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Difference in Solar wattage between 24V and 48V system

Background: I'm on a boat with a 48V system and a 24V system. I have the means of charging the 24V system from the 48V system (not covered in this post). I have one set of solar panels which are connected to two MPPTS (I only activate one MPPT at a time), one is on the 48V system, one is on the 24V system. *

What I noticed was odd. When I switched from the 48V to the 24V, I noticed a doubling of wattage. Here are some graphs:


ID 256 is the 48V MPPT, ID 258 is the 24V MPPT. During this time, the MPPTs were in bulk. The lithium batteries are configured to push up to 56.8V/28.4V.**

Here's the voltage on the solar side:


I'm not sure why the voltage is held ~constant on the 48V (but solar) side. However at just above 60V it's still above the 56.8V needed to push to the battery, so I don't expect this is why the wattage is half. But I'm not sure. I do suspect the solar panels could be arranged differently, better (and probably arranged differently to take advantage of whether I'm pushing to 48V or 24V), but I suspect that might not be related to why the wattage is half.


[* Further background if you're curious: I'm on a boat with 48V propulsion. When I'm underway, I want the solar feeding into the 48V directly. When I'm not, I want it feeding into the 24V house battery bank instead of feeding it first into the 48V then charging the 24V off the 48V. Additionally, this lets me charge the battery over more time during the day.]

[** The 48V battery is a Valence which could be configured to charge up to 58.4V, but since we're not even to 56.8V, I suspect that isn't the issue here. The 24V is a Victron Li and 28.4V is the correct number here.]

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SmartSolar 250/100 RF Noise

Looking for assistance from a Victron Tech,

We have a telecommunication customer wanting to use a SmartSolar 250/100, however they're concerned about the RF noise generated by the MPPT,

Where can we find the level of noise generated by the SmartSolar?

In this MPPT size, what is the best MPPT to use on a telecommunication system which will generate the least amount of noise?

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Is it possible to use shore power as input for a SmartSolar MPPT charge controller to charge 12V AGM battery?

Hi All,

I am designing my electrics for my van. There is already a 230V AC, shore power, network in my van. I would like to add a 12V circuit for off-grid circumstances, for charging laptop, running lights and a fridge. I would like to mainly charge this battery with 200/300W solar power via the SmartSolar MPPT XX/XX charge controller. But I think it would be beneficial to also be able to charge it via shore power if solar power is no option. Would it be possible and safe to charge the 12V battery (AGM Deep Cycle 250Ah) using a laptop charger plugged in my 230V AC network connected to the SmartSolar MPPT XX/XX charge controller? I would add a breaker between my solar panel and SmartSolar controller and solder a plug on my old laptop charger to easily connect it. This way I don't have to buy a separate 230/12V charger.

Thank you for your help and advice!

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Mppt charger settings

I’ve got 3 Victron super cycle 12-230 batteries, connected to a victron solar charger (150/60). I use a victron battery monitor, and even when the batteries are at 75%, it’s still in float. I’ve looked, but couldn’t find the right answer for this. What settings should I input for this battery / charger combo? Funny thing, I’ve got the multiplus as well, it works fine right out of the box as a charger ... no setup needed. Anyway - didn’t want to make a setting error, so thought I’d ask. They should have a default for these batteries:)

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Can setting low temp cutoff in BMV-712 stop AC converter charging?

I am running the BMV-712, Battery Smart Temp Sensor and the MPPT 100/15 with a 2x LiFePo4 200amp hour battery bank. The battery bank has BMS onboard but a low temp cutoff is not included unfortunately. I have things set with the MPPT to cutoff charging at 3deg C but that is only when charging from solar. It looked like if I set the BMV-712 relay low temp cutoff setting to 3deg C, it would cut charging regardless of whether it was from solar or the AC charge converter but my tests are showing the relay closed when it's supposed to be, however the AC charge converter is still charging the battery bank. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you in advance.

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MPPT 100/50 not charging.

Hi There, we have 2 x MPPT 100/50 controlling 2x 325 watt solar panels each. 2 pair seem not to be working and screen on my apple phone shows “Why is charger off”


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Mppt 100/50 blue solar


I was checking my bluesolar 100/50 output and noticed it was .2 volts over the absorption setting. I checked with Dvm and it was genuine higher voltage.

I reset the absorption voltage but it despite setting it at 14.1 it was still .2 volts over. It is genuine I checked at terminals battery and everywhere in between.

Can anyone tell me what is happening?

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Maximise use of solar panels

Dear all,

I am struggling with the correct settings of the Venus GX, Quattro and MPPT to maximise the use of the solar panels. System setup:-Quattro 24/8000-720 Ah tubular plate battery (12 x 2 V cells)
-Venus GX, DVCC enabled (charge current limit at 70A, STS, SCS and SVS enabled)
-2 x LG Neon R 370 Wp solar panel (total 740 Wp)
-MPPT 100/30

I have been experimenting with the DVCC setting of the Venus GX and the configuration of the Quattro in order to maximise the output of the solar panels. So far I have concluded that when I use an assistant in the Quattro configuration that switches of the AC in, then I get a lot more out the solar panels (see screenshot 1 below). When I do not use the assistant and AC in is connected to shore, (see screenshot 2), solar output sometimes even goes to 0, but mostly around 50 W.

I have read and studied all manuals (Quattro, GX, MPPT) in english and dutch, read approx. 100 postings on the community site on similar subjects, but I still cannot find the best configuration for the Quattro and the DVCC setting.

The following is stated in the GX manual:
-" Enabling DVCC changes a GX device from a passive monitor into an active controller"
-" DVCC offers features such as a configurable system wide charge current limit, where the GX device actively limits the inverter/charger in case the solar chargers are already charging at full power."
-"Limit charge current. This is a user-configurable maximum charge current setting. It works across the whole system. MPPT Solar Chargers are automatically prioritized over the mains/generator."

My expectation was that by enabling DVCC with the charge current limit and STS,SCS and SVS enabled, that the GX would make sure maximum output comes from the solar panels and the output from the Quattro is reduced. But as shown by the screenshots this is not happening.

The only way that I was able to maximise the output from the solar panels was by using an assistant that switches off AC in of the Quattro, when the batteries are above SoC of 70 %. Once below 70 % it then reconnects AC in and batteries get charged to 90 %. After that AC in switches off again and solar panels take over the charging. This will work on sunny days, but a longer time without a lot of sun results in a lot of shore power being used to bring the batteries every time back from 70 to 90 %. Over a longer period of time this seems to use more electricity then letting the Quattro keep the batteries at 100 % continuously.

After having read more or less similar posts, I have the impression that if I lower the absorption and float voltage of the Quattro with say 0.2 V that the charging should behave as expected: solar charging takes priority and charge with high watts and Quattro charging is reduced. So I changed the absorption and float voltage of the Quattro with 0.2 V, but I still do not actually see the charging behave as expected, see screenshots (screenshot 1 with assistant, 2 without).

Any suggestion/help is appreciated, because I want to lower the shore power electricity bill and use as much solar power as available.




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Agm victron 110ah solar charging absorption time

The article say:

"" "full charge is reached when the current decreases to 3–5 percent of the Ah rating. A battery with high

My new victron 110ah, is daily discharged with 15/ 20% DOD(12.6 open circuit voltage).

After various charging tests with different absorption times, these are the results :

absorb 2A at the ond of 1hr of absorbtion at 14.4v. After, the current drop to 0.8/ 1A at the beginning of floating at 13.8v. And after 4hr of floating decrease at 0.4 A.

If I try to extend the absorption time to 3hr (maximum allowed by my mppt controller), the current does not decrease less than 1.5 / 2 A.
In my opinion it means that it is fully charged with 1 hr of absorption, and with 3 hr I am overcharging it by generating only gas.
Other than that, I measured the open circuit voltage after 24 hours of recharging, and it is 13.14v.
Both with 1 hour of absorption, both With 2 hours of absorption, and with 3 hours of absorption.
What should I do?

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Please help with my Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/35


I have a battery bank (48V) consisting of 8 x Fullriver DC400-6 (

In the system I have a Victron Smart Solar MPPT 150/35, and I can't find any Battery preset that fit the Fullriver batteries:



I really need help to get this right, and believe "user defined" and "Expert mode" must be set.

Since I obviously are no expert, I need help with the following sections (in the app and battery settings):

- Bulk

- Absorption


- Voltage compensation

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¿can i Use the MPPT Controller without battery?, for a load powered in 24VDC

Can I use the MPPT Charger as DC-DC Converter?,it will be for loads powered in 24VDC.


We will connect in a MPPT Charger PV terminal as Input DC Voltage range from 43 to 56Volts

In the battery terminal we will connect our loads in 24VDC.

I hope to have your support soon

Jorge G

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Status Bulk Charging w/Voltage, but Current at 0 Amps

Hello, I have a 100/15 MPPT connected to a small vehicle solar array. It currently shows a state of Bulk Charging, but it shows 0 amps under current PV and Batt.

I've checked all fuses and made sure it's set properly for my AMG battery. When I initially hooked up the MPPT it showed Amps for the current, but after about 1hour it went to 0 Amps and has never changed from there (multiple days).

Firmware has also been updated.


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Intermittent charging
  • [image]

    Hi, I'm new to solar but I don't think my system is working correctly
  • My system is 8X110w sunpower solar panels brand new in 2s4p format and a new 50A victron mppt controller charging a 24v 300Ah battery
  • My problem is that I'm seeing some inconsistent charging coming into the system, I just went through and re-checked all the wiring and put on new mc4 connectors as well as tested the system with only a two pair of panels and the same "burst" of amperage is happening. The mppt chart shows the incoming going from zero to a few amps for only a second.
  • It is overcast here so I know I should be seeing about ten percent efficiency but I'm not even close to that, Yesterday I only pulled 90wh
  • [image]

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BlueSolar 75/10 MPPT shuts down when I plug in VE-Direct Cable

I typically leave the VE-Direct USB cable plugged into my charge controller so I can easily plug it into my Android phone and monitor the battery and charge when I'm camping. This weekend I tried to plug in the phone and couldn't get it to find the device. I also was not getting any power out of the battery.

When I unplug the cable from the charge controller, I get power out of the battery again and the lights on the charger show that it is charging. But as soon as I plug the cable back in, I lose power and both (blue and yellow) lights on the charger illuminate solid.

Any ideas on what is wrong?

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My battery dies after the sun goes down.

Full time vanlifer here! I probably just need to revise some settings but I have no idea what any of it means as I'm new to this.

My setup is simple: One 175w Renogy panel. Victron 100|30 MPPT. One 100AH 12v Weize LiFePO4. That goes to a 1500/3000w invertor. I don't have a Victron BMS. I don't have any extra circuit breakers. The invertor has one built in so it's safe, I think.

I also have a couple 12v DC cigarette lighter style chargers attached directly to the battery recently. They have fuses. But my system worked for a couple weeks with those before something went wrong.

This setup was working great! Until a couple days ago when it died Immediately after the sun went down. I was running my fridge and a small fan all day. I also charged my phone once. But that's it. That definitely shouldn't have killed my batteries. Now it continues to die after the sun goes down.

I have screenshots of my MPPT settings here.


This, as you can see, was the middle of the day.


I checked for loose connections but didn't see anything. It would be nice if it worked again because I have ice cream in my freezer! I'm a newbie at this so please no big words?

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 and two Panels


i am running the mppt 100/20 together with following solar panel since one year for my pool-pump.

The mppt/20 loads a 12V battery and a step up converter provides 230V for the Pump and in future hopefully also for the "Pool Heater".

The Panel has following specification

Nennleistung: 360 Wp
Toleranz ca.: + 3%
MPP-Spannung: 39,00 V
MPP-Strom: 9,24 A
Leerlaufspannung: 47,50 V
Kurzschlussstrom: 9,71 A
Zellen: 156x156mm, 72 Monokristalline Zellen, Class A

Is it possible to connect a second identical Panel to the mppt100/20 and can the Smart Solar Charger handle it? My plan is to connect a"Pool-heater" and therefore i need a bit more power :-)
How should i connect them? In row or parallel?

Thank you very much for your support in advance.

Best regards


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connecting 2 different sized mppt charge controllers connected to 1 single cable coming from parallel connected solar panels
  • how efficient would it be to connect 2 different sized mppt charge controllers connected to 1 single cable coming from parallel connected solar panels ? to be clear: one cable will come from solar panels (6 panels) and will be connected to 2 seperate mppt charge controllers in parallel (the 1 combined cable carrying all 6 panel currents). the reason i’m asking is 1) 1 mppt controller is not big enough to handle all parallel connected panels 2) i already have one cable run through from panels, i don’t want to run another cable from the panels and want to keep only one cable if this setup would make sense.

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MPPT 100/50 vs 150/45 - 1320 watts solar 24v system


Looking at the MPPT spec sheets, I would believe the 100/50 would be plenty for the configured panels in this system, although the calculator returns the 150/45. I have the minimum temp configured to -10C, however my real world expectation is more like 0C.

Changing the string configuration from 2s2p to 2s1p returns the 100/20 controller. In this configuration the voltage stays the same yet a 100/series controller is acceptable. Even with this configuration, I would expect to see the 100/30 returned, as the nominal PV voltage is higher than the 580w rating in the datasheet of the 100/20, although I could understand if the calculator is allowing for 30% pv array oversizing.

It would seem to me that the 100/50 is actually my best option when considering price/output, as this array will not be possible to expand in the future. It also appears by the tools graphs that I will max out the output at 45 amps, so the 100/50 will actually allow some more current to get to the batteries.

What am I missing that makes the 150/45 a better option when configuring this 1320w setup 2s2p?

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Changing 12v to 24v system on MPPT sizing tool - No change to controller?

Here's the configuration

When changing the system voltage from 12v to 24v on the MPPT calculator, I would expect a different charge controller to pop up. However, the controller stays the same.

I am using 4-6 lithium batteries, 100ah 12v each. Four 330w panels, 2s2p, all specs listed in link above.

My expectation if I design based on the MPPT spec sheets is that I could use a 100/50, or 150/45 if the battery bank is wired at 24v. However, the tool continues to point me to the 150/85, which would seem appropriate for a 12v battery bank.

Am I just missing something?

I also am trying to use the excel sheet but only see directions in french. Where are the directions for the excel sheet?

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Low Solar Amp Conversion from Watts?

I'm chasing another problem with this system, that I haven't been able to pin down. I'll give you a short amount of background, in case it's relevant.

The system originally was 2 quattros in parallel, 10 Victron Lithium batteries (300ah) and 8 100/30 mppts. I share this, because I observed in the previous setup before anything was removed...nearly 60amps charging and the owner at that time stated that it would get to 100 on a bright sunny day with no clouds.

As part of buying this boat, the previous owner took one of the quattros and 5 of the batteries. I have replaced that quattro since, so now the setup is

2 quattros in parallel (5000/12/220)

5 x 300ah Victron Lithium

8 mppts connecting about 3k in solar panels.

Here's where the issue comes in. In the middle of the day, when the sun is directly overhead, and I'm generating 1600 watts of soloar (as measured by the quattro on the cerbo screen) - I will barely reach 20amps charging, usually less. My idle draw is about 15 to 20 amps, but its always been that, so observing 60, means the production at that point was 75 to 80. Right now I'd expect 133 amps raw, before any loss or conversion or vodoo that happens between components. I think it's reasonable to guess while generating 1600 watts of solar, that I should see 100 amps (mins 15 to 20 idle)....Am I incorrect?

I know that the mppts will downscale, I've appropriatly measured the battery SOC so they should bulk, measured the temp so there are no temp issues (unless there's some settings that arent correct), and I have access to all the MPPT's through the VRM for their settings if those need tracked down.

I also know how complicated all the settings can be between MPPT's, quattros, batteries...etc. So I'm looking for some help tracking it down. I can been the hammer, just need the person to wield the tool and get me there, or tell me it's working as intended.

Thanks in advance, I love this community and how everyone helps.

P.S - If there's a victron "expert" in the area of Caribbean Martinique (or you are available to fly in) I would absolutely love to talk to you.

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Ip65 stuck in storage mode

I have an ip65 blue non smart charger and a mppt solar controller installed in my offroad caravan. I noticed that my agm battery almost competely discharged while plugged into 220v. The ip65 still being in storage mode. Thought it could be as a result of mppt controller but parked under roof so solar also not charging.

Is the ip65 not supposed to wakeup and move to bulk? Any ideas what could cause this and how to fix? Ip65 is non blue tooth so cannot update settings.

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Connecting 280W of panels to BlueSolar 75/15

I have a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15.

On the roof, I already have two photovoltaic panels (Kyocera KD140GH-2PU) of 12v, 140W each. They are connected in parallel. In their specs:

At 1000 W/ m² (STC)*

Maximum Power [W] 140

Maximum System Voltage [V] 1000

Maximum Power Voltage [V] 17.7

Maximum Power Current [A] 7.91

Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) [V] 22.1

Short Circuit Current (ISC) [A] 8.68

Efficiency [%] 13.9

At 800 W/ m² (NO CT)**

Maximum Power [W] 101

Maximum Power Voltage [V] 16.0

Maximum Power Current [A] 6.33

Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) [V] 20.2

Short Circuit Current (ISC) [A] 7.03

NOCT [°C] 45

Can I directly connect these panels as they are to this charge controller?

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Problemas para cargar con mi MPPT 100/30

Tengo un sistema con dos multiplus 12/3000/120 en paralelo y dos MPPT 100/30 para dos series de paneles uno son dos paneles de 150W y el otro con 2 paneles flexibles de 100W en un velero, hemos cambiado las baterias (6 super deep cycle de 170Ah) porque extrajeron toda su carga varias veces hasta deformar las baterias.

Después de varios dias de haber cambiado estas baterias uno de los controladores solo puede ver a los paneles pero no ve las baterias en un principio todo funcionaba bien, ahora parece que los MPPT no cargan las baterias, incluso el multi control indica que la bateria esta baja con un Soc 95%.

Alguna sugerencia de que puede estar pasando





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BYD B-Box Pro 7.5 unable to start.

Last year (Nov 11 2020) I posted a question regarding my BYD B_Box that within 2-3 days SOC dropped from 90% to 7%. I got an answer from Guy Stewart that said:

This model of batteries have an issue where they are not very good at measuring very low power demand, anything less than 50W ~1A per module is not very reliable.

This is not normally an issue if the battery is recharging to 100% - 55.1+ V. At that voltage, it will recalibrate the SOC reading.

It seems like something has changed in that time that meant the battery was no longer reaching that 'recalibration' voltage threshold.

I can only speculate why that might be the case, but that is surely the explanation for inexplicable SOC drop

So I shut down the inverter (remotely) and only left the charger and the CCGX on and since this is an off-grid system up in the mountains in Norway I haven't been able to visit before now.

When I arrived yesterday the batteries was totally "dead" the solar charger MPPT 250/60 said that it was not charging due to lost connection to the BSM and the CCGX did not list the BYD box at all.

The BYD BSM module have a blinking green led that blinks two times and then have a pause. According to the manual this means lost connection to the batteries - no surprise since they don't turn on.

Then the question - Is the batteries totally dead or is there a way I can get the batteries back to life? Like trying to charge each battery individually by bypassing the BSM or telling the MMPT to ignore the BYD "BSM"....?

The system consists of the following components:

•Color Control GX

•MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48

•BYD B-Box Pro 7.5

•SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/60



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Charge Mgmt - 8 x Smartsolar, GX, BMV, Multiplus

I want to run one charge profile for my Lithium batteries, controlled by both voltage and current fall off.
This means

a) Networking it all together

b) Having a charge profile

Victron seems schitzophenic with their communications protocols. VeDirect, VENet, VEBus, VECan, VE Smart, USB
6 methods. Wow.

So lets assume you have solar with shading. So you want to have one MPPT per panel, to maximise output. That means lots of small controllers. And you want to connect to CerboGX for control.

How would you connect 8 x Smartsolar MPPT in a smaller size to CerboGX?
And once / if you did, you then also need to connect BMV-712 for battery current sense
And also Multiplus II as that charge profile also needs controlling.

The docs for VE.Smart (BT) indicate that the MPPT's will work together, but they are overridden by VE.CAN. Which is not supported by small units.
CerboGX does have BT, but does not support VE.Smart

You can connect VE.Direct to CerboGX via USB adapter, but no info on max qty, or if this will allow control of charge profile

And no discussion in CerboGX of Li charge profile control over Multiplus. Though us hinted in VE.Can info - but Multiplus(ii) doesn't support VE.CAN

Victron - how to make sense of centralised charge profiles for lithium? (Assuming batteries are not VE.Can Victron)
Or - even if they where.

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Using both a DC/DC and a MPPT Charger


I am planning on using the Victron Orion TR-Smart 12 12 30 Isolated to charge a LiFeP04 House Battery from the Start Battery of an outboard Alternator.

However, I am also planning on adding solar, to top up the house battery when we are not running the outboard. For this purpose, I am considering the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30, but I am now wondering how the charging would switch between the two systems? Does Victron have a Smart integrated MPPT/DC2DC Charger? Or can it be achieved differently with Victron devices? I know of other branded products that do this.

Can I connect simultaneously both Victron units to the House battery?



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How can I disable battery charging on a multiplus compact?

My system is on a boat with a MultiPlus Compact 12v/1600va/70a and a digital multi control panel.

I have 4x175w Victron PV panels connected to a Victron 100/50 MPPT controller.

My understanding is that both the multiplus and the mppt are both charging the battery bank simultaneously whilst connected to shore power. Can I turn off battery charging on the multiplus so that batteries are charged only using the solar power via the mppt?

I need AC shore power whilst in the marina so can’t turn the multiplus off completely.

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Pin ändern

Mppt 75/15 seit dem letzten Update nimmt er die geänderte PIN nicht mehr an, und setzt sie immer wieder auf die Standart PIN zurück. Am Dongle blinkt zusammen/gleichzeitig die blaue und die Rote Lampe

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BlueSolar 150/45 overvoltage survival

I was called out to a premises today to look at a faulty install where two problems became immediately apparent. 1 - the batteries were at the end of their life and 2 - Someone had connected 10x 200w panels in series, delivering well over 300v to each 150/45 Bluesolar. It seems they have been this way for some time, but amazingly once I reduced the connected PV voltage to below 150v, they still work.
My questions are - how have they survived this? I understood that overvoltage, especially twice the rated voltage, would be terminal. Also it looks like they somehow delivered some charge to the batteries while in this state. How is this possible?

Lackan Cottage Farm asked

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Maximun current and MPPT controler

Good day all,

Apologies if this has been asked and answered already. I have been searching for a couple of days now and not been able to find the answer yet.

I am in the process of upgrading and installing new batteries as well as a larger solar array on my boat.

I have bought 3* 220ah Victron deep cycle gel batteries.

My solar so far consists of two 365W panels with a Voc of 41.13V and Vmp of 33.96. the current ratings are 11.30 lsc to 10.75lmp per panel.

My plan is to connect these in series. I will be adding some more solar to these, probably 2 150W panels at a later stage.

According to the information I have been given and my calculations, the max carging current for the batteries will be 44A.

My question is this:

I have been advised to get the 150/85 MPPT controler for this as it can take up to 1200W for a 12V system. Is this really needed if I need to limit the charging current to 44A. Will a smaller MPPT better/worse for the charging of the batterie bank? or will it make no difference?

Kind thank you in advance.

Pieter Jordaan

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