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EM24 Smart Meter read out over Modbus TCP/IP


the Smart Meter connection to the Victron controller via Modbus RTU (RS485) is only wisely in case you have a short Way between the Smart Meter and the Victron Controller.

In case you have a long way or different buildings the connection over TCP/IP is required.

To prevent to install a separate RS485 Bus Cable. (using structured cabling !)

Installation Example:

#######Buildings-A############ ###Buildings-B###

EM24 -->RS485-->Modbus TCP Gateway---------TCP/IP---------------->CerboGX

Now the Question:

How can i add the Smart Meter Connection via Modbus TCP/IP to my Cerbo GX?

(FW 2.60)

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ET112 / Cerbo GX setup not detected.

Hi everybody !

Just finished installing the ET112, the leds are correctly blinking on it, but for any reason, the Cerbo GX is not detecting it.

Hardware : USB to RS485 5m from Victron.

Cerbo GX : Fw: 2.60

USB position on the Cerbo GX : 2 (middle connector - 1 is the left not used, 2 = middle used by USB to RS485 , 3 = Cerbo 50 screen power)

Any idea, suggestion or fix welcome, thanks.


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ET112 to Cerbo 50 rs485

Hi. Is it possible to connect ET112 to Cerbo with 50 metre rs485 to usb cable

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Problems with RS485 adapter to connect with ET340

Hi all,

I am new to this and setting up the first ESS with a Multigrid 48/3000 on Venus GX and ET340.

Unfortunately I do not get to run communication between ET340 and Venus GX via the Victron USB to RS485 adapter.

I did connect as said Data +, data - and GND between ET340 and the RS485 adapter. The left led on ET340 stays green instead of blinking red as I would expect if communication was enabled.

On the Venus GX no energymeter is available.

No difference wheter or not I use a terminator or not.

Does there need to be sth. enabled in the Venus GX? I did enable ModbusTCP, is that relevant by the way?

Hope somebody can give advice how to search for the solution step by step.

Best regards


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ET112 connected to OctoGX via RS485

Hi community,

I've connected one ET112 to the RS485 port of the OctoGX. But on the console in the section "Energy Meters" nothing appears. So my question is, should that work? I'm asking because I've nowehere found any manual how to connect an ET112 to the native RS485 port of the OctoGX.


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Phoenix Multi 12/1600/70 with 15xxxxx firmware


I have a Phoenix Multi 12/1600/70 which has 15xxxxx firmware (1501116.HEX). I know it is old, but it appears to be working well (I don't really want to replace it!) However, I would like to connect to it with ve.config, or any other application which might allow me to configure it and/or see its parameters. I have looked at the various manuals and whitepapers, but remain a little confused!

I would very much appreciate it if someone would answer the following questions:

1. Which RS485/RS232 interface would work? I believe it should be the Mk.2.2b, but I would like to make sure before I purchase one.

2. Which software should I use? I believe ve.configure Version 1 (although I can't seem to find Version 1 for download). Where can I find a download of ve.configure Version 1, or is there any other software which would connect?

3. Which remote panel would work with it?

4. Presently, there is no temperature sensor connected. Presumably, the temperature sensor currently sold for Phoenix chargers, which connects to the -ve pole of the battery, would be the one to go for, but is this correct?

Thanks in anticipation.



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Pinout RJ-45 on MultiPlus C 24/1600/40-16


I am looking for the pinout of the RJ45 port in the MultiPlus C 24/1600/40-16. According to this VE.Bus is/has a RS485 'connection' i'd like to tap into.

My idea is to have a nice raspberry-pi based solution to monitor the state of the system.

Thanks in advance!

( )

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Is it possible to extend the zigbee range with a repeater, or use an RS485 wireless bridge to extend the RS485 (without cables)?

This may be an academic question for the moment, however a customer is keen to have an energy meter approx 100m (and several walls) away from the CCGX and installation. The standard zigbee may not be enough; are there any known supported zigbee repeaters that might work for this purpose or a longer range, higher power unit? Alternatively would the ET112 RS485 signal support an RS485 wireless bridge? Thanks

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RS485 isolated converter


Can someone please recommend me a Venus OS compatible USB to iso RS485 dongle?



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USB to RS485 interface extension cable

Since the usb to rs485 intereface comes in either 1.8m or 5m what is the recommended way of extending this to another 20m? Would a cat 6 cable be suitable for instance?

Cliff Raccani asked
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Carlo Gavazzi Three phase CT version with RS485

Hi All ,

I am installing the Carlo Gavazzi three phase energy meter with my CCGX. the model number of the meter is EM24-DIN.AV5.3.D.O2.X This is my first Victron install AND so far I have been able to detect the hardware from the image below.


The objective is to monitor import and export from the GRID. I am unable to detect the Carlo Gavazzi energy meter however. I have an existing usb to RS485 in the image below.


It has data+ and data - but no ground. Can anyone confirm if this rs485 adapter compatibility with the ccgx or do I need to get the one sold by Victron. has there been any success with other rs485 adapters? any other configurations necessary for meter detection? Thanks I appreciate any help.

sunpower asked
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Problem for 1st use of Si-RS485TC solar sensor with CCGX, Venus 2.40, Victron RS485-USB converter


I discovered with a great interest this new and really intersesting possibility mentioned in the v2.40 change log, opening the door to a measurement and datalogging of the really available solar energy, not only what the regulators and batteries can take.

And I directly procured the Si-RS485TC sensor through IMT gmbh for trying to install it on the field.

But I don't understand some recommendation given by IMT, who let think that a software preparation is needed (connecting to a PC with their specific Modbus configurator and a specific ICPCON I-7561 or DIGITUS DA-70157 RS485-USB conventer) for changing some Modbus parameters.

Is that really needed, before coupling their Si-RS485TC sensor with the CCGX through the Victron standard RS485-USB converter ?

With the v2.40, is their Si-RS485TC sensor not directly, plug and play recognized through the Victron RS485-USB converter ?

Any help, and especially a Victron application note should be welcome for a first use (especially for people who, so as me, are not expert in RS45 and Modbus)

Kind regards


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whitch interface can be used with phoenix multi compact

firmware 180633.VFF, apparently no VE.bus. Has only the remote control rj45 connector.

Which interface to usb can I use with the vconfigure software? Is it Mk2.2b or mk3?

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How to connect an energy meter ET112 to 2 Venus GX ?

I currently have a small facility in my house including:

MultiPlus 24 V 3000 VA

Venus GX

ET112 with RS485 adapters

I would like to put a bigger installation in my garage (50 m from the meter)

I wonder if it was possible to have the ET112 meters communicated with the GX House Venus and Venus Garage GX?

I bought the Zigbee modules (and DRF2658C DRF2659C) Is it possible to put the RS485 transmitter -> Zigbee and 2 USB receivers -> Zigbee on Venus GX?

Or, is it possible to put the ET112 counter on an Ethernet network?

Thank you in advance for your help.

I am French excuse me if there are errors in English.

FR :

Je dispose actuellement d’une petite installation constituée de :

MultiPlus 24 V 3000 VA

Venus GX

ET112 avec adaptateurs RS485

Je souhaiterais mettre une plus grosse installation dans mon garage (à 50 m du compteur)

Je me demander si cela était possible de faire communiqué le compteur ET112 avec le Venus GX et Venus GX du garage ?

J’ai acheté les modules Zigbee ( DRF2658C et DRF2659C) est-il possible de mettre l’émetteur RS485 ->Zigbee et 2 récepteurs USB -> Zigbee sur les Venus GX ?

Ou, est-il possible de mettre sur un réseau Ethernet le compteur ET112 ?

Merci d’avance pour votre aide.

Je suis français excusez-moi s’il y a des erreurs en anglais.

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Conversion to Ess

Hi all,

I have a multiplus-II 48 which is currently operating as a backup for when grid fails, it is in a house.

The mains is split at an ATS-Automatic transfer switch, the multiplus-II is installed at a remote shed.

When mains fails the ATS switches to the multiplus-II but with a 16A limit, in normal operation the house load does not go through the multiplus-II because it is limited to 16A and 40A is peak load. In backup mode (mains has failed) the power to the remote location is off the house is on.

I am looking at adding PV via the 250/60 MPPT in to the multiplus-II.

I plan to modify the ATS to provide unswitched power at all times to the remote location, Install venus/colour gx at the remote position and AC monitoring at the origin (60m apart)

Q1, Can I use cat5/6/7 for comms between the GX & AC sensor with the victron usb adaptor at the GX

Q2, Given in standard operation the loads do not go through the multiplus-II at all will it just backfeed PV & Battery capacity to the local grid up to 16A? (The AC 1 & 2 outputs are basically disconnected in standard operation hence forward feeding is not possible)

Q3, Can I get standard RS232 (not TTL) out of the GX?

Q4, How do I prevent back-feeding on mains fail? I fear the main contactor will stay energised as it will sense the voltage from the Multiplus-II which in turn will prevent switch over to backup.



@mvader (Victron Energy Staff)

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How to connect ET340 to Venus via ETHERNET ?

I am stuck with my ET340 setup .
ET340 is sitting in the power distribution cabinet (solid steel case - forget WIFI ).
The pipes, laid in concrete, I had forseeen for additional wires, have been wrecked by the builders - squeezed...
So I end up having no option to -route an additional wire to my Venus/ Multigrid, two rooms away.

I do have Ethernet LAN in the cabinet and I am aware of RS485 <-> Ethernet adapters, but will the Venus / Multigrid be able to communicate ?

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Programmable relays via MK3.

Hi! We are have just bought a couple of the Multiplus 5KW charge inverters. I'm trying to make use of the programmable relays through the MK3 without having to use the assistant modules. Can we just directly control these? It'd make my life a lot easier than trying to put together a workaround. I have looked though the MK2 protocol manual and it looks there are a whole host of commands available that are not documented, maybe there is an MK3 manual that I cannot find or specifically a VE.Bus protocol manual. Does anyone know a way of doing this perhaps with a custom assistant even?


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