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relay wiring multiplus ii

How to wire battery disconnect to multiples?


I traded my Xantrex Freedom XC 2000W in for a Victron 12/3000 120/50 120V Multiplus. I love it. On my previous Freedom XC I had a wire with 12V charge that ran from house battery disconnect on my Jayco Seneca 2019 to ACC input port on the back of the Xantrex. This port is designed to be an ignition switch for a work truck, but also works to shut off the inverter when you hit the battery disconnect and don't want to drain the batteries by. continuing using the inverter.

Has anyone wired a similar house battery disconnect to the multiplus? If so, where did you wire it to? Any programming required?



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Multiplus-II GX Output for controlling AC based PV inverter other than Fornius

Hello Community,

I am wondering about the documentation of the Multiplus-II GX.

There is mentioned: "... 9.5.3 Programmable analog/digital input/output ports. The product is equipped with 2 analog/digital input/output ports. ..." it made for me the impression it means I can use... mentioned in Appendix A - J Terminals

  1. 12V 100mA
  2. Programmable contact K1 open collector 70V 100mA
  3. External ground relay +
  4. External ground relay –
  5. Aux input 1 +
  6. Aux input 1 –
  7. Aux input 2 +
  8. Aux input 2 –
  9. Temperature sense +
  10. Temperature sense –
  11. Battery voltage sense +
  12. Battery voltage sense -

5./6. Aux Input 1 and 7./8. Aux Input 2 as input and as well as output? Some how convertible? I think not. Stupid thinking, isn't it.

But I wanted to be sure. Therefor I ask. So does this phrase simply direct to the only two available outputs K1 and relay?

I am somehow confused because in the VE-Config, assistant for relays is mentioned "Solarbox auxilary relay AUX 1,2,3 and I couldn't find some information on "Solarbox".


The reason why I am asking is, because I want to control my grid based AC PV inverters in three steps, when battery SOC goes over certain values,

for example a) above 90% | b) above 95% | c) above 99% SOC

  • a) reduction to 60%
  • b) reduction to 30%
  • c) reduction to 0 %

Than it would be suitable to have three outputs. What do you think in general about my idea of controlling a different AC based PV inverter brand than a fronius in this manner ? i think it will work with two steps as well.

Hope for your help, ideas and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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