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Multiplus & Autotransformer terminal/bolt sizes

I am trying to find the correct bolt/terminal sizes for the Multiplus 230V 5000VA and Autotransformer 100A. I have found scattered information in different manuals and am getting a bit frustrated. Can anyone point me to the correct documentation where this is available.

i.e. AC Input and Output, ground (internal and case), battery connections...etc

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Victron product image library?

I see so many nicely drawn system schematic diagrams - is there a Victron product image library available?

merlepeter asked
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Could I get help on downloading the victron symbols for schematic design

I am having difficulty loading the victron symbols for use in .io any suggestions?

dfraizer asked
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Schematic wiring and setup Cerbo GX, VE.Bus BMS, LiFePO4, Multi

Since yesterday the Cerbo GX manual is ready to download here.

Was a bit surprised that the Cerbo is powered by the Load disconnect from the VE.Bus BMS, but that is how the manual reads.
I finally was able to finish the schematic wiring for the new setup.

Maybe someone can have a look and check the schematic and see if it is acceptable?



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Battery protect connection to multiplus

I'm having some difficulty understanding how I can connect the BatteryProtect (12v/65a) with the MultiPlus 12/800/35. The MultiPlus when charging should go to the IN but when it's inverting it should use OUT, you obviously can connect both on the BP. It's says clearly in the manual that you shouldn't use chargers on the OUT terminal but how about consumers(aka the inverter mode) on the IN?

The schematic on the Victron site is way too elaborate to translate to my setup. Can I just connect the MultiPlus to the IN of the BP?

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Orion TR Smart DC-DC charger isolated 12/12-30 remote switch

Is the standard wiring for the remote switch connector a bridge between the L and H pins?

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Is there a schematic I could use for a Multi 12/1600/70-16, 100/50 MPPT, shunt and 2 batteries?

Please, urgent : With 12/1600/70-16 ,MPPt100/50 , shunt and 2 bateries ,what scheme should I follow.Many thanks

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Looking for a system schematic for RV with Solar and Tesla batteries.

I'm currently designing a system for my RV, we plan on having 5 x 315 watt solar panels with 2 x Tesla batteries. The RV already has 50 amp service and a transfer switch (for generator). I'm thinking of a 24/3000 Mulitplus, 250/70 SmartSolar controller and a BMV 712.

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Van Installation Diagram Questions

I was wondering if I could post the wiring diagram I have made in preparation for an installation in a 2018 Mercedes Sprinter Motorhome conversion with nearly all Victron equipment. I wanted to check before ordering everything that I hadn't gone overboard nor missed anything out and would really appreciate passing it by someone/s here if anybdy had any time/interest?

Thanks, Ben

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Camper Alternator/Solar System: Please Critique

Hi! I'm adding a house battery system to my pickup truck camper, and I want to confirm the basic schematic before moving forward. I do not want to combine the start & house batteries, and I do not want AC charging available for either battery. I may add an AC inverter at a later date, but that's beyond the scope of the project at this point.

I've left out fuses. switches, and other necessary additions from the diagram at this time.

Please take a look, and thanks for your help.


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Lithium without BMS campervan set up correct?


I am designing a system with x2 lifepo4 138ah 'powerwalls' which I bought without BMS. I am going to keep a close eye on the state of cell balance of the lifepo4's through a separate Battery Capacity Meter plugged into the 4s and balance charge them as necessary.

My system comprises the following - 300w panels, 100/20 victron smart solar mppt, victron multiplus 800/35 inverter charger, 712 battery meter, sterling B2B charger and victron battery protect.

I found the following schematic from a fellow member which Im thinking to use its pretty much the same as my own.

My question is will x1 battery protect be ok (keeping an eye on the discharge) and if so where is the best place to place it? Directly from the battery?

Im a complete newby and if this schematic is good I would use it.

Many thanks for all your help!


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