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SmartSolar pairing fails

Can't pair SmartSolar controller with iPhone. Using default PIN of 000000 (six zeros). iOS 14.4. SmartBMV works using PUK and then setting PIN.

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" Mandatory " Smartsolar update v1.56 killed VEDirect to VEDirect cable communication?

Early this morning I was presented with V1.56 " Mandatory " update on 150/60 Smartsolar that connects to my Multiplus II via VE direct port.

Immediately after the update finished , the controller vanished from VRM.

I have two other SmartSolar 150/35 , both of these are connected via VE.Direct to USB , that goes on a USB hub , that connects on the USB port on the MultiPlus II.

I have also updated both of these 150/35 to same V1.56 and both of them still reporting to VRM.

I swapped cables over , and 150/60 does indeed work on the VE.DIrect to USB.

Also tried the VE.Direct to VE.Direct cable on both of the 150/35 controllers , no joy, no connection.

So, this update definitely must have done somerhing that effects VE-Direct to VE.Direct link communication.

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MPPT 100/50 Controller not connecting

I have a solar charging system with 2 banks: 4 panels on the roof and 2 on a wing at the stern. They connect to 2 x MPPT 100/50 controllers charging 3 x 200Ah Lithium batteries for house supply.

This morning the controller for the roof panel reads "connecting" and I have not been able to rectify this. On visual inspection nothing has changed, all connections look good. The installation is only a few months old. Powered everything down at breakers and restarted but no joy. Found no reference to this error message in the manual.

The bulk light is on and flashes once every 10seconds or more. The wifi connection to the roof panels shows normal operation.

Hoping someone can help or send a link to steps to fix. TIA



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Smart Solar MPPT 100/20-48 disables load output about once a day


My Smart Solar MPPT 100/20-48 disables load output for a few seconds about once a day. I'm running the latest firmware. It get's really annoying as I have a gass alarm that beeps LOUDLY 5 times when it's gets power back, really fun when it happens while were sleeping.

Any idea what's causing this? Is there an event log I can review somewhere?

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MPPT 100/30 showing hauting behaviour when being in absorption mode


I have installed in my campervan a 315W solar panel + victron MPPT 100/30 + AGM battery 190Ah C10. Everything worked properly during nearly a year. It's been a few days that my MPPT is showing a very strange behaviour when being in Absorption mode.

First of all, the voltage is not kept constant during absorption as it should. The received power keep oscillating between 0W and the maximum power that the PV cell can provide. It looks to me that the MPPT cannot find the maximum power point anymore. Eventually the battery started to make a slight bubbling noise.

I lowered the absorption votlage such that the system could go into float mode and still this strange oscillating behaviour shows up.

Below the configurations and some sceenshots of the status;





Could someone help me with this issue? Might it be an MPPT issue, ... ?

Any help woul be very appreciated.


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Use two controllers with different panels.

I currently have four panels 2s2p and one 48v controller. I’m going to buy four more panels and another controller. Does it matter than the four new panels are not the exact same wattage as the other set of panels?

Can both 48v controllers connect to the same battery bank? Do the controllers need to communicate with each other somehow?

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MPPT 7515 Wire Terminal Issue

My 105W SunflareSolar panel's output is measuring 18V on my voltmeter. When I connect the wires to the controller, the panel measures 0.7V. and the blue light keeps blinking as though the controller is not connected to the panel What would cause the wire terminals to pull down the voltage?

Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need more infomation.

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Voltage too high with MPPT + Alternator

I have a SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/30 on a boat with an alternator that does not have an external regulator. I'm seeing an issue where, when the batteries are fully charged, the solar controller is on and in float, and the engine is on, I'm seeing voltages between 15.25 - 15.45. That is definitely too high. The solar controller reports it is in float and putting no amps into the batteries, but when I turn it off, the voltage drops to 14.8, which is closer to normal. Why is the Solar Controller increasing the voltage in this situation, and is there anything I can do other than turn it off when I'm underway?

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SmartSolar 250/100 RF Noise

Looking for assistance from a Victron Tech,

We have a telecommunication customer wanting to use a SmartSolar 250/100, however they're concerned about the RF noise generated by the MPPT,

Where can we find the level of noise generated by the SmartSolar?

In this MPPT size, what is the best MPPT to use on a telecommunication system which will generate the least amount of noise?

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Is it possible to use shore power as input for a SmartSolar MPPT charge controller to charge 12V AGM battery?

Hi All,

I am designing my electrics for my van. There is already a 230V AC, shore power, network in my van. I would like to add a 12V circuit for off-grid circumstances, for charging laptop, running lights and a fridge. I would like to mainly charge this battery with 200/300W solar power via the SmartSolar MPPT XX/XX charge controller. But I think it would be beneficial to also be able to charge it via shore power if solar power is no option. Would it be possible and safe to charge the 12V battery (AGM Deep Cycle 250Ah) using a laptop charger plugged in my 230V AC network connected to the SmartSolar MPPT XX/XX charge controller? I would add a breaker between my solar panel and SmartSolar controller and solder a plug on my old laptop charger to easily connect it. This way I don't have to buy a separate 230/12V charger.

Thank you for your help and advice!

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Mppt charger settings

I’ve got 3 Victron super cycle 12-230 batteries, connected to a victron solar charger (150/60). I use a victron battery monitor, and even when the batteries are at 75%, it’s still in float. I’ve looked, but couldn’t find the right answer for this. What settings should I input for this battery / charger combo? Funny thing, I’ve got the multiplus as well, it works fine right out of the box as a charger ... no setup needed. Anyway - didn’t want to make a setting error, so thought I’d ask. They should have a default for these batteries:)

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Inverter RS 48/6000 , programmatically shutting off charger

I have a well with a solar pump. When the sun is out and the float switch is tripped in a tank, a 3kw / 240v dc pump starts using power via a controller.

Most of the time though, like 95% of the time, the 4kw / 240v dc array is being unused.

I'd like to hook an RS 48/6000 up to charge batteries and create 240v ac for a nearby cabin.

So I *think* I'd like someway to tell the victron controller "hey, stop using power when the pump wants it."

Worst case I could do some serious electrical engineering with high capacity relays and arduino but I'm hoping there's a simpler technique via built-in victron functionality.

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MPPT wired paralell


I whish add a second solar panel to an existing one (MPPT 100/30, 2 solar panels in serial and a set of 3 batteries 12 v AGM in paralell). The new line would be also a MPPT 100/30 with two panel and wired to the same batteries set. I wonder if doing so would not make the controllers hunting each other and what should I do to avoid this and get their load mode (float, bulk..) synchronized


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Charging 12V AGM from 48V lithium

I am commissioning a new boat which will have 3 x 160Ah AGM batteries for the 12V house bank. I have a 310W solar panel and propose using a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 for this. I also have a "spare" 1200Wh 48V lithium battery and I'm wondering if I could use this as an alternative source for topping up the 12V system through the same solar regulator (having a switch to ensure only one source at a time). I would only plan to use this when sailing at night when my solar contributes nothing and I'm using a fair bit of power with fridge, instruments, lights and autopilot.

For the sake of this scenario I am not worried about getting the 48V battery recharged - that is another issue.

Any drawbacks in this arrangement?

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SmartSolar 100/50: Weitere Ladeprofile erstellen


Ich versuche, in VictronConnect drei weitere Ladeprofile (Batterievoreinstellung) zu erstellen.

Hab aktuell die 5.38 auf 2 verschiedenen Geräten mit Android.

Das suspekte dabei ist, daß ich bei meinem Tablet drei zusätzliche Profile erstellen kann, auf meinem Handy jedoch nur eines.

Kennt jemand den Grund?

Wenn ich die Profile des Tablets exportiere und danach am Handy wieder importiere, ist nur ein einziges zusätzliches Profil vorhanden.

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Solar charge station for electric cars

Good day,

I wanted to know if Victron has developed a solution for a solar charge station to recharge batteries (either lithium or sealed AGM) to power small electric carts (similar to gulf carts). Our idea is to build several small carts to be used on the coffee processing plant and the cart will driven by dc motors powered by batteries. Maybe each cart will have spare batteries so when they are drained after some time, they will be taken to the solar charge station and new recharged batteries will be placed on the cart to continue the process.

Thank you in advance for your advice.


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MPPT 100/20 Leistung springt


habe bei meinem MPPT 100/20 das Problem, dass die Leistung extrem springt. Panel ist ein 180W und es hängt eine 150Ah AGM Batterie (1 Monat alt) dran. Das Video ist bei konstanter Sonneneinstrahlung aufgenommen worden.

Hier das Video:

Hat jemand eine Idee?

Viele Grüße


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Split combiner box feeding 2 SmartSolar mppt controllers off a common negative bus bar?

Hi, I am wondering if it is ok to use a Midnite Solar 6 breaker combiner box with the positive bus bar split in two and use it to feed two Victron SmartSolar mppt charge controllers using the common negative busbar? Each controller would receive their own positive and negative cables, only the negative busbar would be shared.

The arrays would be different sizes feeding into a Victron 150/100 and a Victron 150/70 feeding into a single battery. Midnite Solar states most charge controllers can work in this configuration with a few named exceptions (Victron not being one of them). There is a diagram similar to this setup on page 5 of this document:

I just want to make sure before I make a potentially expensive mistake! Thanks in advance for any help.

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AC Solar With DC Solar

Hope somebody can assist me I am new to using Victron however I am a qualified electrician, and I have recently bought a house with an existing installation, I have an grid fed Multiplus 48/5000 70-100 together with an SMA Sunnyboy providing Solar AC, I have recently upgraded my battery bank to a big Lithium ion pack but now the problem I am sitting with is that the solar array isn't sufficient enough to recharge the batteries during the day so I would like to add an Victron MPPT with a few extra panels. I have an Colour Gx in the system, now my question is do I just install the MPPT and connect it to the DC side of the Multiplus ? and connect the comms to the ? is there anything else I must do beforehand?

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Is this real? No charging until PV > BAT +5V?

Just got my SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 SCC today. Reading through the manual I have found something that makes no sense to me. It claims that the unit will not even turn on until the PV voltage exceeds that battery voltage by 5v?!?! Isn't the whole point of an MPPT charger that it will boost the PV voltage as necessary to charge the battery? Furthermore, since a lithium ion battery has a nominal voltage of at least 14V and a standard PV has a maximum voltage output of around 17V to 18V, doesn't that make the SmarSolar charger useless for charging a lithium ion battery (the solar panel won't reach the required 19V to even turn the silly MPPT on).

Am I reading this correctly? And if so, how the heck do I turn this *OFF* so that the charger actually works for lithium batteries?

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Question about the CAN IDs of the Venus GX (VGX) messages

Hello, I am using a Venus GX to communicate with an MPPT. I have connected a PCAN transceiver to the CAN 2 port of the VGX (not the VE.Can port) and I receive frames with the following CAN IDs:









I would like to know which information is within each CAN frame so a PLC can use it for analysis. Can anybody please help me to find any document which explains the information sent by this port? In the Victron's documentation I've found only the PGNs but this is not useful as I want to use the information sent by the raw CAN bus.

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MPPT 12v 100/30 Status offline


I have an 100/30 MPPT charge controller that shows status offline.

I have done the following when fault checking.

1. Checked connection and fuses - all good

2. checked the load from the panel to the MPPT - all good

3. run the battery and a load from the MPPT - it is working just showing status offline.

4. Updated firmware - all good

5. removed connection from solar panel and battery, left off for 2 minutes then reconnected. Status is the same.

6. removed the app and reinstalled the app on my phone, including disconnecting Bluetooth.

taken the vehicle back to the installer, who double checked wiring, fuses and connections- all good.

has anybody had the same experience and found out a remedy? why is the Bluetooth app not showing the graph information and showing status as offline.

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Batteries not being fully charged.

Hello all. I have a Victron MPPT and BMV712 hooked up to 600w of solar and 2 6v Trojan T105 batteries.

The batteries never reach 100% and the MPPT is shutting down around 86%. I've taken a few screenshots of my system settings. Looking for advice on which settings I need to change to get my Batts fully charged. First 2 screens are from the BMV, last 2 are from the MPPT.





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ON/Off Grid use case


Working on proof of concept for our exhibition trailer.


Normally undertake a number of outdoor exhibitions, as these are starting again looking to a hybrid energy solution as a lot of venues a actively banning use of generators so either use provided EHU or go to alternate energy.

Using the following as a use case

Kit includes

  • 100/50 MPPT
  • 200W Solar arrays
  • Smart Shunt 500
  • Smart Battery Protect
  • Phoenix Inverter 800
  • Orion TR 12/12/30 Isolated
  • Venus

Question is around grounding.

Phoenix in the above use case is bonded to the -ve busbar I am assuming the bus bar is also grounded to the chassis to EHU power

I'm assuming the 375/800 has the earth connected to the N of the AC output by the internal jumper.


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Victron SmartSolar MPPT 20A 100V - setup questions

Hi All,

I am relatively new to campervan setups, and I do not have a background in 12v electrics.

I have had a Victron Smart Solar 20A 100V MPPT installed in my campervan together with a new leisure battery, which I am really pleased with on first inspection.

There are a number of options in the Victron Connect app to allow configuration of the Smart Solar 20A 100V MPPT, here are the settings I am talking about.


It looks like most of the settings (Charge Voltages etc.) are set by either selecting a Battery Preset (see options below), or by selecting "expert mode" and specifying your own numbers for the Charge Voltages. The "factory default" seems to be the Gel Victron Deep Discharge option.

The other Battery Preset options available are:



It says in the manual to ensure the settings match your specific leisure battery, and this is where I am struggling - I cannot seem to locate the information needed. The leisure battery installed is a 12V 110AH Xtreme AGM Leisure Battery (XR1750) NCC Class A.

So, my question are:

  1. Are the Factory Default settings ok for my specific battery? Or should I change them?
  2. If I need to change them, then:
    1. Should I pick another pre-set, if so which one?
    2. Or, should I use expert mode and set the Charge Voltages manually? And if I do, what numbers should I use?

A final (less important question) also

  1. What does the "equalisation stuff" do, and do I need to worry about it?

Thanks everyone!

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Hot climate storage state for MPPT 100/30

We store our boat in Florida for 8 months during the summer and cruise in the Winter only. Flooded house and Sealed starter batteries are connected in parallel to 365W of solar via a Victron 100/30 MPPT controller. What is the correct state to leave the charger in so that I do not risk boiling away the battery acid with attendant fire risk, etc.? During the cruising season I typically top up with distilled water once a month. I could simply disconnect the batteries at the breaker but suspect there is a better way using the Bluetooth app for the Victron. Any guidance?

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No current management between MPPT / BMV?


i use a MPPT 100/50 and a BMV712 with 1,3kWp offgrid (oversized because of winter). The charger and bmv are connected via VE.Smart Networking. My MPPT output is limited to the maximum allowed battery current.

I also use energy in my regular system while charging. The bmv seems not to communicate the real charging current to the MPPT to regulate the maximum power output. So in sunny days i can´t use the full power of my pv for my phoenix ac converter because of this limitation.

Why isn´t this implemented or why is this a problem?

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MPPT Drops to 0 intermittently

I have a 150 | 35 PV controller, connected to a 48V bank of Lead Acid batteries, it's been fine for a couple of weeks, but recently it occasionally starts drops to 0W of PV yield, than goes back to a more normal value, then drops again. Disconnecting the panels, then the batteries, then reconnecting the batteries, then the panels, will sort the problem out, but only seems to be temporary. Any ideas? Screenshot of settings and video of it happening attached.


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