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What is a VictronConnect Service Report? How can I read it?

Can anyone tell me how to create a service report that's legible? The ones I get, are unreadable bunch of characters....

surgicalpro asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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What is the "Victron Energy invoice date" ?

The warranty document uses this term - "Victron Energy invoice date" - but i'm not sure what that means.

Can someone define this term? Is it my date of purchase? or the dealer's date of purchase? And if it's the dealer's date of purchase, how do i know what that date is?



Victron Energy warrants its products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of: Batteries: 2 year limited warranty Li-ion batteries: 3 year limited warranty All other products: 5 -year limited warranty. (See end of document for products that fall under this 5-year limited warranty policy.) As determined from the date of purchase by the end user, with a maximum of 66 months from the Victron Energy invoice date.

Jeremy Waters asked
ejrossouw answered ·

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bluesolar panel voltage during night > 0 ???

I am not sure if this is normal, so my question is to all of you that use mppt bluesolar charger. While the battery is connected to the charger, I can also measure similar voltage on the solar input terminals. This is regardless if solar panels are connected or not. So if voltage of the battery is 50V, on the PV terminals I can measure 50+ something volts also. Same is displayed in victron connect screen. Does your charger displays solar voltage > 0 during the night also? Shouldn't it be 0V during the night? Perhaps something got fried in mine :-/

solar_apprentice asked
Alexandra answered ·

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Smartsolar MPPT 250/100 in VictronConnect shows load as ESS and 7 seconds later fault appears and back to ESS. Continuously.

Hi all

My system was working perfectly fine for the last 3months. Last week I noticed that the smartsolar power goes to about 5000w and then suddenly drops to 0 every 7 seconds. I have a Quattro 10000va and CCGX. If I disconnect the Quattro and let the smartsolar 250/100 charge the batteries it works fine. Agm batteries 360ah 48v.

Danny du Plessis asked
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QUATTRO 8000/24 overloading and in need of repair

Does anyone know where I can take the inverter to be repaired and have cables and firmware updated near Parramatta?

Franky4Fingers asked
Margreet Leeftink (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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[Fun] Quiz: What is wrong with this image?

Hey - it's a question and hopefully enough on topic:



PetaJoule asked
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Quattro with only AC input/output

Im doing some DC work on my boat will disconnect the quattro from the DC circuit. Will the Quattro still switch ok between the shore pwr and genset inputs? Does it need DC power for any functions? Thanks

Rod asked
Rod answered ·

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Smart Blue Solar 100/50 producing half power for last 2 days

Hi all

over the last 2 days my Smart Blue Solar has started to produce half what it normally does.

Over the last week of good weather our Max Yield has been consistently over 1100w and 77v

yesterday and today 560w but still 77.9v

I noticed also the ESS was on, not by me as we are a ship and battery set to defaults not Traction as before.

I first Array which is very simular oin specs is working as expected, the only difference is the 100/50 is not the smart type as its 3 years old

Can anyone shed any light on what could be wrong with Array 2, the smart blue solar 100/50

many thanks as always


Chris asked
Paul B edited ·

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Hi Where can I find a dealer to take on my system in Bourne Lincolnshire?

1600w Hub-4 system installed 24/3/16 by Mobel Technologies in Bourne Lincs, never been monitored or serviced since as they ceased trading soon after! Ticking along ok but I have some issues with battery discharge as they will only ever go to 95% (all 3 modes) even though minimum SOC is set at 60%. Batteries are 2x lead acid in series i.e. 24v. I have full user control.

NoelJ asked
NoelJ answered ·

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Malaga - consultant

I´m looking for someone near Malaga who can visit me and fix my system. Recently a mouse got into the system and roasted itself and brought the system down.

Any recommendations for a good company that could repair it and do a general review of the system?

Many thanks.

GordonMarriott asked
Margreet Leeftink (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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