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Skylla - TG parallel connection


I wanted to confirm if Skylla-TG 48V models can be connected in parallel for large battery banks. Also I need to know if they can monitored remotely using a GX device.

If they are not able to work in parallel then I need to know which charger device is compatible to work with a Victron system with option to be monitored remotely.


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3 Phase Quattro Overload Issue

I currently have a x15 Quattro48/10000 set up in a 3-phase configuration (5 units each phase). The system is off-grid and boosted by a 175 kW generator each evening for a few hours. Recently one Quattro on Phase 3 has been overloading during generator operation.

I have been able to temporarily remedy the problem by lowering the input current limit to 95A down from 110A. However, that 110A is what it has run at for the past 5 months without issue.

Previously the system has overloaded at generator startup/when the Victrons first accept the power, however these recent overloads have occurred hours into generator operation.

What could have the caused this Quattro to suddenly not be able to handle the incoming current?

Thank you

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Parrallel Quattro spurious Overload alarm v465

We have a new set-up (<3 weeks) with two Quattro 8000/200/100/100 24v 230 set-up to run in parallel linked to CCGX and Lynx BMS Control for MG Energy LFP batteries. Both units have been upgraded with v465. CCGX is upgraded to latest release.

Since day one we have spurious L1 Overload on Master Unit and usually concurrent to the event a load buzzing and the Slave unit is appears to be OFF with no fault when fault appear. No overload warning. All the incidents happened in light or no load conditions.

We have witnessed one incident with no load connected to the output of the quattros. The two outputs were cross connected at the time of the incident. We measured current spike between the two unit when this happened. It would seem that either the units are getting out of sync or one of the two unit is short circuiting causing the other unit to overload.

We have replaced the cross connecting Ethernet cable with brand new patch cable with no appreciable improvement.

Any Ideas, suggestions ?

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Orion converter - buffer battery min/max sizes?

I can't seem to find much information on the "buffer-charge a battery" feature. I'm assuming I can place a small Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery in parallel with the output + and common - and it can handle surge loads.

My question is, can I place a small 12v 20 AMP Hour battery to this? I'm guessing at a voltage setting of 13.2, it won't quickly charge the battery beyond it's 20% suggested limit. Any references to other materials regarding this would be helpful as I can't seem to find much. Thanks.

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3 phase ESS only 1 phase working (solved)

I've done a 3x Multiplus II 5000 set up in a 3 phase configuration and noticed that when the system is set to TOTAL OF ALL PHASES in Multiphase Regulation it will balance the phases to near 0w as far possible by feeding into the grid on L1 the same as it would pull on L2 and L3. But this is not ideal if the grid meter is prepaid as the meter would charge you units for what u are pushing back. If I set it to INDIVIDUAL PHASE it only seems to feed PV into L1 and L2 and L3 dont get any PV benefit. The system consists of: 3x Multiplus II 5000, 2x Smartsolar 150/85, 14kwh Li-ion, and 8.9kwp Solar PV. What am I doing wrong or might it be better to set the 3 inverters up as a parallel system on L1 and put all my heavy loads on L1 if the system is not capable of supplying all 3 phases individually?


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solution to combine 2 LiFePo-Batteries in parallel

Im looking for a device that can manage charge/discharge of 2 lifepo-Batteries with BMS in parallel!

Thx in advance!

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2 batteries in parallel: double max charge current?

Dear Victron community,

I currently charge 1 SiO2 battery (max charge current 25A) with a Victron Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger 12/12-18.

Can I double the charge current if 2 of the same batteries are wired parallel?

The idea is to use 2 SiO2 batteries in parallel with the Victron Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger 12/12-30.

Thank you!

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Grid parallel load vs. AC out 2

Good-day. I am trying to understand the difference between a "grid parallel load" and a load on "AC out 2" when using a Quattro or a Multiplus in ESS mode. Clearly, the inverter does not even know there is a grid parallel load unless it is configured to do so and there is an energy meter attached to measure the power flow at the grid input. (Any guidance on how to configure these aspects would be welcome). I have attempted to list the characteristics below - feel free to correct me :-

Load on AC out 2.

Powered firstly by the inverter (until the combined "AC out 1" + "AC out 2" exceeds the inverter capacity) and then by AC mains as well. The combined load must not exceed the rating of the transfer switch.

If the AC mains falls away, the AC out 2 is cut off.

Provides a way to make use of excess Solar PV yield on non-critical loads.

Grid Parallel Load

Powered firstly by the grid (under normal curcumstances does not require any additional capacity from the inverter).

Normally, the inverter drives the loads on AC out 1 (and AC out 2) as required. Under some configured conditions (not eactly clear how), the inverter starts to "push" power out of "AC in" and thus contribute to this grid parallel load. It can supply this load completely such that no power is drawn from the mains supply. The energy meter can be used to regulate the amount of power supplied via "AC in" so that it is equal to, but does not exceed, the grid parallel load.

Is there any guidance as to which approach can or should be used under which conditions.


John Hope-Bailie

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Victron Smart LifePO4 - Parallel Install - Battery Wire Lengths

Hi All

I am installing 3 smart LifePO4 batteries in parallel. Reading "wiring unlimited' - I am aware the battery wires (from batteries to busbar) must all be the same length.

Does anyone know if I can make -Ve and =Ve wires different lengths ?

Due to the orientation of the batteries and busbars - it would be great if I could make the 3 -ve wires 70cm and the 3 +ve wires 100cm. All -ve wire the same length (70cm) and all +ve wires the same length (100cm).

Thoughts or comments ?

Many thanks, Tim

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Connect Batteries in Parallel or Individually?

I have a 4 battery system for my van. I have 4 Lion Energy 105Ah LiFePO4 batteries that I seek to

connect to my Multiplus 3000 Inverter Charger. I have seen some people hook them up in parallel

with 4/0 to a main switch, and I have seen some individually wire each battery to the Power In

Module with 1/0(?) and sometimes with individual breakers.

I am interested in this forums take on

which is preferred and why? Thanks in advance for any help here.

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Battery maintenance charging voltage

I have a Multiplus setup at my cabin with two AGM sealed batteries wired for 24v. I decided to remove the batteries when I winterized the cabin since I was concerned about charging when temps were below freezing. I had planned to maintenance charge them at my primary home during the winter but put it off. Now hoping I didn’t mess them up too bad and eeger to get them on a charge.

Question is can I hook them to a 12v charger in parallel while I have them off the system for winter? Or should I pick up a 24v charger to keep the batteries series charging in sync? Planning to purchase a blue smart charger as an “offline” charger but figured a 12v charger would have more purpose when not charging the cabin batteries.

Thanks Bob

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Can one parallel a 100/20 and a 75/15 if each has own PV panels but share 24V batteries?

I read an earlier post of someone here having three 75/15 MPPT chargers in parallel on the same battery bank, not synchronising well with charging duties. I have a compact 1200/24 Inverter with three 150W PV panels (450W) in series running through my existing 75/15 to a battery bank of 24V 200A and I wish to generate a bit more energy to utilize the 1200W inverter better. Thought of just adding another 75/15 or going a bit biggere with say 2 x 300W panels through a 100/20 - but have some concerns of compatibility? Any advice guys? thanks

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Grid assist application

Hello everyone.

my question is about grid parallel.

can i add to the Grid source the power of the Inverter when the load is high and prioritize the Pv power first

Can the load go over the max and be bigger then the nom power or the courant of the MultiPlus so the inverter can be underrated compared to the maximum courant required by the load

I have a 3 phases system with high load (2 pumps. AC, heat system plus the house consumption ) and i want to install 3 MP3000/48 in parallel so i use PV and when the load is high it powered from the grid.

i heard about grid assist but i have no idea how to make it run..... how to do that in practice

Thank you

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2 x MP-II 5k not working in Inverter mode, why?


I have 2 Multiplus-II 5k-70 parallel, connected to 6 x US3000, Cebro GX (2.62) and a Fronius Primo on AC-Out1. What I don't understand is why the MP-II stops working when they are connected to the grid and in 'Inverter' mode. They work when connected to the grid and in 'Charge only' mode. They also work when they are in 'Inverter' mode and NOT connected to the grid. Who can help me to find the problem why they don't work when connected to the grid and in Inverter mode? Dealer is saying they configured the Multiplus correct and can't find a wrong setting.

To test and to find the problem I exclude the cabling and the in-house circuit (also the Fronius) therefore I connected the Multiplus's directly from the Main grid circuit breaker to the Multiplus 'AC-In's (cables are same length, no fuses or busbar in between). On the AC-Out1 I directly connected a load (no busbar or breakers). When I switch the MP-II on it takes them multiple tries before connecting to the grid. When and if it succeeds the loading to the battery is very unregular and fluctuating. One of the multiplus is making a unregular fluctuating humming sound. After 2-6 minutes the MP-II shutdown (no error in the VRM portal). Sometimes they restore and sometimes they stay off.

All settings that I know of (from the manuals) are set. 'Limit Inverter Power' is switched off.

I am lost... why does it work in other modes and not when in Inverter mode?


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Strange DC at MPPT input at night

My 150/70 is having a strange DC at its input during some nights, not all. Here's an example:


Almost 18V at input. Suddenly around 23.56 it has gone to zero but it came again as you can see.

This MPPT is a part of a bluetooth parallel network, with 2 more 250/60 in which none of them shows this behavior.

What could be this about? It is connected to 3 strings, it's chassis is grounded, as well as the panels frames.

Running fw version 1.54.

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Multi parallel generator issue

Hi all,

A client's install has two 48V, 5kVA Multi ii paralleled: up to date matching firmware, identical AC and DC cabling, CCGX, gel battery & suitable solar input. The client has an isolated, completely independent back-up system (via AC transfer switch) incl. its own solar and battery.

With the occasional need for diesel gen back-up (we're in a sunny part of Spain), the client switches the transfer switch to power the loads from the back-up system (cleaner signal to the loads & maximum input into the batt). Then when the batt is full, they switch back to run the house from the Multi system.

The system has worked fine for a few months, and then (following a generator service) last week, when charging through the Multis, the generator stalls almost every time, almost immediately before it's got up to steam.

The gen is fully tested, and works fine powering loads or when charging the separate back-up system.

I've tried swapping master and slave allocation, and this seems to have helped, but as I can't say that this has 100% fixed the issue, the client is understandably twitchy.

If the gen is also powering the loads through the Multis, the gen stalls less often, but still does. This makes me wonder if there's some backfeed issue, explaining why it's much more common when only charging the batt rather than also having a load to supply.

Any thoughts/ experiences appreciated!

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3 x Parallel Connected Batteries can take 10 amps each, can I charge them at 30 amps

I have a battery bank with 3 X Yuasa EFB 100Amh batteries which are rated to take up to 10 amps each. Can I charge the bank at 30 amps with a MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller?

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Existing multiplus parallel setup needs to accomodate 3phase load

Hi! o/

I presently have 2 x 48V 3000 VA Multiplus VICTRON PMP483021010 in parallel connected to a LiPo Freedom Won 20/14 LifeP04 KWh battery working great in an offgrid config (+ victron solar gear charging + genset).

Soon I will need to add two three phase devices as load 400 V AC (+-15%) / 3 ~ max actual 32,6A. In addition I need to accommodate the current maximums allowed by my current setup (<=6000W peak, ~4400W sustained on single phase max ambient temp 40C in summer). The three phase loads will never be used at the same time as the max output of a single phase. This is for a small workshop, it's either or, never both. The three phase loads are large compressor + plasma CNC.

Below are the options I think I have. They are in order of preference by cost:

  • Option 1: add additional Multiplus in parallel allowing sustained ~6600w on a single phase + appropriately sized Variable Frequency Device (VFD) devicre to connect the 3 phase load.
  • Option 2: All Multiplus identical: phase 1: 2 x multiplus, phase 2: 1 x multiplus, phase 3: 1 x multiplus - will this work?
  • Option 3: 3 phase: each phase as single Multiplus 48/3000/50 + additional separate single phase circuit with Multiplus 48/5000/70.

Are any of these options non viable? Are there better options? Ideally option 2 would be 3 phase solution with a single phase using the Multiplus 48/5000/70 + the other 2 phases using my existing Multiplus 48/3000/50s - but I am told should never happen and Bad Things(tm) will happen - and so is excluded for that reason.



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Can an EasySolar be parallel with EasySolar / MultiPlus / Phoenix / Quatro

Two EasySolars (5kV / 48V) can be configured in parallel.

But is it possible to configure an EasySolar (5kV / 48V) parallel with an MultiPlus, Phoenix or Quatro (of 5kV / 48V)?

I don't know what kind of firmware / chipset these other models have. But it seems a bit redundant to combine 2 EasySolars (to have 2 times the build in MTTP capacity / 2 times a Color Control).

I need more output then one EasySolar can provide.

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Skylla IP65 parallel

As we all know, two Skylla IP65 can be used in parallel with a Can.Bus cable.

What about the 3A starter battery connector? Can this connector can be used in parallel also, to get a 6A output for the starter battery?

Thanks, Peter

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Help with switching simple 12v marine system from PWM to MPPT. Which compnents needed?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the community.

I have a simple to moderate 12v solar system on my 26ft. sailboat. Because of weight, I want to switch from PWM and lead acid to MPPT and lithium. While money isn’t really and issue, I would still rather not have overkill with components that I might not need, so was looking for some advice as to the exact components that I need.

Current specs:

· 720ah wet batt. bank (lead acid)

· 40A 12v PWM controller (Steca Solarix 4040)

· 350W solar (all in parallel - different sizes because of the shape of the boat):

o 2x 16.7 V Max. (each) / 5.99 A Max. (each) (100Wp) ETFE Mono-Flex

o 3x 17.2 V Max. (each) / 2.92 A Max. (each) (50Wp) ETFE Mono-Flex

· All loads (except motor) connected with terminal bar and then to PWM load terminal (including 2 small 300w inverters for port and starboard), everything with on/off switches and fuses (max combined current @ 35 amps)

· External max 60A 12v trolling motor connected directly to battery, also with fuse and switch.

First of all, am I correct in assuming that I cannot connect different wattage (amperage) panels in series for an mppt system (as the lowest amperage would be taken), and would therefore have to keep everything in parallel?

After the research, this is what I envisioned (using all Victron parts, except for batteries):

· 4x 120ah lithium batts…total 480ah

· Victron smart controller mppt 100/30 (

· The above 350w solar panels in parallel. I know mppt would work better with higher voltages, but I am assuming if I put them in series, it would take the lowest amperage and therefore lose 50% efficiency?

· Cerbo GX ( I know this seems like overkill, but I need to be able to remoter monitor charge and temp, plus connect a few devices….

· All loads, including motor directly connected to batt through 100A battery protector ( whereas the protector would be connected to the Cerbo (is that possible?)

· Mppt control display connected to cerbo?? (

· Temp sensor connected to cerbo? (

The reason I want to switch to a Victron mppt system, is because the batteries are so expensive, that I want to ensure maximum life. So am I missing anything above, component wise? Should I be using a BMV instead of the mppt control display or a BMS in stead of/or in conjunction with the battery protector? Do I need a smart shunt, relay switch or any other components to make this system work efficiently and hassle free?

My goal is to get advice on the exact components to buy. Any and all advice or information is greatly appreciated!



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What size array for Victron 100/50?

I have 4 x 250watt panels 38v open cct and 8.8 amp short cct current as labelled on back of panels.

If I hook up the panels in parallel (volts should remain at 38v) and current should be 4 X 8.8 = 35.2 amps.

Is this correct, can I use this setup with a 100/50 Victron smart controller?


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Problem with Cyrix ct contact 86
good morning.
I have a problem with the victronenergy Cyrix Ct 120.
I did a somewhat different installation from the manual.
I put a switch on contact 85 start assist to start the engine with the service batteries.
In addition I also put a switch on the negative contact 86 of the coil.
In this way I disconnect the cyrix to prevent the panels from charging an already charged engine battery every day.

but if one day I decide to reconnect the cyrix with the switch on the negative contact, once the cyrix closes with voltage greater than 13.2v, it is always closed ... and does not open with voltage less than 12.8v.
To get it to work properly again, I have to operate the "start assist" contact switch and then turn off the "start assist".
In this way, the cyrix resumes its automatic functioning.
But every time I turn it off from the negative and then reconnect it, it then gets stuck in the closed position.
Anyone know why this happens?

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AC load data display conflicting with 2 x 10kva quattro in parallel

i have 2 x 10 kva quattro in parrallel

2 x fronius 8.2 and a mppt 150 / 85

bmv 702 and ccgx

Ac load data is incorrect in the home screen and in the menu

even the volts x amps does not = watts

screen shots attached

Ant thoughts





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Multiplus II PMP482305010 rev 08 and rev 09 parallel compatibility

Hello!, are the 08 and 09 hardware revision of the PMP482305010 fully compatible for a parallel setup?

Best regards.

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Parallel connection of Multiplus II, ESS, several houses to a common grid connection


I need help judge, whether this connection will work. The requirement is, no overflow of energy into the grid. The premise is that solar energy will only be transferred between houses.

Thank you in advance for the consultation


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MPPT 75/10 and blue smart charger in parallel?

Hey, i'm currently working on a small mobile solar station with a Victron Li-Ion-Battery for education purposes. When the station is outside it should yield its energy via an solar panel and the Victron MPPT charge controller. When not in use, it will probably stay inside for a longer time. For this case it would be great if the battery coulld be charged via the Victron Blue Smart charger off the grid. Is it possible to connect both devices, the Blue Smart Charger and the MPPT solar charger, in parallel to the Li-Ion battery? (VE.Bus BMS will be installed)

To my understanding, since both devices work in the same output voltage range, this shouldn't be a problem.

Many thanks in advance


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Quattro 48/500/ 2x100 and Multiplus 48/5000 - Single Phase parallel

Greetings Guys,

I have 2 Victron inverters, one Quattro 48/5000 and one Multiplus 48/5000.

I want to set them up as Split Phase parallel working units, I know that the main criteria for the system to work is to have 2 or more identically units running in parallel, but I'm not sure if the units needs also to be from the same ''family'' like Quattro with Quattro and Multi's with Multi's.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Best Regards,

Ungureanu Gheorghe Aurelian

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