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Victron 500w inverter has started rebooting randomly


I’ve had a 500w inverter for about 18 months. It’s been used on a daily basis. I live full time in a motorhome.

it’s been working fine until recently where it now starts rebooting even under zero load. Just turned on with nothing connected.

Any ideas why?

Is this a fault that can be fixed?

I bought Victron and spent the extra money for value and I’ll be slightly miffed if it’s failed already.



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System Reboots happen under certain circumstances...

I believe my RV's Victron setup has FIVE major components:

  • MPPT (1)
  • MPPT (2)
  • SmartBMV monitor
  • Color Control GX
  • MultiPlus (the big unit, inverter)
  • In addition, 4 x 100ah Battle Born batteries

In this RV, we also have an Onan 5500 generator (45amps) and when connected to shore power, has always been 50 amps. (We are configured as a 12v system, not 24v, in case that's a question one might ask.)

Frequently, when putting a heavy load on the power consumption (two good examples are the electric/hydraulic slides and extending (sometimes retracting) the hydraulic leveling jacks), the system will reboot. So far, we have only seen this on generator and/or shore power.

Reproducing the scenario is easy: While still plugged into shore power (or have genny on), retract slides or jacks. In addition, the generator will shut off if in use during these reboots. (The Victron system doesn't engage the generator, that's the RV's house "OneControl" system.) I think because the OneControl system is also rebooting, that is what kills the generator. (The Onan's have some weird "pulse" on/off system, and I don't have the gizmo that lets me wire that up to the Victron system.)

I have found that simply unplugging from shore power (or turning off the generator) and running solely on batteries usually prevents the reboots. Bear in mind that there are no A/C's on, no heaters, and minimal power consumption as we are either getting setup in a campground or preparing to leave.

Our sorta-vendor (not original installer, but did some fixes for us) doesn't have any clue why this might be happening. One would think that the 50amp shore power would be more than sufficient to be handle these operations. We do NOT have reboots even when running three air conditioners!

During the last time we experienced this, and I had disabled shore power to run solely on batteries, I watched the BMV while extending the jacks. The voltage did slip down to around 11 volts. The reboot doesn't happen, as I said earlier, when on batteries alone. The system did NOT reboot, however.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can look for as a potential cause of this issue.

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EasySolar event logging

Dear community, good afternoon

I have a question regarding event logging in an Easysolar device.

Does the CCGX keeps track of reboot events for himself and the Multiplus II connected to the VE.Bus?

If so where can I access this data?

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

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Mutiplus 24/500/10-16 wouldn't start up until VE.Bus cable was removed from Venus GX

Yesterday we had an issue at our site which has the MultiPlus 24/500/10-16 and Venus GX combo.

In a last resort to try and remotely fix the issue, I tired login to the VRM portal and using the Venus GX to reset the MultiPlus:


Instantly, as expected, I lost connectivity to the system (as this shut down the equipment connected to the LAN port of the Venus GX). However, it didn’t come back online – requiring an urgent site visit.

When I got to site, the MultiPlus was powered off. Turning the power switch off and on, and even unplugging the mains input to the unit did nothing. The Venus GX was still powered up directly off the battery bank. As soon as I disconnected the VE.Bus cable from between the two Victron devices, the MultiPlus powered up. I plugged the VE.Bus cable back in, and all was well.

I’m not sure the reasons why the VE.Bus would need to be unplugged in order for the MultiPlus unit to start up – which is why I would suspect a bug. Any ideas on why the initial system reset didn't work?

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Color Control GX does not reboot after new version firmware

I have two Color Control GX's, both connected to internet via cable to a switch.

Both was set up with automatic check and install new version firmware

For a couple off months ago one of them did not reboot after the firmware was installed(ver 2.20).

The same happened when 2.22 was installed.

In both cases I had to restart the Color Control GX manually.

Have anybody else experienced this problem?

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One VEDirect MPPT is turning off in parallel setup


I have a system with two similar MPPT from Victron, 250/60 connected to a Venus device via Ve. direct. Each MPPT has its own string of pannels. I noticed that very often one of the MPPT leaves float with no apparent reason... checking more deeply, it seems it goes OFF!!

I'm worried that it might be faulty.

I've changed everything that I can remember and swapped strings. The reseting continues to happen in the same MPPT controller. See graphs:

Just one or two OFF states are manual made by me, but check the number of times the MPPT [260] goes OFF with no apparent reason... the other one, 258 is normal in float state after 12h00.


Now, I add some more information from other parts of the system, and I noticed some worrying sign - the surge in current on the [260] MPPT right before it goes off:


And I do see some peak in AC side, but which AC is this? Other AC graphs don't show anything:


On these other AC graphs, it shows no peaks - 261 is my Multiplus Inverter:


I know the resolution might not be good enough to take serious conclusions, but... what can I conclude from all this?

I never saw similar rebooting on the [258] MPPT. All OFF states on the graph are manual, made by me while changing something. Any help or ideas is deeply appreciated...

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