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Smart Battery Protect does not allow charging from MPPT 100/50

I am using 2 SBP in my setup. One for my loads (works like a charm) and one for over charging protection for my MPPT and Buck Boost DC DC Charger.

The SBP used for charging determines the voltage produced by my solar panels as the current battery voltage and shuts off, when <14.2V. It thereby prevents me from charging my battery. Can someone tell me, how to get around this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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how to connect different pv with different WP and mppt point to my solar set?

Hi all, I'm new here and looking for some answers....

I'm currently using 2 solar sets for my house truck.

The first set is my household set, currently one pv combination (3x monocristal 210Wp parallel connected) which is connected to mppt 100-50 also with 4 new agm batteries 24v parallel 145Ah each battery. I have victron inverter 24v500W and all guarded by my BMV (with apps for bmv,mppt 2x, and inverter) also I connected directly to the batteries a cheap nonsinus inverter (chinese) of 1500W (i have 230VAC fridge 150W which needed some more peakpower).

My second set is a seperate victron set for my lead - start batteries. 2 panels with 75-15 victron mppt loading start batteries ( they only use drop load, since batteries stays almost full.. its a bit overdone, but want always to be able to drive when needed).

When turned one the generator/AC from the net, I use a victron centaur 30A 24v to charge my household batteries and a 10A 24v mastervolt charger to charge start batteries.

I'm here at this forum because I want to figure out how its possible to use 2 or 3 DIFFERENT sets of pv (perhaps connected to a new easysolar 24v 1600VA, co combine all the seperate parts into one. BUT, the 2nd and 3rd PV set will be another type of panel with different mppt point and Wp..

So my first question is to figure out, how to use max. capacity of solar panels in different sets, connected to a MPPT, or easySolar. My dream solution is to use 3 different pv sets,connected to a Easysolar, which load both household set and (dropload) my startbattery. I want to ask you guys if this would work and if that means that my victron centaur, my existing mppt 100-50 and my mppt 75-15 become obsolete.

What I already found out here is that each input on the easy solar is protected 30A. But what happens between the 30A connections and the mppt? are the cables just connected together in 1 PV connection at the internal mppt from the easysolar and does this give space for different pv sets?

And second question, is it harmfull that i put a second nonsinus inverter directly to my batteries? The batteries are almost new (bought last summer) and i don't want to destroy them. but i realise with almost no sun, the batteries run empty in 2 days.. which is too fast..

i hope my question is a bit clear and hope to find some tips and tricks to tackle this problem!

thanks already! Ropski. :)

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Laderegler MPPT 100/15 lädt nicht. Float Zustand.


Ich habe folgendes Problem und auch in den anderen Feeds leider keine passende Antwort gefunden.
auf dem Dach unseres Wohnmobils sind zwei baugleiche Solarpanele mit 110 Watt verbaut. Wir betreiben dazu den Victron Laderegler MPPT 100/15.

leider zeigt dieser immer nur eine Lading von 0 Watt im Zustand Float an. Und dies auch unter Berücksichtigung der 5 Watt Differenz.
- Batteriespannung: 13,42

- PV: bsp. 20,41

Auch zeigt die Batteriespannung bei einer Messung an der Batterie lediglich eine Spannung von 12,9. wie kommt es zu solchen Abweichungen und wieso lädt der Regler nicht?



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Bluesolar MPPT 100/30 Smartshunt 500A  Victron-Connect

Peut on relier par un cable le Bluesolar MPPT 100/30 avec un Smartshunt 500A et recevoir les données des 2 appareils sur l'application Victron-Connect ?

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SmartSolar Start Up Voltage With 12V Panels in Parallel.

I have two arrays on the roof of my fifth wheel camper. One utilizes 4 x 100 watt 12V panels in parallel. Shading prohibits series installation. I'm using a PWM controller and typically only see 60% harvesting. Since roof space is limited and adding more panels not feasible, the most effective way to harvest more power would be to upgrade to an MPPT charge controller.

The Victron Configuration Wizard recommends the SmartSolar 100/30.

However, after watching a Victron video, I learned that the controller generally doesn't start producing power until array voltage is 5v higher than the battery voltage. Thereafter, only a 1v difference is required to continue operating.

The optimum panel voltage is ~ 17.9v with open circuit voltage around 21.5V.

With a future LFP battery conversion planned, will the switch to an MPPT controller be worthwhile? Given a float voltage of 13.5-14V, I'm not sure there's enough "headroom" in the panels to allow the controller to start.

Am I understanding this correctly?

I suppose that if I knew the correct panel voltage throughout the day then I would be in a better position to decide. But the PWM controller, by nature, drops the voltage to just above battery voltage. I never get a sense of what potential the panels could offer.

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Voltage MPPT 75/15 Float and absorption

I have two 100W solar panels on my vehicle, an MPPT 75/15 with a Banner Energy Bull 12v 130 ah slow discharge lead acid battery on a motorhome.
In the MPPT 75/15 configurations, there are no voltage configurations for slow discharge lead acid batteries for absorption and float voltage.
14.4 for absorption and 13.1V for float, do you think it is correct?
We sometimes see a higher floating voltage (13.8 V), but this does not risk causing the evaporation of the electrolyte during the period of non-use?

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short on MPPT 75/10 pv input?

i have a MPPT 75/10.

it has a short across the terminals pv inpts.

is this a sign of over voltage?

the max voltage i have exposed it to is 30 v as far as i know.

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MPPT stays in bulk above charge voltage limit - EasySolar + SimpBMS

I'm commissioning my new powerwall and encountered an issue which I do not understand.

My unit consists of some solar panels, an EasySolar 5000 and a 12s BMW i3 battery equipped with SimpBMS. I have set charge voltage limit (CVL) to 4.05V/cell = 48.6V in the BMS and in the multi using Victron connect.

I would then expect the MPTT charger to switch to float at 48.6V, but it seems to remain in bulk mode.

The CCGX shows the CVL to be 48.6V (BMS section) and the MPPT section shows BMS control.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance :-)

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Blue Smart IP65 Charger with MPPT Solar Charger

I want to add on my Caravan a Solar Panel. Actual is build in a Blue Smart IP65 Charger that charges a 50Ah AGM Batterie. For charging with solar i bought a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 Charger.
My Question, can i connect the MPPT Charger parallel with the Shore power Charger direct on the Batterie?

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Max Charging Current for AGM batteries w/ Victron MPPT 100|50

I am currently running 5 100W solar panels in parallel through my Victron 100|50 MPPT controller, connect to 3 12v, 125Ah AGM batteries connected in parallel.

My batteries are rated for 30A max charging current.

I am about to upgrade the solar to produce more power to recharge faster (not quite generating enough to keep up with usage). I will add two 250W panels, connected in series, to a separate controller.

My question: I don't want to overcharge the batteries. They are rated for 30A max charge current, which is currently around what my Victron controller is sending them with the current setup. If I switch my 5 100W panels to a series connection (dropping the Amps, but increasing the voltage), would that change how much current the Victron is sending to my batteries so I have room to add another controller? Or is the Victron converting the power regardless of how I have the panels configured?

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Upgrading solar with an existing MPPT 100|50 charge controller

I currently have a solar system with 500W of solar (connected in parallel), a Victron MPPT 100|50 charge controller, and a Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor. For my batteries, I have three 125Ah Deep-cylcle, marine-grade AGM batteries connected in parallel for a total of 375Ah. All of this is installed in my off-grid tiny house.

I'd like to upgrade my solar to bring in more power. Just got a new job, and it requires a new desktop computer that uses a lot more power than my laptop. However, with my current system, I don't have much room for growth because I have everything set up for 12v, and the solar can bring in up to 40A (though it is typically closer to 30). I'd like to add some panels and re-arrange everything to connect them in series (or a combination of series and parallel) to bring the solar power up to 24v. However, I want to keep my batteries set up in parallel for a 12v system.

Can I connect my panels in series to create a 24v charge and lower the Amps, but use my existing MPPT to charge my batteries even if my batteries stay at 12v? Does the charge controller compensate, and do I have to change anything specific in the settings?


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Pin ändern

Mppt 75/15 seit dem letzten Update nimmt er die geänderte PIN nicht mehr an, und setzt sie immer wieder auf die Standart PIN zurück. Am Dongle blinkt zusammen/gleichzeitig die blaue und die Rote Lampe

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Smart solar 150/100 bulk blinking

Hi, I have a 1200 Watt solar system connected to a victron smart solar 150/100. I'm standing in full summer heat but I only get 700-800 watts. Now I saw blue bulk light is blinking once every 3 seconds which means charging is disabled? But it's charging, just not how it should. I restarted the mppt and measured my solar input, its 120 volts how it should be. My lithium batterys are only 70%full which my bmv 712 is telling my solar over victron smart network. Anyone got a idea?

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Automated Multi-mode charging

Does anyone have any information on connecting Quattro Inverter/Charger, 30A 12v dc-dc Charger and MPPT charger in parallel to charge the same battery bank, from multiple sources without manual switching

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Possible undercharging and question on VRM?

Hi. We recently installed a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/100-TR, MPPT control display, and three LG 375 watt panels. Our house batteries are 6 Lifeline GL-4 (6 volt in parallel for 12 volt x 3 series) giving us 660ah at 12 volts. We have a Xantrex Linklite Battery Monitor and Xantrex 2012 charger/inverter.

We are finding that we are going into float mode by 10-11 am most days but the xantrex is consistently showing that we are still negative 5-15ah at end of day. All Victron settings are set to specifications recommended by Lifeline batteries. We have plenty of power, but the Victron seems to be going into float mode too early. Does that sound right?

The Xantrex has a temperature/voltage monitor. Would adding the Victron Smart Battery Sense solve our issue??? other ideas/recommendations?

on a separate note, if we want to be able to see charging when not on the boat, I understand we need GX/VRM with cell service. what would be recommended for use with the SmartSolar MPPT.



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Simultaneous MPPT and Fronius doesn't use all the PV to charge the batteries


Here is the configuration of Quattro 48/8000:

Fronius Inverter (7kW) on OUT1

MPPT (4kW) through DC-BOX on Pylontech Lithium batt

it runs under ESS Optimized (without BatteryLife).

I don't understand why the Fronius energy doesn't go to charge the battery ... here the problem :


1570W into the grid instead of charging battery...

how can we correct this behaviour ?

I can give you more details if necessary.

Best regards,


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MPPT 75/15 - Consumption - why is consumption high when there is no load?

Hi all,

I am new to solar and need some help. I have a simple solar set up two 300w panels, victron MPPT 7/15, victron phoenix 24v 250 inverter and two 140ah AGM batteries in series. Attached to the MPPT load I have a USB charger to power a mobile phone. I also have a blue tooth dongle attached to the inverter to link to the phone / app.

I have a breaker in between the panels and the MPPT and fuses between the MPPT and batteries and between batteries and inverter - all on the live wire.

When everything is off - no load on either the USB or inverter (inverter is switched off) the Victron app is showing consumption of 50Wh.



The system ahs been running for around 2 months. Initially consumption was no more than 40wh but in last week or so it has been over 100wh (but with load - laptop / two monitors c100w - 140w).

Questions I have are:

1. Is this normal / typical?

2. If not normal what could be causing it? Problem with MPPT / batteries / connections / panels / fuses?

Any help / advice greatly appreciated.

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MPPT sizing calculator - results Online vs Excel sheet

Hi all,

I'm quite new to PV and still have no clear idea of what I don't know yet.

So the answer to my question might be very obvious ;)

However I'd appreciate any insight you are willing to offer :)

I installed three 120W modules in series on the roof of my RV and the online calculator recommended the MPPT 100/20 for them.

So I went ahead and bought it, not understanding at that time that "20" is the max A to the battery (I belive at 14,4V? - so max output to the battery would be about 290W?).

The MPPT 100/20 charges a LiFePo4 battery, most of the bulk charge happens at 13 to 14V, so 260-280W..

The highest peak power I got out of the panels during the last couple of days was about 270W according to the Victron App. Battery SOC between 20% and 90%.

Conditions: Clear Sky, Germany, about 51° latitude and 7° longitude (I've calculated an airmass of about 1.2, but I could be wrong), module temp about 50-55°C, panels flat. Cables about 6m 4mm² (single length) from the modules to the controller and 1m 4mm² to the LiFePo4.

I'm wondering if the panels are just not delivering their rated power (within this conditions I'd expect to see above 300W) or if the MPPT 100/20 is a bit undersized. Or if the values in the app are simply not accurate ;)

Today I played with the Excel calculator "VE-MPPT-Calc-3_7" and after slightly altering it to show the calculated max current instead of limiting it to the max output current of the charger the diagrams look like this:



To me it looks as if the available power of the panels is limited by the MPPT 100/20 even at high temps.

So now (finally) my question: why is the online calculator recommending the MPPT 100/20?

Is it (for example) normal that panels are far from their rated power so it makes sense to undersize the controller in relation to the specs of the panels?

What am I missing?

Thanks for helping me understand :)

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Bluesolar MPPT 150/85 (VE.CAN) disables BlueSolar 150/60 (VE.Direct) charging with Color Control GX and ESS


I have the following setup:

Multiplus II 48/5000/70 (v466) with Tsense, Vsense connected, VE.Bus from Color Control.
Bluesolar MPPT 150/85 VE.CAN (v2.05) without Tsense and Vsense connected, CAN from Color Control.
Bluesolar MPPT 150/60 VE.Direct (v1.50) VE.Direct from Color Control.
BMV-702 (v3.10) with Vmid-point connected, USB to VE.Direct from Color Control.
Color Control GX (v2.57) running ESS, Optimised with battery life and with DVCC.

The most recent addition is the 150/85 CAN MPPT and after connecting it, the system appears to throttle down the other VE.Direct 150/60 MPPT almost completely. If I turn on large loads the VE.Direct 150/60 MPPT will start briefly but soon stop charging completely.

As per this screenshot for example with a 2.4 kW AC load:

The 150/85 as displayed is running at its full connected PV capacity of just over 1 kW. The 150/60 MPPT can deliver about 2.5 kW of PV capacity, yet remains idle. As can be seen by the BMV current draw at the top, the battery is actually being run down even though there is adequate PV power available to cover this load and charge the battery.

This persisted beyond the system going into Bulk with the 150/60 MPPT not providing any sort of significant charge.

When I unplugged the CAN connection to the 150/85 MPPT, the 150/60 MPPT woke up and started delivering full power while the 150/85 continued to provide it's ~1 kW (running in standalone). Reconnecting the CAN reverts to the previous state with the 150/60 dropping to idle. This leads me to believe that this is not a premature Absorbtion/Float issue as I watched the system get to a proper float state rapidly with the CAN disconnected and the 150/85 running.

I have tried toggling DVCC completely as as well as all of it's sub-options to no avail.

Both MPPTs also have the same absorption and float voltage settings and follow very similar cable runs. The only caveat is that they connect to the main battery cable just outside the Multiplus's DC input and not to the battery posts but I don't see that this should be an issue especially given the Multiplus's shared V/T sense connections.

Any advice on how to make the 2 MPPTs deliver full power (at least in bulk) would be appreciated unless this scheme is not actually supported. It seems that it should be. Given that it works with 1 MPPT in external control and a second without.

Kind regards

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BlueSolar 75/15 -- 12v PV in to 24v bank?

this has been asked before with no satisfactory and definitive answer:

can a 12V PV maintain a 24V bank?

what does one need to do in order to get this to work? connect the battery first, to establish V being 24V, and then attach the 12V PV to show the input current? is there any built-in buck boost in the BlueSolar 75/15?

I have read that a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 will only start to charge when the PV output V is 0.5V more than the current battery bank V, then stop when it is under 0.1V, but does that mean that it absolutely will not work as 12/24V dependent/congruent system?

will it work from 24V PV to 12V bank? why not versa vica?


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Why is my mppt not charging?

Solar power is at 0.

Sometimes jumping to 20 w, but never higher... which is never enough to change the battery.

i checked all the suggestions the warning gives me.... no improvement

i have a 300w solarpanels system on my van, with a MultiPluss compact 12/ 2000, mppt 100/20 & a 90wh lithium battery





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MPPT dropping into float

I have 2 150/60s and they've been working for years. The panels are on different elevations but split evenly between banks. Yesterday both mppts produced around 17kWh each. Today one of them has been in float all day and the battery is at a reported 85%. The voltage is showing at 48.xx whilst a multimeter shows 52 at both mppts. Tha panels are all a bit grubby with dust, but not obscured. Last night I had the mains connected to top up the batteries, so this morning the ccgx showed 100%. It's been a gloriously sunny day and the batteries have been slowly discharging all day. Is this a known issue? They are both running software 4.2.

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Issue connecting with VictronConnect with mobile phone and Victron dongle on MPPT 75/15

When I start up the Victron Connect app it finds the controller/dongle. I then select the unit. Then it starts to establish a connection. But when it reaches 90%, it starts at 0% again and stays at 0% and nothing more happens.

On the dongle itself there is a blue and a red LED. The blue flashes fast,and the red (error LED) flashes slowly.

Any idea to solve this problem?

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MPPT & Multiplus Dual Charging & avoiding overcharge


Could only find a single post on this topic. So I have a Multiplus 12/3000/120 and a MPPT 100/50 newly installed in my travel trailer.

What is the best way to go about configuring the chargers that avoids overcharging the batteries when both solar is available and shore power on the Multiplus? I am fearful of overcharging the batteries when both units have available power for charging.

Only thread I found mentioned disabling one of the chargers. I find this to be a poor solution as I do NOT want to have to manually monitor the chargers and remember when to turn them on or off. I would expect Victrons products to be intelligent enough to not overcharge when both sources are available but that's more hope than reality at this point. Please help! Thanks!!

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Can I connect my load directly on my 2 x 12 volt serie batteries with 24 volt pv and Mppt 100/20 and only use 12v?

I have a Mppt 100/20 with 24v pv and 2x 12 volt batteries in serie. I only need to power 2 led lights and one cellphone charger. Is it possible to only use 12 volt? There is no inverter connected. Also the app shows me my pv is 36 volt and my battery is 12 volt by default, is that correct?

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No! Not Another "Is My SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 Working" Question (Solved!)

Just a quick disclaimer, I've read the manuals, searched the FAQ's, searched online, etc. I'm familiar with the need for the Solar Panels to be at least 5v higher than the battery. So now, I honestly believe something is up with my Amazon purchased MPPT. The house battery simply won't charge. I hope the pictures will tell the story. For background, I'm using a Goal Zero Boulder 200 panel. I'm connecting to a 130ah deep cycle battery installed in my van. These screenshots were taken within min's of each other. I ran a lot of devices to drop my house battery voltage so I could "force" the charger to start. I even ran my 3-way fridge on the battery for a while. For a very brief moment the solar wattage would occassionaly rise to 1, and then quickly drop back to zero.

I attached the SmartShunt photo with hopes it would show the 130w being used to power the fridge. It may still be helpful.

Looking for some kind of confirmation one way or the other. Thanks

Update: 7/31/2020

First, thanks to the folks who tried to help me troubleshoot.

I received the new MPPT yesterday and connected it this morning. I connected to the battery & noticed something I hadn't seen with the first MPPT. The "bulk" light started flashing, even before I connected the panels. Next I connected the panels and then opened the VictronConnect app. I was getting 113 watts! Huge improvement over the zero with the previous device. I moved the panels slightly and was able to get 122 watts. Mind you, at the time of this, the sun was still just rising, so I expect that will increase a bit until the heat of the day takes it's toll.

There's no doubt in my mind that I had a "bad" charge controller. The replacement did NOT come from Amazon. I got it from the vendor directly. So, sometimes it's user error and on rare occassions - it really is a bad device.









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Algorithm for SmartSolar MPPT to charge LiFePo4


This question is probably not completely new, but since the whole PV topic is still new for me, it's sometimes a hassle to find satisfactory answers.

Some people don't recommend the use of a Victron SmartSolar MPPT with LiFe(Y)Po4 batteries, that have no BMS (especially the Winston WB-LP12V40AH) since they state, that it's mandatory to stop charging after the final voltage level is reached, and that the Victron SmartSolar MPPT wouldn't do that but continue with float charging. Elswhere I read that manually setting the parameters for float charging either to the final voltage level or to 0V would lead to the desired behavior (charging would completely stop, when the desired Voltage level is reached).

While I am planning to buy a LiFePo4 with internal BMS I was still wondering, if stop charging at a certain Voltage limit wouldn't still be necessary to operate the LiFePo4 within a certain SoC window in order to optimize for longer life-span.

I noticed, that there are charge algorythms for LiFePo4 around. I just read, that at least for certain MPPT even default LiFePo4 algorithms exist.

Sounds to me, like the statement cited above is just wrong.

Still I would be glad if someone could give me a conclusive answer on this question.



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MPPT Output Load: Dual or single pole switching and can the -ve terminal be a supply ?

I have a 48V LiFePO4 system set up as a 0-24V system (Low) and 24-48V (high) system each with it's own MPPT. Due to limited space I am often unable to get the four solar panels for both to run simultaneously, and have therefore setup a 24V DPDT relay to switch the solar Input from three panels between the low MPPT and high MPPT.

What I am considering doing is to power the DPDT relay from the MPPT_Hi Load -ve (24V) to the MPPT_Low Load -ve (0V) so both can override the other. The MPPT_Hi Battery -ve and MPPT_Low Battery +ve come from the same terminal at the 48V system midpoint.

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What mppt should I use

We are building a off grid system with solar panels in four different directions.. System use 48v Pylontech batteries, Cerbo CX, MultiPlus-II 5000VA, generator, + some mppt, but what MPPTs should I use?

The first Building has four solar panels on the roof and two upright on the wall. The second building has nine panels on the roof and three solar panels upright on the wall.

Cabin is located so north that the roof is covered with snow for four months. That is why we also install panels on the wall.

Solar panels 285w, Voc 39,0V, Isc 9,48A

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