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Product Request - External Alternator regulator

We love our Victron Lithium system (we are on a Catamaran). The only issue I have with it is that I was unable to find an external alternator regulator that floats at 13.5v, the best I could find floats at 13.3v so that's what we run at. I wish Victron made an external ve.bus controlled external alternator regulator, even better would be one unit that could manage two alternators.

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Product Request - Higher DC input voltage inverters

Love your brand and products, but when can we see Inverter/Chargers with Battery input voltages above 66V that can accept 82.8 or 90VDC all the way up to 345/360VCD.

Really would like to be able to have larger systems without the massive cables and voltage drop issues.

We are using charge controllers from solar at higher voltages,

You all know where this is headed, we want systems that can handle the new larger voltage batteries from the Model 3. Cheers!

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Ignition protected devices?

Hi, I have an old wooden Yacht with twin gas engines and gas tanks all in one area of the boat. Currently there is a very simple setup with a starter battery and a house battery with a combiner in between. I want to upgrade the 60 year old installation, keeping the starter batteries, adding 2 Lithium 100AH batteries as house bank. I will charge both starter and house separately with dedicated chargers. Now to the question: Can anyone provide a list of ignition protected Victron devices available? Some spec show that they are, some do not mention it at all, so I assume they're not. I have very limited space and would like to put as many devices into the engine/tank room as possible (Batteries, SmartShunt 500, Cyrix, charger (Phoenix Smart IP43?), miniBMS). Thanks!

dbl asked

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Is there something like a Quattro II planned?

I'm asking because for an upcoming larger project 3p system it would be nice to have the core made of 3 x 11 Watt gulping Quattros rather than 3 x 70 Watt guzzlers.

PetaJoule asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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Lightning: Disconnecting the PV automatically beforehand

I am in a lightning prone area.

I already use surge arrestors, ferrite beads, lightning protection and sound earthing techniques.

However, in my anecdotal experience, unplugging the family PC has always been better that relying on surge protection during a thunderstorm.

So following that reasoning, what I want to do is automatically create a physical break in the wiring between my panels and the MPPT's during a storm and at night.

I figure a lot of the thunderstorms are at night, and when they are during the day it gets pretty dark too. I am not making power anyway, so why expose the electronics to the risk.

What I want to do is monitor my incoming PV voltage, and if it drops lower than "X" volts, I want it to disconnect my panels ( both + &- legs), and as the voltage picks up in the morning or after the storm I want it to reconnect again.

There are several ways to achieve this, but none are particularly inexpensive. I have 6 arrays and things add up quick.

I may even consider some form of AC islanding from the grid during a storm, but I haven't given that much thought yet.

I can achieve this for about 65 USD/ array using DC MCB's and reclosers triggered by a 15 dollar DC UV/OV relay.

I'd like to hear if anyone has gone down this route before, or if anyone has any other "Keep it simple" ideas on how to achieve this.

It just seems to me that there should already something out there, off the shelf, that does this.

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Lithium Battery Voltage Profile Graph

Would it be possible to post the voltage curve graphs for the Lithium 12.8v batteries.

Flip-Flops asked
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PUK Code???

I just purchased a new MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller. Everything is working fine. However, I would like to change the Bluetooth PIN. It is asking for the PUK Code. I read on this forum that the PUK Code is on a label on the unit. The unit is already mounted, so I can see all sides except the back of the unit, which is primarily heat sink. However, I can find no label on the unit, or the box that says anything about a PUK Code. Where is the PUK Code???

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BMS gibt Fehler mit Akku Kommunikation an


ich habe mir einen Multiplus 48/5000/70 mit einem BMS und 2 Li HE 24V/200A Akkus und das Color Control GX für eine Ferienimmobilie in Griechenland gekauft. Bei einem Test Aufbau schaffe ich es leider nicht den BMS mit den Akkus in Betrieb zu nehmen.

Es leuchtet die LED am BMS immer 2 mal mit den Pieptönen. Nach dem Handbuch stimmt etwas mit der Kommunikation zwischen BMS und den Akkus nicht. Die Akkus habe ich mit RJ45 Kabel wie in der Anleitung angegeben an Battery CAN angeschlossen. Die Led der Akkus leuchtet grün, das Gebläse der Akkus geht kurz an. Das BMS habe ich am Ve.Can der CCGX angeschlossen. Den Multiplus an den VE.Bus des CCGX. Den Strom für das VCGX hole ich vom BMS (1 und 6 von A). An B habe ich T Sense und Aux 1 des Multiplus für die Ladesignale angeschlossen. Aus meiner Sicht alles wie in dem Schaltplan enthalten.

Wenn ich den BMS einschalte startet das CCGX, auf dem nach Einschalten des Multiplus dieser auch zu erkennen ist. Als Batteriespannung wird 38 Volt angezeigt und 100% Ladung der Akkus. Die Akkus haben aber am Eingang des BMS knapp 54 Volt. Am BMS piept sofort wieder die Anzeige. Was ich auch nicht verstehe ist, dass der Multiplus am Netz hängt und sich nicht allein starten lässt. Erst wenn ich den BMS starte schaltet sich auch der Multiplus ein.

Wer kann mir helfen? Ich weiß nicht wie ich weiter machen soll. Was habe ich falsch gemacht oder nicht verstanden?

Vielen Dank


Rzwodezwo asked
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[Project Proposal] Mobile CCTV

Hi Guys,

We have a client that wanted to have a mobile cctv like on the below picture. They wanted to integrated the location of the inverter,charge controller, batteries and pv modules on the mobile itself.

What VE products of the below sysytem can suit the design, knowing that it will be placed regularly on extreme condition. Loads are run by AC.

Client's agree that they can modify the mobile wheel to put an enclosure on the PV equipments.

Load description:

Project: Mobile CCTV
Load; 3-Bullet Camera, 1-PTZ Camera, DVR and LED Light.
The total power requirement is 130W, the required back up time is 3days.


Please share your thoughts on this.


squelch asked
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Would you buy a extension cable?

I have wanted a VE.Direct extension cable before, but Victron doesn't make one.

I am not sure if it is possible or why it wouldn't be, but I though that before I asked I should make sure that this would be something useful to other people too.

So would you buy a VE.Direct extension cable?

If you would, how long would you want it to be?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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To become more familiar with Victron products or Victron terminology I think it would be a good idea to have a reference dictionary for beginners. If it still exists, please tell where, if not it will be nice to have.

jambo asked
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Overvoltage prodection
Kann der Überspannungsschutz des Smart BatteryProtect von 16V auf 14,4V reduziert werden?

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