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VRM Remote firmware update freezes at status 'Querying VE.Direct devices...'

VRM firmware update freezes at status 'Querying VE.Direct devices...' after succesful update of the first SmartSolar Charger VE.Can 150/70 from v1.06 to v3.02.

There is no error message generated except the warning 'Installation too busy, realtime date link disabled'.

The SmartSolar Chargers VE.Can 150/70 are connected with VE.Direct to Venus GX v2.60

Any suggestions to fix this to update the leftover chargers without using local Bluetooth and without the need of travelling to the site in Corona times?

Norbert asked
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MPPT Controller VE.Can Registers

I'm looking for Registers on the MPPT controllers using VE.Can. I found a VE.Direct protocol document and the VE.Can Registers Public document, but the later does not appear to include any SmartSolar commands.

Any suggestions on where to find information?

enow asked

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Disconnecting battery and MPPT

I have a camper with 160W PV, Victron MPPT and two 6 volt batteries in series.

During the initial installation of the controller, Victron instructions make it quite clear to attach the battery connections before attaching the PV connections.

Now that the system is up and running, when it comes to routine maintenance for such things as installing new batteries or working on something that requires the batteries to be disconnected, can I now just turn the controller off with the Victron app?

In other words, can I just leave the connections to the controller hooked up and turn off the controller? I ask because my controller is mounted where disconnecting the wires is a hassle.

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No real load. MPPT shows 500w daily. Normal?


Hello. Just recently had to travel for a few days. Unplugged load from invertor but left panels connected via Victron MPPT to FLA batteries. Also had battery sense and battery safe connected.

When I returned I saw that each day seems to have used 500w. Is this normal and where does this energy go?

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12V Marine system help


I will do my best to keep this short:

I have a 26ft. Sailboat on the Ossiachersee in Austria.

Because of weight, I want to switch from Lead Acid to Lithium. Because Lithium is so expensive, I want to switch from PWM to Victron MPPT for max battery protection (and max batt/solar efficiency.)

Unfortunately, due to different solar panel sizes, I can't have the PVs in series (see diagram).

Is my diagram here correct, or do I need less or more components?

Any info is greatly appreciated!




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SmartSolar MPT 150/100 not starts Charging

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with SmartSolar MPPT 150 / 100.

It is not starts Charging or starts much to late.
One MPPT 150/100 was already exchanged.
The new one has the same Behavior.


on the right its the replaced MPPT 150/100 left the old one (the old one started much to late, there was some hours pv voltage before he started loading)

Already checked is:

- the remote of contactor

- the mode is external control

- the Firmware is v3.02

need some help i dont know how to go on.

here two additional shots from the same unit without changing parameters.



LATE START (pv is long time in Voc "Voltage open circiut" without load)


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Would this panel setup risk damaging the 150/35 MPPT?

Hi all

would this panel setup pose a long-term risk on the 150/35? Voltage is still within limits, but Amps is higher. I understand that the MPPT would limit to 35A - but would running a higher current pose a risk of damaging the MPPT in the long-term?


Thanks, wolfandy

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Connecting LoRaWan module to VRM

I have connected my system to the smart MPPT and a SmartShunt. I have my gateway setup and working and the LoRaWan's light is green. Per the description of the LoRaWan module it should do the trick.

I still cannot get it into the VRM.

When I logged in to my VRM portal it wants me to upload a file.

I have looked for tutorials online and can't find one.

How do I get both my smart mppt and shunt onto my VRM portal for remote access?

Please advise.

soc asked
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Switching output between two MPPTs

One solar array 80V 20 A. Two different battery banks. One battery bank is 36v , another is 12 v The idea was to have two MPPT controllers and switch between them. Recommendation for a DC switch? Can't seem to find one that accommodate this current and voltage

marusie asked
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SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100

On the battery positive and negative terminals in the unit there are two nuts per terminal. Is the intention here to sandwich the M8 ring connector between the two nuts or should the M8 ring connector be placed directly onto the PCB contact and tightened down with the two nuts?

In the datasheet it looks like the M8 ring terminals are sandwiched between the two nuts as in the below image. Does having a nut below the M8 ring terminal not just introduce extra resistance in the circuit? Possibly very little resistance which may not be an issue. Maybe the idea here is that the two nuts offer more surface area for current to flow when the sandwich method is used. Anyone able to offer advice on the correct way to install the M8 ring terminals on this device?


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Bluesolar MPPT 150/70 max power input recording too high

My BlueSolar Mppt 150/70 is showing maximum power inputs that are too high for my solar panels to deliver. I have 3x PV 275W panels in series. My MPPT 150/70 often gives maximum power inputs above 825W. So far the highest recorded input has been 1190W! It has recorded power inputs around 900W and 1000W. Temperatures are above 12C (it's summer here atm).

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MPPT shown as unknown product in VRM


Is this known already? (see screenshot)




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Gel battery storage with SmartSolar 100/50

Hi, I have gel long life Victron 130A batteries, want to set a storage mode on my SmartSolar 100/50. It will be 2 to 3 months in storage mode

What is the voltages for this batteries?

What is the MPPT settings to do that?

fernando-dambros asked
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Looking for advice on my planned setup!

Hey everyone. My current setup is 6x40W Coleman solar panels, using 2 cheap Coleman charge controllers, connected to 2 Trojan T105 6V golf cart batteries.

My new plan is to add a 100W solar panel to my system, along with the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 charge controller to replace the cheap Coleman units. I believe this will put me at about 19.6A. Does anybody see any issues with this new setup?

I'm also wondering about wiring this all up to the charge controller. My current setup uses SAE Y branch connectors. Any advice is appreciated!

lorettaboy asked
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VE.Bus BMS, SmartSolar MPPT Ve.Can and Can verses VE.Direct connection

I have a 2 x SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/70 rev2, Smart lithium, MultiPlus, BMS, Cervo, etc, all Victron.

I have not found any clear documentation about the functionality one gets when connecting the SmartSolar MPPT via VE.Can or VE.Direct.

I connected them originally via VE.Can and no screens on the VenusOS would show if the MPPT's where working as a single pair, networked and in sync, or would get BMS Charge Disable signals from the Cerbo.

I have them connected via VE.Direct at the moment, and in the Cerbo there is now a "Networked operation" screen, under each charge controller. However BMS control is still No.

Is there any documentation or guidance that exists about the best protocol to use to connect the controllers and the benefits and features of each.

I really want to know if the BMS Charge Disconnect signal is passed through from VE.Direct to the MPPT's, can they work as a synchronised pair, can they get charge current (non ESS setup) from the Cerbo, etc.

Many Thanks

bathnm asked

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MPPT 100/50 with 460W PV

Can I use a MPPT 100/50 to control 2 x 460E PV in parallel. Vmpp 42.77V; Impp 10.75A; Box 50.43V; Isc 11.28A

From the PV calculator online, it doesn't suggest to use the 100/50. From the excel sheet, it showed accepted PV however, with max.current min and max temp. This I understand, but it also has an attention note: More than 30% oversized PV generator. What does that mean. Can I use this 100/50 MPPT to control my 2 460W PV?

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MPPT controller upstream of a PWM

Hi, I have a power bank with an inbuilt PWM controller. The solar panel I use has an open circuit voltage that is too high for the internal PWM, so I’ve had to cover parts of the solar panel to reduce the Voltage to a safe level for the PWM to operate. I am considering buying an MPPT controller to reduce the Voltage and increase the Amps from the panel before sending the power on to the PWM and power bank. If I can get the MPPT battery charge profile right, would this scenario work?

drtpotter asked
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New to Lithium and Cycling to 28.4 every day

Hi All,

I am new to Lithium and the Smart Lithium 12,8 batteries vponfigurtbed 2S2P. My boat is not accessible at the moment due to lock down and I have CANBus connected Smart Solar MPPTs.

When I left the boat, I forgot to adjust the MPPT controllers to charge to 27v, therefore maintaining the batteries at float. As there is very little load it means that my Solar charge controllers are cycling the batteries through absorption, and the Victron set 2hr's each day.

Is there anyway to reconfigure the CANBus MPPTs remotely? Will doing this for what is likely a month going to damage the cells.

Many Thanks


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Pair of VE.Can Enabled and Connected Smart Solar MPPT

I have a Cerbo and 2 x VECan enabled Smart Solar controllers. I expected these two be working a s network pair, but they do not seem to be. They each report their own System Yield and not a combined yield for system, see attached,



Should the system yield actually be the combination of the Total from each unit? How does one tell if they are working as a synchronised network pair. I have been unable to find any detail on the web or gain access to the Cerbo itself to look at the dBus data elements to see how they are interacting with the system.

Any guidance.

Many Thanks

bathnm asked

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MPPT -> BP100 E1 Error & Absorption

I'm experiencing an issue whereby the BP100 from my MPPT 50/100 is erroring with E1 in the following situation:

1. Temperature drops below BMV-712 Relay trigger amount during the night (5c)
2. BP100 is remotely disconnected via BMV-712 relay
3. Sunrises
4. MPPT in Bulk shows a PV voltage but no current (obviously, BP100 is still disconnected)
5. At some point MPPT moves to Absorption
6. Temperature rises to reset BMV-712 Relay trigger (6c)
7. BP-100 errors with E1, with MPPT still in Absorption

At this point I disconnect the PV fuse to reset the MPPT and BP100, when I reconnect fuse MPPT goes back into Bulk and BP100 works as expected.

- I have the MPPT connected to the BP100 Input and battery to the Output so as it's not reversed
- The distance between my battery and BP100 / MPPT is all of 30cm
- The distance between BP100 and BMV-712 is about 50cm
- I'm 90% confident there isn't a short-circuit, I previously wired the remote disconnect to the wrong BP and the whole system was working as expected (apart from the low temperature MPPT disconnect)

See circuit diagram attached.

adrian-duke asked
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Offgrid/Mobile EV Charger


I have a Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and am looking to utilise the solar panels I have on the roof (1100W) to provide some charge to the 300V 11kWh batteries. I have two Victron 100/50 charge controllers that provide charge to the 12V battery in the car.

I have an inverter rated to 1500W that I will use to charge the main drive batteries of the car (with the supplied EV charger) but can’t find a way to limit the EV charger to draw only excess power from the panels that isn’t going to charging the 12v battery. Is there a way to complete this set-up? The 40 Amp hour 12V battery is only used to charge auxiliary equipment in the car such as a small 12v fridge.

Thanks for your help!

crodo asked

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Smart Solar 100/30 over voltage every day

I have a MP100/30 charger. It's set up to charge a LifePO4 battery and despite my charge profile settings (absorption 14.2, float 13.5, absorption duration fixed at zero minutes), I'm seeing 15 volts plus in the history screen every day. Even when the trailer is sitting in the rain on an overcast day. The only thing running is a small 130l compressor fridge. Worried about damaging my 200ah new battery. Any ideas would be appreciated. Images of the settings and history below. Cheers. Stephan



stephanv9 asked
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MPPT 100/50 and Victron MPPT Calculator

Hi. I'm trying to figure out solar panels to go with my SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 and I came across a good sized 150W panels that would fit nicely on my vans roof in 2S2P configuration (600Wp total). The Victron MPPT Calculator suggests the MPPT 150/45 for this array. I've already purchased the SmartSolar 100/50 so my question is, is there any reason I couldn't or shouldn't use the 100/50 instead of 150/45 with this array? Is Victron not suggesting the 100/50 because of the Output Current of this array and the 100/50 wouldn't be getting enough current?


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Smart Solar Mppt 150/100 VE.can not charging batteries


I need some help here. I have a new charge controller mppt 150/100 Tr VE.can model installed on a new installation but has failed to charge the batteries. It's is connected to 18 modules of 270w/24v each wired into 6 series strings @ 72vdc each with an average Voc of 105V. These are connected to the charge controller through a 6ways combiner box

Other components on the system are multiple 3000/48vdc, CCGx, BMV700 battery monitor and Gx Gsm

That controller starts normally but cannot charge when the Pv breaker is closed. Charge state goes to bulk but It indicated 0.0Amps charging current, power is 4W, 102V on PV voltage and 51.4V battery voltage. I have updated firmware and tried to go through the configuration as recommended from similar challenges like low temp cutoff is diabled, DVCC current limits is diabled, charger enable switch is on but still no charge. I have tried reset setting to default several times, disconnecting battery and pv connection for some minutes and reconnecting but still no charge


What could be the problem here??

Ssemujju Abdul Hakim asked
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Smart Solar with MPPT Control and Smart Battery Sense?

Can I successfully use a Smart Solar 100/30 with a Smart Battery Sense, Victron Connect and an MPPT Control? I want the backup of the MPPT Control in case my phone fails or is lost etc.

jaypea asked

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Solar to MPPT controller, not hooked up to battery.

I have a MPPT 150/60 controller. The manual section 3.4 says to hook up the battery first then the solar. When I turn off the battery for storage the solar output will still be going to the controller. Will this be a problem or will I have to disconnect the solar array also?

richci asked
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How to add a lithium battery to a Boat setup

Hello, I am having some challenges trying to incorporate a LiFePO4 house battery into my boat. I would like to know will I kill my alternator/rectifier or cause other problems ie for MPPT solar controller or LiFePO4 with the setup in the attached diagram?
please not that I do not want to change out anything in that diagram now only add items where necessary

Many thanks for your expertise and suggestions


thanks Dan

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Battery locations and overall system input? Any obvious mistakes?

I live full time in a 30’ class A RV and rarely have shore power. This is what i have so fart and the upgrade path i am looking at. any sort of input/advice from people who know more than me is really appreciated.

I have a total of six Costco golfcart batteries, 210 A/h each, running at 12V for a total of 630 A/h. Two batteries are under the hood and the other four are in the rear with 2000w inverter. There is a SCC connected close to each bank of batteries , so two SCC total. All batteries bought at the same time and are isolated from the starter battery but not each other. So was this a terrible idea? Should i move the two fron batteries to the rear or is this ok?

The 12v fuse panel for the RV was already in the rear next to the AC/DC charger, powered by the grid or the onboard generator and connected to the house batteries under the hood with 4 gauge wire running the length of the RV. Since this came from the factory, i figured it was ok. I didnt think it was a good idea to run the SCC through 30’ of wire If i didnt have to. There wasn’t enough room under the hood for all the batteries And I’d dont know how many amps the alternator puts out & that’s why i decided to put two in front and 4 in rear.

The front batteries have a 100/20 SCC and the rear have a 100/30. That maxes out at 50amps total for 630 a/h of batteries. I have six 100W panels total, mimicking the battery placement, two on the front SCC a four on the rear.

I plan on adding more panels as i go and will probably swap out and add more battery at some point, but i wanted to learn on cheap batteries that I could exchage easily if I kill them in under a year.

What i am thinking , unless i get told this was a stupid setup and have to change it, I want to add 6 more panels. Basically doubling the panels on each SCC in parallel. When i do that i will also swap the 100/30 for the 100/50 but leave the 100/20 up front. I realize that in full sun both SCC will be maxed out in current And will be wasting some.

My thinking is that the 100/30 puts out around 25amps with 400w in panels now, so I wouldn’t actually be wasting much but would improve my cloudy day performance. My understanding is that over paneling the current like this is ok as long as it never goes over the voltage hard limit of the SCC, which would be fine doubling the number if panels i have right now.

The panels are mounted on pallets, but not actually mounted on the roof so that i can prop them up facing the sun, which makes a big difference. When i add panels i plan on permanently mounting them to the roof. My thinking is that it is a good idea to have some i can set out direct sun, without having to be parked in the direct sun.

So, if you managed to read all this, thanks. Now what do you think of my setup and what, if anything should i change? Think my plan to over-panel is safe and ok?

faulkton asked
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100|30 doesn't like my six panels -- okay with four.



I installed four 100 watt panels flat on the curved roof of my RV in two series strings paralleled. About a month later, I added two more 100 watt panels in series and paralleled them with the existing strings.
All are Renogy 100 watt compact size mono. The minute that I powered the system back up after ADDING two more panels the output DROPPED to about 20% of what it was with only four panels. All of the panels pass open circuit vo


ltage and amperage tests themselves and for each of the three series strings.
I added blocking diodes thinking that maybe the panels in shade at the time were consuming power somehow. That didn't do anything of consequence.

I moved the RV into full sun and tried a bunch of different configurations of this string with that string, and no matter what, when all three strings are paralleled, the output is crap. I swapped around the branch connectors, resistance tested my cables, rechecked each panel and each string for OC voltage and amperage, switched cables around, tried every combination and permutation I could think of. And no matter what, the controller refuses to produce when all three strings of two series panels are connected. I can combine any two strings with any cables, and any combination of branch connectors, and get acceptable and expected output for the way they're mounted.

The controller is a Victron 100|30 Smart. Feeding four Trojan T-105's.

Now before you say 'that's too much; you're going to fry your controller', please take a look at how they are installed and note the curvature of the roof. I over-paneled for a reason. It is impossible for any single panel to get full sun at anything less than a 30 degree angle of incidence, let alone all of them at once. Furthermore, the way I use my RV frequently has it well shaded. The highest efficiency I have seen yet with the four panels is about 50%. My calculations lead me to believe this is well within the controller's tolerances. Am I wrong in this thinking?

Are the lengths of the cables being unequal somehow an issue; are these controllers so sensitive that milliohms matter? Is there some other electrical phenomenon that I've fallen prey to? I've included a few screenshots of the controller's behavior. When all three strings are connected, it seems to exhibit a seeking behavior, but never makes up it's mind. What that I am missing here?

I've previously queried a FB group with substantially the same questions and received many suggestions for things to check which I had already done multiple times. The emerging consensus there was that I need to buy another controller. I'm being told that I can't parallel three strings into one controller. Is that the case? That makes no sense to me. Would four strings work? Could something downstream cause this?

I think the biggest clue is the 'hunting' behavior of the controller, but I'm beyond stumped and pulling my hair out. HELP! And if you're in the Tampa area, I'll buy you a beer or two...

Thanks so much for any and all enlightenment!

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