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Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Input Ground


I have an Orion TR-smart DC-DC 12/12 30amp isolated charger in a van.

I have a 6gauge positive wire run from the starting battery to a fuse, then to the back of the van and to the positive input of the Orion.

Do I also need to run a 6 gauge ground wire directly from the battery (entire length of the van) to the negative input on the Orion charger, or is it sufficient to ground the negative input to the chassis at the back of the van?

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Orion TR smart acceptable voltage drop

The unit was installed +-1m from auxiliary battery in camper van but due to poor bluetooth range!of this unit I could not connect while driving the towing vehicle. Unit is now installed in towing vehicle BUT now the distance to aux battery is too long. +-5m resulting in voltage drop between the unit and the aux battery to be charged. What is an acceptable voltage drop to still be able to charge aux battery?

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MultiPlus Trickle Charging in combination with Orion Tr Smart


we have a standard MultiPlus 24V installation with Lithium batteries (24V) in a truck camper (very similar to the Victron van install, but 24V). To charge while driving, we are using an Orion Tr Smart autodetecting if the engine is running. So far, everything works fine.

Now, I was wondering, if I can use the trickle charge output of the MultiPlus to charge the starter batteries during longer phases of not driving? We are using a cooling box in the drivers cab, that I can't directly connect to the house batteries...

- Is the trickle charge output a proper charger with settings for the starter battery type?

- Would the Orion Tr Smart detect trickle charging as an engine start, due to the increase in voltage? Am I creating a loop this way?

- What would be an alternative?

Thank's so much for you input!

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Buck-Boost DC/DC converter vs Orion-Tr Smart 12/12

Hello everyone,
I tried to get an answer looking at previous posts, but I still don't understand which is the difference between them:
let's say we have a vehicle with a smart alternator, a 12v starter battery and a 12v leisure battery (agm or lithium)...
which one is better to use to charge the leisure battery? Why? what're the pros and cons of each one?

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Can the Orion-Tr Smart Charger be in series with a Combiner Relay?

Does the Orion TR Smart Charger have voltage present on the input terminal with no source connected? I ask this because the set-up I have already includes a voltage sensing combiner relay closest to the Start battery. The combiner won't close-in to admit input power to the charger unless there is a voltage present.

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Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30 cable bus bar

i am looking to add a Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30 to my system but my main cable that come from my alternator is a gauge 2

So my cable is to big to connect it to the DC-Dc....

so does that combinations look ok?

Truck Alternator - breaker 60 amp - truck batterie (AGM) - Gauge 2 25 ft long - breaker 60- Gauge 6 4 ft long - 2 x batteries (Lithium total 200 amp)

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Orion-TR Smart 12/12 30A F-250 Alternator Charging Settings?

I am having some difficulties setting up my new Victron Orion-TR Smart 12/12 30A chargers on my 2019 Ford F-250 with a 200 amp heavy duty alternator.

Originally, I had this isolator based system:

Blue Sea System Relay

80 amp circuit breaker

House Battery (300 ah LiFEBlue LiFEPO4)

I have now wired in the two Orions between the circuit breaker and the house battery (want to test before removing the relay).

I am having some wild voltage swing looking at the units with the standard LiFEPO4 settings.

For one, can this setup only handle one Orion potentially?

Also, if I remove the remote plug does that disable the unit and allow it be bypassed even if it is still wired in currently?

Any tips or pointer from someone who has tackled a similar project would be most appreciated.

I just wanted to better protect my alternator and charge my LiFEPO4 at the optimum voltage, and I am accomplishing neither at the moment.

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Orion TR Smart bluetooth range

What is the bluetooth range of this device? Any way of increasing the range?

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Orion Smart 12/12/30 Fusing

I just purchased a new Orion Tr-Smart 12/12/30 Isolated DC-DC charger to install in my RV. The installation is complete and the unit is operating properly, but I am confused by the fusing recommendation in the manual. It calls for a 60 amp fuse, but the charger is only a 30 amp charger so why are both the input and output rated for a 60 amp fuse. I would have thought that 40 or 45 amps would have been more appropriate.

I asked the vendor about it but they just replied that 60 amp was the maximum size for the fuse and I have never purchased equipment with a fusing requirement where the fuse size was not the minimum fuse size, not the maximum.

Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

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When Current Control in Orion Smart DC-DC 12/12 30? Screen Display Says Now.

In Power Supply Mode, the screen displays "Output voltage is kept constant and current limited to the configured values on the settings page". But it's not there at this time.

The Orion is great with alternators (smart and dumb), but there are a number of other uses where current control is important. In my case, I have a relay to switch the Orion between the truck alternator (battery) and an AGM only 30A Iota converter/charger. At 13.2 V output, the Iota is not suitable for lithium batteries and with the Orion drawing as much as 35 A, this overloads the Iota.

Others have wire size issues. Wire is cheap, pulling it is expensive, so wire upgrade are often delayed.

With smart alternators the norm, the Orion really needs current control sooner than later.

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Connecting smart bms to other victron items

I have just purchased LifePo4 victron smart batteries and a smart bms. Am I right in thinking that I use a non inverting remote cable to connect the bms to my cerbo gx and use dvcc mode to control the mppt.
also where does an Orion tr smart 12/12-30 go in this situation???

My thought was the Orion output goes to the ve+ post of the battery and the remote (h) connected to the bms, likewise the mppt output connects here also and is controlled via dvcc parameters.

I have a smart battery protect that I am putting between the ve+ post and my loads (bus bar) but see that it is one way hence the questions ref the chargers.

Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance for any constructive advice given.

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Victron TR Smart 12/12 - 30 section de cable pour un cable de 7m de long?

Dans le manuel d'intructions de Victron en page 10 il est écrit, de prendre 16mm² maximum pour 5m de cable. Dans les versions anglaises et allemandes: de prendre 16mm² minimum?

Afin de réduire les pertes de voltage j'avais l'intention de mettre du 25mm² pour les 7m de cable dont j'aurais besoin. Celà est il OK? Merci si quelqu'un pouvait me renseigner.

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Input current of a Orion TR12/12-9 when the remote is off.

What is the input current of a Orion TR12/12-9 when the remote is off and the output is connected to a load?

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Orion TR Smart 12/12/30 input voltage lock-out understanding how it should work

I just purchase Orion TR Smart 12/12/30 non-isolated. I am struggling with settings.

My car has eur6 alternator. I can not get my head around settings on Input voltage lock-out.
How should that work with Engine shut down detection?

I do understand that Engine shut down detection for example 13.1 - 13.3 will set the unit to start if the voltage goes above 13.3 and it will shut down if it drops below 13.1. Now the problem is, I can see on my main battery while the engine is running 11.8 voltage. Meaning maybe Engine shut down detection needs to be set differently, but if I set it up to 11.8 it will drain my battery. So I assume this is where Input voltage lock-out comes handy? But I can not get my head around how that should work and how it should be set.

Can someone explain to me in more details, please?

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Replacement for Remote On/Off Switch

In installation, the remote on/off switch (green thing) has been lost. It’s an Orion Tr Smart 12/12 -30 Isolated DC/DC Charger. Where can I get another one?

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Inconsistent charging from Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30a non-Isolated

Looking for ideas to troubleshoot my alternator charging setup. I replaced a ML-ACR from the AGM setup with 2 Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30a in parallel with the new BattleBorn Lithium batteries.

I took the easy way out and re-used the 2/0 wire run by the original up-fitter from the Transits main terminal back to the power cabinet (10-12' run). There I am using a small busbar to split off 2 50a fused 6awg input wires to each Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30a. Then from the Orions I go to the main busbar.

The Orions will charge for 10mins in Bulk, then flip over to Absorption and not provide any incoming charge. After 10mins the units will sometimes begin charging again while still showing Absorption even though the SOC is at 50%. When the units do begin a new charge cycling on their own, it follows a 5min on, 5min off pattern.

If I remove the jumpers to power the devices off/on, I will get another 10min of bulk charging before it again cycles to Absorption and no charge.

I see input voltages in the 13.8-14.2 range during all this. I have disabled one of the 2 units and see the same behavior, just half the charge amps. I have also turned off the Smart Solar MPPT controller so only one charge source is contributing. My only 2 thoughts are to try and connect via the Ford Customer Connect Point vs direct wire to vans system and/or wire the Orion output directly to the battery incase there is something at the busbar contributing to the issue.


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Orion Smart 12/12 30 Not Charging

Maybe I’m missing something here and I’m hoping somebody can help. I have the Orion smart charger 12/12 30 connected to charge my 170 ah lithium battery. I have noticed that the charger seemed to be tuning down the output to approximately 15 amps after running for 15-20 minutes and I assumed this was because of the over temperature protection (the unit was quite hot). Now when monitoring the output via my BMV712 I’m not seeing any current coming through at all. I’ve checked my fuses/breakers they’re fine. When I open the app it tells me the charger is in the bulk stage and charging yet I see no current coming to my lithium battery anymore. Am I missing something here. Could I have a defective unit? It was working since I installed it until now.

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OrionTR 48/12v -30a (360w) no Bluetooth

Application - transform 48v battery power to 12v power for house circuit.

With green jumper block installed, green light comes on. With green jumper block removed, no light comes on. In neither condition does device appear in Connecf app via Bluetooth. No blue light on unit ever.

No loads currently connected (I.e. the only two wires connected to unit are battery +/-).


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Does this schematic look ok - any improvements

I have added a lithium battery to my motorboat and I am proposing to connect it as per the sketch below. I already have the shunt, smart shunt, mppt and battery chargers. From my research I think it will work? Be interested in any comments, suggestions for improvements, thanks.


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How to wire my Cerbo GX to the rest of my Victron components

Hello all,

I'm a bit confused with how to wire my Cerbo GX to the rest of my components in the most optimal way. I'd like to be able to view the status of my system on a mobile device via bluetooth and also view the Cerbo GX web application from that same mobile device.

I have the following components:

- Victron SmartShunt

- Victron 12/3000 MultiPlus

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller

- Victron Orion Tr Smart DC/DC charger

- 1 VE.Direct Cable

The obvious connections to me are:

* MultiPlus -> RJ45 -> Cerbo GX

* SmartShunt -> VE.Direct Cable -> Cerbo GX

* SmartSolar Charge Controller -> VE.Direct Cable -> CerboGX

Here are a few questions:

1. Do I still need a VE.Direct Cable for the SmartShunt and SmartSolar Charge controller since they're bluetooth? Or is the bluetooth only so I can see them within the VictronConnect app via bluetooth?

2. Is it possible to monitor the Orion Tr DC/DC in the Cerbo GX?

3. What are the main differences between what you can view from the Cerbo GX versus what you can view within the Victron Connect app?

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Orion Tr Alternator (non smart) settings

I have installed a Orion TR 12/30 non isolated in a 2000 Mercedes Sprinter (non smart). Now I am configuring a user defined alternator and I find two required settings that make no sense to me nor does any manual/description explain what they are used for. If they are described in the text either I missed them or they are referred to as something else. They are "Delayed start voltage" and "Delayed start voltage delay". What do these settings refer to?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Orion TR 12/12-30 and 1-2-All-Off Battery Switch

I plan on switching my boat’s 200AH wet cell house bank to LiFePO4 and keep the wet cell for starter. Both banks are currently wired to a single 1-2-All-Off battery switch with lead cable from a traditional (not smart) alternator and out to positive buss bar. If I connect the Orion TR to the starter (”1”) battery positive to charge the house bank underway will I need to keep the switch on “1” underway and then to “2” when the engine is off and I’m using the house bank?

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Orion-TR smart - to use ferrules for 16mm wire or not?


I'm wondering if it is better to use ferrules for the wire or not (16mm/6awg, silicon cable, Cu/tinned)?

By all logic, it seems like it would be better, but is there any recommendations about it?

Will it fit? Can't try it, didn't buy ferrules yet.

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Orion smart engine Switch


I'm getting a bit confused by the wiring diagram in the Orion smart manual. In this figure (most are very hard to see in the manual it show the ignition switch wired to the engine ignition power and them going to the H pin. but it also shows a bridge to the L pin. If im not mistaking adding this bridge will keep the unit always on..

I would like to have the unit charge from my house bank to my starter and bow thruster bank. I would like this charging to happen only when the engine is on.


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Orion Tr Smart Isolated 12|12|30 2019 Sprinter Install

Hi @Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA, wondering if you have any experience in installing the Orion Tr Smart Isolated 12|12|30 in a 2019 Sprinter? From reading the manual it seems very plug and play but I don't know what I don't know. My question is it as simple as connecting the Negative and Positive to the starter battery terminals directly? Does this interfere with any of the factory computers since the onboard computers don't talk to the Victron and produce error codes?

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Orion Smart TR Isolated 12/12 30

Hello community,

I am currently building a van and planning on installing the Orion dc to dc charger to charge my lithium battery bank. I have a question about cable run length.

I believe the largest cable the unit can accept is 6 AWG. I have a long run at about 25 ft minimum. Will this size of cable manage well over that long of a cable run?

Thank you in advance!

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Orion tr smart dc to dc charger

Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A , seem set up to have input from a battery bank being charged with an alternator. My primary battery bank is charged by the auxiliary’s engine alternator when we are under power but for most of the time at anchor or under sail it is charged by 400 watts of solar through a Victron mppt. My query is if I set up a Orion dc to dc charger between my input battery bank and the charged battery which is a single lithium ( which I use for running my inverter needs) will the Orion function while I’m at anchor with engine alternator off but 400 watts of solar pouring into the input bank . I am guessing that As the Orion can be configured to turn on and charge at a certain input battery voltage it doesn’t care whether that voltage is from an alternator or solar panel

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Orion remote input inactive

Hello dear Victron community,

I am experiencing difficulties with an Orion 12-12/30, it is used to charge a victron smart lithium 100a in my van (from 1999 so not smart alternator).

I don't have yet a remote cable would like to make it work with the simple shunt included in the package (doing manual on/off via the app for the moment).

However, whether I plug the shunt or not, it's not charging and displaying message "remote input inactive". When the shunt is in the input voltage is 7.7V, and when I don't use the shunt the input voltage is 13.8V.

What's wrong?

Thanks for your help



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Orion-Tr Smart 12-12 reversing input with output

hello, i have 12-12 orion smart and i use it to charge battery bank 1 from battery bank 2. sometimes i need to charge bank2 from bank1 as well. what currently i have to do is switch the input and output cables and adjust settings. what would he the easier way of doing this ? external switches ? can it be done by mobile app like direction setting ? any other options ? its painful to arrange cables of input/output everytime i need to do it.

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