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which charger? World Voltage, Cerbo/BMS, higher amperage?

I need help selecting a Victron 12V charger that

  1. Can handle 120V and 230V power
  2. Can connect to a Cerbo and honor stop charge commands from the Cerbo (which in turn is listening to REC Victron Compatible BMS)
  3. I need relatively high amperage charging. 100a would be ideal.

Are there any devices that would work? It seems the Centaur doesn't communicate with Cerbo, and isn't programmable.

BTW, my absolute fantasy product is an inverter/charger that can plug into any shore voltage, but puts out only 230V. Sort of an transformer/inverter/charger.


I'm on a boat that uses shore power all over the world, so I need to be able to plug in to USA 120V and 230V everywhere else. I use that to charge my batteries, and use a a separate inverter using the batteries to provide AC house power to the boat. I currently have a Mastervolt Chargemaster 12-100 that handles any voltage. That works great, but now I'm upgrading to LiFePo4 batteries, and the Mastervolt doesn't have Lithium profiles, doesn't seem (???) to be programmable. It also will not connect to the Cerbo or Bms, so I can't send stop charge commands.


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Cerbo gx using two solar chargers to charge one battery

I have a cerbo gx, rec bms, a 100/50 mppt, and a 150/75 mppt. Started with just 100/50 everything worked fine. I added the 150/75 and 2 Panasonic vbhn340sa17 panels got a DVCC firmware 48 warning. I went to the VRM portal to update firmware both mppt were on my device list but trying to up date the firmware it said there were no undateable devices. I deleted my 150/75 to see if that would fix the problem. It didn't. Now I can not get it back on my device list. The 100/50 has now disappeared from my touchscreen and is not sending data to the VRM and is not in the cerbo menu. help.

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REC Active BMS for Victron GX - How many contactors ?

This new version of "REC-ABMS for Victron CCGX" communicates with a GX Device using CAN. It sends Max Charge Current & Voltage and Max Discharge Current along with Battery Voltage, Temp & SOC. The GX Device uses DVCC & SVS to control all Inverter / Charger & MPPT Solar controllers to comply with the charging / discharging limits. Ok, so that sounds good, huh? But I also want to have contactors set to voltage levels in case the CAN bus goes down.

The previous version of the BMS suggested just the traditional two contactors - HVD & LVD to provide High Voltage Disconnect of the charge bus and Low Voltage Disconnect of the DC load bus.

But this version offers a Main Contactor for both HVD & LVD for Victron inverter / charger devices. And another Contactor expected to be used for HVD on non-Victron Charging sources. And though it is not shown in this diagram, I am sure they expected a third contactor for LVD to disconnect DC Loads.


Is this genius or overkill?

I questioned the new functionality, and the manufacturer offered to disable it to make it functionally equivalent to the old version. But I am an Engineer, so I tend to think "here is a Solution, now lets go find a Problem..."

Any thoughts appreciated.....



P.S. And....

I was expecting the fail-safe MultiPlus Inverter/Charger control to be made with a Charge Control signal to AUX1 and Discharge Control to T1 with the Assistant loaded "Two wire BMS (016A)"...

But they are suggesting Charge Control using the Assistant "Input Current Limit Control (0142)" and the AUX1 signal. And programming the Inverter's DC Input Low Shutdown voltage for Discharge Control.

Some REC users I have enjoyed reading before: @paulb @drmi @Boekel @Poppycock @Hakon Ingvaldsen @Eirik @Ceri.w

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BMS for 3 parallel banks of LiFePo4

We are replacing the existing lead acid bank on our barge for Winston LiFePo4 cells. Due to physical space limitation we've chosen to build 3 separate parallel banks of 16 x 300ah cells to create a 900ah 48V system.

The system is charged by a Quattro 15kVA and a MPPT RS 450/200 as shown in the diagram below with connectivity via a GX Colour Control.


We were hoping to use the REC BMS system, with an REC 16S unit (with shunt, precharger and contactor) on each bank, feeding into a Master unit which connects to our CCGX.

Will this work for parallel banks???? Despite several emails and attempts to phone REC we can't get an answer from them.

Or can anyone suggest another BMS that would be suitable for this configuration?

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REC BMS System with 12x Calb SE200FI cells

I am putting together a new Lithium system and plan to use a REC MBS due to the close integration with both Victron and Wakespeed.

Initially, I am unsure of the battery configuration, it will be a 12v system and I originally wanted 3 paralleled banks of 4 in series - Does the REC BMS allow for this? I have asked REC directly b ut struggling with speed of communication at the moment.

I have seen in the manual that 3p4s is possible, but then each cell isn't monitored, but is this a problem?

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controlling Victron MultiPlus 12 / 3000 / 120 with REC ABMS + Cerbo

as per the title i am trying to configure a Rec ABMS with VE CAN to control the allowed to charge / allowed to discharge settings of the Multi.

I have tried adding the VE bus BMS assistant but this give me a flashing low battery light on the Multi.

i have the ABMS working as a battery monitor in the Cerbo but the Multi is not seeming to be working with it.

is there something I am missing is this a supported function to control via VE CAN or do i need to use 2 wire BMS and wire the relays

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REC BMS parallel with Pylontech US2000


I am using Pylontech US2000 in my set-up. The Pylontech are set-up for DVCC and controling the system. All fine.

No I want to use the REC BMS in parallel for my LiFePo4 batteries and for monitoring the general data from the battery. It is not planed/ needed to control the charger that is done by Pylontech.

Is that possible and if yes, what should I set-up in the menu from REC BMS?

If I connect the REC to VECan from CCGX, nothing is shown in CCGX.

My set-up:



150/100 MPPT

Pylontech as "main battery and BMS"

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2xBlue smart IP22 charger 12/30 (3) parallel on LiFePo4 questions

Usecase: REC ABMS connected to 12x 272Ah cells (Lishen), 3 parallel and 4 series (12V). Charging with 2x Blue Smart IP22 30A, Smart Solar 75/15 and TS800C-50.

The manual of the Blue smart IP22 is very limited with respect to its behavior of the "Lion" setting. First it doesn't feel right they call it "Lion" while LiFePo4 is a total different chemistry, but as they put LiFePo4 between () I assume this mode is for LiFePo4. Anyone that can confirm this?

Can someone explain how the charger behaves in the "Lion" mode?

I want to parallel two of these chargers. Is this going to cause any problems? Do I need to use the "Lion" mode or is it better to use the power-supply mode when putting in parallel?

From what I understood (e.g. LiFePo4 is very sensitive to overcharging. Even with low voltages (~13,5V) the battery can be killed when current is applied after 100% SoC is reached (very low internal R). So it is very important to stop charging when the current does reach a certain threshold (ideally SoC based), or to control this externally using a BMS. Anyone that can comment on this?

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One GX Touch 50 to Multiple GX devices in two battery setup

Is it possible to connect a single GX Touch to a cerbo GX and a multiplus GX. The Cerbo will be connected to a 12v Bank with a REC BMS and the Multiplus to a 48v Bank with REC BMS.

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Do you HAVE to use a compatible Battery/BMS for MultiPlus-II / EasySolar-II for it to work?

I'm thinking of creating my own LiFePo4 battery - with it's own BMS for safety, and use this on a MultiPlus-II or EasySolar-II.

Do these products NEED a proper supported battery with BMS-CAN interface?
Or does it only mean that I have less 'features' I can view on the system?

Would the Victron Battery Monitor be useful for this? I.e. does it provide information to the system for this type of situation? ("unsupported" battery)

I believe I should also look into REC-BMS as this seems to be supported by Victron and could provide me with a better integrated system.

Thanks for the advice,

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REC BMS / Venus GX / BMV 712 Shunt?

I am planning an install with LiFePO4, Victron and the REC BMS. The REC BMS will already hooked up with a shunt on the neg side and will be monitoring the battery. I then plan on having the REC hooked up to the Venus GX. I want to be able to monitor things remotely using the BMV-712. Will the BMV-712 be able to get all of it's info from the REC BMS, via the Venus GX or will I need a secondary shunt on it's neg side of the BMV-712 as well? Additionally, I want to be sure that I will be able to read all the data that the REC BMS is collecting about the bank (including temp) and each individual cell that the BMS is monitoring. Will all of this data be available on the BMV-712 or would I need to forget about the Venus GX and the BMV-712 and use the CCGX instead? Based on certain installation requirements, I'd much prefer the Venus GX/BMV-712 combo, unless my monitoring requirements could not be met.

Thank you.

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Multiplus Two Signal BMS Questions.

I have a multiplus 12/3000/120 and I'm looking to setup the two signal BMS assistant. I have three questions.

1. I've seen it mentioned that you have to use Aux1 and temp inputs, but when I load the assistant, I see you have the option to use Aux1 and Aux2 (though default is temp). Can I just Aux 2 and still use my temp sensor?


2. I have a Clean Power Auto MiniBMS 7 that has a main normally open contactor that will shut off the entire battery as well as two outputs that are designed for a normally closed relay. So I think I should be able to connect the BMS to the multi and configure it to be closed to turn off the charger (battery full) and turn off the inverter (battery empty). However I'm not sure about feeding 12v to the Multiplus as I've read in other threads it's not recommended. Any suggestions?


HVC turn on – 3.6V per cell
HVC turn off – 3.45V per cell
LVC turn on – 2.9V per cell
LVC turn off – 3.1V per cell

In addition to voltage hysteresis there is also 10 seconds time hysteresis for each threshold, to filter out brief voltage sags/spikes, which could be caused by engine starting or other brief heavy loads.

Cell level protection disconnects the bank if any cell is discharged to 2.6V to prevent battery damage.

Cell level protection disconnects the bank if any cell is overcharged to 3.65V to prevent battery damage.

3. I've heard it's not wise run an inverter through a contactor (which is the main protection for the BMS) is not good. I'm not sure if the inrush current is bad for the contactor (possible welding issues) or the inverter. Would something like this work: and would anyone know if this could be used with other products other than the REC-BMS (not my BMS) since my BMS is switching on the negative? They come in 0.5, 1.5 and 4 second delay versions.

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DC Power Where is it going?

Hi all

System is LiFePO4 12v battery (EVE 2p4s), REC BMS, CCGX, Multiplus (3000/12/230/50) and smartsolar 100/30.

Has DC System turned on and REC BMS (for Victron), CCGX, Multiplus and MPPT are all playing nicely.

Battery is at 70%, inverter is on but no AC load, MPPT output is 29A.

CCGX is displaying a 158w DC load. Removed all dc fuses to ensure that there was no load other than system control and idle Multiplus and DC load did not change. Turned Multiplus off via CCGX and no change to DC load.

Check REC BMS and only 14.22A to battery is displayed.

Where is the other approximately 13 amps going?






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REC BMS to Multiplus 12/1600/70

As there are no Aux inputs on this Multiplus 12/1600/70 how can I connect the REC BMS to this unit to control the charger on/off and the Inverter with the LiFePo4 battery bank?

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Connect and activate REC Q BMS to Easysolar 2 GX


As in topic, I have connected the Can cable from REC to VE-Can, have enabled Can-bus BMS, DVCC, SVS and STS.

I cant find anywhere in the Victron software that it sees or tries to connect with the BMS.

Problem 2 is that I cant connect to the REC Q over rs485, have tried their included cable and also with a moxa cable with no luck.

Have tried many different settings on the COM port, but nothing bites. If anyone got some inputs there aswell i would be deeply thankful.

Regards, Stig

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Does the Quattro limit MPPT max voltage?


Have the following setup:

Three 15 kVa Quattros

Four 250/100 Smart solar MPPTs

185 kWh lithium battery bank 16s8p configuration


60 330 watt panels

The battery is configured to have a max volt of 65.6 volt and the MPPTs are configured to charge up to that voltage and they do that if i unplug the comm cable to the Quattros. But as soon as i connect it back the MPPTs are ramped down to zero production. The MPPTs start charging when the voltage is below 64.x isch. My conclusion is that the Quattros are limiting the charging since they are only able to charge with their internal charger up to 64.4 volt. The REC BMS reports that charging can continue at full cream but the Quattros says no for some strange reason.

Any tips on how i can configure the Quattros to not limit the charging voltage in my setup?


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Victron ccgx - head unit for a REC BMS

Our yacht is set up with 400 AH of lithium batteries. The batteries are charged using 800 watts of solar power through a Victron 100/50 MPPT. I have recently installed a REC battery management system. My plan was to monitor the batteries using a Victron ccgx. Unfortunately the Ccgx won’t recognise the REC BMS. As my MPPT is only a 100/50 model am I required to first of all power the VE Can network with the VE Can power cable. Would appreciate any help please.

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CCGX CAN BMS Time-to-go field not populating?

I have a REC Active BMS connected via CAN. Everything is working aside from the Time-to-go field which is always "--". I am wondering what CAN message is associated with this field? I imagine the field indicates time to changed when charging, and time to discharged when discharging?

Is there a list of CAN BMS messages used / accepted by the CCGX?



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