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Multiplus Compact Vs New Multiplus 1600

I'm trying to decide between the old Multiplus Compact 1600, and the new Multiplus 12/1600/70

As far as I can tell the output is slightly lower on the new one at higher temperatures, and the casing is different.

Is there any benefit in not getting the newer one? Is the older version more reliable/robust?


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Which old Multiplus are compatible with MK3-USB


I just bought an older Multiplus Compact 12/800/35-16. Before I buy the rather expensive MK3-USB (VE.Bus to USB) Interface I'd like to know if my Multiplus can connect to the computer, because I heard, that with old models it isn't posible.


That's the lable. Anyone able to answer my question?

Thanks a lot,


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3-phase Delta Solivia 11 configuration with Multiplus inverter 48/5000

I would like to connect a Delta Solivia 11 with a 3-phase output to the output of my Delta Solivia 11 multipluster.

In summer I work as an offgrid without distribution and in winter with distribution.

Is it possible to connect this ongrid inverter to the multiplus output or are only certain inverters such as Fronius, SMA reserved for it?
I'm sorry for my English.

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Battery Capacity for Multiplus 5000

Hello, I had a question: can I use the Multiplus 5000 24 v with a 300 Ah battery? The manual indicates the recommended capacity of 400-1400 ah, what does it threaten and did anyone come across this situation? Battery connected via lunx ion BMS and DVCC enabled.

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Under voltage alarm on only Quattro not on BYD


I had multiple Undervoltage alarms/warnings on L1 Quattro in 3 phase setup out of sudden.

The LOG file shows BYD reporting normal 54.7 V voltage There was a normal load on the system and no overload recorded. The alarms were getting triggered randomly and the log shows wildly fluctuating VE bus voltage

Does the Ve bus take the voltage only from L1 Quattro?

I checked cable tightness in Quattro ( all three phases ) as well as on the LYNX busbar.

Will check later today the breakers and the individual battery module tightness. What else should I check? The system worked for the last 1 year without any major issues.

The system is ONgrid /ESS with 10 KWH BYD pro and 3 ph 5 KVA Quattro with 6 KVA Fronius and 250/70 Smartsolar

The Log is attached - Relevant entries around 10.30 AM are marked in yellow battery alarm

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AC to DC Conversion Efficiency for Victron Inverter/Chargers

This document describes inverter (DC->AC) efficiency vs power for the Multiplus:

As I'm designing my system, it would also be useful to know efficiency for (DC->AC) so I can size the equipment that will provide AC to the Multplus. I know I could assume the same values/curve as DC->AC, but I also recognize they could be quite different. Does anyone have any resources on this subject?

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Horizontal mounting


I'm going to buy the 1200kva version of the 'new style' multiplus

The manual no longer says these can be mounted horizontally - some manuals for the older, Compact, range said horizontal was OK.

Can I use these new style units horizontally?

There was an older post from March 2019 about this, but I didn't know whether it related to the 'new' units.


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ac out 2 connection

I have a multiplus 12/3000/120 and was thinking of connecting the AC out 2 to 1 breaker in the breaker panel. Is this possible or do I need to move that to a sub panel? How would I connect the AC wires?

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Multiplus 3000 mit Enwitec Box

gibt es für einen Multiplus 3000 eine Art Enwitec Box, die bei Stromausfall eine Notstromsystem aufbaut?

So wird wie es bei SMA gemacht wird mit all seinen Vorteilen. Siehe PDF.

Der einphasige SMA 3.6 PV Wechselrichter soll weiter laufen und die Batterie laden bis der Stromausfall beendet ist.

Oder kann man gar die Enwitec Box nehmen für den Multiplus, die für den Sunny Island gebaut wird?

Vielen Dank. Gibt es eine Zeichung von Victron, ähnlich, wie diese?

Auf Seite 23 ist es eine Zeichnung, die ich meine:


1xKombigerät Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 Batterie: Nennspannung: 48 V,

1xVictron Energy Meter ET340 dreiphasig, 65A

1x SMA 3.6

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AC pass thru not working on multiplus 2000 120v

For some reason, the AC pass thru is not working on my multiplus 2000. When I plug in shore power and turn the switch to 'on', the Inverter(Green) LED will light up for a few seconds then switch to the charger(Orange) LED, and I get no AC power out. VEConfig doesn't show any issues with the input AC(118v, 60hz). I've tried changing some of the settings like weak AC input, and UPS power but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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3-Phase System Wiring


From other brand of invertes I saw he posibilities of combining different sets of Inverters with their own Battery bank (Cluster) to suplly a comond Load. see diagram below.

I have the following requirement for a victron off-grid project Desing:

1-Due to the client needs I cannot create a single big battery bank to supply the load,

2- in stage 1, it is required to have single inverter clusters (Inverters + batteries) of 60 kW, to supply different loads around the country. Then, it is desired to be able to combine at least 3 clusters each of them feeding to a single line in a 3 phase system. as presented in the next diagram:


Additional Information:

1-Battery sets: Lithion Battery of 18.6 kWh and up to 12 parallel integration (222 kWwh).

2- Clusters of 6 Victron 10 kW/120V ( can be configure to a 3 phase system or a single phase depending of the ntegration)

3- Maximum requiered load when combine in a single system 600 kVA, Can be divided in smaller isolated system( Example: 4 X 150kW).


1- I want to know if it is posible to combine for example 3 clusters of 60 kW (each of them feeding a single line : L1, L2 ,L3) for a total output power of 180 kW and a energy storage of 666 KWh?

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Quattro Inverter in Passthru

Hi There,

I have a Victron Quattro system that goes into "passthru" and then stays there for extended periods of time. I have noticed that this is somehow related to communication with the ET112 single phase grid meter which is connected to a color control gx.

Enabling and disabling the energy meter as well as restarting the color control solves the issue consistently.

Below is a list of components with the current firmware versions

Color Control GX - v2.54

5kVA Quattro - 2657430

Freedomwon Battery Monitor - v6.8

250/70 MPPT - v1.50

3.6kVA Fronius Inverter - 3.13.2-2

Please let me know if I'm missing something.

Best Regards


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BMV712 with AGM+MPPT+Multiplus gives 0% after a while

Hi, my BMV712 starts off from 100% when I start up the inverter (Multiplus Compact 1600VA) but then slowly drains to 0% and never rises above it again. The MPPT however gets to float nicely every day and stays there. I have a refridegarator connected to the inverter so it does go on every now and then but still the MPPT stays on float.

Dunno what’s wrong. My BMV settings are as follows.



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EasySolar 1600 Start Battery - No connection

So looking everywhere, there is reference for it, and supposedly the EasySolar is just a MultiPlus - but there is just no Physical Trickle Charge connection that I can see.

According to one or two other posts it is J15 or thereabouts...and would normally be near the TSense and Relay ports - but not the case on this motherboard.


In above image - the one with 2 wires plugged in is the T-Sense, then Remote Switch, then the next posts are the Programmable Relay. There are no areas to attach further underneath the Positive Battery lead either...


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ESS Assitant and AC Current sensor new version are aivailable

Hello Victronauts,

today when entering VE-Config I got a message that some assistants are available in newer version and I should do an update.


For my installation there are newer versions available for ESS Assitant and AC Current sensor


I have tried to find a version log or any information what has changed in this new versions but without success.

Does any one have an idea where I can find such informations for the newer versions?

Thanks a lot


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Inconsistent energy production and consumption readings

We're working with a couple of systems where the production and consumption readings in VRM don't really make sense - namely, for a given period, kWh consumed far exceeds kWh produced. I'd love to get a better understanding of what might be going on.

The composition of both systems is as follows:

  • Three-phase off-grid systems with PV + battery + genset
  • Battery inverters (6x): Quattro 48/8000/110-2x100 rev2
  • MPPT charge controllers (3x): SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100
  • PV inverter (1x): Fronius Eco 27.0-3-S
  • Diesel generator

The issue is that in the kWh Excel report (and also in the VRM UI), it appears that the energy delivered from the batteries is far greater than the energy going to them.

Example over a 30-day period:

  • PV to battery: 908 kWh
  • Genset to battery: 87 kWh
  • Battery to consumer: 1575 kWh

It's not clear where the extra ~600 kWh come from. It's obviously not just additional discharge of the batteries, which have a capacity of ~100 kWh. Also this kind of pattern – of consumption being greater than production – is repeated on a daily basis; i.e. it's not just a one-off data glitch.

Any ideas what the culprit might be? And in the meantime, any thoughts as to whether the production or the consumption values are likely to be more reliable?

Finally, besides the two systems that exhibit this issue, there is a third with the same composition, where the readings there appear to be more consistent. In that the energy delivered from the batteries is 70-80% of the energy going into them.

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What is the Difference between Shore and Grid in AC Input 1

This setup is an EasySolar 12/1600 - and in setting up everything I have Grid set to NO - as I have no intentions to feed the grid (for which this unit is not AS4777 compliant anyway in Australia)

However I notice in the Venus when I go to System Setup in the Venus there is reference to monitoring for Shore disconnect:


and also in AC Input 1 the ability to choose different AC Sources.


I can choose between Grid, Generator and Shore. So if I choose Grid here - does that effectively change what I have already set for No Grid via VE.Config? or is it for something in how it manages the power profile (for calculations...)

OR is it for the Ground Relay? where there is reference in this at Section 4.3 of the Manual...

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Quattro 12/5000 float

My yacht has 1400w of solar that runs through two MPPT to lithium batteries. The boat has a Quattro 12/5000. Everything works fine on the solar side. Float is set to 14v and that works well every time. But. If I plug the boat into shore power the system never goes to float mode. Batteries keep getting charged up to the alarm level at 16v. It used to work. No longer does. There may have been a software update between it working and not working. I’ve looked at the settings on the Colour Control panel but can’t see a fix. Help please.

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How much is too much?

I just recently finished building a system in my RV that consists of a solar array (not a part of my problem) 6 100AH 12v Battle Born batteries wired as 300AH 24v, mated to 2 24v 3000w Multiplus inverter/chargers wired in parallel.

My question is how much wattage should I be able to pull from this system when the batteries are fully charged? Currently I'm running into issues where the entire system will overload and spontaniously shut down or just give me an overload warning when I have one A/C unit running (consuming 1400w with 300w to other loads) and I try to use something like an electric kettle, hair dryer or toaster all in the 1400 to 1800w range. This seems very low even if a parallel system doesn't give me a combined 6000w it should be more than 3200-3500 shouldn't it?

Have I wired something wrong? I don't have a colorGX so I only use the Victron Connect app and it doesn't show me that they are running in parallel but they do only show wattage and usage numbers on one unit after I switched to parallel (the switch did not improve my ability to use electricity btw) I've attached a schematic of how I wired my system if it helps. Once the two inverters output their power it's combined at a breaker and then each leg powers one side of my breaker box. I've tried placing the load on breakers on both sides and the issue exists no matter if the load is on the same leg as the A/C or the opposite.


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Multiplus 12/3000/120 Overloads in Charge only

Hi All,

I have an issue with my 12/300/120 Multiplus. When on shore power, and set to Charger Only mode, (majority of time), there have been three occasions now when the unit has tripped to "overload" for no apparent reason.

AC loads are minimal, probably 2-300W, DC loads also low, 3 - 11A depending status of fridge / freezer and any lights on.

I had thought the first time that "UPS Mode" may have been a factor but this has been disabled.

Batteries are 4 x Rolls 400 series flooded lead acid, 130Ah ea. Other Victron in the system currently just the BMV712, with 100/30MPPT and Colour GX controller to be fitted soon.

I can give more detail and photos when I get back to the boat in a week or two, including current firmware, which I know is not the latest.

The unit was not installed by me but already installed in the boat.

Many Thanks.

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Multiplus Relay Programming - Low Voltage and BP65

I have searched and looked a bunch of places already for this, so forgive me if I missed it.

I have a Multiplus 3000 and a BP 65.

I would like to use one of the programmable relays on the multiplus to control a BP65 on a low voltage alarm. The BP 65 is inline with the DC loads.

Bonus action. On low voltage pre alarm, cut out power every 5 seconds every minute.

Can you guys help point me in the right direction?


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ESS System Phase Compensation Help

i installed 3x MP2 3000VA /48V. Updated Firmware to 2629474. made ve quick config, setted all settings. made the ess assistant in each MP. Now i try everything but the whole system acts like phase compensation is disabled although it is enabled. each inverter does only deliver so much power as required on the specific phase according to the grid meter. No idea why the compensation setting in the venus gx is not working. Please help!!

AC L1,L2,L3 is connected to MPNr.1-ACIN, MPNr2-ACIN, MPNr3-ACIN. The system is useless. If the electric car is plugged in on one phase with 7kW it only delivers max. 2.4kW from one inverter, if no other loads are switched on. If someone cooks on L2, i only get 2.4kW from the inverter on Nr.2.

I read all installation manuals, the training video on the Victron professional side, there is no hint what is wrong, looks like a software bug on the Venus gx!



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Trickle Charger Information

Where can I find the technical information regarding the built-in trickle charger of the MultiPlus/Quattro?

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AC wiring Multiplus 48V 1200VA

I have a basic question - or confirmation

Is there a schematic of the L, E and Neutral wiring for the AC In and AC out. This is for the newer Multiplus 48v 1200 VA 13

It uses GST 18 male and female connector -


Can someone please anotate it on the diagram - just wanted to double check before I wire things up

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Three phase from one phase via Quattro's.

Hi If I configure 3X15KVA Quattro's to provide 3 phase output, could I use a single phase AC in to convert a single phase supply to a three phase supply?(As long as a I turn off act as group on the veBus config) If so would they convert the 100 amp 230 Volt supply on the AC in to (roughly) a 33 Amp 400 Volt Supply on the AC out.

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Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 Ideal Grounding on Travel Trailer

I've spent quite a bit of time researching this question, in the Wiring Unlimited document, along with the Multiplus manual and a multitude of forum postings. I realize some elements of the question are largely redundant so I will try and be as specific as possible. This installation is for a personal RV, and although I'm not a licensed electrician I have done quite a bit of high voltage electrical work, and as a computer scientist have had some exposure to electrical engineering principles and issues when working with microcontrollers, etc, though most of my work does not involve machinery or process automation. I'm by no means an expert, however.

I'm working to complete an installation of 2xMultiplus 12/3000/120-50 inverters connected to a 6x100AH Battleborn battery bank in parallel configuration. I also have a SmartSolar 150/85 MPPT controller connected to 7x195Watt PV panels mounted on the roof. The Multiplus units are in a split phase parallel configuration. Proper size wiring and current protection devices (breakers and fuses) on both the A/C and DC side are installed and various points(E.G. pre inverter A/C breaker, post PV combiner to MPPT controller, post MPPT controller to battery bank, post battery bank pre inverter, pre trailer existing wiring connection, post inverter A/C to trailer, etc). Properly sized wiring is used based on the current protection devices in place and maximum intended sustained amperage taking into account insulation rating, conduit fill rules (where applicable), etc.

At this juncture I have completed the majority of the installation on the system but have come to a question on proper ground application. Currently all equipment functions without grounding the equipment separately to the chassis(although I have full intention of doing so), and I have tested the system in excess of 250amps continuous DC flow to the inverters for extended periods of time(E.G. by turning on the A/C, electric hot water heater, etc). After working through a number of configuration "tuning" issues, I'm happy with the results, although an added element of safety is left dangling out there.

With that in mind, I believe the following is accurate:

1) Each Multiplus should be separately grounded to the chassis using a conductor of equal size to the conductors used in DC +- in the inverter. In my case 4/0 wire with 105c insulation.

2) The Solar MPPT controller should be grounded to the chassis, again with the same principle outlined in 1 regarding wire sizing.

In both 1 and 2, it would be alternatively acceptable to utilize a wire size equal to the acceptable size requirements for the current protection(e.g. for the battery bank a 300AMP fuse is used) device.

This brings me to my question(s):

Currently the negative and positive leads running to/from the inverters are connected to BusBars rated for 600A each. The positive side, prior to reaching the bus bars from the battery bank is fused, and then runs to a disconnect, then to the bus bar. The negative side, through a shunt and then straight to the BusBar.

One of the terminals on each BusBar runs off and connects to the main trailer wiring via the terminals where the previous manufacturer supplied batteries resided and then into the main trailer DC supply disconnect. This minimized the amount of rewiring needed to tie into the existing DC wiring. The positive side leading to the trailer manufacturer dc wiring is fused prior to reaching the existing trailer wiring system.

The existing trailer appears to have ran a frame chassis DC connection from the negative side of the DC wiring. Should I disconnect this and replace it with a larger 4/0 wire from the battery bank bus bar? Is it acceptable to leave it, and run an additional negative wire from the BusBar directly to the chassis(near the existing ground bar on the trailer)? Would/Could this create a ground loop/other situation with multiple DC paths to the chassis ?

Additionally, since the Multiplus requires a ground, should I route that to the negative BusBar, instead of a separate ground out to the chassis, and then use the larger ground noted above? The same applying to the MPPT controller. Similar to this:

In the aforementioned diagram, it would appear all negative and ground connections are terminated on the same negative busbar, and then a single chassis ground is ran to the frame. If that is the more suitable way to approach it, would it be necessary to disconnect the existing DC negative to chassis run the manufacturer installed(I would think so)? How would energizing the inverter chassis with high voltage A/C impact the DC negative connected equipment in the case of a short to the inverter housing using a common busbar scenario(or for that matter into the chassis) ?

I'm trying to determine the most ideal path forward to ensure safety and minimize complexity. The wiring space is extremely constrained as well. Any recommendations are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


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MultiPlus malfunctioning

I have used my multiplus 12 500 20 for over a year, it's been fine.

A week ago our leisure batteries dropped to 35% and we used shore power to top up. The inverter got too hot and turned off a few times.

Since then the inverter has worked fine, we've charged our laptop several times using 230v.

Today one of our consumer unit breakers tripped, and when turned back on, the inverter seems to be malfunctioning. If I turn it off and back on with no load, the green inverter lights comes on. I can plug in my tester plug to the 230 socket, no problems. If I then plug in the power supply for my laptop (without the laptop attached) the multiplus flashes the alarm light or just turns off.

I have tried checking the sockets-fine, the breaker from leisure batteries to inverter - fine, and plugging in a battery charger to the socket - fine

The multiplus also makes a crackling or grinding sound before it shows the alarm sometimes.

Can I check or do anything else? Or do I need a new one? I have a multimeter but don't know how to use it! I'm in France...


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Multi Plus Compact - in Passthru mode ?

hi there,

we have a MultiPlus Compact 12/1200/50-16 that seems to be stuck in passthru mode once it completes the bulk charge and never gets to Float and storage this site is slightly different where is has a Energy Meter ET112 to keep track of the AC input power used as we need to power for the grid power used

thoughts on how this can be fixed ?


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Multiplus 24/5000/120 settings: search mode, max charge current, input current limit


I have the above Multiplus, BlueSolar MPPT 100/30, 2x200W/12V serial PVs, 2x200Ah/12V serial AGM batteries, Honda EU2200i generator and have the following questions about three settings:

1. If I have both the search mode and AES switched on, which is over-riding the other or can they work together?

1. For the 400Ah/24V battery set it doesn’t seem possible to set the maximum charge current as low as the generators continuous output 1800W/230V=7,8A. The lowest setting is 25% of something (percentage of what is still unclear? Maybe 100A x 25% = 25A?).

3. The input current limit can only be set to the following values:6,3A (1.4kVA at 230V),10A (2.3kVA at 230V),12A (2.8kVA at 230V),16A (3.7kVA at 230V),20A (4.6kVA at 230V), 25A (5.7kVA at 230V),30A (6.9kVA at 230V), 50A (11.5kVA at 230V). The question is how this setting affects the charging on different loads. It is clear that I should not have this setting to more than the generator’s continuous output power. But is it so, that 1) at no load the genset is charging with current of the setting (e.g. 6,3A), 2) when there is load up until the setting (6,3A), the load will be supplied 100% by the genset and the rest is used for charging and 3) when the limit setting (6,3A) is passed then the load will be covered by the genset AND the batteries and no charging will happen?


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Can the Multiplus Temperature Sensor be attached to the VE.Bus Smart Dongle

I am wondering if I need to purchase a different temperature sensor to attach to the smart dongle or can I use the one that came supplied with my Mutliplus 3000?

Yes, I know you don't have to attach a temp sensor to the smart dongle, but I want accurate temperature of the batteries and am intentionally adding a sensor to the smart dongle.


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