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Wiring 2wire auto genstart on Multiplus-II Gx


The alarm relay on the inverter has




My start module will start generator when the 2 wires are closed, and stop if circuit is broken.

Does this mean that my 2 wires should go to NO and COM on my Multiplus?

activating the relay will switch/close NO thus closing the circuit, have I Understood this correctly?

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Multiplus II GX LCD display backlight is always on

Hi Community,

my Multiplus II GX LCD Display backlight is always on. The manual says:

"When the GX Card is on, pushing the button beside the screen will increase the brightness of the backlight. The backlight will dim itself again after 5 minutes."

My backlight never dims. When I push the button beside the screen it just cycles through the different info parameteres.

Is that "backlight always on" a known bug or can I deactivate it somewhere ?

Thanks and Best regards


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Multiplus-II GX Wifi Problems

I am struggling to update the firmware of the GX device. I did the firmware update on the Inverter/Charger through the MK3-USB cable and by making use of the Victron Connect App. I then proceeded to try and update the firmware of the GX. The GX is connected to the internet, but whenever I try to update the firmware, the remote console screen freezes and I get kicked from the GX's wifi. The only way for me to regain connection is to restart the Inverter/Charger. I am also not able to connect to the site via Remote Console. Any help on this issue would be appreciated.

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Using 2 GX devices in one system - can one GX's control be disabled?

Dear Victron Community,

I have a Multiplus II GX which I would like to use with a CCGX system monitor.

I understand that the Multiplus II GX device is already capable of controlling the system without the CCGX, but I would like to add the CCGX to provide a display next to the Multiplus II GX, as I prefer it as opposed to the Android App and using a phone or tablet to monitor the data.

If this is possible, can either of the Multiplus II GX or the CCGX be configured to become the "master" while the 2nd GX device then becomes redundent? If possible, I would prefer to have the CCGX as the master.

The rest of the system includes 2 x Smart Solar MPPTs (non- VE CAN version) as well as a LiFePO4 battery with a BMS system which I would then connect to the CCGX.

If the simultanious use of a CCGX & Multiplus II GX (but with one's GX function disabled) is possible in one system, which communication ports should be utilized between the CCGX and Multiplus II GX? Is there a specific procedure to be followed for set-up?


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Multiplus 24/3000/70-16 Occasionaly doesn't power up.

My Multiplus 24/3000/70-16 (Product ID=2616, firmware = 158) is connected via VE Bus to a Venus GX. The GX logs on to the Victron VRM via a permanently powered and internet connected router. There are occasions when I remotely turn off the Multiplus via the Remote Console on the VRM. Occasionaly (about 1 time out of 10) when I turn it back on remotely the Multiplus doesn't power up. I can hear a relay click in the multiplus so the "turn on" command is getting there but it doesn't start inverting. If I turn it off and on again this doesn't fix it. If I reboot the GX then turn on the Multi it then works ok. Any ideas?

I know that the firmware of the Multi isn't the latest (the GX is up to date). Would it be worth updating the Multi firmware? If so is it easy to do? The Victron web site suggests you shouldn't update if you don't know what you are doing. I have the means to connect directly to to Multi from a laptop. asked commented ·

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Multiplus configuration - Solar EV charging station

I’m building a small EV-charging station using an EasySolar 5000, a BMW i3 22kWh battery and some solar panels.. and it’s almost done :-)

I am thinking to start with a simple control, i.e. I plug in the car and let it charge at 3.7kW AC. When the SOC of the battery bank has dropped to say 10% SOC, I would like the Multiplus to turn on grid AC and complete the EV-charge, but leave the battery bank at 10% SOC.

I have read about the different assisatnts, but I don’t think any of Them is a straight fit. What’s the best way of setting this up? Sorry if this is trivial, I’m new to the Victron Universe :-)

Lykke asked

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Victron Multiplus II GX and ET112

HI all,

I have recently installed Victron Multiplus II GX and ET112. I have connected all together and a battery. Got a small problem, it is keep disconnecting ET112 when inverter is working above 1000W. Please help.


HankM asked

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Multiplus-ii two way communication setting

In my multiplus-ii Gx i haven't the abaility to set the two way's communication (in the setting tab)

is it normal

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Hub 1 fault Multiplus-II 3000 GX

I have a Multiplus-II 3000 GX with 4 Pylontech US2000 lithium batteries.
The inverter was showing "Hub 1 fault" and it was unable to power on.
I found out that one battery (the one configured as master) for some reason doesn't turn completely on. By removing that one battery and setting the 2th as master the system correctly boot up.
What could the problem be with that battery? What exactly means "Hub 1 fault"? Any suggestion on how to proceed to solve this problem?

Many thanks

Manuele Pola asked

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A question regarding the MultiPlus 24/3000 inverter-charger:

I currently have the MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 installed as a backup UPS system for essential appliances. However, I’d like to add panels to the system to bring down my grid utility bill. What’s the most efficient and cost effective way to achieve this? Buying a PV Inverter and tying it to the grid (separate to the MultiPlus), or opting for an MPPT and running the power into the battery system?

In the case of the latter, will the panels and MPPT supplement the electricity usage on AC1 and AC2 while the grid is connected? Or only when it’s in ‘Inverter mode’.

I’ve read the instruction manual through and through and it’s not clear how a module system can be incorporated into a MultiPlus setup. I guess the short version of this question is: What is the best way to adapt the MultiPlus into a hybrid grid-tied system (to reduce the monthly electricity bill) while maintaining the unit's current purpose as a small back-up system for essential appliances?

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One Multiplus II-GX 48/5000/70-50 with Fronius 4.0 on a 3-phase grid connected system.

Hello, I plan to use a Multiplus II-GX 48/5000/70-50 with Fronius 4.0 on a 3-phase grid connected system. The 2 phases are connected directly to the consumer and the phase-3 will pass-through the Victron-Fronius system supporting Energy Storage System on one phase only . I have the next 3 questions:

1, Does the above system works fine?

2. Is the Multiplus II-GX anti-islanding certified and does exist a certificate for Greece?

3. Assuming the 3 grid phases are on. Does exist the possibility on the above system to have on the 2-direct phases 50Hz grid freq. and on the phase-3 higher ( for example 52 Hz) due to MG shifting on frequency? (This frequency unbalance would be abnormal for 3-phase loads).

Best regards,


pkorkas asked

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How does the Multiplus II GX internal battery SOC monitor work ?

Hi Community,

on sunny days the SOC climbs slowly to 93-95% and stagnates there which makes sense due to the reducing charge current.

Approx. once a week the SOC jumps from 85% or 90% straight to 100%.

I have not found out when and why it is going one or the other way.

Anyone knows ?


daniel1976 asked

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DC charge on Multiplus II 48/3000 GX not working with FW 2.52

I bought a Multiplus II 48/3000 GX 2 months ago.

Everything was working fine with Firmware 2.51 in a way that too much energy produced from external Solar Inverters behind the Multiplus (AC side) have been used to load batteries instead of feeding into the grid.

With Fimrware 2.52 I realized that only PV Power directly connected to the MPPT of the Multiplus is used to charge the batteries and all Energy from other Solar Inverters are feed into the grid although the "setpoint grid" is set to 0 Watt.

My goal is to use the included DC Charger to load batteries as well from external Solar Inverters to charge batteries, e.g. when the weather conditions are bad and the MPPT connected panels are not sufficient to charge my batteries.

That said I downgraded to FW 2.51 again, switched the Multiplus off, waited 2 minutes, switched it on again and everything worked like before.

Seems to be a bug in the 2.52 FW. @Victron team: Who can look into this?


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Asap/ Multiplus 3000 va 48v 35amp overload


We have 3 multiplus inverters of 3000va/48v connected in series to supply 3 phase consumption, after launching the system we face this situation:

We have alarms of overload on the 1st inverter (shows only 1600w but lunch an overload and high temperature) while the 2nd inverter was 1500 without alarm and tye 3rd only 400

We tried changing the consumption by using a resistive consumption, the system showed 1st inverter 2200, 2nd inverter 1500 and the 3rd 400 as before, then the system turned off directly

Why we have this overload problem?



Imene asked
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Multiplus-ii - PV power incorrect - how to configure PV location

I have some issue on power indicators in my Multiplus-ii Gx

My system:

No break loads =0W, Loads=0W

When i ask the remote console I get:


The Grid Find-in is arround Twice the PV Power and the Grid value on the Gx LCD is arround -600W

I assume the Grid value on the LCD is the ACin1 measurement

So why there is Power that is feed from the Gx ?

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EasySolar-II GX Remote Console disconnected

A few weeks ago I installed an EasySolar-II GX at a holiday home that is unoccupied for months at a time. The system is connected to the WiFi router so I can keep an eye on the system during vacant times via the VRM portal & the remote console. It went well for around 2 weeks, but since this past weekend the remote console won't open (connection error). Meanwhile system data continues to update VRM, every 10 minutes as selected. In my search for a possible answer I noticed under VRM portal > Device List > Gateway that a power up or restart occurred in the early hours this past Sunday. I am assuming after a firmware update since the GX is configured for auto updates. Where to from here? Preferably some form of remote action since I am over 1000 km from the property.

Nama asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Multiplus-ii strange data in ESS optimized

I have some strange behaviours on the console power reading and also on the VRM

The selected mode for ESS is optimized(batterie life)


There is a 150W difference

Does anyone have the same behaviour

I have also this kid of behaviour in ESS mode 3

michelP asked
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modbus TCP & multiplus-ii GX

I want to take control of my multiplus-ii GX in ESS mode 3

The usage is througth the MOdbus TCP protocol on LAN

Does LAN refer to Ethernet input, Wifi input or both

michelP asked
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Multiplus-II Gx vs CCGX

Hi have in mind a system mixing PV battery and multiplus-ii Gx like this :


I have all components notice PV inverter are APsystem QS1, the PV power feed is measured by ET112 meter.

The grid current is measured by tore sensor.

Now i start to program my nice Multiplus-ii Gx box and i am facing to some issue:

1/ the ET112 meter is regonised but only as a grid meter there is no option to define it as a PVmeter (in the CCGX there is).

2/ there is no power related to the current sensor connected in the jack input

3/ thre is no menu to set ESS in mode 1, mode2, mode 3 (in the CCGX there is)

I use ESS 0176 programming

and set the french grid standart

Is multiplus-ii Gx realy equivalent to multiplus-ii + CCGX regarding this kind of function

What are the proper assistants to implement this

michelP asked
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Multiplus 2 GX and 2 MPPT controllers?

Is it possible to connect and monitor a 75/15 and a 100/30 MPPT controller on the Multiplus 2 GX?

It is two seperate battery systems but i want to monitor both systems in the VRM portal from home.

Kjellare asked
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Victron Multiplus II com um FRonius e contrl GX


Temos um inversor Victron Multiplus II com um FRonius e contrl GX, funciono 1 semana sem problema, e agora o victron se ligue funcione 2 segunda e vai sobre float e não ligue o inversor Fronius. E agora ele ficar com com float e não ligue nada .obrigado para ajudar



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Multiplus II GX wiring to generator (AC-in)


In the MultiPlus II GX manual it is written to follow the instructions below when connecting the AC input:

Left to right: N (neutral), PE (earth/ground), L (phase)

In my setup I have a 3kW inverter generator as AC in, but I cannot understand which is the neutral and which is the phase as the output of my generator is a female plug, on which the plug can be inverted from time to time.

Which is the proper connection in this case?

Thanks a lot

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Multiple strings on a Multiplus II GX

Hi Guys,

Multiplus II GX 48v - Loving it by the way. Tinyhouse install in the Yarra Valley.

i am officially at the edge of my solar knowledge now....

I want to connect more panels to my new install, but hoped to place them facing a different direction to the 4 panels currently installed. I am on a site with multiple trees and want to take advantage of ‘later’ sun available in the day.

Can anyone tell me what equipment I might need to assist with this? My reading suggest that I would need an MPPT that accepts multiple strings....but I don’t think the controller inside my ‘all in one‘ box can do this?

thanks in advance

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Will there be a Multiplus-II GX 24V VERSION??

Are Victron going to do a 24v version of the Multiplus-2 GX?

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MultiPlus-II GX cable hole centres

Has anybody got the dimensions (mm) indicated in the image?

Thanks in advance.


pearcep asked
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Multiplus II 3000 GX backlight

Hi there,

The Multiplus II 3000 GX manual states in section 7.2 that: "When the GX Card is on, pushing the button beside the screen will activate the backlight. The backlight will turn itself off after 5 minutes".

The backlight on mine is always lit from power-up, whether I use the push-button or not, i.e. the backlight never turns off.

vintdiesel asked
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Off-grid Multiplus II + SmartSolar MPPT system monitoring


I'm planning an off-grid installation with four solar panels, a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 (48V) and a MultiPlus II 48/3000/35-32.

I'm wondering how I could monitor my system and I see (at least) two options:

1) Raspberry py

In this case I'd need to get:

  • UTP cable + MK3-USB interface to connect MP II to the Raspy
  • cable + to USB interface to connect the MPPT to the Raspy

Is that right? Or can I connect the MPPT directly to the MP II? In the latter case I don't need to buy to USB interface

2) MultiPlus-II GX 48/3000/35-32

In this case I'd need to get only:

  • cable from MPPT to MP II GX.

Is that right? As MP II GX has only one port, is there any other way to connect MPPTs to it, in case I will expand my system?

Do I really need MK3-USB interface with MP II GX? What's the purpose of USB port??

Which option do you suggest?

Sorry for the large amount of questions and thanks in advance for helping me to have clear ideas :-)


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Helioscope Victron Product Database

I have noticed that the VICTRON Product info and specification listed on Helioscope is incorrect.

They still list the BLUESOLAR RANGE of Gridtie Inverters. Maybe Victron can be in direct contact with Folsom Labs to update and provide the correct information on you products to ensure that our simulations are correct.

You can contact Canute Haroldson -

Anton de Swardt asked

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