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VRM Battery capacity used kWh - Li BMS as battery monitor Is there an accurate VRM data field showing used battery capacity (kWh used)? The battery is Lithium with its own BMS as battery monitor and no external BMV. Battery summary widget only shows power output etc. Maybe the only way is to take total solar generation and subtract AC power delivery but there will be some variance...

Jaques Buys asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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Multiplus ignore le réseau électrique national

Bonjour j'ai un problème avec mon multiplus il ignore le réseau national électrique (AC1) même s'il n'y a pas coupure. Il faut que les batteries soient complètement déchargées et le courant sera coupé et un petit temps le convertisseur se met en route et reconnaît le réseau électrique. Vous pouvez m'aider ?

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KVA hours or kWh

Hi, I have an Victron installation with a CCGX which at present is connected to a shoreline all the time. When I check the production report at the end of the month there is a big difference between the shore meter ( which I know to be correct) and the production report downloaded from the VRM portal. (shore meter 183 kWh, VRM report 210 kWh) Could the VRM report actually be KVA h and not kWh ?

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Determining Amps put into the battery based on the History side of the Connect App

My controller shows I made 2.15 KW yesterday. I am trying to determine the approx Amps it would have put back into the battery.

I used a Calc program and if I calc it at 80v I get 27 amps and if I use 12v its 179 amps. We had reasonable sun yesterday in the desert of Arizona. Since the voltage from the panels varies all day long depending on clouds and angle of the sun I am wondering what voltage to use to calculate the approx amperage put back from the KW reported by the 100/50 controller.

Thanks, Bill .


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