker panel and is only used when on shore power, which can be 50a, 30a, or 15.

I have successfully run 15a in and set 10a as my limit in my Color GFX and run the air conditioner till the generator ran out of fuel during my 1st test.

My question relates to settings when on 50a shore power. I am not sure if my issue was a bad surge protector at the shore power or something else but want to check before trying this again.

I went from a week of boondocking to a 50a hookup in the sun at a RV park on Lake Michigan. Heat index was 98 so I pulled in (with almost full charge on batteries) and hooked up to the 50. Set max of 50a on the Color GFX and ran the air conditioning. Ran for 90-120 minutes and all of a sudden shut down. I turned off air conditioning and had to leave. Batteries were now showing about 35% charge. There was some sun left so when I got back after sundown batteries were at 40%. Later I figured out I was not getting any shore power even though (it was off and on via the lcd on my Progressive surge protector). Thinking the 50a shore power may be bad, I used my 30a cable and plugged in and batteries charged up. I have since unplugged and running strictly on solar as weather isn't as cold. My question is 2 fold, when running on 50a shore power, should I limit the amps to 25 or 30? 2. Am I correct in assuming the most probable explanation of my batteries going down to 35% was because the the surge protector shut off the power and I was running the air for a while off the batteries and I was getting 300-400 watts from my panels at the time?

Thanks in advance for advice!

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Program inverter to shut down if shore power is lost?

I have a 12/2000 multi.

The other night I lost shore power and didn’t realize. The inverter flipped its transfer switch and began trying to power the load with the batteries. When the air conditioner kicked on, one of my 250 amp fuses blew.

Is there a way to program the inverter to shut down if shore power is lost, so I can at least turn off my air conditioner before drawing from the batteries?

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Connect 2x E112 to a Venus GX

I’d like to be able to monitor the shore power coming in to my yacht and also the generator power when I’m away from shore power.

How can I connect the E112 in to the Venus GX?

Do I need 2x E112? Or can I put the inputs from my shore power and generator in to one E112?

The breakers for shore power and generator are right next to each other.

Bora asked
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How to set MultiPlus to prioritise solar power before shore power, but shore power before batteries?

I have a MultiPlus 12/3000/120/16 connected to my batteries and also a BlueSolar MPPT 100/50.

Is it possible to configure the MultiPlus so that it will prefer the sun to charge the batteries, and if the sun isn't strong enough, it will be supplemented with shore power?

Sebastian W. asked
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recommendation to replace Magnetek Model 6406 Power Converter

Hi Victron Community,

I've just finished restoring a '91 Starcraft Starliner Pop-Up last year, installed a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 Solar Charge Controller, Solar Panels and 420AH of batteries. Everything works great. I'm about to add a small refrigerator, vent fans, water pump for the sink, accessory lighting, etc.

The existing Magnetec 6406 has a single AC/DC converter good for 5amps DC MAX... super whimpy, but enough to convert and provide power for a couple overhead lights...the only DC power requirement when the camper was built.

I need some help and a recommendation to replace the Magnetec with something else, newer, more powerful... I really want to find something by Victron, but unless I've missed something, I don't see a comparable product. I want something that will also charge my battery bank from Shore power.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Jason B

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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-30 tripping shorepower when charging

I recently installed the Multiplus, MPPT 100/30, Digital multi control panel, battery monitor and solar panels to boost my existing solar capacity.

It all works well until I connect to shore power. It then trips the shore power RCD if I turn on the charger. If I leave the boats 240v charger circuit breaker off I can run everything else while connected to shore power. As soon as I switch the charger circuit breaker on, 15 seconds later the shorepower RCD trips. Advice appreciated.

Further, If I disconnect the 230v AC output terminals from the multiplus, the shore power RCD does not trip and the batteries charge. Is this a MEN problem @Guy Stewart (Victron Energy Staff)? I've triple checked the wiring is as per the Victron manuals.

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