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Smart Solar 100/30 over voltage every day

I have a MP100/30 charger. It's set up to charge a LifePO4 battery and despite my charge profile settings (absorption 14.2, float 13.5, absorption duration fixed at zero minutes), I'm seeing 15 volts plus in the history screen every day. Even when the trailer is sitting in the rain on an overcast day. The only thing running is a small 130l compressor fridge. Worried about damaging my 200ah new battery. Any ideas would be appreciated. Images of the settings and history below. Cheers. Stephan



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Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30 Tail Current

Though I have a strong desire to start a rant about design flaws of the Orion such as not being that smart without VE networking or because it’s configuration is lacking of several parameters, please, community and/or experts try to answer my simple question based on the common experience, that the Orion switches way too early from Absorption to Float:


If I‘m not able to configure it myself, I at least want to configure MPPT and BMV to interpret data the same way.


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SmartSolar 150-45-Tr ProgRelay/Load output switches at half voltage set points
Re : Victron Smart Solar MPPT 150/45-Tr

The programmable relay in Load Output mode switches the programmable relay at half of the set threshold voltages, for both ON and OFF.

I have tried rebooting, resetting to defaults and re-programming. It is using the latest version firmware V3.02 which were updated via VictronConnect when initially powering up and programming.

The actual battery charge voltages appear to operate correctly as per their set points and the VictronConnect app is reporting the correct voltage in the status screen.

The Programmable relay is controlled by the PV voltage at the correct voltages if in Streetlight mode.

Battery voltage is set to 24V and all other settings appear to be correct, pics attached, please advise if you see a setting which might cause this issue ?

The same problem (Load Output switching at half the set threshold voltages) happens regardless of whether the Streetlight function is used or not.

e.g.1 :
Battery Voltage set to 24Vdc
Programmable Relay set to Load Output.
Load Output set to Conventional Alg1. (OFF 22.2V / ON 26.2V)

The Load Output only switches OFF (open) the programmable relay when the Battery voltage gets below 11.1V, and will switch the programmable relay ON again when the battery voltage gets above 13.1V (which is half the set point voltages).

I have run this test several times with different (custom) voltage set points and the Load Output always controls the Programmable relay at half the set threshold voltages (of battery volt).

Note : I am bench testing this controller before sending it to site using a variable regulated dc power supply to vary the Battery voltage, leaving for over 3 minutes at different voltages to see when the programmable relay (Load output) changes state, which is always at half the set points.

Does anyone else have the same issue ?










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Smartsolar mppt 450/100 mounting holes



How am i able to mount the mppt without access to the upper mounting holes? Bracket can't be used as this will be used in a moving vehicle.

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DC Leakage via Protective Earth Conductor

I'm have this weird problem that during a no-load condition with an Smartsolar MPPT charging, I'm seeing a phantom load of around 22 W that doesn't seem to exist. The MPPT is mounted in a cabinet along with a Multiplus, and the whole cabinet and both devices are tied to a protective earth bus bar, which is bonded to battery negative, aka before the SmartShunt in the system. The Multiplus and the MPPT are then grounded on the load side of the SmartShunt. I also measured the current in the earth conductor, and it's around 1.4 A, which correspond quite well to the 22W phantom load on the system (12V system). There's also an equal discrepancy between the battery + and - conductors of the MPPT. So, is there an issue with my MPPT charger, or should I bond the protective earth bus bar on the load side of the SmartShunt?

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Matching SPD to MPPT

This is a question I have been discussing with colleagues and there seems no clear answer.

I have noted that most of the SPDs on the market are either Uc 600VDC, 1000VDC or 1500VDC. But our MPPTs are 150V MAX, 250V MAX or 450V MAX.

It seems thus, that a 600VDC SPD might protect something in the system against over voltage but that would not include the MPPT which would be exposed to over-voltage before the SPD had begun protecting (Uc).

Should we not be getting 145V, 245V and 445V SPDs manufactured which match the Victron products to properly protect MPPTs against over voltage? I have spoken to a manufacturer willing to do this but MOQ is 250 units which is a bit much for me to "test" the concept with.

Any insight would be valued.

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Übertragung Verlauf

Hallo zusammen, habe mit einen Mppt Smart Laderegler 100/50 von Victron zu gelegt.

Möchte meinen Verlauf vom neuwertigen Laderegler BlueSolar 100/30 Laderegler mit Dongle auf den neuen übertragen.

Besitze noch einen WR Victron 2000/12 und ein Venus GX.

Die Daten vom LR 100/50 werden automatisch auf einen USB Stick gespeichert, aber wie mache das mit dem LR 100/30?

VeDirekt zu USB vorhanden.


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New panels with old?

I have two Siemens panels from 2005-ish (they came with the barge) connected to a 24v system thru a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15. I would like to increase our solar charging capabilities. Will adding new panels to the existing system cause problems?

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smart mppt 100/20 goes up and down like a Yoyo and crashes output to zero



My setup:

1 solar panel Wattstunde WS200SB (200W, Umpp 19.8V, Impp 10.1A).

Attached to a smart solar MPPT 100/20 with the latest firmware 1.56. Victron Connect thinks it is a 48V version as well as my Raspberry Pi. The label on the device tells otherwise (ie no 48V written on it)

Four 75 Ah LiFePO4 in series with BMS. (Home made pack)

(Sidenote: is there a physical difference between the two MPPT models? Or are they the same?)


Main problem is that the mppt crashes its output to zero and starts up again. see the attached pictures. I have no clue why. I checked the BMS. No problems with it. It does not trip any error coditions.

I want this to be resolved. MPPT crashing all the time to zero output is not good.

What is going on? Is this the same bug that ought to be resolved in this firmware revision?

Is my MPTT broken and need to be replaced?

Or is it a problem that there is 1 solar panel attached with an output of only 5V above the battery? Do you have the same problem with 1 panel?

Any help is appreciated.

Victron experts can have a look at the VRM data Portal ID: b827eb30b15f



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Stability of MPPT 150/335

I have three MPPT 150/35s each managing a 330Watt panel. Even in full sunshine here in Spain I never get a combined output of more than 400W. Each device seems to randomly drop to very low output. I read on the blogs that there is a temperature issue with these controllers. This would be disastrous for me as I'm using them to charge my boat batteries and when offshore I need them to work. My question to Victron: Is there a temperature issue? If I upgrade the firmware to V1.56 does this address the reported issues. I'm happy to do any testing you want but surely there's an explicit answer. I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to make something work that should really be changed out. Please advise.

By the way these were installed less than two years ago and I have been away from the boat for over a year due to Covid restrictions, hence the delay.

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Should I still use Bluetooth MPPT synchronisation when also connected with Venus OS (RPi)

I have 2x SmartSolar MPTT 100 | 30, and a BMV 712.

I first used Smart Networking over Bluetooth to synchronise with the more accurate voltage from the BMV712, and have both chargers running in sync.

I have since added a RPi running Venus OS and also have VE-Direct connections to the 3 devices.

All is working well in Venus, but not sure if that now runs the show in terms of the synchronising via VE.Direct and the Bluetooth function is now redundant?
If redundant, should I leave the smart networking configured should be RPi go belly up?

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Oasis Firefly Profile 2021

Does anyone have a clear profile for the oasis firefly battery? Preferable someone with experience and knows it works over time.

Many thanks

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Blue Solar overheating -- load off despite no indication?

When the ambient temperature of my BlueSolars is like 38°C consumers connected to the load terminals are sometimes not working despite both LEDs are steady and the app reading "load on" and battery voltage at float.

Two different consumers (fan and compressor box) on two completely separated solar setups behaving like that.

If they overheat, why is there no indication at all?

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MPPT 100/30 No charge

Hey there, I'm new here and could really use some help. I've been working on a solar build for my van and continue having issues with it. I don't know much about solar setup and have done this entirely on my own. I followed faroutride's electrical diagram nearly to a T for the installation. The main differences are in the wiring I chose to use as I couldn't afford the marine-grade stuff that they used.


3x100W Renogy panels wired in series (about 5 years old) (8AWG solar wires to 40A fuse)

Victron 100/30 MPPT Charge Controller (8AWG from PV, 10AWG to 40A fuse to busbar for batteries)

2x 125Ah Vmax Tanks AGM Deep Cycle 12v Batteries (2AWG wired in parallel)

Positive switch between battery and loads (2AWG)

Victron BMV 712 monitor and negative shunt (2AWG)

BlueSeas Positive and Negative Bus bars (Ground to the chassis of my van)

Victron Orion DC to DC charger connected to the starter battery for the van (6AWG)

Victron Bluetooth Temp + Voltage dongle (recently added as an attempt to fix my issue)

Samlex 30A shorepower 12v charger (10AWG)

My issue is that the MPPT 100/30 hasn't been charging my batteries. I sent it back to where I ordered it from and they were able to get it working fine. So I know the problem is within my setup. According to the VMAX tank website, these batteries should float around 13.5-13.8v. When I received the batteries, they were charged at 13.75. But it looks like their SOC should land around 13.08 in my current climate. I reached out to Vmax about these discrepancies and got no response. So I don't know what the actually charged voltage should be for these bad boys. According to the Victron app, the MPPT and BMV are both showing the current voltage for the batteries, give or take a volt. The dongle is showing 77 degrees Fahrenheit and the same voltage. I tested with a voltmeter on the batteries and loads, everything is reading the correct voltage. Same on the MPPT terminals themselves.

My MPPT has been stuck in blinking Bulk since I reinstalled my setup after moving it. Meanwhile, my batteries are just operating a 12v dometic fridge and are slowly dying. Right now at about 12.7v. I've been charging them with a Samlex 30A shorepower charger in the meantime. But I want this expensive solar setup to work. Please help!





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Smartsolar with 2x6v series (12v system)

New to the solar game. Added a Smartsolar 100/20 48v unit to my toy hauler. It has a two 6v batteries wired in series (trailer has a 12v system). I am curious if I need to adjust the voltage thresholds for the charger, since voltage characteristics are different in a 2x6 series versus a 2x12 parallel system. Has anyone encountered this type of setup? What did you end up doing?

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Multiplus and smartsolar overcharging with engine on

On my narrowboat, I have a multiplus compact with engine driven Alternator with standard regulator (mobiletron vr lc111) to deliver charge to a bank of 4x105Ah leisure lead/acid batteries. This works fine on its own. This was already there when I bought it.

I've installed 450Pw of solar through a victron mppt 150/45 and that works fine in isolation too. (wired into main battery +/-).

I believe both boxes are set to default settings.

The trouble comes when I switch the engine on there is an immediate bad egg smell from the batteries, indicating overcharging and the mppt appears to get very hot. I am assuming too much current is being delivered to the batteries or voltage is too high if that makes any sense!?

I can get by, by switching off the mppt charging through the app whenever I switch on the engine, but that's not optimal.

Is there a way to change settings to force the Alternator charging to back off, when there is enough solar charge current being delivered? I can't find anything in a manual or searching this forum.

Is possible I need to buy a smarter regulator for my Alternator to allow it to work in tandem with the mppt, happy to receive product suggestions.

Will happily provide more info as directed.

Thank you


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MPPT Solar charge controller with flexible panels and 24v


I recently bought four flexible solar panels. Their specification is as follow.

Maximum power(Pmax) 150W
Output tolerance ± 3%
Maximum system voltage 700V DC
Open circuit voltage(Voc) 21.6V
Maximum power voltage(Vmp) 18V
Cell efficiency 19.5%
Operating temperature(NOCT) 45±2℃
Temperature range -40℃~+80℃
Number of cells 36pcs
Weight 2200g
Size 1170*540*3 mm

So this is a total of 600W. I want to charge a 24v lithium battery with it. Can you suggest, how to wire and what Victron MPPT controller would fit best?

Thanks in advance,


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Solar MPPT 75 / 10 App voltage reading higher that measured

Hi I have 2 12V batteries to give me 24Vdc. I am running unit and the measured voltage is 25.3 V but the app is reading 27.58 Vdc! I changed the setting on the app as the distributor told me, and can't understand why this is not reading correct. Please help

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Smart/V. Connect selected measures on Trend tab disappear when switched to History tab

Have MPPT 75/10 Smart controller. If I change from the Trend screen to Status or History, the data and the 2 selected parameters I am tracking disappear. Nothing is displayed until I re-select the 2 parameters, BV, BAmp. This just happened after updating firmware.


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Is it safe, or possible, to put more pv input to an mppt smartsolar such as 250 /100 than is rated?

So that for example in winter when not getting so much sun there will be more panels there to maximise yield and in summer it will limit to the rated amount. How many watts would a 250/100 be able to cope with beyond rated capacity or is it safe only to make sure it doesn't exceed rated capacity?

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What mppt to get?

Can you please assist on what size mppt controller I should get:

Solar panel specs

2x 120 w in parallel

Pm 120w per panel

Voc 24.2v

Isc 6.46a

Imp 6.07a

Temp coefficient Voc -0.33%/C

Temp coefficient Isc 0.06%/C

Normal operating cell temp -45 to 80C

Battery specs

13v 108ah lifepo4 lithium 1400wh

Float charge 13.6v

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MPPT state : external control


I have an MMPT 150/35 connected on a Multiplus5000 with a fronius pv inverter on the ac output.

With the victron connect app i readd the state of the device : External control.

Although I have set the absorbtion voltage to 27,5 V the MPPT continues to give power although the battery voltage is 28,2 V. Is the mppt controlled by something else?

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SmartSolar 150/100 stopping charge too early.

Hi everyone ! I have a silly question but unsure of how to fix it. My setup is 24V 1000Ah OPsZ 12x 2V battery bank. The solar array can provide over 3kWp to the mppt, but when I use more than 100Ah the mppt absorption phase is too short for recharging the battery bank.

Is there any trick or option to increase automatically the absorption time ?

Last year I did a try manually extending the absorption fixed time, but it was too much time and the batteries did not liked it at all.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Thanks, Michel

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Battery settings in MPPT and Multiplus 2 for NMC battery

Hi all

I have a off grid system consisting of repurposed Nissan leaf batteries(NMC) in 14s2p giving me approximately 280Ah @ nominal voltage 53,2 with min/max cut-off's at47,6V and 57,4V. coupled to a 150/60 Solar MPPT and dual Multiplus2 48/5000 in parallel.

When battery has reached float it seems the loads are taken from the battery and not from the solar MPPT even though its daytime. I am not really concerned to keep battery at 100% since its at 4,1V/Cell and should not affect longevity to keep it there during daytime hours.

Is there a setting somewhere to change this in order to keep batteries at 100% until dawn?

vrm page for system

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Smart solar 150/70 overcharging at 16.1v

The setup is as follows.

multiplus 3000

280 amp hour lithium phosphate

1 - smart solar mppt 150/70, connected to 2 - 385 watt 48 volt panels

1 - 75/15 blue solar mppt connected to 200 watt 48 volt panel

1 - 100/15 smart solar mppt connected to a 200 watt 48 volt panel

and a overkill 120amp bms

I have manually set all controllers to 12 volts.

I disconnected all controllers by removing the negative wire to the battery. This was in attempt to figure out why the voltage stated on the mppt controllers display via the color control gx was saying max volt 16.1v. Upon disconnecting 2 solar controllers (150/70 and the 100/15 smartsolar) the voltage at the bms slowly went down to 13.5v. I tested the voltage at the output of the 150/70 and the 100/15 and the both said 16v. The charge algorithm is set to lithium phosphate and each device was factory reset in an attempt rectify the issue.

They have been disconnected now for 2 days. I will test again in a bit to see if anything has changed.

any idea what would cause a 16v charge. Equalization is turned off. Manually set to 12v on each mppt controller



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Adding in occasional use panels

I have a 100w 12v panel on the roof of my camper, connected via a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100V 20amp controller. I want to add an external portable 100w 12v panel that I can move around to face the sun better. I think I can wire both panels in parallel into the charge controller, and disconnect (via power poles or the like) the portable one when not in use.

Is there any danger in this kind of a configuration? Or am I looking at it incorrectly?

Thanks in advance!

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SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 with AGM strange battery behaviour


Yesterday, on a sunny day, I plugged the stuff for my caravan together: 100W solar panel, SmartSolar 75/15 and a 120Ah AGM. Made all the settings as stated on the battery (U_Absorption 14.7V, U_float 13.7) and it works fine - at first. It started bulk with all the current the panel was able to deliver at that time (~ 5A). The load output was at 0.1A. Some hours later it arrives at Absorption at 14.7 - okay so far.

Now the strange thing: When I was back also some hours later, the charger was at bulk loading again with ~5A and the battery voltage was slowly decreasing (~ 0.25V / hr) - I stopped the process as the terminal voltage reached 14V. Battery was cold. Does anybody have an idea what is happening here?

Best regards, Jens

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Smart Solar 100/20 and SmartShunt

Hi, I am new to this. Just installed a Smartshunt, the Bluetooth range is very poor. Mainly due that the batteries are deep down in the engine room in my boat. If i connect the VE.Direct from the shunt to the Smart Solar will the Smart Solar be able to relay the info on it's bluetooth ? The Solar charger is way better placed than the shunt. there is also a possibility to connect the Bluetooth dongle to the shunt and place it a little better, but will that work ?


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Can smartsense be used to estimate SOC ?


For those situations that are very cost sensitive - simple DC installations in remote sites - where you don't have any Inverter (VE.bus or otherwise) but a smartsense is used, I was considering adding a raspberry (running VenusOS) to be able to monitor the site. But I can't know the SOC, only voltage reading. Is there anyway to estimate SOC based on voltage, by using the existing smartsense?

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