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MPPT 100/30's not cooperating and only one charging.

System: I have 3 SmartSolar MPPT 100/30's connected individually to (3) 335W panels. They are networked together with a BMV-712 and connected to an 800ah LFP battery, with smartsolar battery setting on LFP. I just switched my battery bank to lithium from AGM, but I had the same issue with the AGMs. In the past, my shore charger was mostly charging the bank, but now I need to switch to solar and Multiplus as I will be leaving the dock soon.

Problem: Only one of the chargers is producing significant wattage (264W currently), and it seems to be charging the battery, although network total power shows 0. The other 2 chargers flicker some wattage and then back off to 0. It seems like the master controller is telling the slave controllers to not charge. In the smartsolar history, one can see that the all the chargers are working as they each have history on some past days of significant charging. I need all of the chargers to work together to charge the lithiums which are currently at 13.18v. Another anomaly is that 1 hour ago I was showing total network power of 255W. I removed each controller and the BMV from the VE network to try to reset it and then rejoined them all, BMV first. Now, total network power shows 0W, but the BMV shows positive wattage (175W) going into the batteries. Mostly, I need the chargers to all work together, instead of just 1 at a time, to bulk up the lithiums during the day. It seems like synching between controllers and the app may have glitches that prevent synchronized charging and also an issue with showing total network power.

On a sunny day this system should be pushing 900W plus into the batteries. Any suggestions?

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Does the Multi II control SmartSolar charger as well ?


In a installation where i have a two smartsolar MPPT chargers and one MultiPlus II and i use a propriteary BMS that i connect as described in e.g using the Aux I/O and Temp sense input does the Multiplus II tell the Venus/Cerbo GX which then talks with the SmartSolar to stop charge or go into float or how does that work ?

thx in advance


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Can I simultaneously charge 2 separate batteries with one solar blanket?

I have a 200W solar blanket charging a 120AH AGM battery in my caravan using a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15.

I also have a 100AH LifePO4 Battery in my vehicle to run the portable fridge. I can charge this from the same solar panel using another Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15. But if the caravan battery is charging, I have to disconnect the solar blanket lead and connect it to the charge controller in the vehicle to charge the LifePO4 battery.

Is it possible to split the cable from the solar blanket to then run cables to both of my Victron charge controllers thereby charging both batteries simultaneously?

So, in summary, I have 2 charge controllers, 2 batteries and one solar blanket and I want to charge them both at the same time.

Forgive my ignorance of 12V stuff!

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SmartSolar not receiving data from BatterySense

My SmartSolar, BatterySense and BMV700 all show up correctly configured in the VE network.

In 'settings/VE Smart networking' the BMV and BSense both show up in each others app.
The SmartSolar only lists itself. In other words the other two are transmitting data, but the SmartSolar is not receiving it.

I have tried all the usual fixes. Deleting and restoring the network, trying different combinations of configuration. Nothing works.

I really need to get this working as the batteries are at a significant ambient temperature difference compared to the Mppt.

I have searched exhaustively for info on this with no success, which I find strange, I can't be the only one with this issue surely.

Rgds, Baz.

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Smart solar 100/30 with lifepo4 inconsistencies

Have installed a smart solar 100/30 and have a 200ah lithium Chinese battery with built in bms and no interface. Also using a Victron smart sense and a victron battery protect on the load side. Currently using the lifepo4 default charging profile, but in the max charging history I’m seeing figures of over 14.7 v most days and over 15 volts some days. Is that normal?

Also confused about the difference between absorption and float. I was under the impression that you are not meant to float lifepo4 batteries, yet the charger is choosing to float.

Is the default setting the best one to use or should I be tweaking the settings using expert mode?

Sorry for the newby questions, I’ve done a ton of reading but there’s heaps of conflicting information out there.

Bought (and love) the victron kit so I could look after my shiny new battery properly, just want to make sure I have it as right as can be.

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Mppt 100//20 equalization won’t exceed absorption voltage

When starting my equalization, the voltage won’t go above absorption limit. EQ should be as 16.2, absorption is at 14.8. Once it starts it won’t go above 14.8, unless I change the absorption limit in the settings. Thoughts? (Yes, these are the correct voltages per battery manufacturer support)

Firmware v1.53



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Firmware update v1.53 and networked MPPTs


I have 3 SmartSolar 100/30s networked with a Smart Battery Sense and after updating the firmware this morning the Network total power now shows the same figure as what’s shown in the meter above. It seems as if the screen from all the devices shows the same info. Does this mean I can’t see individual data from each seperate device?

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What size Smartsolar is required for 2 x 250w solar panels

I am installing 2 x 250w solars panels to a caravan with a 12v system. What size controller is recommended. This is the figures on each panel. No sure how accurate the data is, I did think a panel this size would be 200w so the dealer might be overselling the panels capacity. I am installing 2 in parallel. Cheers

Maximum Power(Pmax) 250W
Max Power Current 13.74A
Max Power Voltage 18.2V
Max System Voltage 1000VDC
Tolerance +/- 2%
Short Circuit Current 15.10A
Open-Circuit Voltage 22.3V
Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
Product Dimension 1580 x 808 x 35mm
Weight 13.38kg (Each panel)

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Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can in parallel. How to change data instancing PGN 127750

Hi to all,

I'm in the progress to iron out all instance errors on my NMEA 2000 network.

It is a large network split in two and bridged with a NBE100 from Maretron due to it size and voltage requirements. The Victron side consists out of 2x Quatro 8000 24V in parallel + DMC, 1x Skylla-i + DMC, 2x Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can in parallel. The batteries are Winston cells in 2 banks of 1000Ah each at 24V controlled by Rec BMS in master slave configuration all items are connected to a Cerbo GX with NMEA2000 out activated. My NMEA2000 network did run fine till I connected the Victron network to NMEA cable into the the backbone. Very quickly I found out that changing device instances will break the communication between the Victron units and after reading all I could get my hands on I found an article from Mathijs Vader about not changing device instances but to change data instances instead. With Actisense NMEA reader I was able to clear 12 instance errors on the network but I'm left with 1 error. The Smart Solar MPPT 150/70 TR VE.Can both give out PGN 127750 (Converter/Invertor/Charger Status) and with Actisense NMEA Reader I can't change that PGN's data instance. This PGN is causing between 4% and 14% network error issues on my NMEA2000 analyzer meter from Maretron. Does anybody have an idea how to change this data instance without breaking the parallel operation of the MPPT's?



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SmartSolar as input to Orion-TR

Hi Folks,

this is the opposite of a question that has been asked previously.

I have a 4wd dual battery setup. To protect the starter battery, it currently has a battery isolator (Redarc SBI12 on while the ignition is on). The car has a modern variable alternator so i am planning to add an Orion-tr to charge the Auxiliary battery.

Also isolated by the same dual battery isolator, the 4wd has an Anderson plug connection at the trailer hitch for charging a camper trailer battery if connected.

For my off-grid camping (without the trailer) i have a portable solar panel with a Victron SmartSolar MPPT.

For charging convenience with engine off and camping, Ideally, i would like to connect solar panel through the SmartSolar MPPT to the Anderson connector at the trailer hitch, with the aim of charging the Auxiliary battery (and running the fridge inside the car)

Because of the starter battery isolator, this would effectively connect the SmartSolar MPPT output to the input of the Orion-Tr. Conversion losses aside, will this work? Will it cause any issues?

thanks in advance



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Why is bluesolar mppt skipping absorbtion

Mppt is going strait from bulk into float? This is the first time I have seen this. It was charging at around 16A then went strait into float and down to 2A ? It has now done it several times today


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Getting data from BMV-702 and SmartSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr into Cerbo GX

Hello fellow Victron enthusiasts!

I need to confirm a few details hot to set up my Cerbo GX to pull data from BMV-702 and 2 Smart Solar controllers.

This is what I have:

2 battery banks. One primary bank and a smaller secondary that I will use to power the 4 G router and Cerbo GX for remote monitoring purpose only.

BMV-702 monitor - connected to a shunt (Not the Bluetooth smart shunt).

SmartSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr - charges my main battery bank from 8 solar panels on the roof.

SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 (MC4 connections) - Charging my small secondary battery bank from 2 solar panels on my wall.

Phoenix Inverter 48 Volt - 3000 VA

This is what i want to accomplish:

I want to be able to monitor and control my system remotely when I'm not living in my cabin at winter. I need to be able to monitor my two battery banks, turn on or off my Phoenix inverter to conserve power on my primary battery bank when the solar panels get covered by snow.

The idea is to power my 4G broadband router, Cerbo GX from by secondary battery bank only that gets charged by 2 solar panels mounted on the wall to prevent them from being covered by snow.

The question is how to set up my Cerbo GX so it can pull data from the BMV-702 that is connected to my primary battery bank and also pulling data from the two SmartSolar MPPT controllers?

As i see it I connect the BMV-702 to my SmartSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr using a 10 meter VE direct cable. But this will use the only VE connection available on the controller. How do i connect the SmartSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr to my Cerbo GX? as well as pulling data from the smaller SmartSolar MPPT 75/15.

Must i use other cables/adapters? Or will it connect automatically via Bluetooth?

I hope I explain the situation well, let me know if anything seems unclear.

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How do I get 5 250/100 mppt to communicate via can bus on ccgx.

Hav put in termination jumper both ends . Cables all tested. Cannot see the mppt on ccgx

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VE-can MPPT not being recognised properly

Hi anybody else with problems with MPPTs connected throug LAN?

Often my cerbo doesnt rekognize them and reports missing devices, today it shows one of the MPPTS (OST) corrupted as two devices named 0 8 WST (-> See screenshot)
I was wondering why we are producing so much energy :-)


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smart solar 150/70 does not charge to rated capacity

I have a 150/70 with 8- 100 watt Renogy alike panels that test out at approximately 6 amps each. Rated output is 6.1 amps each. The array is two series strings of 4 panels that are paralleled to the controller with 6 gage wire. The run is 10 feet or so. Until recently suddenly the panels would output 800 watts at approximately 75 volts (varied) but now only output 400 to 450 watts. The panels have been tested and are within specification, the BMS 712 Victron seems to be tracking the charge total correctly leaving me the solar controller to be defective. As a note I have updated the firmware and seems to make no difference in the charging capacity.

Is it possible that the Victron 150/70 could have a component failure that would cause it to work at 1/2 capacity?

Any comments would be appreciated.


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Do I need an MPPT Control or SmartSolar Control with my SmartSolar MPPT?

I am very new to solar I want to make sure that I can setup the SmartSolar MPPT with my phone since the version I bought comes with bluetooth.



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IP67 charger and MPPT 75/15 Solar charger

I have an IP67 charger and an MPPT 75/15 Solar charger connected to the same lithium battery and I was wondering, if I should pay any special attention or change the default configuration (using LION on both devices). The reason I'm asking is that it looks to me as if the MPPT has "it's own life" and doesn't see that the battery is fully charged, when the MPPT wakes up in the morning. and therefor is on "bulk" for several hours before entering "float". Can it cause damage? Or should I simply disconnect the MPPT when I'm on mains?

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AGM with Orion Smart TR 12/12 18 charge current and temp compensation

According to the datasheet of the AGM batteries the charging current without temperature compensation must be limited to 0.2C. When charging a 60Ah AGM with the smallest Orion Smart Tr 12/12-18 the chare current will be 18A or even higher at normal temperature. This corresponds with at least 0.3C. The system will be put in a relative small compartment so I expect that during charging the temperature will rise to 30-40 degrees. Because the Orion Smart does not support temperature compensation and adjustable charge current this seems a less optimal combination. Is there a better solution?

My current thougts are to use a MPPT charger and connect a 12-24V DC/DC converter to the PV input. The Smart MPPT has options for temperature compensation with an external sensor and adjustable charge current setting.

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Do I need to protect the smartsolar from lightning strikes?

I see some people have circuit breakers installed between the panel and the mppt. Is that what I need or is this unnecessary?

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Laderegler MPPT 100/15 lädt nicht. Float Zustand.


Ich habe folgendes Problem und auch in den anderen Feeds leider keine passende Antwort gefunden.
auf dem Dach unseres Wohnmobils sind zwei baugleiche Solarpanele mit 110 Watt verbaut. Wir betreiben dazu den Victron Laderegler MPPT 100/15.

leider zeigt dieser immer nur eine Lading von 0 Watt im Zustand Float an. Und dies auch unter Berücksichtigung der 5 Watt Differenz.
- Batteriespannung: 13,42

- PV: bsp. 20,41

Auch zeigt die Batteriespannung bei einer Messung an der Batterie lediglich eine Spannung von 12,9. wie kommt es zu solchen Abweichungen und wieso lädt der Regler nicht?



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connecting smartsolar directly to starter battery?

I plan on setting up some solar panels only for charging the starter battery and nothing else. I don't have room for a secondary battery in my situation. Can this be done? I assume the smart solar is smart enough to keep from over charging the battery and that the alternator and current draw when starting the vehicle won't cause problems. Or do I need more equipment? I was thinking perhaps a smart battery sense but other than that I should be fine?

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SmartShunt with Temperature Sensor and Starter Battery Voltages?

Hi all,

I am using a SmartShunt 500a with a Victron temperature sensor for my battery in a motor home. Now I want to monitor the voltage of the starter battery, too.

Can I connect the SmartShunt to the starter battery in addition to the temperature sensor? If not, what do you recommend?

The temperature is provided via for a SmartSolar MPP 100/50 controller. Also both are connected via USB cable to a Raspberry Pi with Venus OS and 7“ touch screen.


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Mc4 max cable size for 250/70 cc

Installing 2xsmartsolar 250/70 mc4

Can someone tell me what is the max cable size the MC4 can support ? Can I crimp larger than awg10 in the mc4 ?

I have 100 feet from the combiner box to each 250/70 . Total of 24 x 320 w panels in 4 series of 6 split in 2 , so 12 panels per charge controler.

Each final line between combiner to cc will have 240v/18a roughly so I wanted to use larger cable than awg10.


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MPPT 75/15 wire terminal too small for 6mm²


I have a MPPT 75/15 and the specs say the terminal fits a 6mm² cable. I tried that cable size and it does not fit. Without a wire end ferrule it may go in but just and it is a hassle, some strands being bend and staying out (not good), with a crimped ferrule of the correct size (it tried two types) there is no way this fits.

I have some pre-crimped cable from the solar panel (this is a kit) and the ferrule there look like a size too small and it is a 10 gauge wire which is slightly smaller than 6mm² as well. And even that barely fits.

So what am I doing wrong? Do I need to switch to 4mm² cable? It is only the 1.2m length from MPPT to battery, but 6mm² cable is what I have....

Thanks, regards,


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MTTP Smartsolar 75/10 bluetooth turned off

The Bluetooth on my controller has stopped - not showing in BT devices.

A small black piece of plastic has fallen out of the bottom.

I'm currently away, is there anything I can do to switch the BT back on please?

The controller appears to be working fine (lights).

Yours Roy

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Victron Installation Review

Hi Everyone,

Have asked a few questions in the past with my ugly DIY install, have gotten lots of constructive feedback and finally got home so that I could rip it all apart and start over. Looks a bit less like kabalsalat, the worst of it that's left is the original Airstream wiring. For anyone that's curious, prior thread is here:

Here's a snapshot of the system today, completely reconfigured and rewired, upgraded the battery leads to 1/0 as recommended. Got rid of the massive industrial bus block, I think that was the main source of issues based on the condition it's in when I pulled it out, looks like two of the positive leads had worked themselves a bit loose. Added the battery disconnect per guidance, no-brainer that should've been there from the beginning. Lots of folks appear to put a disconnect between the MPPT and the batteries as well, but this seems redundant with the circuit breakers as you can manually trip the breaker and achieve the same goal.


Couple of known items are to re-run shore power (no shore power included in this photo) and hook up two existing air circulation fans.

One more thing - hard to get a gauge from the photo, but all of the battery leads are the same length, 20". Tried to be efficient with the length, but it was a bit tricky since I have them in two different orientations to save as much space as possible. The negative lead is pulled off the top left battery, through the CSL, then the BMV shunt, then runs to the inverter. The positive lead is taken from the bottom left battery, straight into the battery disconnect, then to the inverter & BGA together, then positive bus bar for the DC loads.

Specific wrap-up questions:

  1. Am I missing any other disconnects? Various schematics seem to include one from the MPPT & tow vehicle trickle charger, but I don't see a point if the MPPT is protected by breakers and I don't have a trickle charger.
  2. Do I have the order correct on the negative side? Should it be CSL then shunt as I currently have it, or do I need to flip that? I know the shunt should be the first thing load-wise, but my reasoning was that the CSL doesn't draw anything on a stable basis.
  3. As I slim down my DIY'd and over-engineered system, I review the Multiplus specs and it looks like my Go Power automatic transfer switch is redundant with the built-in capability of the Multiplus. Is there any reason I should still include the Go Power automatic transfer switch when I re-run the shore power? I'm re-running a completely new lead & replacing the inlet, so it would be a convenient time to remove the transfer switch if it is unnecessary.

A bit about my system overall:

2003 Airstream
960W renogy panels, 6 x 160W each hooked up in Series-parallel configuration (two sets of 3 panels in series, then paralleled into the MPPT)
800 Ah BattleBorn batteries, 8 x 100 Ah each

BGA-225 battery guard
Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120v VE Bus

Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller (150V 45A Tr)

Victron BMV-712

Current Surge Limiter (CSL for short) (

Go Power! TS-30 30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch (likely to be deleted)

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Multiplus 2 with Victron SmartSolar MPPT - incorrect SOC

The State of Charge is displayed incorrectly on the Colour Control GX display and it's showing a drifting pattern towards 0%. A the moment the SOC reaches 8% during the day and goes down to 0% over night, even though the batteries are fully charged up.

We have the following components in an off-grid system we installed for our client:

1 x Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr

1 x Victron Multiplus-II 48V/3000VA 35-32 inverter charger

1 x Victron Colour Control GX

4 x Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12V 200Ah C20

12 x 330W solar panels

The system is connected to the internet via VRM.

The MPPT charge controller charges the batteries up, by 8.30-9am in the morning and then goes to float for most of the day.

Why is the SOC displayed incorrectly?

Technical support from the distributors suggested installing the BMV or the Smart Shunt to fix the issue. However, the Victron manual says this is not required. The site is far away from our office.

Can anyone point me in the right direction how to fix this issue?

I've read the other threads with similar issues but the solution proposed didn't work for me.

I really appreciate your advice.

Here are the settings from VE Configure on the Multiplus II:



Here the SOC graphs from the last 30 days:


Here the voltage, current and MPPT status from today:


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Mppt 100/20. Not registering solar.

I'm trying connect my 260ah AGM battery and 320w solar panel to my mppt 100/20. It registers the battery but I have 0w and 0v from the solar. I've triple checked the wires are connected properly and the right way round. I've checked the fuse and I've checked the wiring using a multi meter and there is power coming from the panel but the controller still isn't recognising it.

I'm aware it needs +5v above battery voltage to charge but I'd have through midday on a sunny day it would produce that easily.

What am I doing wrong? Anyone got any thing else I can try?

Thanks in advance.

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MPPT 75/15 et batterie AGM


J’ai acheté il y a quelque temps un régulateur MPPT Victron Energy 75/15, mais d’un autre côté ma batterie est une simple AGM d’une autre marque.
Je ne sais donc pas comment configurer mon régulateur. Celui-ci est actuellement réglé en Gel Victron deep discharge(2), mais ma batterie n’est pas Gel, d’un autre côté ma batterie n’est pas non plus AGM Spiral Cell.

Qu’elle configuration régler ?


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Mppt 100/50 not working,Bluetooth dongle LED error flashing

Mppt 100/50 Connect battery all led one time flashing And off,dongle flashing red led error. Helpppp

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