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multiplus in parallel

Setting up 3 phase/2 parallel system - fixed


I am trying to set up 3 phase/2 parallel system based on 6 MP-II.

How to set the master and slave in each phase?


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Parallel AC Multiplus II injection algorithm problems

Hi, I have something strange in a configuration of a system that works with two inverters in parallel. This happens only in injection zero modes and limited power injection.

Hardware system:

- 2 Multiplus II 48 5000 70

- 2 SmartSolar MPPT 150 100 Ve.CAN setup

- 1 battery bank of 3 parallels Pb-C = 600 Ah - 48V

- 30 Renogen 340W setup as: 3+3+3+3+3 MPPT N º 1, same at MPPT N º 2.

- OctoGX


Last firmware: 2623481.vff

OctoGX version 2.63.

(the same configuration tested, and same problem on 2.60 version of the OctoGX, and firmware 2623477)

VE.Bus System Configurator:


VE.Bus Quick Configure:

The configuration of the inverters is the same, (in the attachment you can see the configurations), and the ESS Wizards were also load separately as the documentation explains:

Configuration files:

Datasheet externals brands:

Renogen lead carbon battery.pdf

In the video you can see how when you change the configuration to limit the injection or set it to 0 injection, the system begins to oscillate, connecting and disconnecting the part of the solar regulators, It is noticeable in the sound of the inverter as the winding makes an effort to connect and disconnect, obviously this is currently injecting because I could not leave it working that way.

I posted the same on Spanish questions forum but still have not answer, here the link Pregunta en español

Sorry for my english!

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Two different models of Multiplus in parallell

Is there a way to Connect two different models of Multiplus in parallell in the same system?
My system contains of Venus GX, two MPPT charge controllers .
its all BMS controlled (REC Q-bms 16s)

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ESS: Can Pylontech batteries limit inverter output during day when SOC 100% and loads run off solar?

The site has a 7200w solar array.

20 x 360w solar panels

250|100 MPPT


2 x 5kva MultiPlus II inverters in parallel.

3 x US3000 PylonTech (under Victron recommendations)

It is an ESS system. (Optimized with Battery life)

after SOC is 100% , when consumption goes >2500w in the day, the panels don't cover the consumption. Can this be because of the continuous discharge rating of the Pylontech batteries? or is this not the issue?




@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) @Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) @mvader (Victron Energy)

Can you help, been struggling to find the solution to this problem.

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Multiplus parallel schalten

Ich habe einen Multiplus 24/500 und einen Multiplus 24/800 die parallel konfigurieren möchte. Wenn ich die beiden mit dem VE Bus zum CCGX verbinde kommt einen Fehlermeldung. Mit der VEBus Config Tool SW erscheint die Meldung, dass die Multiplus nicht gefunden werden. Einzeln kann ich sie aber finden.

Kann man überhaupt einen Multiplus 500 mit einem 800 parallel schalten?

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Bonjour, j'ai une installation en mode ESS avec 2 multiplus 3000VA 48V 35-50A. La configuration avec VE.BUS Quick configure pour 2 Multi parallel, ensuite dans VE.Config avec l'assistant ESS...

Le système fonctionne bien en hors réseau mais dès lors que je couple l'entrée AC IN réseau le système s'arrête avec erreur code 24... - Mesure de la résistance de l'onduleur Master (Neutre In / Neutre out = 0) Mesure de la résistance de l'onduleur SLAVE ( Neutre In / Neutre Out = > 380 ohm).

Quelqu'un à déja eu ce problème ?

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Parallel Multiplus DC cable length

I will have one Multiplus closer to the negative busbar, and the other closer to the positive switches. Is it okay if the sum of each set of cables (positive plus negative) is identical, even if the individual cables are not? In other words, Multiplus 1 has a 50cm negative and a 100cm positive, and Multiplus 2 has a 100cm negative and a 50cm positive. I believe this is okay since the total resistance will be the same.

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Parallel connection of Multiplus II, ESS, several houses to a common grid connection


I need help judge, whether this connection will work. The requirement is, no overflow of energy into the grid. The premise is that solar energy will only be transferred between houses.

Thank you in advance for the consultation


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Correct setting for 2 MultiPlus Inverter outputs

I have 2 MultiPlus 3000 watt units to power my sailboat 50 amp 240 Volt USA type panel, one inverter for each ac line. When inverting the units work about 5 to 10 minutes and then have a synchronization/timing error. It does this using only single phase 120 volt appliances on each output line or using two phases such as the 240 volt hot water heater. I am not exceeding over 2000 watts on either inverter line. Current setting is for Dual Phase 180. L2 Floating with return to original phase. I have 3 x 300 amphour VIctron lithium batteries for the DC source and 1200 watts of solar inputing through 3 Victron MPPT units.

Should I change the L2 setting to Fixed or L2 Floating only without return to original phase?

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Marine charge current and shore power breaker control with CERBO GX

I have a recently installed Victron system consisting of two Multiplus units running in parallel, a BMV712 battery monitor and a CERBO GX.

The system runs wonderfully but I need to limit the charge current while the engines are running since I have a large engine driven alternator. I also need to limit the shore power breaker size setting when plugged into shore power.

I can perform both of these functions using Assistants in the Multiplus units, but that is not without challenges.

My first question is can I use a digital input on the CERBO GX to limit charge current in the multiplus units?

Can I use a digital input on the CERBO GX to change the shore power breaker size setting?

If the answer to those questions is No, then I have another couple of questions.

If I use an assistant on the Multiplus to use a digital input to limit charge current, does that assistant require a separate dry contact to create the same function in the slave multiplus? Or will the master Multiplus communicate with the slave multiplus to limit charge current from that one as well?

The other question is if I use an assistant on a multiplus to change the shore power breaker setting does this take away my ability to change the shore power setting from the CERBO GX display?

Thanks!, and here is a VRM screen shot of my system as configured.


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Multiplus parallel zero load power

Is the zero load inverter power of a paralleled Multiplus system the sum of the individual zero load draws, or is it the same as just one Multiplus?

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Dual sources, one battery, one load two Multiplus, how to configure

I have purchased and am installing today on my boat...

2 multiplus inverter/chargers

1 Cerbo + display

1 712 battery monitor

I actually already installed a couple weeks ago, the Cerbo, display and battery monitor and am happy with them.

My boat has...

* one battery bank that can accept 200 amps of charge current.

* Two shore panel feeds that may or may not be in phase depending on the harbor I am at. These also can be switched to generator through interlocking breakers.

The AC input to the multiplus units will be from breakers in the shore power panel (s).

* One single phase 30 amp dedicated inverter panel.

Here is my challenge. I could pretty easially set the multiplus units in a parallel master/slave configuration, but I would have to use only one shore power to feed both multiplus units as to avoid out of phase sourcing.

I would prefer to set the system up to have only one inverter feeding my inverter panel at a time. I do not need the combined output of two multiplus inverters. I could do this through a A-B switch.

Then I could AC power the multiplus units from the two separate shore power panels. This setup would provide redundancy of shore power, plus redundancy of inverters (through the a-b switch), and redundancy and increased charger capacity.

The question is howe to make this work and display correctly on the Cerbo display? Is there anything special I need to do with the configuration tool to have the chargers work together?

My thought is that with the same charge profile the charge functions would be just fine as “separate“ systems, but I am concerned how to make the Cerbo display show one battery bank with both multiplus units.

THANKS!!! for the help!

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mppt charger in parallel not syncronized

we have a system composed by two victron mppt charger working in parallel not syncronized as per victron datasheet . in this case the charging phase of the two charger will be not the is safe for the battery?what do you suggest?

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Are these two multiplus compatible for Parrallel


I have 2 multiplus II with the same PN (PMP482305010)

But the SN are different :

- HQ1918*****

- HQ2016*****

When I look on the this forum I understand first that HW is defined by SN, but now it look they cannot accept the same firmware because of SN starting with diferent digit (19 vs 20)

Are these 2 multiplus not compatible for using in parallel on a single phase?

Note: I just buy these 2 multiplus... I did not think it could be an issue on compatibility.

Thank you in advance for your answer/help.


Arnaud B.

[moderator's note: edited to remove last 5 of device SNs]

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à partir de batteries, produire du mono ou du triphasé?


j'ai 3kWh de batteries, un multiplus 24/5000/230 pour éclairage, petit matériel électrique monophasé. J'aimerais faire fonctionner un razbot-dégauchisseurs triphasé à l'occasion.

Je suppose qu'il faut 2 autres multiplus et un bon paramétrage.

Les mono et tri peuvent-ils fonctionner en même temps?

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old phoenix multi 1809149 hex not charging


A family on the canal has asked for my help. they had 2 paralleled phoenix multis,both 18xxxxx firmware. Now they are trying to use one as a stand alone unit. the unit inverts but does not charge or pass through 230v. it shows 230v input in ve configure.I am using mk2 usb interface,and can change settings successfully but just cannot get it to work. the transfer switch clicks like its ignoring ac. incoming power all good. currently sitting on the bench so not wiring issues. configuration seems to make no difference at all. has anybody out there got firmware for 18xxxx version family?


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Parallel Multiplus 12/3000 120-16 and12/3000 120-50 poosible?

Hello, is it possible to parallel a Multiplus 12/3000 120-16 which is since two years in use with a new multiplus 12/3000 120-50 ?

Thank you for Answers!

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2 x Multiplus 2 48/3000 (parallel on phase 1) in ESS: grid setpoint not reached


I am using 2 x Multiplus 2 48/3000 (parallel on phase 1) in an ESS configuration with a Pylontech Battery US2000b+ (9.6kwh total) and a Venus device with EM24DIN. There also is a Fronius Symo 15-M AC coupled inverter with 10kwp PV connected.

All this in Germany on a 3Phase grid ("Schieflast" is avoided by other measures).

The second Multiplus was only installed yesterday, since then I observe that the grid-setpoint is never reached, there is, especially on battery, always a much greater consumption from the grid than set.

Grid Setpoint is set to 10W, true average consumption from the grid is almost 200W all through the night. As I stated: this is only true since the installation of the second multi.

If I adjust the setpoint to -200W, consumption drops but as soon as the solar kicks in during daytime I am exporting more than I want.

What could be the reason?

Thank you very much!


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Can 2 multipluses be wired in parallel to provide double charging and inverting capacity?

Help! I’m about to buy 2 120v 3000w inverter chargers for my boat refit. Until this morning I believed I could parallel both the charging and inverting functions. This morning I read on this forum that this is not possible.

I.E. in a parallel installation only one charge current would be sent to the batts even if both are plugged in to shore power. Is this correct?

I’m building an inverter based boat that will have all AC powered through the inverter so it’s very important to me that the batteries get the most current possible on shore power.

Also, when paralleled and on shore power can I only use the input from one multiplus?

On my boat I have dual 30 amp shore inputs which I was planning on running one to the first multi and the second to the second multi. Then paralleling the output (pass through or inverter power) into ONE AC panel (50amps). Will this work?

Please help!!!

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Firmware matching for Parallel and three phase VE.Bus systems

"All units in one system must be the same type and firmware version, this includes same size, system voltage, and feature set. The type is indicated by the first four digits of the firmware version number."

Regarding this statement, how often do the first four digits change ?

Assuming the first four digits are related to manufacturing date.. Depending on supply and demand for that product it could be 6 months or 12 months before a different "hard" firmware of the one product is distributed.

I only ask because I am designing a system for a customer who would like to start small and upgrade later. But if he can't parallel the same product because the first four digits don't match then we're in trouble. But if he upgrades with in 6 months it should be okay?

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2 x Multiplusses 48/5000 in parallel - trips inverters on mains fail

Units installed March 2020. Worked perfectly for 4 months. Both units now fail (inverters trip) when the mains (AC input) fail. Have isloated the units outputs - not connected to any load. Definately not load related. Used Quick Cionnect to reconfigure as parallel pair. No error codes which can be related to Quick Connect log. I find it strange that both units fail simultaneously - I will appreciate any information to get these units operate again.

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Paralleling MultiPlus -- older with current.

I have been through the documentation on parallel operation of a MultiPlus, and have configured systems like this in the past. I want to confirm that this system upgrade can happen:

Can older MultiPlus 24/300/70-16 (PMP243020001) Serial Number HG1619HB32B (so manufactured mid 2016) that has firmware upgraded to 2612475 be combined with a current MultiPlus PMP243020001?

The need is to upgrade especially the Battery Charging, but expanded AC capacity will also be helpful.

Same part number: CHECK (Current 24/3000/70-16 are still sold as PMP30200001).

Same Firmware : CHECK (I think xxxx475 is the latest one out there)

"Similar" manufacturing date: Not so much.

Will they play happy together? If not is there an upgrade path available without throwing away the old unit?

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Setting up Parallel Multiplus for a 50Amp RV all documents are very imprecise...

So a 50amp RV shore outlet is actually two 50amp connections for a total of 100amps right? So when I program my multiplus inverters, is my input current limit 100amps meaning I program 50amp or is it 50amp and I program 25amp? Or am I totally misthinking this because it mentions "per phase" and a parallel system is single phase so I should just set it to 100amp... or is that 50amp...

I'm following the following information from the Parallel and three phase VE.Bus systems document

The following settings need to be made in the master of each phase:

  • Inverter output voltage

  • Input current limits
    (the effective input current limit is the setted limit multiplied by the number of units per phase. For example, setting a 10A limit with VEConfigure in a system with two units per phase results on a 20A limit for that phase. Being able to set a different limit per phase allows for maximum configurability.

Also when I'm looking at the maximum charge current, if my total charge limit is 70amp I would set it to 35amp?

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How much is too much?

I just recently finished building a system in my RV that consists of a solar array (not a part of my problem) 6 100AH 12v Battle Born batteries wired as 300AH 24v, mated to 2 24v 3000w Multiplus inverter/chargers wired in parallel.

My question is how much wattage should I be able to pull from this system when the batteries are fully charged? Currently I'm running into issues where the entire system will overload and spontaniously shut down or just give me an overload warning when I have one A/C unit running (consuming 1400w with 300w to other loads) and I try to use something like an electric kettle, hair dryer or toaster all in the 1400 to 1800w range. This seems very low even if a parallel system doesn't give me a combined 6000w it should be more than 3200-3500 shouldn't it?

Have I wired something wrong? I don't have a colorGX so I only use the Victron Connect app and it doesn't show me that they are running in parallel but they do only show wattage and usage numbers on one unit after I switched to parallel (the switch did not improve my ability to use electricity btw) I've attached a schematic of how I wired my system if it helps. Once the two inverters output their power it's combined at a breaker and then each leg powers one side of my breaker box. I've tried placing the load on breakers on both sides and the issue exists no matter if the load is on the same leg as the A/C or the opposite.


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3 Phase and/or Parallel with 24/1600 Multiplus and Phoneix Compact


I'm kind of preparing my Vision, and trying to get all the Stuff together that i need.

so Questions popped up for me.

Question 1:

Can i combine the

Plastic-case-Multiplus-1600 <-> Metall-Case-Multiplus-1600 <-> Metall-Case-Phoenix-1600

either in parallel or to a 3 phase combination ?

I know that i have to look up for the "Type "

"All units in one system must be the same type and firmware version, this includes same size, system voltage, and feature set. The type is indicated by the first four digits of the firmware version number. "

So, but how would i know the "Type" before i buy them ? or can i anyway count that no matter what hardware-version i buy i can update them to the same Firmware number.

The Quote does not clearly point out that the same "Type" means it has to be the exact same Product expl. "Phoenix 24-1600"

Its totally clear to me the the different Device have to be the same Woltage and Wattage and all have to own a VE.Bus.

Question 2:

In Case i combine 1 Multiplus with two Phonix in parallel...

...can i use the Charging function on this one single Multiplus in the parallel Combination then ?

greets and Thanks


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What happens if one unit fails in a 2 x MultiPlus in parallel system?

Customer is planning a single phase install of 2 x MultiPlus in parallel as Master and Slave configuration.

What happens if the Master fails - will the slave take over or will the slave stop working as the master is inoperational?

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Multiplus syncing question.

I have a 2000 watt multiplus in a cargo van with 400 amp hour lipo4 batteries and same set up in a RV. is it possible to run the necessary com cables power cables even though they are not located directly next to each other and have them sync up and act as 1 bigger unit? When boondocking

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