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Using a Smartshunt to monitor DC current to non-Victron Inverter

Good Morning!

I have a simple off-grid system, with a SmartSolar 100/50 CC feeding LiFePO4 batteries, which are monitored by a SmartShunt.

The VRM monitoring is superb, and now even better via a Rasperry Pi, connected to the SmartSolar and SmartShunt via the USB adapter cables.

Simple question: is it possible to add an additional smartshunt to monitor the energy flow to the (non-Victron) inverter? And have this show on the VRM as energy flowing to “AC Loads”?

I assume this is possible, but would hate to buy the additional shunt and only have the data available via the Bluetooth connection. Would love to see it all integrated on the VRM/remote console.

By the way - I love how easy this system was to put together. Unbelievable - it just works!!!

Thank you in advance!

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Cable size into Multiplus? Oops?

I'm wondering if I bought undersized cables to link my batteries to the Multiplus (12 | 3000 | 120 - 50 | 120V.)

Before I ordered cables, I looked at an AWG to mm2 table online and assumed it was accurate. But no. It says AWG 1 == 50 mm2.

Per tables I looked at after ordering cables, (e.g. this one) AWG 1 is actually 42.4 mm2. The Multiplus manual recommends 50 mm2 (x2) and I've got 42.4 mm2 (x2).

Each cable is 24" from Lynx distributor to the Multi.

The cable vendor's web page describes the cable I bought as such:

  • 105C temperature rating
  • Outside Diameter of stranding: 0.3540 inches (nominal)
  • Rated to handle 245 amps continuous outside of engine space
  • 836 strands of copper (30 AWG ea strand, rope lay Class K)

I'm starting with 2 Battle Born 100AH batteries (plan to add a 3rd if needed) and I've got a 200A mega fuse on each AWG 1 cable to the inverter. Am I okay? If okay with 2 batteries, still okay with 3 batteries?

This is a 30A RV and I won't be trying to run the air conditioner off grid. (Unless I attach my small Honda generator to shore power inlet, and then maybe I'll try air con if it's really hot.) The Honda spec says: 120V 2200W max. (18.3A), 1800W rated (15A).

@Kevin Windrem

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Is it possible to connect Load direct to battery?

I have a simple Solar setup, using MPPT 75 I 15, a Siemens Solar Panel M110-24 and a 12V110Ah battery.


I want to add more battery capacity, but that is another issue, so I wounder if I can connect an Inverter 12Vdc to 230Vac-700W direct to battery?


this is because the MPPT75 I 15 has a máx load output of 15Amp (180W) and the inverter will consume much more. The MPPT 75 I 15 will shutdown port LOAD when battery reach low battery level. As the inverter has a wired powerOn control, the battery will be protected since the wired powerOn from inverter is connected to port LOAD. When port LOAD is off, inverter is off.

Is it possible? thanks in advance, best regards.

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Multiplus II limit inverter power in ESS is not working?

2020_05_25 Inverter power limit not working.pdfHi,

I set limit inveter power in ESS, but It doesnt seem to work. My limit was 700W but it was still inverting around 2000W and only 300W was drawn from the grid. Do you know where could be the problem?

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RV Inverter Upgrade: 12v vs 24 Inverter

RV Upgrade; The coach has on onboard 4kw generator that will be used to charge the batteries in addition to the 950w solar panel array.

I am going to be running 4x 12.8v 200ah lithium batteries and deciding whether to run as 24v paired with a 24/5000 Quattro or run as 12v paired with 12/3000 Multiplus.

If I go the 24/5000 route I am having the panel upgraded from 30amp to 50amp. The quatrro has a much beefier charger in it and will almost cut charging time in half compared to the Multi-plus so I am leaning that direction.

Other than faster charging and additional power headroom, what else am I not considering as potential downsides or upsides to the 24/5000 setup vs the 12/3000 setup?

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Adding another inverter to the same system

Is it possible to add a second (smaller) inverter to a system managed by Venus GX and in which there is already a Multiplus? The AC out would be independent to feed some specific loads. Can the power consumption of the 2nd inverter AC out still be monitored?

There would be a time in Which the Multiplus would work as charger and the smaller inverter would keep inverting. I don't know if this is feasible and controllable by the same Venus device.

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Quattro - why install a breaker on AC output?

Have a single 230v 50hz victron Quattro 10,000VA. AC output 1 is supplying a small AC Panel. The AC Panel has a 63A inlet breaker and RCD, and dedicated breakers for each consumer. There are no other supplies into this AC Panel.

The Quattro manual advises the following "An earth leakage circuit breaker and a fuse or circuit breaker rated to support the expected load must be included in series with output L1, and cable cross-section must be sized accordingly."

In the technical specifications part of the same manual, it advises that there is automatic short circuit, and overload protection. My question is, if these safety features are built in, why must there be a breaker on the AC output side of this inverter??.


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New Multiplus 2000 Inverter/charger fails while heating RV Water heater

My new inverter fails and starts continously while heating a RV Water Heating. Water heater is 120ac and 10 amps. BMV-712 says it's 1700watts, and current is 144amps. SOC is 94 percent when I I turned on my water heater SOC was 100% and Batteries we're at 13.30 charge

I have 2 Battleborn Lifepro4 batteries

Checked all my wiring and double checked.

I have only allowed it to shut down and start 4 times for fear of ruining it.

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Definition of feed through current

Hi everyone! First time victron user here.

I am hoping to use the Quattro inverter and want to ensure my system is to spec. I need to clarify the definition of 'maximum feed through current'? Does the 100A maximum feed through current refer to the maximum DC input current? Or the output AC current? Both?

Thanks for the help!

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Multipass 2k inverter charger pass through shore power?

When plugged into shore power or a generator, does the 2k inverter charger bottle neck the power coming in to 2000 or does it let everything in that is needed?
the reason I ask is we have a Dometic Brisk Air 2 air conditioner with a Microair soft start installed that draws 1670w (without the soft start) but we are only going to be using it when hooked up to a generator or shore power and want to make sure that the 2000 would power it without overloading.

We will NOT be powering the AC with the batteries, ONLY when on shore or generator power.

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Product Request - Higher DC input voltage inverters

Love your brand and products, but when can we see Inverter/Chargers with Battery input voltages above 66V that can accept 82.8 or 90VDC all the way up to 345/360VCD.

Really would like to be able to have larger systems without the massive cables and voltage drop issues.

We are using charge controllers from solar at higher voltages,

You all know where this is headed, we want systems that can handle the new larger voltage batteries from the Model 3. Cheers!

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Multiplus 3000/12/120 overload after last buzzing

We just installed out battery bank and multiplus in our TT, when switching from solar to shore power we get a loud buzzing sound and the inverter goes into overload and shuts off.

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Solar charging affected by high inverter loads


I've got a SmartSolar 150/35 with a string of panels totalling 600W. I've a couple of 110AH TN Power LiFePO4 batteries in series so running at 24V.

I've also a Phoenix Inverter Smart 24/3000. Both the charger and inverter are connected in parallel to the batteries via fuses etc. Cables to the inverter are 50mm2 copper and 16mm2 to the charger.

Generally on its usual load (around 150W) everything is fine. The 'fun' starts when I charge the car....

I've set that rate to 1.3KW which the inverter is fine with and it charges nicely. One of the batteries gets a bit warmer than the other but nothing to worry about. But the yield from solar drops right down from say 400W to under 200W. I note that the panel voltage also drops from around 95V to 50V as well. It's almost like the MPPT tracking has gone wrong somehow. Stop charging in the and it all recovers.

Ripple up the DC to the charger upsetting it? Something else obvious I've missed?



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Multiplus current/power reading incorrect

Hi everyone.

I've been building a custom remote control interface for my system using modbus, but certain information isn't accurate using this, such as the daily solar yield value of the mppt or the inverter phase power readings. My solution to this was to query the systems via dbus instead. This all works fine, but has highlighted another potential problem.

The power reading I get from the Multiplus via dbus matches what my venus displays, right now ~11W, with output power of 230V and current of 0.1A. Dbus also shows similar readings, allowing for rounding. The problem is, 230V * 0.1A isn't 11W, it's 23W. So, which figure is incorrect, the inverter phase output current or the inverter phase power?

I know it seems like a small problem, but at the moment I'm on limited input power, so every watt counts. I also want to know that my configuration and controls all work for when I scale up my inputs and outputs.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Multiplus 12/3000/120v starting a 13500 BTU Dometic A/C

I have a multiplus 12/3000/120 and a roof top Dometic A/C that will trip my 300A breaker when the compressor would want to start. I’ve installed an “easy start” it helped when connected to a 15A shore power but if I try running only the inverter it will trip the breaker. I have 1 2/0 wire going into the multi + and - I don’t know if I should increase the breaker? Is my wire safe? Is my multi safe if I go to a 400A fuse? Thanks.

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About my victron system using battery protect


Hello I have updated my electrical design for my wiring, I made sure that the current would flow into the BP in and leave from the out. Can you please let me know if this is safe thanks

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Battery Discharge Protection - Inverter

I have a mobile (Caravan) system that is Lithium based but I DO NOT have Victron Lithium batteries. My batteries also do not have an accessible BMS. They are a Renogy 170 AH lithium batteries.

My system is charged via a Victron 100/50 Smart Solar MPPT and a Victron 30 amp AC charger. I also have fitted a BMV712, smart battery sense and a 65 amp Smart Battery Protect.

I am about to install a NON Victron Inverter 2800/5600 watts to see how much I can do via 240v instead of gas. Induction cooking etc.

my question is about how I best protect my batteries from over discharge whilst using the inverter.

I have read that you should not use a Smart Battery Protect on an inverter. Is this correct?

if you can then the 220 amp model it may be a bit small (2640 watts).

Can I use the BMV712 to activate a relay to disconnect the inverter?

Are there any other alternatives?


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Dual Throw Circuit Breakers

I am looking at a Victron MultiPlus 12/3000 on a yacht. I currently have a little baby Pheonix inverter. It will be shore power connected and invert from the the battery house bank.

I seem to vaguely recall when I researched inverters that one of the switches on the circuit breaker panel for many other brands was dual throw - but that Victron Inverters didnt need to worry about this (was it because Victron inverters and phase match shore power and inverted power?)

Have I remembered this correctly - that I dont need a dual throw breaker?

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Shoreline Power 15A

I have a Victron 3000W 12V 120 and Im trying to figure out how to hook up the shore power line to the Victron 3000W invertor. I understand there is a Phoenix Battery Charger, but cant I just hook up a 15A shorepower line directly to the invertor to charge the 600AH house batteries?

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Hello everybody,

I have a Victron Quattro 5kVA/120V setup with a MPPT 250/100 and lithium batteries BYD B-BOX PRO 10.0. AC INPUT 1 has mains electricity of the grid.

I want to use the AC INPUT 2 not with a convencional generator but with the output of a eolic system that is installed in the same place, with another battery bank. The inverter output of this system is: 8kW / 127V single-phase (máx output current 63A).

I didn't find any question here about a hybrid system (solar+eolic) like that. The Victron setup will be the same as with a generator in the AC INPUT 2?

Is there anything else to pay attention besides the configuration?

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Mounting multiplus 500va-1200va inverter

Hi I am looking to mount my multiplus 500 inverter/charger and am really tight of space. I was hoping I could mount it downwards directly to the floor, rather than upright - is this possible? Can't find anywhere in manual.



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MultiPlus Compact Inverter/Charger 12/2000/80 output voltage?

Helping a mate get his system back up and running on a houseboat.

Some time ago the whole setup was running perfect (230V unit in Australia) The batteries failed due to age and since he was in a marina hooked up to shore power he had an electrician bypass the inverter/charger by hooking input direct to output wires.

Recently he purchased some 2V X 6 Fusion Gel batteries. With no AC power connected it fired up in inverter mode but with only 127V output. Switching on 230V input resulted in 230V output OK. As soon as isolate input the output drops to 127V again.

This is an old version with dip switches & hooked up to the remote at the helm without the LED readout. With 230V input it shows battery charging OK too.

Any ideas as to the reason it won't output 230V on inverter?

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Problem Pair of Multi 12/2500/120 – Inverter takes the whole load with the generator running

Electrical setup:

Pair of Multiplus 12/2500/120 in parallel

Mase 5.7kW generator, both manual and auto start

600Ah Battery bank

External Transfer switch mounted in what looks like a Victron AC transfer box

All controlled by a VE.NET system

I was asked to change the charging parameters. When I downloaded the existing settings although the two Multipluses were wired in parallel and connected together by a communication cable (not RJ45) no selection had been made in the setting for Master, so as part of the changes I selected the Multiplus that was wired as the master to have 1 slave.

The charging changes went OK and operated.

As part of the normal testing I tested all of the systems for operation and discovered that with the generator running and a nominal 1500W AC load that the load was being powered from the Inverter not the generator (see picture Will VENET display).The DC load at the time where order of 2 or 3A.

Power Assist was set to on with a scaling factor of 2.

The problem is that the Multipluses had not have gone into Power Assist and should not have been power the AC load of 1500W and even by altering the scaling factor to 1 or 3.5 the other alternatives the Multipluses continued to take the whole AC load as if the generator was not running. The only way I could stop it was to turn Power Assist off.

This is an all electric boat AC cooking etc and relies on the generator for cooking etc and if the cooking etc is using the 600Ah of battery they will not last very long. What is happening could explain the owner’s problems that his batteries never seem to get fully charged.

To assist I include photos showing the settings of the master Multiplus, in the photo power assist is turn off but was turned on with a scaling of 2 for the tests.


Is this a set-up problem or what ?? Help







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Can a SmartSolar MPPT load output be used to power an inverter?


I used a Smartsolar MPPT 100/15 with 24V Batteries and 24V equipment's about 4 month without any problem.

Now I tried to test an inverter (12V/1500W), of course I guess I cannot use 1500W with load output.

BTW: the 15A output is for 12V or 24V or both? In fact the limiting should be W not A...

So either 24*15=360W or 12*15=180W should be limiting. What is true?

So I connected 2*6V old batteries I had, mi inverter to load output and turned on inverter which turned on. After connecting a 15W bulb to inverter still ok. Put mi office stuff (mostly router, switches, AP etc. and there my MPPT shutdown the output. So I putt off load from inverter but output still down. Put off inverter output still down.

load configuration is always on.

Changing to always off and again to always on.did not work.

I had to cutoff power from pv and battery, and sometimes to take away 20A fuse so the output goes on again.

After that I was not able not even to turn on inverter without shutdown of load output...

What is this behavior? Is this if load it to high? I had about 140-240W

I guess output cannot be burned up with high load if it could, for what is the fuse?

So I tought it could be battery too, because battery minimum showed me 0V but I guess this was because I removed batteries today...

Nevertheles I put mi car battery to test... Same thing.

So I put the invertder directly to battery and then it worked...

Inverter tells me 180VA, mi office 140W with cos phi of 0.8 .so I guess this is ok.

Still in doubt what is the problem to use load output and how to reset if output down.

What about VA versus W on Smart Solar devices and about the 15A limit?

Any hints?

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Phoenix Multi Compact 12/800/35-16 Overload Warning and Low Battery Alarm

Dear all, we have recently bought a Multi compact 12/800VA together with a SB SUNLIGHT AccuForce 12V - 150Ah Solar VRLA Battery in order to replace an ONLINE UPS in a on-Grid Photovoltaic 500kWp installation. The system works in 12V mode. The inverter charger is connected to the AC grid and the only load is the Protection Relay (SEPAM) from Schneider Electric installed on the Medium Voltage Switchgears Board. The charging mode is 99% in "Storage" mode cause the load is very little. The problem we are facing is that after two or three days of operating the Inverter goes to fault mode and the alarms we got is overload and today together with a Low Battery Alarm and the PV station goes out of the Grid. The only thing we do when the fault comes is to go and turn off and on the inverter/charger and the problem is (temporary) solved. Today the fault happened, we got a "grid lost" e-mail message, when we reached the inverter the fault was gone (only the green light when on), as it seems the inverter was inverting. We turned off and on the inverter and the inverter "saw" again the AC grid.

Since we bought the inverter we did not do any optimizations or changed any settings for example for the current output (everything is as it came from the distributor). The system also has a Color Control GX and we can monitor the system from the VRM Portal. Please see attached pictures, videos. Any ideas for the fault or settings needed are much appreciated! No clue why thr fault takes place, on the other hand the overload maybe comes because the SEPAM maybe draws a lot of current in order to power the motorized central medium voltage circuit breaker.20200316 Status Monitoring2.jpgfaults.jpginput current limit.jpgMV SEPAM.jpgBattery.jpgGrid connection restore.mp4

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Info on connecting a Solis inverter to a Multiplus 11 GX

Hi can anybody give me some basic instructions on connecting a Solas 4G mini inverter AC coupled to a Victron Multiplus 11GX

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Phoenix 12/1200 zero load power too high

I just bought the version of the Phoenix 12/1200 inverter and found that it consumes a steady 1.3 amps (~16 watts) with no load. The owners manual states the no load consumption is 8 watts. That is a pretty significant difference. Otherwise the inverter works fine. Is there a problem with my inverter or is the manual just wrong?

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easyplus compact issues

Hi All

I have just fitted a victron system in my latest van conversion and it causing me a few headaches.

Any help is very much appreciated first let me give you the low down on what i have fitted.

Easyplus compact 12v 1600 inv charger

lithium 160 ah smart battery

V E bus BMS

12 65 battery protect

cyrix li charge

smart mttp

712 battery monitor

ccgx colour control

all components are at the latest firmware.

The issue is when running from the battery with the inverter and say im using a coffee machine rated at 1300 watts the dc cuts out a few seconds after the coffee machine is switched on then the ac cuts out. The dc switches back on a few seconds later.

I am presuming this is the battery protect kicking in and out the question is why is it doing this ?

I am new to installing a more advanced system and still learning .

Cheers in advance

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MultiPlus Compact 16A Breaker on front panel tripping above 11A

Hi All,

I have a MultiPlus Compact 12v/1600va/70a with a digital multi control panel.

The system was installed on my boat less 6 months ago by a marine electrician in the UK, the boat and me are now in Valence, France.

I am connected to 16amp shore power, the multi control is set to charge only, current limit dial is set to 16amp, there are no warning lamps.

Until the last few days everything has been working well, but now when I draw current above 11 amps the 16A breaker switch on the front panel of the MultiPlus Compact trips out within a minute or so.

The breaker on the front panel of the MultiPlus Compact has tripped previously if i have inadvertently pulled more than 16 amps but is now doing it at only 11 amps.

My main energy use is 3 x 1kw oil fired radiators which pull a total 12 amps meaning I can now only run 2 of them and it is getting very cold here !

please can anyone help?

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