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250 Kbits/s battery on Multiplus II-GX ?


We are installing lithium batteries with their own BMS working at 250 kbits/s using EasySolar-II GX and Multiplus-II GX units. It seems the Multiplus-II GX units do not have the 250 kbit/s baud rate option, as do all the other GX units.


Is there a way to get the Multiplus-II-GX to work at 250 kbit/s? Changing firmware perhaps?

The batteries have been tested with a Color Control GX and work fine. But it is not working with the Multiplus-II GX.

Any help is appreciated. We have 450 units of those standing by...


Jordi Faxedas

jordifax asked
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multiplus II GX all firmware up to date

Hello, I need the community, the device does not stop cutting in absortion! until the device rebounds or worse crashes completely. see the sharing thank you

jolilo asked

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Multiplus 2 48/5000/70-50 GX


J ai fais installer des panneaux voltaiques avec micros onduleurs enphase

je viens de faire installer des batteries BYD-D-BOX premium lvs avec un Victron multiplus 2

48/ 5000/70-50 GX et je n ai pas sur le VRM l affichage du carre PV

j ai bien sur demande a l installateur et voici sa réponse

La production solaire étant réalisée par micro-onduleur enphase, il n'y a pas de communication entre enphase et Victron pour afficher la production des panneaux.

Alors est ce vrai ?? existe t il une solution a brancher differemment ou ajouter un quelque chose sur le circuit pour avoir cette information ??

s'il y a une solution merci de me renseigner



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Pylontech US3000 not displayed in the device list

Good Day,

I am having the same issue that was reported in the "US3000 not shown on venus" thread. In my case I have a Multiplus-II GX (5k), thus it is a little more complicated to swap out and I'm hoping to resolve this without having to got that route.

I've read the aforementioned thread as well as other other related threads and I am pretty sure that I've got everything set correctly. Here are all the steps I have taken:

  1. Upgraded the firmware
  2. Set "CAN-bus profile: CAN-bus BMS (500 kbit/s)" (note that it was already set)
  3. Tried a different CAN-bus cable between the battery and the inverter (I have 2) and also tried flipping it around.
  4. Powered on and off the batteries
  5. Tried a single battery.
  6. Tried switching around the CAN terminator and the cable

Below are pictures and screen captures of my installation. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

Thank You,









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One GX Touch 50 to Multiple GX devices in two battery setup

Is it possible to connect a single GX Touch to a cerbo GX and a multiplus GX. The Cerbo will be connected to a 12v Bank with a REC BMS and the Multiplus to a 48v Bank with REC BMS.

luckybeanz asked
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Ve Bus System - Active input alarm on GX device

Hi there is a alarm on the GX device saying Ve Bus system - Active input. What could this be and how does one rectify it?

dylan asked
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Giving priority to the PV when using TWO SIGNAL mode.

Hi Everyone,

I have a ESS system consist of 48V Li-ion battery, Custom BMS , Victron multiplus II 4kW inverter ,Victron MPPT solar charger and GX device. I have some problems when using TWO SIGNAL mode. Below are the problems that I have faced when using 2 signal mode:

1) When there is only PV connected to the system, I am sending battery full signal by using 2 signal mode. However, battery is feeding the load even though PV still presents.

2) When both Grid and PV are connected to the system, I am sending battery full signal by using 2 signal mode again. As a result of this, Grid is feeding the load even though PV still presents.

What I want is that when I send the battery full signal , I want to feed the load from PV when PV presents.In other words, I want to give priority to the PV after sending battery full signal. Is there any way of doing this ?

Thank you.

mehmet-emin asked
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Multiplus shuts down without any apparent reason

Why would the Multi in an EasySolar-II 48/3000 GX out of the blue shut down and automatically restart an hour later with no apparent reason? No alarm logged, no notification, AC load at time of shutdown below 100w, battery full, grid good (virtual switch set to "ignore AC input")?

nama asked
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Modbus-TCP Easy Solar II GX


Can Modbus-TCP be accessed for the GX part of a Easy Solar II GX via the Ethernet port?

stevo07 asked

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Herstellererklärung Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 nach VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-1 und AR-E 2510-2


Mein System:

Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 GX
LiFePo Pylontec US2000
Blue SolarMPPT 150/35

Die Anlage soll als ESS angemeldet werden, (mit Umschaltung auf USV).

Die TEN möchte noch folgende Zertifikate/ Erklärungen von mir haben, um die Anlage zu genemigen:

- VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-1
- AR-E 2510-2

Ich bin nun alle Zertifikate durch, die ich gefunden habe, da stehen diese Nummern aber nicht.

Verstecken sich diese Normen unter einer EU-Norm ?
Diese Kombination wird so verkauft.

Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe !!!!!

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Is it possible to use three Multiplus II GX units in a three phase configuration?

I need to build a three phase system (ESS). Can I use three of the Multiplus II GX units, or is only one GX allowed and the other two MUST be only Multiplus II units? Can I not set the one GX unit as master and the other two GX units will operate with their GX disabled?

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Possibilité de rallonger le cable du capteur de courant externe du multiplus II GX ?


Est-il envisageable de rallonger le câble de la pince ampèremétrique externe du multiplus II pour environ 15m, et si oui avec quel type de câble ?

Où est-ce obligatoire dans ce cas de passer par un ET112 + convertisseur RS485/USB ?

Et question subsidiaire, est-il obligatoire d'utiliser un ET112 ou un autre type de compteur avec sortie RS485 fonctionne ? (j'ai d'autres appareils en stock, qui fonctionnent avec les onduleurs Solax, des DDS238-2)


yann asked
Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Discharge scheduling


How can I implement time scheduling for discharging in a Multiplus II GX?

Background: I want to use additional Battery-Inverter-Systems from other manufacturers in my household and I want to set charge- and discharge time frames for every single inverter.

arkadiusz-frydyada-de-piotrowski asked
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Multiplus 2 3 GX connected to internet but does not send data to VRM

Good day,

I have a Mulitplus 2 - 3 GX, that has an active connection to the internet, but I am not able to register the device on VRM.

The device is connected over LAN to a router and has been assigned an IP, I am able to connect to the remote console through the network. Remote console on the Remote Console shows it is online. I am able to look for and update the firmware of the remote console.

When I go into the VRM online portal menu in the remote console, the connection error switches between 'no error' and 'unknown' every couple of seconds.

I tested the network cable that is connected to the GX and it is working perfectly.

Does anyone have a solution to this or the same issue?


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Lithium batteries not charging from shore power

I have 2 x 200ah lithium batteries from victron.... they charge through a multuplus 12/3000 on shore power and typically charges fully in 90 min or less.

Now my batteries and multi aren't "activating" when the shore power is on..... is this temperature related? It just got to freezing temps around my area, the batteries on the app say they are at 50° +.....

In the settings for the batteries it looks like this


Its approx 40° outside......

Any help appreciated. The system worked well for quite some time, only the ambient temps have changed so I'm curious if my settings are wrong or if I simply need a battery warmer of some sort....

nico asked
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Multiplus II gx - no VRM controllable relay?

There’s no controllable relay on multiplus II Gx’s I can see the point of an all in one neat unit but the controllable relay is an important feature in so many installs? As it goes I’ve bought one for an install not realising till it was too late I thought it would have standard gx functionality and a controllable relay on board. Is there a way I can still operate a generator between certain percentages that are transmitted from canbus bms batteries I was thinking virtual switch maybe? Not ideal though.

jacko asked

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Off-Grid - Multiplus II GX and Pylontech/Liontron

I want to build an offgrid system that mainly will be used during the summer.

Briefly outlined:

Energy generation, storage:

  • Phoenix Combi 12V / 1600W (we already have)
  • 4x PV panel 300W
  • MPPT 250/100
  • Car battery 12V 45Ah


  • Waterpump 1 phase 800W - 230V, 1h/d during summer
  • Intrusion detection (SMS module ca 5W, 24h/7d)

The system will be placed in a gardenshed.

The following questions come to mind:

  1. On a sunny day, will the power flow directly from the MPPT to the inverter?
  2. Plans to a future upgrade to a 48V system. I made calculations for the battery pack and the result was a 4x 12V-110Ah Gel battery combination. This was based on the rule which limits the maximum charge and discharge currents in regards to their expected lifetime. For this 48V system i need 3 battery balancers, which have their costs. My friend google found the Pylontech or Liontron LiFePo rack system. These systems have an integrated BMS. Can I use the Multiplus II GX or EasySolar II GX for the communication with the BMS of the rack battery? Or do I need an seperate GX device. And what power consumption is to be expected from this GX device.
  3. Do I need in regard with the future, buy the MPPT with ve.can functionality for communication with battery rack?
  4. Shouldn't Victron upgrade their MPPT's to higher voltages? I understand that more PV-panels on a string is a better choice. 250V seams limited to me for future design, if compared to AC-grid inverters.

janvd asked
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Multiplus-II "Charge only" ?


is there a setting that allows the Multiplus-22 (+VenusGX) to only charge my Pylontechs but not discharge them at that any grid power going back would be charged to the batteries but if any power is requrired from the grid it would take it and the Multiplus would not act as an inverter.



njordan asked
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Victron Multiplus II GX won't charge the battery (dealer claims Tesla batteries can't be used)


In three months I have had two Victron Multiplus II GX 3000/48 that has failed on me. The first had issues from day one and was in my opinion clearly faulty out of the box and was quickly replaced. Thank you Victron.

The second time I have issues the dealer says it is unlike that two units would fail, and that there is "something" wrong with my battery setup, causing the Victrons to fail.

I use four Tesla model S modules and they have a max voltage of about 49 V. I have a BMS monitoring the battery and disconnects the pack if the voltage go higher than 49 V or lower than 37 V. It has never disconnected the battery as I have put the limits in the Victron to stop charge at 48 V and stop discharge at 42 V.

This unit is used for battery backup only, meaning I have not activated ESS. It is connected to the grid via ac in, and the important equipment is connected to ac out. I have tried it a few times by disconnecting ac in and let it run on battery for some hours to ensure everything is working. When I reconnect ac in the battery is charged to 48 V.

Regarding my now failed second unit the dealer says "Tesla used cells are very low voltage settings difficult work on victron, the 46V in Multiplus is only the shutdown voltage level for the inverter." I have asked for documentation supporting this claim, but so far I have not received anything. From what I have read, the inverter limit is 37.2 V, not 46 V. Does anyone here know what this 46 V limit is about?

Anyway, the problem I have is that the Victron (after running smoothly for two weeks) suddenly refuses to charge the battery regardless of what I try. I have updated firmware to 2.60 and reset everything using VE config, but this does not resolve my problems. I have even connected a 48 V led battery to the Victron to exclude a faulty battery setup, but the problem is still there.

If I run it in mode 1 (on) the inverter starts, and drains the battery saying "no ac in" even though ac in is connected. I can also read ac in voltage and frequency on the small screen (230 V and 50 hz, which is normal). If I disconnect the battery the Victron continues to provide power from ac in to ac out. It says "HUB-3 passthru" on the small screen. I can't make it switch to charging batteries regardless of what I try.

If I run it in mode 2 (charger only) it also says "HUB-3 passthru". It never starts charging. I have tried to manually start "equalization" via the remote panel. I then get the message "charger not ready".

I would be very happy if someone here could help with this issue. The dealer refuse to take it in for repairs unless I pay for it, claiming faulty batteries as the source of trouble.



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GX display on my EasySolar-II GX is frozen again

7 days ago GX display on my EasySolar-II GX froze.

I did the on/off "procedure" and it came back but there was a error #10 as a result.

Is there a way to reset GX display wthout havig to reset the whole unit?

marekp asked
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One Multiplus II-GX 48/5000/70-50 with Fronius 4.0 on a 3-phase grid connected system.

Hello, I plan to use a Multiplus II-GX 48/5000/70-50 with Fronius 4.0 on a 3-phase grid connected system. The 2 phases are connected directly to the consumer and the phase-3 will pass-through the Victron-Fronius system supporting Energy Storage System on one phase only . I have the next 3 questions:

1, Does the above system works fine?

2. Is the Multiplus II-GX anti-islanding certified and does exist a certificate for Greece?

3. Assuming the 3 grid phases are on. Does exist the possibility on the above system to have on the 2-direct phases 50Hz grid freq. and on the phase-3 higher ( for example 52 Hz) due to MG shifting on frequency? (This frequency unbalance would be abnormal for 3-phase loads).

Best regards,


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Easysolar-II GX 3000, scheduled charging not working

Unable to get grid charging to work. Solar charging is o.k. Using 3 xPylontech 2.4kw batteries, dc and ac coupled PV, FW V2.60.,current sensor on grid. No warnings or alarms.

1. In keep batteries charged mode.


2. Battery discharges to load but no charging..

With optimised battery life and when manually switched to charger.


Only DC PV charging.




gat asked
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"Factory reset" possible with Multiplus II gx? (stuck in "Hub-3 / passthru" mode.)


I have a Multiplus II GX that refuse to charge my battery. It was running fine until it suddenly says "HUB-3" and passthru on the small display. I use it as standby for power failure only, no ESS activated.

I have connected another Victron Easysolar II GX to the battery and everything works fine, so the problem is inside the Multiplus. It shows no error codes, but refuse to charge the battery regardless of what I try). I have updated firmware and checked all settings in VE Config, including using the "reset to default" but this does not help. Is there anything else I can try to reset this unit or do I need to send it in for repairs?

What is HUB-3 mode anyway? I can't find any information online on this (only mode 1, 2 and 4).


markusu asked
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Can I use a Multiplus the same way that a Tesla Powerwall 2 works?

A Powerwall can be connected to existing grid tie inverter regardless of the PV array size or the inverter size (no 1.0 factor rule).

A Powerwall can be connected to a single phase of a three phase system.

If the grid fails, the existing PV array continues to provide the battery with energy.

Can a Multiplus meet all of the above criteria for one installation?

blue-sails asked
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Mk3 to USB communication errors

Hi can anyone help me, I got multiples 48/5000/70 and multiples 2 gx and easy solar 2 gx, among them the multiples 48/5000 /70 is the only one connecting swiftly via mk3 but other two are giving me an error code CHECK OUT OF RANGE and the VE configure won't pick the devices triad changing mk3, cables, and laptops, updating VE configure, even VE flash same problem

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Helioscope Victron Product Database

I have noticed that the VICTRON Product info and specification listed on Helioscope is incorrect.

They still list the BLUESOLAR RANGE of Gridtie Inverters. Maybe Victron can be in direct contact with Folsom Labs to update and provide the correct information on you products to ensure that our simulations are correct.

You can contact Canute Haroldson -

Anton de Swardt asked
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Difference between Multiplus II with Cerbo GX and Multiplus II GX


What is the difference of buying a Multiplus II with included GX and a separete GX and a normal Multiplus II ? I will have two SmartSolar controllers if that makes any difference also i need CAN for a BMS.


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Multiplus GX LCD back light does not dim or go off


My new Multiplus 3000 GX's back light does not turn off or dim at all.

Is there a setting I should adjust?

diaan asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

3 Answers

Multiplus ii GX, 48V/3kVA

Dear all, my brand new Multiplus ii GX, 48V/3kVA cannot be turn o. what could be the cause and/or solution to it? Thank you

jamesab asked
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Wiring 2wire auto genstart on Multiplus-II Gx


The alarm relay on the inverter has




My start module will start generator when the 2 wires are closed, and stop if circuit is broken.

Does this mean that my 2 wires should go to NO and COM on my Multiplus?

activating the relay will switch/close NO thus closing the circuit, have I Understood this correctly?

fluffymoose asked
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