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Converting a LYNX Power In hold MEGA Fuses (LYNX Distributor without circuitry)

Having watched Journey With Jono's video:

39. Lithium Battery Management & Monitoring Install:

I just wanted to confirm the LYNX's M8 Bolt length and material when modifying the LYNX Power In to hold MEGA Fuses to perform like the LYNX Distributor.

The M8 bolts appear to be around 30mm in length and look like Stainless Steel.

Considering M8 Brass Nuts, Bolts and Spring Rings.

Anyone able to clarify/recommend?

VeganVanlife asked

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BMS 712 and Lynx Shunt

Can I not use the shunt that cam with my BMS and just plug it in directly to my Lynx Shunt?

mccluretj asked
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Lynx Distribution with midi fuses?

Hi, I wonder if it is possible to use midi fuses on a lynx DC distribution system? So far I only can see the lynx only allows Mega fuses.


Tony Towers asked

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Starter battery voltage - Lynx shunt


Today i noticed a widget on the VRM portal under my Lynx Shunt called "Starter battery Voltage".
Is it possible to measure the voltage on a second battery on the Lynx Shunt?

Or is it just for when you have the 712 version?

Kind Regards


ehsab asked

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Lynx Shunt VE.Can 1000: mV values?

I have a Lynx Shunt VE.Can ( and I would like to connect some non-Victron kit to it to determine power in/out.

The BMV-700 appears to be a 500A / 50mV.

What values should I use for the 1000A Lynx Shunt VE.Can?

rspott asked

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"lynx shunt 1000" how to install/connect?

I received the "lynx shunt 1000" without any documentation/installation instructions. Even after having looked through the Ion+Shunt manuals on the Victron website, I don't know how to use the provided two-core cable (red/black, green plug on one side ending together in one loop). Can you please explain on how to connect this device?

freeng asked
Mark answered ·

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Where/how should a main switch be included in a Lynx Dist-Shunt-Dist setup?

Normally I want a main switch after the first busbar on the positive side. What is the recommended solution for a "complete" Lynx setup?

I'm using two batteries in parallel and will connect them to a Lynx Distributor (each with a 200A fuse).

Johan Andersson asked

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What configuration would be best for a lynx dc distributor with 16 batters?

We have a 3 phase 30kva Quattro invert configuration. we are looking at installing 16 victron super cycle 220ah batters in a 48v configuration, with 3 battier balancer and lynx 1000a. What is the best configuration for that battier balances and will 3 be enough?

Shiloh Luyt asked
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Lynx Shunt doesn’t show SoC


I have a lynx shunt (and distributors white BattleBor. Batteries connected to them) and the Lynx shunt matches my BMV settings exactly. I don’t see SoC with the lynx shunt even after doing a reset. Changing the battery monitoring from the BMv to the Lynx is how I see there is no SoC info. Does the SoC only work with victron batteries?

Dgorman asked
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Launch of the Lynx DC Distribution documentation manual - Feedback needed

Hello Community,

I have just published the Lynx DC distribution manual

I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions for how it could be made better or clearer, or any questions you have that it doesn't answer.

Thanks, Guy

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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Lynx shunt reference voltage?


Anyone know the lynx shunt reference voltage? Would like to attach my BMV PCB board to it so I can still use it.


Dgorman asked
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Lynx Shunt VE.Can Transmit Frequency?

Is it possible to adjust the transmit frequency of the current data (PGN 0x1F214 / 125708) from the Lynx VE.Can shunt? In our system it only seems to broadcast about once every 1.5 seconds. We're trying to feed the data via CAN to an alternator regulator and there's too much latency for the control to stabilize.

More generally, is there any documentation available for the Lynx Shunt VE.Can standalone? All I can find is the manual for the Lynx Ion w/ Shunt, which seems quite a bit different.


relevante asked
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BMV using lynx shunt and Lynx shunt


I’ve installed the lynx shunt and made my system use it vs my BMV. I then attaced the BMV shunt PCB to the lynx shunt and are sure the BMV settings has 1000A for the shunt size. I need to have the gauge display, however, I noticed the BMV is becoming more inaccurate as time goes on and it used to be right on the money. What is the voltage for the lynx shunt, the BMV was 50mv. Barring this set up, should I put another shunt in-line for the BMV? What are others doing?

Dgorman asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Battery Temperature monitoring with Lynx Shunt

I am installing an all Victron system in a vehicle consisting of 12V lithium batteries, Lynx distribution, Lynx shunt, Ve.Bus BMS, Multiplus, smart battery protects, MPPT, BuckBoost, Digital Multi Control, CCGX and am trying to determine how the battery temperature should be measured in order to prevent charging below 5 degrees.

I have a temperature sensor supplied with the Multiplus and what looks like a temperature sensor supplied with the Lynx shunt. I can't find any info for the Lynx shunt sensor - does it connect to negative or positive as the BMV? The only thing I found was "Please don’t use the 2-pin terminal block on the Lynx-shunt" from If this means the sensor why is it supplied?

The CCGX manual states that DVCC should be enabled when the system is "standard" and there are "intelligent batteries" installed. In this case are the other temperature sensors redundant?

Any clarification appreciated.

djwiscombe asked
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Lynx Power In left or right of Lynx Shunt?

I have to install two 48V 2600Ah parallel OPvZ battery banks to a Lynx Shunt so I will use a Lynx Power-In to connect these batteries to the Lynx Shunt.

As far as I know, you are supposed to connect the batteries to the left side of the Lynx Shunt and the chargers + load (via a Lynx Distributor) to the right side.

However, in my setup it would be more convenient to swap both sides. So is it mandatory to connect the batteries at the left side of the Shunt and the loads/chargers at the right side or can I swap both sides?

Thanks a lot for a quick reply!

brambaut asked
BlueLghtning answered ·

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Lynx Shunt and fuse type?


My Victron supplier who sold me the Lynx shunt doesn't have a 400A CNN fuse.
Is it ok to use an ANL fuse of 400A instead of the CNN?

My system has external fuses and if there is nothing else involved for the fuse on the shunt then to blow when overcurrent is flowing between battery and units then i in reality could just connect a piece of copper.

Kind Regards

ehsab asked
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Does the Lynx distribution measure each battery?


im thinking about removing my single 400A fuse and using (3) lynx distributions to my (8) battle born batteries, with shunt and then distribution to main switch. Can I see the voltage of each battery? Can I retain the BMV 712?

Dgorman asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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BMV & SmartSolar Streetlight to warm battery box

Hi, I have a 190ah LFP battery going in to an ammo can which will be in my truck bed. I'd like to heat the box using small ~25w heat strip(s) when the battery is too cold to charge, but only if it was going to charge in the first place.

What I mean by that, is that if it's the middle of the night and below freezing, don't bother because there's no sun to charge with anyway. Similarly, if I have a foot of snow on the panels and it's freezing outside, don't bother because the panels might not even produce enough voltage to initiate a charge cycle.

I was thinking some combination of the street light function, load ouput, and BMV low temperature relay setting could accomplish this. Likely easily with the ability to invert the streetlight functionality but I do not think that's possible from my research. Maybe some NC relay that the streetlight triggers when it'd normally be operating an actual streetlight (night?)

Any ideas appreciated!

hour asked

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Will the Fuse LEDs on Lynx Distributor illuminate without the 4-pin cable supplied with unit?

Trying to use the Lynx Distributor (and Power In) without the Lynx Ion Shunt or BMS (using BYD batteries). I had assumed the Fuse LEDs would illuminate with a working fuse in place and powered, however a line on the old Victron Live page for DC Distribution Systems suggests that this small data cable is used to power the LEDs (rather than taking power from the busbar itself). I cannot get the LEDs to illuminate - are the LEDs useless unless using the Lynx Shunt? Because Lynx Shunt uses CANbus, it cannot be used in conjunction with BYD on a CCGX (though I think VGX would support it).

midsummerenergy asked
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What differs the BMV-702 from the Lynx Shunt?


I will soon begin a project with 3-phase Quattros and was wondering if the Lynx Shunt is a substitute for the BMV-702?

I will be using the Lynx Power In modules on either side of the shunt since i have external fuses/breakers.

I don't mind that i lose the display on the BMV-702, but that's about all i would like to lose if going with the Lynx Shunt connected to the Venus GX.

Kind Regards

ehsab asked
Wildebus answered ·

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Colour GX monitoring 2 Lynx shunts

Hi we want to use 2 Lynx shunts to monitor 2 banks of house batteries can the GX display both "house banks" at the same time? asked
Martijn Coster (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Lynx Ion + Shunt Error #24


My friend is at sea and is getting this error per screenshot. I have checked the manual but see no ref to #24 Any idea what the issue is?

John Rushworth asked
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How to power a Lynx DC Distributor without the LYNX shunt? [CLOSED]

In this manual is stated that the Lynx Distributor can be used without the Lynx Shunt. But unfortunately, the status LED's on the Lynx DC distributor aren't working in this kind of setup.

The Lynx distributor gets powered by the RJ11-cable, between the distributor and the shunt, but since there is no shunt, there is no power on the main board of the distributor.

Is there a solution? For example: can I power the distributor alternatively by connecting a power source directly on the RJ11-connector on the distributor? If so: how many volts, on which positions of the RJ11-connector? And what fuse do you recommend on this power source?

Baronner asked
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Victron Shunt with BYD battery

Hi, Everyone

I am planning to installed a parallel 3 phase quattro 10kVA and 2 Mppt , 2 byd Battery banks with BYD BMS. Two questions, can I connect all DC terminals in 2 LYnx Power in. I am confused why battery need be connected to DC power in and MPPTs Inverters must be connected to DC distributor. In my case , do I need connect a Lynx shunt? I do not think so.

Another question is what is the difference between shunt and shunt ion and shunt ion BMS. They all like seem functions.


John2019 asked
DavidForet answered ·

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#25 Pre-Charge error on Lynx/Quattro system


We have a system consisting of a Victron Lynx ION/BMS/1000A and a Victron Quattro 24v/8000va/200a charger/inverter.

The system completely hanged up after showing the error “#25 Pre-Charge Error”. The batteries weren't being used when the error showed up (the system was in "pass-through" mode).

Has anyone encoutered the same error ?

Thanks in advance.

disepalo asked
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Overload alarm when pluging-in in some "power-hungry" equipment


I have a system consisting of a Victron Lynx ION/BMS/1000A and a Victron Quattro 24v/8000va/200a charger/inverter.

When I plug-in some "power-hungry" equipment, the "overload" alarm LED shows up, and the system changes from "pass-through" mode to "assisting" mode.

The system then sends back current to the grid too!:


The only way to stop this behavior is to lower the maximum AC input current that it can take from the grid, for example to 12A. Then it changes back the flow of the current and then I can rise it up again (no more overload).

Has anyone ever had this issue? How can I resolve this?

Thank you,

disepalo asked
Boekel answered ·

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Lynx Shunt 1000 Ve.can no LED

New setup with Lynx Power In, Lynx Shunt 1000 (VE.can) and Lynx Distributor connected to LiPo (24 V 200 AH). All Victron. Downstream are 2 x Battery Protect 220, VE.Bus BMS, Multi 24/5000 and a VenusGX. All 'smart' units have latest firmware.

With all loads off there are no lights (LED) on either the Shunt (1) or the Distributor (4)

I have read all of the related posts on this site and in particular the three (3) links that Guy provided to a closely related question.

Have checked all connections to the batteries and both input fuses as well as the shunt fuse. All are OK.

Q1. Any thoughts?

Michael Riley asked
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Lynx Shunt VE.CAN Battery Status PGN for Batt Instance 0 not transmitted.

I have a Lynx Shunt VE.CAN that has been installed on my boat since 2015. During the installation I upgraded the firmware to v1.09. The shunt has been working fine since that time. I have it on my N2K network and display the CAN data using Maretron N2K view on my PC.

Recently I reviewed the current firmware for my Victron devices and noticed a warning about not using v1.09 and that only v1.08 should be used on the Lynx Shunt VE.CAN. The warning indicates that v1.09 may work for a long time but will eventually cause the product to enter an endless reboot loop making the product unusable.

Reading this I decided that I should 'down grade' to v1.08 which I did.

Now after the downgrade the shunt is no longer transmitting PGN 127508 Battery Status for Battery Instance 0. It is transmitting for Battery Instance 1. It is transmitting PGN 127506 DC Detailed Status for DC Instance 0.

I have checked all the VREGs and all seems correct. I have sent the following commands to the unit over can bus:

x102C - Synchronize Monitor Command

x1029 - Zero Current Command

x1030 - Clear History

I have also tried power cycling the shunt.

I have also tried reflashing the shunt (with the same 1.08 firmware).

Please help!


escapade asked
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LYNX VE.CAN-Shunt: Location of the configurable onboard relay

In the configuration menu of the CCGX connected to a LYNX VE.CAN shunt, one can find a programmable relay:


Since the CCGX relay is already occupied by the generator control I wanted to use it for temperature monitoring in the engine compartment and, if necessary, for controlling a small antifreeze heater, since the CCGX relay is already occupied by the generator control.

(see picture above)

Unfortunately, there is no detailed description of contacts on the board for the shunts. Where can I find the assigned relay contacts

.... or can I not read correctly again?

One of my wishes from VE:

A simple module (CAN or BUS) for contoling and switching to


p.s: One of my future wishes from Victron:

A simple, independent module (CAN o. BUS ) for defining, monitoring, switching a couple of external signals and states, like contacts, voltages and temperatures over VRM over CCGX/VRM.

Claus Roessl asked
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hey all, cant get ve bus to appear/be detected

hey all, i have finished physically setting up my system. it is all victron with lifeblue batteries. ive updated firmware on color control gx, and quattro inverter. i have not been able to see, upgrade, update, or even detect the ve bus/shunt. no idea what to do, and my saleman/electric engineer at amsolar is stumped. asked
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