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Low battery alarm

I have a Victor on 3000 multi plus where to AGM batteries hooked up every once a while I’ll try to just turn on the inverter and it has a low battery indicating light I’ll check the voltage on my AGM batteries and I’ll be at 12.85 V so it should be essentially 100%. I checked the connections are all tight. I’ll plug it into shore power and then the inverter will turn on and starts charging the batteries again. So why am I getting low battery alarm when I’m essentially full. It’s getting frustrated since it was expensive system and it’s new it’s only three months old

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Quattro shuts off with low battery alarm error despite being at 100% SOC

Despite being at 100% SOC( Pack voltage was around 61V), the inverter is throwing a low battery alarm error and shuts off. When the SOC drops to 99%, low battery error goes off and works completely normal.

I even checked the DC input pre low alarm and DC input low shutdown voltages which are set around 45V in VEconfig.

Please explain the reason

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Low Battery alarm on 12/2000 shutdown

I installed Victron Multiplus 12/2000 in my trailer. It was running fine, but I did try to run AC while connected to 15A shore power and inverter shutdown. Low Battery comes light comes up and I cannot make inverter run again. Batteries are fully charged. How to make inverter run again? Will AC work when connected to 30A shore power or it will trip again.

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LBCO Time Delay Setting

It appears my Multiplus 3000 inverter is disabled immediately upon reaching the Low Battery Cut-Off setpoint, which does not account for the voltage lag when I turn on my toaster oven.

Xantrex inverters allow you to set the time delay and Magnum inverters have a one minute time delay.

I can't find an equivalent Victron setting.

Am I just not seeing it? If there is no time delay, is there a reason Victron does not have one?



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Multiplus low battery although voltage is good


i just transplanted my Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 (xxx4) for quick and dirty testing purposes from my old rv to my new one. But the low battery led is illuminated constantly although the measured voltage on the battery connectors is like 14.xV. I know that i have to reconfigure the battery types but for quick testing it should be fine. What might be wrong? Could it be that the old system was shut down by the bms because of a low voltage alarm? If so, how can i awake the multi whithout having shore power? the mains connector ist still connected but whithout bms it makes no sense, right?

The old rev had lithium batteries with victron bms, color control gx. the multi was controlled via the remote panel and everything worked fine.

Thanks for your help!


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Inverter RS 48/6000 inaccurate history

The data for the past days is showing up incorrectly. The last two days it went through both float and absorption cycles but this is not reflected in the record. Instead all the previous days are wiped by default to bulk only. I am wondering if something is triggering this inaccuracy. I see a low battery voltage notification. This doesn’t make sense because the last 2 days for sure I did not run the battery below 49v. Has anyone else had a similarly puzzling inability to get an accurate history? Why might the low battery notification be triggered if the battery never actually was low?


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Multiplus 12/3000 low battery warning then shutoff under high AC load.

I have a victron multiplus 12/3000 inverter with 2x 150ah lithium batteries from Ohmmu wired in parallel. The batteries and inverter are wired with 4/0 cable.

When I try to run a high draw appliance (in this case an espresso machine), the low battery light comes on, and the inverter shuts off.

What might be causing this issue? Everything I have found on other forum posts here is related to wire gauge, but I don't think that is my issue. Is there anything else that might be causing it?

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Lifepo4 capacity and lynx shunt calibration

Hello from sunny south florida,

I an Electrician and my company assigned me that task of building out a camper van for a client. After some research I ended up using a multiplus 12/3000 with a CCGX, the lynx shunt 1000a, a 45amp mppt solar charger with ~250w worth of solar panels on top of the van(I wanted more panels but customer wanted more storage)and 2 renogy 170Ah lifepo4 batteries in parallel, and an alternator charger. The equipment seems to be operating as it should with the exception 1 thing that just popped up last night. The load on the system is roughly 20w to power the ccgx and the cellular internet (according to my CCGX).



with the rating of the batteries at 2175w each i estimated the system should run for ~200hrs +/-with no charge, ive been monitor the vehicle through VRM and it all has checked out until yesterday..the customer has had the van parked not in use all of last week. We had good weather all week with the exception of friday when it was cloudy all day and the solar didnt produce much.

To get to the point though the batteries died after ~ only 24-32hrs of no input am i mis-calculating something here or do i need to look into the current calibration of the system?

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Multiplus ignores AC input when battery is too low

I have two multiplus 24/3000/70-50 and two MPPT 250/60 with 300amps of 24v lithium batteries and a color control . It's a 50amp RV with a each multiplus connected on L1 and L2. I have an issue that only happens when I am connected to shore power and run the batteries too low.

A few times I've overloaded the AC input by running too many appliances including air conditioners and that trips the shore power breaker. This usually happens when I am on 30amp shore power, even if I set the input current limit to 30amp max. Because the system works so well it switches over to my batteries and I sometimes don't notice. It eventually drains the batteries and shuts off the system with the low power alarms. Once this happens I can't get the shore power to charge the batteries any more. I reset the breaker so that there is power AC in 1 but the multiplus won't accept the power input. At this point usually the multiplus is off and the switch for "on/off/charger only" won't do anything. I have to use a jumper cable on the terminals of the multiplus to power it back on. Once it is on it still does not accept the AC shore power input to charge the batteries and I have to wait until the solar panels charges them enough that it will allow AC in again. Even with both multiplus on, resetting the switches, and seeing main on, the color control still shows AC input at 0 and state is off. However, the solar input works fine and once the batteries get recharged to a certain level it accepts the AC input again.

I assume that the batteries have to be restored enough for the system to return to normal but why would it accept solar in and not shore power in to charge them? Obviously this creates a problem when it happens at night because I have to wait until the sun comes up in the morning to charge the batteries. Shore power, generator or any input on AC in 1 will not work until the batteries recover.

So two things I'd love to fix. 1. How can I get the multiplus to stay on when I have shore power but batteries are low? Why would I need to jump it? 2. How can I get the multiplus to accept AC input when the batteries are dead? Shouldn't AC input work all the time?

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REC-BMS for Victron / Multiplus 24/3000 / Control Load busbar


I'm pretty new to LiFeYPO4 (coming from normal batteries) and I want to build a Victron system using Winston LiFeYPO4 batteries with REC SI BMS for Victron. I intend to build a 2p8s system which is connected to the BMS.

REC BMS communicates with Victron via CAN and CCGX will be configured with DVCC to let the BMS decide the whole charging thing.

My issue is regarding the LOAD:

In all Lithium Victron diagrams (e.g. here) a Smart Battery Protect is used to switch loads on and of. SBP is controlled by VE-BUS BMS via the load disconnect signal. But with REC-BMS I have no clue to accieve this...

Is it possible to use the alarm relay of CCGX? REC BMS also has an optocoupler but the manual says this is only for charging...

My questions are:

Is it correct that in case of undervoltage the inverter of the MPII is switche off via CAN?

Has anybody an idea how to switch of all 24/12v loads in a Victron environment using REC BMS for Victron?

Any ideas appreciated.


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Sudden low voltage disconnect LifePo4

The 100Ah Lifepo4 battery in my camper has suddenly disconnected itself due to low voltage.

The BMV 712 however still shows a SOC of nearly 100%.

(A couple of days before the BMV got an update, which “failed”. The SOC showed by the BMV after the update was 100%, while it was 97% before the “failed update”.)

I don’t understand what might be wrong. How is it possible that the BMV still indicates that the battery is (nearly) fully charged? Can it be explained by the prevailing low temperature of mines 4 degrees of the battery?

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VE.Bus low battery alarm, why?

I am getting Low Battery warning at a voltage that is different than configured in the settings. The pre-alarm is set to 10.9V, the ESS assistant is configured to do a cut-off at 12V@0.005C, yet, I am getting alarms when voltage drops below 12.25V at a much higher discharge rate. The battery monitor Voltage reading = VE.Bus DC Voltage reading so it doesn't look like a cabling issue.

What am I missing?

I am using VE.Bus firmware 465.






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low voltage alert

With about 30kWh OPzS batteries (24V, 1250Ah), SOC at 97%, T° minus 2°C and a multiplus 24/5000/230 feeding a fridge and a congelator (about 63 w for a short time every hour) , Not much sun these days but SOC always remain above 96%. Problem: the batteries voltage falls every now and then . Now 18.6V. so alerts and no communication for the last 6 hours.

? How can that voltage drop so low with such a small load?

? Or is my capacity much lower than what I think?

? or any other reason?

I have 320kWh bats (OpzS), Multiplus 24/5000/230, BMV712, CCGX, VRM (codes available) + 2m snow and -10°C outside.

More information as needed.

Thanks for some tips!


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Error victron quattro 48/8000, low battery led.
  • Hello, let's see if anyone can help me. In the inverter the red low battery light has come on and the inverter does not work, in the color control screen the battery is at 100% and the voltage is 55.1V. The system has four 2.5KW BYD batteries and each has a voltage of 55V. In the terminals of the inverter there is also 55V. I have checked the CAN network cables from the batteries to the control color and they are correct, but from the CAN to the first battery that cable fails a PIN. I have replaced it but the inverter still does not start. Will I need to buy the MK2 interface to eliminate this fault? Any idea of the problem?
  • Thank you
  • [image]





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Multiplus compact displays "low battery" and won't start


I have a 200ah 12v system with a multiplus compact inverter. Recently, my inverter shut off and displays "low battery". I was changing cables (I shut everything off and disconnected the battery) and I think it might be the probable cause.

Problem: it hasn't started back up yet, despite the soc being 100% and voltage not falling below 12.9v. I've given it days and "low battery" still displays on the controller.

Main question: Can I fix the issue without having the MK3 or is this something that I need to fire it back up?

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Multiplus 2 low battery et impossible de charger


J'ai un gros soucis avec mon multiplus 2 48v, suite au confinement les batteries se sont déchargées car pas de source électrique pendant mon absence. Maintenant j'ai un message low battery fixe sur mon multiplus et impossible de les charger quand je le branche sur ma source de courant habituelle (groupe électrogène qui les chargaient très bien avant), que ça soit en on ou charge only aucune réaction alors que la source électrique fonctionne, visible dans VE config. Est ce que quelqu'un aurait une idée pour forcer la charge avec le multiplus ? Merci d'avance.

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ESS and low battery alarms

my Multi, MPPT, BMV and 4 x victron gel battery (in series) setup is generating frequent low battery voltage alarms as it dips beneath 49V (which is reportedly around 69% SOC according to the BMV).

The alarms clear almost immediately. I read some posts that suggested ESS can trigger this frequently as battery charge dips.

Is this normal for ESS and is there a way to make the alarms less frequent?


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Best way to connect/configure LVD when using Smart Victron 12/375 inverter and MPPT 100/20

Off grid project. Only one starter battery. I don't want to discharge below 12.5 volts to give the battery a chance of lasing. The inverter is going to have a tiny load (<10 watts). I'm wondering what is the best way to set up a low voltage disconnect? Both the MPPT and Inverter have programable disconnect. Inverter has a remote switch, so it can be wired to the load terminals of the MPPT. Is this the best way to wire things up? I suspect that if the MPPT shuts off the remote switch, the inverter will draw less power than it might otherwise draw while in standby. Thoughts?

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Multiplus 12/3000/120 Frequent Low Battery Alarm Shutdown

When we turn on the microwave or water heater, each draws about 1200w, 2 out 3 times the Multiplus shuts down with a Low Battery Alarm. The voltage shown on the Alarm message on the Venus GX display ranges from 14.51v to 12.37v -- see photo below, there does not appear to be low voltage. The ripple gets to 1.0 -- see video below. The shutdowns seem to be getting more frequent. Most of the time the Multi does not revive itself and has to be switched off and on. Getting lots of sun (over 1000w of solar power) does not seem to make any difference. Everything is running the latest software.

1 - Multiplus 12/3000/120-50

1 - Venus GX

1 - BMV 700

7 - Trojan Trillium (lithium) 12v batteries total 770Ah

5 - Blue Solar 100/30 controllers

5 - LG Neon 350w solar panels total 1750w


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New Multiplus 24/3000/70 low battery

I have a recently installed 24/3000/70

With no AC input. When turned on, the “low battery” begins blinking and nothing else. It has 25 vdc at the unit.

With AC available, when turned on, the low battery blinks initially and the goes off when the charger activated.

I have the VE laptop software available but couldn’t see any issues there.....help!

I’m currently on the hook in the San Juans.

Thx in advance!

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Quatro 15KV, MPPT 250/100, CCGX Pylontech Batteries on 51% low battery alarm on Quatro

I got a low battery alarm on the CCGX V257


The quatro V433 is longer function and the state is FAULT


I tried to reset the system a few times, no luck

Batteries look okay

Please advice

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Frequent low battery alarm when battery even full

We have Quattro 12/5000/120-2x100120V VE Bus System and four Relion 300amps batteries. All work was done by Just Catamaran. We noticed the low battery warnings on VRM site with the preset warnings. I know for sure the batteries are not low since we have been at the dock lately and plugged in. This happened before as well but here are some recent pictures. It seems that this happens when the load is high, for example, when we have AC and hot water heater. But it is usually under 3K watts. Our inverter is 5k, so I do not believe it is over our capacity. The pictures below had only AC (12BTU and we have soft starter) on since we turned off the hot water to test. We also checked all the wires per our dealer suggestion and do not see any loose wire. What could be the reason? And any suggestions on how to solve this? Any other charts should I look at to further identify issues? Will it hurt the system?



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Intermittent VE.Bus Low Battery Warnings, but DC Volt is OK?!



I think, but I’m not sure, that the “VE.Bus System” listed above in the alerts is probably referring to a Multiplus II unit. I keep seeing intermittent warnings like this for no apparent reason. All Physical connections seem fine and actual battery voltage is nominal.


2 x Ve.Can MPPT working together in parallel

1 x Networked CCGX

1 x 712 battery monitor
1 x Latronics LS-5048 Inverter (5kVa 48V) as the primary inverter

1 x Multiplus II (to be used as a 70A battery charger)

All the Victron gear is communicating with each other perfectly.

I have shared voltage sense turned ON

The Multiplus isn’t always charging the batteries (in charger mode) when the generator automatically starts up so we have it switched to inverter/charger mode and that’s working as a charger even though it’s wasteful being left ON all day and night with no inverter loads.

Q. 1. What is this alert referring too usually?

Q.2. Does anyone know why the charger mode wouldn’t be working but the inverter/charger mode does work to charge the batteries when the generator runs? (Sometimes there are no Led lights on the Multiplus II)

Q. Are intermittent alerts like this normal?

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Under voltage alarm on only Quattro not on BYD


I had multiple Undervoltage alarms/warnings on L1 Quattro in 3 phase setup out of sudden.

The LOG file shows BYD reporting normal 54.7 V voltage There was a normal load on the system and no overload recorded. The alarms were getting triggered randomly and the log shows wildly fluctuating VE bus voltage

Does the Ve bus take the voltage only from L1 Quattro?

I checked cable tightness in Quattro ( all three phases ) as well as on the LYNX busbar.

Will check later today the breakers and the individual battery module tightness. What else should I check? The system worked for the last 1 year without any major issues.

The system is ONgrid /ESS with 10 KWH BYD pro and 3 ph 5 KVA Quattro with 6 KVA Fronius and 250/70 Smartsolar

The Log is attached - Relevant entries around 10.30 AM are marked in yellow battery alarm log_log_20200620-0643_to_20200621-0643.zip

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Low Battery Alarm Phoenix 24/250 even battery is full


We have in use an inverter Phoenix 24/250.

We continuously get "low voltage alarm" on the App, even so our battery is full. No LED blinking or noise!!! We tried all settings, no chance. It switches off because of low voltage!!!

Thank you,

Keep Safe and Healthy in these disturbing days,

Greetings from Jubail, Saudi Arabia

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SIMPBMS and Tesla batteries

Hi Folks. I'm looking for some support or guidance from the brains trust. I am using 8 Tesla Model S battery Modules with a SIMPBMS in a 48V system. The SIMPBMS is connected via CANBus to an EasySolar II (Multiplus II GX effectively). I'm using an ESS Assistant and DVCC. It all works well, other than the depth of discharge. The Multiplus reports Low Battery on L1 and starts drawing from the grid once the battery voltage falls to ~40.6V, or 33% SOC (6S battery). The firmware is all current and shouldn't have the old limitations. I can't see how to draw deeper in the battery. Please note, this isn't shouldn't be inverter start/stop issue with the known limitation of inverter restart voltage as the load on the inverter is constant.


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Phoenix inverter 48/3000 low battery alarm

Our Phoenix inverter 48/3000 is giving low battery alert even if our battery are fully charged.

We have 4 batteries 12V/90Ah gel connected in series. Last measure of the total voltage is 54,3V measured at battery input terminals of the Phoenix inverter.
I already checked the connection between batteries making sure that there are no high currents due to poor contacts between terminals and nuts are well tight. The inverter keeps clicking internally.

Moreover, if I have only the batteries connected to the inverter I have a blinking lighton low battery. Once I connect the solar strings that light disappears ( if the irradiation is low sometimes keep blinking even with panels).

What do you advise?

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3-phase Quattro in ESS change Li-Ion Voltage to 41V for 30 seconds.

The above scenario occurs when there is a mains failure at council level. When we simulate a mains failure with the breaker, then it does not happen.


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Multiplus - Low Battery - shutdown

HI Guys,

I have a 3000/24/70 multi . Worked fine up until today when my grid failed. I have 2*240 OMNIPOWER batteries (2 months old) .

Once the batteries got down to about 24V the low battery warning came on and the Multi shutdown. The load at the time was nothing more than 500W .

Im also running ESS, so I change the played with the Dynamic cut-off and it looked like the low battery alarm went away.

Is it safe to run the Dynamic cut-off values low? eg: low as 20%?


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Multiplus II BMZ ESS Low Battery Shut down

Load shedding (South Africa) at times causes the battery SOC to drop to 10% and the system shuts down. When grid restores the system does not restart. A cold restart (power all down and restart) is then necessary to reset the system?

Any suggestions to overcome this? Maybe limit SOC not below 15%?

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