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Paralleled strings of same panels on different orientations

Hi there,

Is it acceptable with Victron MPPTs to install parallel strings of the same module type on different orientations? EG, 3 modules facing west, paralleled with 3 modules facing east, into the same input on the MPPT?

Cheers, Anne

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Easysolar 12/1600 install in a van, panel wiring and LiFeYPO4 settings


Bought into Victrons sales speech for Easysolar 12/1600 product for a van project, but it seems some things still remain unanswered. I've read the manual and done the search. This setup will be used year round in different locations, some shaded some not and temperatures will vary mostly between -5 to +25 celsius. I will be living off-grid full time in the vehicle, so i opted for what i believe is a quality product from a European manufacturer, and i really want to like it.

Being that solar power is somewhat of a new option in the energy market (for the average consumer i mean) and it's popularity will grow together with the advance of battery technology. I find that that the manual and available information for a product labeled as Easysolar is lacking. I really think Victron is on to something here, but the documentation needs to be improved.

Ranting aside, to avoid frying my expensive gear and to get this right the first time, i have come here at the fountain of knowledge to be assisted and educated. So please take time to read this post thoroughly.

My setup will be:

Easysolar 12/1600

3x GWL SunnyPoly 165w panels

12v 260ah LiFeYPO4 winston battery with BMS123Smart for monitoring (link is to 200ah battery, otherwise specs should be similar)

Now for the list of actual questions:

1. Series or parallel panel wiring:

-I am under the assumption that parallel wiring would be better for shaded areas, but series better for more challenging conditions. So far I'm going for parallel wiring, will this work? Do i have enough voltage coming out of the paralleled panels to charge my system when in less optimal conditions? Is there a reason i should consider series?

2. If wired parallel, where to connect:

-there are inputs for 3 strings of panels on the Easysolar, is there a difference whether i connect the panels parallel in the roof and come down with one set of connectors and wires or is it better to wire and connect all 3 panels separately? I am inclined to wire them separately just because it would seem more serviceable and more robust to have less connectors and all 3 panels having their own set of cabling all the way from panel to the CC, this make any sense?

3. Inverter/charger settings

-i do not have any kind of color control monitor or such, i only have one VEdirect to usb -cable which i gather is not compatible with the inverter/charger portion of Easysolar but would need a VEbus to usb cable(?). However, when i check the manual page 16 for the table for dip-switch operable voltage settings - there is no setting for lithium batteries to be found at all? What settings do i NEED and HOW to set them now (with either dip-switches or by acquiring the VEbus-cable)?

4. Charge controller settings:

-now this one seems to have a rotary selector for LiFePO4, so that's something that is finally Easy as the name suggests. Apart from flicking the switch to seven is there any additional settings i NEED to change in order to keep my battery healthy? I quess this would be done with the VEdirect to usb cable and a computer then?

5. Is there anything else i need to reconsider before going with this setup?

-i've already acquired the gear mentioned above and will install these in the coming weeks. This will be the single most important aspect of my van, so i would like it to work since it will be a pain in the ass to redo once the project is finished.

Thank you for reading this far, please reply if you have an answer to one of my questions.


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Is it posible to connect on parallel a Phoenix multiplus 24/3000/70 and a multiplus 24/3000/70?

Is it posible to connect on parallel a Phoenix multiplus 24/3000/70 and a multiplus 24/3000/70?

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Wire 2 Orion DC-DC Converters in Parallel

I see in the manual for my Orions that up to 5 units can be wired in parallel. I'd like to put two units (70 amps each) in parallel. Can someone look at my wiring plan and let me know if this is correct? Thanks for the help!


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Something special i should think about with follwing setup
MPPT 75/15 parallel with MPPT 100/20


swordoski asked
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Configuration of 2x Multiplus II 5KVA in parallel (single-phase) ESS system. 5KW appliance is only to be used on battery power when batteries are above 90% SOC and up to 2hrs before sunset.


I'm hoping for some different points of view on how to configure my ESS system so as to arrive at the optimal solution. There is a 5KW appliance(hot tub) that I only want to run on solar power(whenever excess solar power is available) or grid power(when someone manually decides to turn on the appliance).

My thoughts are to configure the ESS through assistants to:

"Power the hot tub through ACOut1 when batteries are above 90% SOC and up to 2/3hrs before sunset." The 2 hrs before sunset is to allow the batteries 2hrs to get up to 100%.

In this case, I would need to also connect the hot tub to ACOut2 so that if a person is to turn on the hot tub and the above conditions are not met, the hot tub would be fed from the mains grid not battery power. A backfeed contactor would first/simultaneously disconnect the hottub from ACOut1 consumption using a relay.

Does anybody have any better suggestions?

The system spec:


2units -Multiplus II 48V 5000KVA (running in parallel mono-phase)

2units - SMART Solar MPPT 250/100 VE CAN

36units - solar panels (11.5KW of generation power, 2x panel arrays of 18 modules)

12units - pylontech US2000 2.4KWh 48V Lithium modules

*Self-consumption only, no feeding back to the mains grid

The goals of the system:

To reduce the monthly electrical bill from mains electric, while still achieving a 12-15 year lifespan for these batteries.

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Equalization for parallel controllers

I have 4 MPPT 75/15 controllers fed from 4 different panels on my boat which go to one battery bank. When I go to equalize do I just do it from one controller or do I have to turn on the equalization on all controllers at the same time? If I just do one would it harm or cause a disconnect from the others due to the high 16.2 volts?

Thank you, Richard

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What is the deal with the MultiPlus Compact, vs. the Multiplus II?

I've been told by a seller (and found it here too), that the MultiPlus-II is the newer version and will most likely be supported for longer, since the Compact is being phased out. Is this correct?

I was planning on buying a 2000W (or even just a 1600W) model, and for backup reasons two of them, rather than one 3000W model. The Multiplus-II however is not available in the lower wattage versions. Wonder why, if the Compact units are being phased out.

Am not to keen on buying a "phase-out" product. On the other hand, they are known for reliability, as far as I can tell, while the MP-II might not have proven the same reliability yet.

Are lower wattage units of the MP-II planned, or will Victron just not serve the market for smaller wattage units with the ability to parallel the units any more?

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Running 2 x Multiplus 2 48/3000 in a single phase setup with ESS

Hi, I am having toughts of running 2 x Multiplus in paralell with a single phase system, and maybe expanding up to a total of 4 later on. Using 1 source of single phase AC (230V) from grid.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. When running ESS, can both Multipluses feed back into the grid (doubling the normal feedback contra using only 1)?
  2. The transfer switch when grid is on, will that be "duplicated"? When I use 1 multiplus, the transfer switch is 32A when grid is connected. When I use 2 in paralell, will I get the same as 2 x 32A transfer switches? Or is there something im missing?
  3. My phase coming into my house is fused with 63A, therefore I would like to use as much as possible from that before supplying from battery (powerassist). So using 2 x 32A fuses (1 for each multiplus) should in theory give me 7360W pr multiplus of grid use, and 2400W of non-grid use? Or did I misunderstand the concept of transfer switch?

    Thanks in advance :)

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Can you mix Victron buck boost converters in parallel?

Was looking at doing a 100a and 50a buck boost converters in parallel. Assuming all the settings are matching and cable runs are equal, can this be done?

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how can multiplus 1 be used as charger in combination with a multiplus 2 as master and one gx?

I have a mp1 5000/48 and a mp2 5000/48, is it possible to run both in parallel on on battery, or at least to use the mp1 to increase the battery charging power?

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2 Multis in Parallel

My system:

2 x MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100

8 x Delta Gel Batteries GX12-200 (12V, 200 Ah)

48 x 150W Solar panels

2 x BlueSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr/MC4

Color Control GX

My problem: 2 parallel units from time to time a few times a day switch to inverting without any reasons all of a sudden and sometimes are overloaded, when the real load is 2kW only – that’s what I call “moments of instability”.

I have unstable weak AC input (house is in village with rather weak transformer, which cannot quickly sustain stable voltage when someone switches on high load more than 2kW).

When I had only one Multiplus and updated it with the latest firmware 3 years ago, it started working excellently without overloading itself and without switching to inverting every time I switched high load. It worked perfectly until I had to upgrade the system and installed the 2nd Multiplus in parallel last year. Even now when I experiment and use only one Multiplus after programming it to standalone mode, it works perfectly. But when I use 2 units in parallel – my system keeps on switching to inverting – not all the time, but from time to time. And in these moments of instability I sometimes see that power, taken from my batteries, reaches 6kW – that’s what at least shortly indicated on CCGX and in reality it can be much more. This is crucial for my batteries and 2 out of 8 are dead by now. Yesterday I checked voltage on each battery under 1kW load: 2 indicated 10 V, others – 12.1V. So, I am prone to think that instable parallel work of Multiplus units caused death of batteries, since they are not intended to work in mode of sudden short and relatively high load, which all of a sudden occurs during these moments of instability.

I carefully read everything written here:

My system is up to date, all AC wires between Multiplus units and joint point are equal in size (2.5 mm^2) and length (750 mm) – yesterday I replaced 6 mm^2 wires with 2.5 mm^2 , trying to avoid over-dimensioning , but it did not have any result.

Dear Victron team – please admit that parallel systems were not supposed to work with weak AC input and I should replace my 2 Multis with one Quattro for 10 or 15kVA. I do not know what else I could do - everytime I wait for the new firmware with hope that it will solve my issue with parallel units as it did 3 years ago for stand alone unit, but all the last firmware files, including 2624473.vff, make no difference.

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Quattro grid parallel with backup generator

Hi all,

We are about to move into quite a remote house which we know the area is effected by grid failure, plus i would like to be able to run mostly from a stored solar system. My intention for how i would like the system to work is that during the day, PV will charge the batteries and power any small loads (We will both be at work so don't expect much draw here). In the evening i would like the house to mostly run off the inverter and batteries. When/if the batteries get to 40% SOC, i would like it to swap back to grid power. (There is once sentence in the ESS that states when battery power is not available, the system will buy from the grid). I would also like this to be the case when the power demand exceeds the inverters capacity, i would like it to be either topped up or swapped over to grid power, is this possible?

If it gets to a preset time, say 6pm and the batteries aren't at say 60% SOC, then i would like to set a charge condition that the charger will kick in from the grid supply, in case of grid failure (I know this is possible from the ESS manual)

If grid failure occurs, and i discharge the batteries to say 10%, i would then like the generator to be auto started to charge batteries/run loads (Again im fairly confident from reading manuals that this is possible)

I don't intend on using the AC-OUT2 on the quattro as we wont have many non essential electric loads, No AC, Oil fired heating and hot water ect.

I have attached a quick diagram of my intentions below. To reiterate, i guess my main questions are;

If grid power is available, but the quattro is working from batteries, is it possible to set the quattro to power the loads from the grid once the batteries reach a set SOC? The ESS manual refers a lot to disconnecting loads at certain preset SOC's, but i just want it to power from the grid instead of disconnecting loads.

The second is in the case of overloading the Quattro inverter, when grid power is available. Will it top its current capacity up with grid power? Will it switch to purly grid supply instead and bypass the invertor all together?

Can the Cerbo and touch 50 run ESS? They arent mentioned as compatible in the ESS manual but i assume the manual is older than the products? Also, is it possible to run two touch 50 displays from one Cerbo? So i could have one by the setup in the garage and one in the house?


Thanks in advance


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Multiplus 2 parallel connection problems

I have added another identical multiplus ii to the current setup. Older unit hw ref5 and new unit hw rev11. Both updated to firmware version 470, but get "Only multis of same kind and with same firmware version are allowed. Procedure will be restarted" when using VE Bus quick Cofigure tools. Both connected to the same DC and AC bussbars with same cable length and size.

Wannibi asked
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Multiplus II 48/3000 PMP482305000 and PMP482305010 parallel compatibility.

Hello all!,

I was wondering if it is possible to run in parallel the diferent hardware revisions of the Multiplus II 48/3000 PMP482305000 and PMP482305010.

Also I would like to know if PMP482305000, the older one still in production and comercially available.

Best regards.

Alfredo asked
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250/85 going to float 150/70 x 2 still in absorb

I just expanded an existing installation by adding a 250/85 to an existing system with 2 x 150/70 charge controllers . All wired up this afternoon, but the new charge controller is just sitting in float rather than charging as well. The old chargers are in absorb and the new addition goes straight to float, meaning the new array is not doing anything . Is there a fix for this ? One thought I had is the the 150/70s are using the adaptive charging ( which I cant change) and the new one I have set to fixed absorb time . The 250/85 didn't even run through its full absorb time before going to float

thanks in advance

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Connecting Lithium Batteries in Parallel


I have a 400ah lithium bank (3x 100ah) and would like to increase this to 600ah (6x 100ah). The advice I got when installing this was to make sure that all cables to the busbar went directly to each of the batteries positive and negative terminal and that the cables were of the exact same length. This is to insure that all the cells remain perfectly in balance, which it does. My issue now is that I only have 4 connections on my busbar. My plan is to group the batteries into 3 lots of 2 to make 3x 200ah batteries and, for each group of 2, run the positive from one of them and the negative from the other to the busbar. Would that work and keep the cells balanced or do I need to run cables to the busbar from each of the 6 batteries independently?

Sorry - I have no drawing software, but hope this makes my plan more visual:

Positive busbar terminal <----->Batt1 <----->Batt2<------>Neg busbar terminal

Positive busbar terminal <----->Batt3 <----->Batt4<------>Neg busbar terminal

Positive busbar terminal <----->Batt5 <----->Batt6<------>Neg busbar terminal



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How does the start assist on Cyrix ct? I have a problem
hello, I purchased the cyrix ct 120A relay.
I already had a similar relay from another brand, not bidirectional but unidirectional.
I installed the Cyrix as shown in the diagram: 86 chassis, 30 start battery, 87 service battery, 85 start assist, on the positive service battery with switch.
But there is a problem: acting on the start assist, the cyrix should close for 30 seconds and then open.
instead it is always closed. and the only way to open it is to disconnect the negative contact 86.
Did it arrive defective or am I doing something wrong?

buongiorno,ho acquistato il relè cyrix ct 120A.
Avevo gia un rele simile di altra marca, non bidirezionale ma monodirezionale.
L ho installato come da schema: 86 telaio, 30 start battery,87 service battery, 85 start assist sul positivo service battery con interruttore.
Ma c'è un problema: agendo sullo start assist, il cyrix dovrebbe chiudersi per 30 secondi e poi aprirsi.
invece  resta chiuso sempre. e l unico modo per aprirlo é staccare il contatto negativo 86.
Mi è arrivato difettoso oppure sbaglio qualcosa?

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600V from micro hydro generator, to battery bank?

I plan to add a battery bank to an existing micro hydro system. I would like to parallel 3 of the Victron Quattro 10kVA 120V to take power from the 24kW capacity hydro generator (or a diesel backup generator) to charge the battery bank and feed through / invert to 120V AC for household power. The problem is that the hydro generator produces power at 600V AC whereas the Victron Quattro inverter-chargers will accept only between 90V and 140V AC input. I could put a 600V to 120V step-down transformer between the hydro generator and the Quattros but this would reduce efficiencies.

Is there a way to set up a Victron product to handle the 600V AC output of my hydro generator? Or else is there an inverter-charger on the market that can handle that input voltage directly?

wahlet asked

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Anybody know what cable replaced ASS030063000, I want to parallel Phoenix inverters

I have a customer who wishes to connect three Phoenix 24/1600 systems in parallel, but I cannot locate the correct ribbon cable in the ordering system.

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Multiplus in parallel not according to White Paper

My two Multiplus 24/3000-70/50 do not act like the White Paper "Achieving the Impossible" at all.

Here you can see my setup in action. Please notice the low low on ACin (30a single phase) and the high demand, but low SOC of my battery bank (400aH Lithium).


Please note my settings and data below.



According to the white paper, I should have ~10A AC available and charging the batteries at this point....but they just keep getting discharged.

Now, I switched the major load (A/C) off. Here is the system reaction:




Any help is appreciated.

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2x Multiplus in Parallel with VE.bus BMS and Venus GX

Hi, I'm looking to add another 12/2000/80 to my setup to increase my output wattage in order to remove propane and add induction hob and convection oven, but not sure if I can as I have used both the RJ45 ports on what would be the master Multiplus, so nothing left to connect to what would be the slave Multiplus. Will I just have to sell the 12/200/80 and get a 12/3000/120 Multiplus?

Hope someone can think of something I haven't...


stocksy asked
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Unbalanced load on Parallel 2x Multiplus-II 5000/48 system.

HI All.

I'm hoping to get some assistance. I have been struggling to get my 2x multiplus-ii 5kw units in parallel setup correctly. Sorry. Let me phrase that again. They are set up precisely, in parallel, according to the user manual and is running, but the one always supplies all the load and goes into overload the moment I start pulling more than 5kw, the other unit does nothing the entire time.

When my system goes to pass-through mode, I can see that both AC cable runs thought the individual inverters are carrying the same amount of current. I have Volt and Amp sensors on both input and outputs of my multis to confirm this.

On the DC side, I have double-checked every connection, cable type and cable length, and places DC shunt current sensors inline with both inverters. The resistance through both DC runs should be very close to exactly balanced, but the one inverter will carry 80 to 100A (55V system) and the other inverter is sitting at 0.03A.

To make sure it wasn't anything to do with DC cables/system, I swapped the inverters around on the wall and kept everything else the same. The problem then moved with the inverter.

So my question, can anyone think of something else for me to test/configure/do? Or is it a faulty inverter.

Something I have noticed is that the inverter that never carries any load is disconnected from the shared AC bus, it fails with overload immediately, and then takes down the whole parallel system. It will not start again unless it is corrected to the shared AC bus, it just ends up in a overload loop and resets.

Lastly, I have upgraded my multis to the latest 469 firmware.

PS. Here is my .rvms file to have a look at my configured setup.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



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When two 48/5000 inverters in parallel, to switch them off remotely is it enough to switch off the Master?

Maybe I'm just not attent enough but couldn't find in the manual if both parallel units' remote connections shall be wired to switch them off, or is it enough to wire the miniBMS with the Inverting on-off cable just to the Master? If both shall be wired can I use the same Inverting on-off for both (it support max. 30mA) or shall I use two cables in parallel? Also, in this latter case will the miniBMS support the double current draw?

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Skylla - TG parallel connection


I wanted to confirm if Skylla-TG 48V models can be connected in parallel for large battery banks. Also I need to know if they can monitored remotely using a GX device.

If they are not able to work in parallel then I need to know which charger device is compatible to work with a Victron system with option to be monitored remotely.


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How to connect Orion-Tr Smart 12/12 30a in parallel

Hi. I have one victron orion-tr 12/12 30a in my van and I'd like to install another to give me 60amps,total charging. Can anyone advice my how I'd need to wire the 2 units many thanks

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Wiring help with victron 2 multiplus in parallel


Good Day,

I want to add a 2nd Multiplus to my current setup. Would someone point me in correct direction for the wiring for the 2 Multiplus.

I have added a diagram of my current setup .

Denzel asked
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Using LiFePO4 Battery 12,8V/300Ah for a large battery bank


I understand for a 48V system the max number of LiFePO4 Battery 12,8V/300Ah is 20 units (4 series by 5 parallel). For a PV system that requires 220kWh in battery bank can can I use multiple sub battery banks of 20 units?

dgmar_ni asked
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Can I put a Quattro 24/3000/70 and a Multiplus 24/3000/70 in parallel?
Hi all, I am having a Victron Quattro 24/3000/70 installed on my boat. Can I put a Multiplus 24/3000/70 in parallel like they would be 2 Quattros with the VE Bus to get a 6000W inverter. Reason why not a 2nd Quattro is I could get a slightly used 3 month old Multiplus 24/3000/70 for a steal price shipped to my boat. 
Thank you.

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Why - 3 x Multiplus II 48V - High Peak Output Current not Equal to Input Current

System 3 x Multiplus II 3kW 48v in Parallel with 2 x 4kWH 52v Blue Nova

Purely backup system


AC Output Current 33.6 A


AC Input Current 15.2 A


AC Output Power 688W


Battery -2.60 A 55.65 V


System in Float


No Warnings or Alarms

1) I need to make sense of the above.

2) Installation - Trips 40 A Output Breaker on essential loads.

3) System sometimes shuts down - Overload - when ( No mains Available )

Please Assist, Thanks Ebrahim, Cape Town, South Africa. asked
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