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Random grid tripping, but ACin 1 Voltage still present...

Hi all

I have a very odd issue which has happened maybe 2 or 3 times in the last 4 months, today was the last.

What it looks like is the grid falls away for 0.15-0.3 seconds, when I review the data I can see the current going to zero but not the voltage. See the image below.

I can only assume the system is acting as it should, and that either the dip is just too small/ too quick to be picked up by the Quattro's monitoring, or the voltage sensitivity is set too high. South Africa is known for many things, one of them being an unreliable network, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a voltage dip.

So I guess first and foremost has anyone else experienced anything similar?

And secondly, is there any way to verify exactly why the system started inverting?/ to what extent did the voltage dip?





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My cerbo gx does not show an ac input



Hi I have a cerbo gx and 4 et112. Meters connected to it and I set all them up having one set as grid meter one set as generator meter and 2 for 2 separate inverter outputs. However even after setting one of the meters as a grid meter it shows no ac input but only shows it as ac loads. Is there something wrong with my cerbo gx or will the et112 not show as ac input because I would have to have a victron inverter?

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Plenty of voltage from panels, no current from panels. Load discharging from battery instead.

Two 100W panels in series. 30+ volts consistently all day, but never more than about 1/10th amp showing as being produced. Multi-meter touched to wires as they enter the controller (so I suppose in parallel with the controller) read between 3 and 4 amps.

When load hooked up to load terminals at 1A draw (a 2 bay 18650 battery charger set to 1A charge rate), I see the amp coming off the battery, not the panels. I never see any amperage coming in from the panels.

I suppose this might be naive of me, but I assumed that if I was drawing a load, that the panels would attempt to fill the need before the battery did? Battery is a 12V lithium ion pack, so don't be concerned about is reading 11.59V. It can go a lot lower than that before any harm done.

Might also be worth noting that I have the float voltage set at 11.5V and Absorption set at 12.4V. I know I don't really need to float a lithium battery, which is why I have it set so low. I have the load output settings at 12.25V for the "reconnect load, battery is charged enough" and 10.35V for the "disconnect load, battery is getting too low".

Nothing appears to be reversed for polarization, and this battery has sort or trickle charged itself each day (graphs show me 10-20Wh per day input) to maintain roughly 12V over time. I haven't really had a load on it before today, so no significant battery charging has been needed.

We also have been dealing with all the wildfire smoke for the last week or so. Today was the first blue sky day. So first day I expected to see some panel efficiency.

Screenshot below.


Screenshot of my app.

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RS 48/6000 Data Sheet

Hello, is there an early version of data sheet for new RS 48/6000, it been a while in stock with no datad sheet & amanual. Thanks

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Multiplus entering power assist unnecessarily; draining batteries

The power system (components listed here; all devices have the latest firmware as of this posting) I installed in my fifth wheel is entering power assist mode despite the AC input being less than the input current limit. For background, one goal of this system was to be able to run a pair (15 and 13.5 kBTU/hr) of air conditioners on 30A/120VAC single phase service, with the inverters/batteries supplementing the grid power for intermittent loads like a Keurig, microwave, etc. The trailer came with one air conditioner on L1 and the other on L2. Of course, when only single phase input is provided, the second inverter inverts from 12 VDC but its continuous output must of course be limited by the first inverter's charging capacity of 120A. After conversion losses this is inadequate to power the second AC without pulling from the batteries (side note for any Victron employees lurking: *please* implement a way for the second inverter in a split-phase system to accept AC input that's in-phase with the first inverter! This is obviously something that can be done in software and its absence is driving customers with RV applications out of their minds). To get around this problem I installed a 20A switch that allows me to switch the second air conditioner from L1 to L2. I thought that was clever.

But not really; the stubbornness of the Multiplus defeats my ingenuity. See pics below.



As you can see, it is drawing well below the input current limit from the grid, yet "assisting" and drawing down my batteries. The total draw is around 28-29A although it can't be seen in the pictures (but you can infer it from the "AC Loads").

Please help me figure out how to force the inverter to draw up to the input current limit before it goes into assist mode; I really can't stomach the thought that I paid ~$15k and put in dozens of hours of work to actually lose capability.

Edit: The system is plugged into a 30A 120/240VAC split-phase connection. Inside the rig I have a 50A breaker upstream of the Multis, and I cut the little metal link joining the two poles of the breaker so that I can switch L1 and L2 on/off separately. In the example above, L2 is cut off to simulate how the Multis behave when only given a 30A/120VAC input (the first inverter switches to grid input while the second simply inverts from the batteries, as I ranted about in bold above). It is connected through several long extension cords, hence the voltage drop. Nevertheless, there is sufficient input amperage available to power these loads from grid input alone (and it certainly should be pulling more than 23A when it has a 30A input current limit).

Here's a VRM link:

And here's a link to the RVMS file with the current inverter configuration:


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Victron Color Control GX- Quattro Shore current limit

Hello together,

I would like to change the maximum input current of the Quattro 8000/24 with the Color Control Display. I set the value to 32A and after some days or sometimes weeks, this value is changing back to 100A and the shore Power fuse is tripped.

This behavior is reproducible. I have the same system on 5 different boats, all of them have the same problem. This is a very big problem because after a few days in the harbor, the fuse will tripped and the boat have no longer shore power.

Connected to the CCGX is:

-Quattro 24/8000 [VE.Bus] VE Config: AC2 Input (Shore power) set to 32.0A with enabled "remote has priority" AC1 Input (Generator) set to 57A with disabled "remote has priority"

-Skylla-i 24/100 (1+1) Charger [VE.Can]

-BMV-712 Smart Shunt []

-VE.Bus to NMEA2000 Interface device [VE.Bus port from CGX]

I am extremely grateful for any advice!

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High input Amps ( input 1 inverter)


iam having a problem here, i had / have a very high grid invoice even with my victron installation.

so i was checking my grid network,

and i came to this :

the input Amps of the victron is 3.27A amp and no value on the Color for grid,

i have on output value of 4.38A = that is correct.

so why is my system using that much input current ???

see pics for Amps

the input is a cable directly from the grid.

input :


output :




there is no feed in from solar that moment

firmware : color is beta : 2.60-30

firmware : quattro is : 469

if i check an external gridmeter (not the quattro) = stays the same

vrm = no reports of grid usage

Edit : ac pv inverter is on the output

And the input amp are always 3A - 3.60A

Grid setpoint : 10w

And that current i can see that all the way to my house, big fusebox ( fist input fuse of mu home)


Done with fluke meter ( rent from person):


thanks kristof

@mvader (Victron Energy)

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Multiplus II 5KVA pass through power?

Good day all

I have a question for the more experienced members here.

I have a Multiplus II 5KVA with a Smartsolar 250/85 charge controller, 12 x CS350 watt panels and a 10kwh lithium bank.

The house is equipped with a gas geiser and stove.

Power consumption was measured with logging device for about a week and peaked at 4.9kw with an average of 3.4kw throughout.

My question is can I feed the main AC from the grid through the Multipus with the main DB box connected to AC output 1 ( no break ) on the Multi.

Given that I will setup the ESS system to keep batteries charged and only use battery during load shedding.

The aim is to gain as much savings possible from PV and not have the hassle of splitting loads between AC outputs on the Multi.

I hope this makes sense?

Your input will be greatly valued.

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Setting up Parallel Multiplus for a 50Amp RV all documents are very imprecise...

So a 50amp RV shore outlet is actually two 50amp connections for a total of 100amps right? So when I program my multiplus inverters, is my input current limit 100amps meaning I program 50amp or is it 50amp and I program 25amp? Or am I totally misthinking this because it mentions "per phase" and a parallel system is single phase so I should just set it to 100amp... or is that 50amp...

I'm following the following information from the Parallel and three phase VE.Bus systems document

The following settings need to be made in the master of each phase:

  • Inverter output voltage

  • Input current limits
    (the effective input current limit is the setted limit multiplied by the number of units per phase. For example, setting a 10A limit with VEConfigure in a system with two units per phase results on a 20A limit for that phase. Being able to set a different limit per phase allows for maximum configurability.

Also when I'm looking at the maximum charge current, if my total charge limit is 70amp I would set it to 35amp?

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Multiplus 3000 Split Phase Voltage Issues


I have two Multiplus 3000's in an RV split phase with 50amp shore power (two legs of 120v power in USA). The units are configured in split phase and are hooked up to a 12v lithium battery bank with 800 amp hours of power (8 batteries in parallel).

I am experiencing a weird issue, where one leg's input voltage from shore will drop down to ~100 volts and the other leg will increase to ~135 volts causing my surge protector to trip briefly then everything resets after 1-2 seconds and the cycle repeats. I've tested in multiple locations and this is occurring in multiple locations so i've ruled out the shore power actually being the issue (i think, open to suggestions but this has occurred in 10 locations. We also just replaced our surge guard transfer switch to check if that would fix or be the cause). The issue seems to occur extremely frequently (every 15 seconds) when running a 1500 watt or more load on either leg. We have tried both dynamic current limit and without and UPS function and without with no noticeable change. When the issue is occurring the units will switch from float to inverter and back in a fraction of a second I think because of unhealthy input voltage. We are running through the system checking for loose wires but don't expect to find anything but will double check.

Everything works fine on battery and when not connected to shore power.

I'm curious if anyone has ever seen this before and if it may be a firmware issue or a result of a split phase configuration issue? We are running the 430 firmware that came with the units and didn't want to upgrade without checking here first if anyone has seen this issue.

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How to Limit DC-DC Charger Current on Orion-Tr Smart?

Hey Victron community!

First time posting here, so forgive me if I'm missing any formalities.

I recently bought a Victron Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Non-Isolated 12/12-30. We are planning to use the charger in a travel trailer with a custom 300ah battery bank. The problem is that we want to wait to upgrade the OEM positive wire from the tow vehicle's battery (it is currently a 10awg wire) to a much larger wire until after we start using the trailer. Per my research, we will need closer to a 2awg wire, which is much bigger and a pain to re-route from the tow vehicle, so hoping to kick the can down the road a little.

With that said, is there a way to limit either max current or max power output on these units? Or is the only way to limit it via limiting the voltage? Are there any tricks to artificially limit the current?

Thanks in advance!

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SmartSolar Maximum input current

Hello there, the smartsolar 100/30 datasheet says:

1a) If more PV power is connected, the controller will limitinput power

2) A PV array with a higher short circuit current may damage the controller

Am i the only to see a contradiction here ? Maybe 1a) holds for high voltage and current within limit (serial connection) ? My understanding of 2) is that several PV in parallel will damage the controller. Or maybe that's me begin stupid this morning ... Anyone cares to clarify ? thanks !

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Low Solar Power Input

I’m a newbie to solar power - go easy and don’t laugh too much. So I bought a kit for my van, rigged it up yesterday and my 110w panel was showing 80w in sunlight. Great. It went from bulk to absorption to float and battery then fully charged that day. No draw on battery, van is sitting on drive outside my house. Today same sunlight level but only showing 6w. Is this correct? Is it because the controller knows the battery state and only allows that much from the panel?

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Hello everybody,

I have a Victron Quattro 5kVA/120V setup with a MPPT 250/100 and lithium batteries BYD B-BOX PRO 10.0. AC INPUT 1 has mains electricity of the grid.

I want to use the AC INPUT 2 not with a convencional generator but with the output of a eolic system that is installed in the same place, with another battery bank. The inverter output of this system is: 8kW / 127V single-phase (máx output current 63A).

I didn't find any question here about a hybrid system (solar+eolic) like that. The Victron setup will be the same as with a generator in the AC INPUT 2?

Is there anything else to pay attention besides the configuration?

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More intelligent Generator handling

Victron Multi/Quattro & Generator is a topic from time to time, where the Vics do not accept a genset, problems with stability etc.

True, one significant part of the problem may be that Generator vendors often market/label their products with rather optimistic specs (where you find out that your 5KW genset actually tops out at 3.5KW and similar).

However, after observing (and filming - movie available upon request) the handling of a 3p Genset by a bunch of Vics, one would like to suggest that there is a lot of room for improvement on the side of the Vics.

I would suggest to consider implementing an "adaptive mode" for the genset in the Multis/Quattros. What is that?

The Victrons could start with a load of - say - 1A for the genset and slowly ramp that up until the genset voltage drops significantly (or completely). Either make several of these measurements and then remain under min(measurement1, measurement2, ...) or just one and remain under the "collapse threshold" with a safe margin.

In any case - don't put load on gensets like an on/off switch! Almost no genset can handle this.

It would be nice if that could be implemented soon-ish.

Watching our video with the poor genset getting bashed one feels almost "rooting" for the Victrons like "come on guys, you can't be that stubborn" ;-)

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BMV-712 Does not show charging current


I have a motorhome with (2) 12 V AGM batteries and a Victron 712 to monitor them. Everything was working correctly until I let the batteries become discharged.

I removed the batteries & charged them fully outside of the vehicle. I also had my battery dealer test them (the batteries are less than two years old). When I installed the charged batteries in the motorhome, I ran the on-board generator to top off the charge.

With the generator running, the voltage shows 14.2, but the current wavers between zero & 0.2A. I get the same readings if I run the motorhome's engine. The manufacturers of the converter/charger and the battery isolater had me check a few things & they both appear to be working. When the generator or motorhome engine isn't running, the 712 shows a negative current amount.

Any suggestions on why the current reading is essentially nonexistent?

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Venus GX & SolarEdge SE7K + SE Energy Meter total energy consumption AC-loads wrong

Hi !

I'm currently building my energy storage (on grid) consisting of a Multi Plus II, generic battery and PV inverter from SolarEdge (SE7K) with the SE modus energy meter (SE-WND-3Y400-MB-K2).

At this stage ONLY the Venus GX is connected, the Multiplus II is still in its box ;-)

As written in the FAQ the Venus-GX was able to find the SE7K.


Now I'm able to see the production of the SE7K.


My problem is that concerning the total AC-consumption it equals the SE7K production. This is not true. During the night it shows 0W for the AC loads but the SolarEdge portal shows me that that there is consumption from the grid.

Day (with PV production)


Night (no PV production)


Does this mean I need to buy an additional energy meter (e.g. EM24) if i want to monitor the total AC power consumption that I'll be later able to feed only so much energy from the battery that my purchased energy will be zero?

As far as I can see from the SE portal the power taken from the grid is also available from the SE Modbus energy meter.


Help greatly apprechiated!


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Erratic behavior of 2x Multi in Parallel in charge mode

I would like to ask Victron and the community some help in diagnosing what could be causing this...

I have a 2x Multi parallel setup. They are matched, DC input current is reasonably balanced, measured with DC Amp clamp. In Winter, I have the system inverting by day and switches to GRID and 22h to take advantage of cheap tariffs and protect the batteries. The AC input limit is set on Venus about 14A, as I have around 3.45 kVA available from grid (15A @ 230V).

Recently I have been noticing that the powerassist sometimes kicks in well below this 14A input limit. And the following was an event, 2 days ago, that really worries me.

Batteries were about 40% discharged, and at 22h the system started charging from grid. the AC loads at that time were no more than around 300W and charge current around 35A. All normal.

Now, picture 1 shows when I started the washing machine (~2kW on AC out) at same time batteries were charging. Seems also normal, and is what I expected:



But some moments after I noticed the charge current dropping to almost zero:



And there was some strange noise in the Multis at the same repetition rate: seemd like charger starting every 3 or 4 seconds. Current droping from 30A to zero and repeating in some seconds interval. But it got weirder, sometimes powerassist also came into play:



And it went into passtrough sometimes. Here's the complete scenario, until I gave up and stopped the washing machine:


You can see the oscillations in VRM:



So, if only charging, no problem. But when high loads and charging is needed at same time, it got a little crazy. I have firmware version 459 in the Multis since more than 9 months. Only now I noticed this. It coincided with latest Venus OS but there may be no relation. However, I did notice some strange facts:

1. The currents and power in the Venus OS menu are somewhat suspicious. I assume the power is the "real" power, and current is also "real" or does it take reactive power into account? Because 14.8 A x 233V is much more that 2436W. PLus, I measured with AC clamp, and the meter only showed about 10A coming into the system (common to 2x Multis).


EDIT: this measurement is from a date earlier (2 weeks before) the event above. Input limit was 15A at that time. I was puzzled about which vales are real power and which (if any) also take into account the power factor.

2. Upon the strange event above, I downloaded the configuration of the Multis and checked with VE config, I noticed that only one of the Multis has 7A on the AC input limit. The other one only had 3A set. I find this odd, as like this the system cannot obbey the 14A limit set on Venus OS...

Any help very much appreciated.

EDIT 2: this is the current 2x Multi Setup

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How can I connect a standalone quattro to a 3 phase quattro system

I want to connect a standalone quattro connected to a 500 ah power bank and solar panels to a 3 phase quattro system with 200 ah power bank. I connected the standalone to the ac input 2 of the master unit of the 3 phase system but it did not charge the battery bank. You can see the voltage and frequency on the ccgx but there is no current. How should I connect it to charge the 3 phase system battery bank?

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Ingangsstroom van Phoenix 24/5000 48/5000

Beste iedereen,

Ik probeer het bereik van ingangsstroom en uitgangsstroom te vinden van phoenix omvormer 24/5000 48/5000.

Ik heb hiervoor in de datasheet gekeken maar hier kan ik het niet in vinden.

Weet iemand dit toevallig?


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High ac input consumption on 10000va

We are running a client on ESS with AC out2 as not critical programmed, we are seeing a value of 2.5-3a/HR @230v the moment the input contact activate. This is a lot higher than the intended self consumption mentioned. We would like the know why this is. We do have a grid meter et112 installed set at 20w. The ccgx can't manage the drain from input below 450 w. Please assist,,,:setup 48/10000/100*2 & mppt 250/100/48 smart, bmv 700 -standard 500a shunt, ESS, ACout2 activated and de-activated with assistant. With vrm

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Victron MPPT 100/30 input over-current protection?

Is it safe for controller to connect it to solar array much bigger then controller rated output power? Let's say, would it be safe to connect it to 75V 3000W solar panels? I understand that max output MPPT controller would be up to 420W for 12v battery, but would like to know if it's safe for controller input?

Also would it be safe for MPPT 100/30 if I connect charged 24V battery to its input instead of solar panel to charge my 12v battery bank? May I assume controller will not fry itself, but will take 420W from input battery?

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what Fuse size for Victron 12/800/35 running 2 x 150aH Leoch AGM batteries

What Fuse size for Victron 12/800/35 running 2 x 150aH Leoch AGM batteries (in parrallel)

I want to ensure I have protection on red battery wire is a fuse required?

I have also set dip switch 2 to on is this correct. Charger and Alarm light did not flash when I switch dip switch 6 on and off as manual states

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SMU TO microtek inverter main light flashing

I have 3 100w panels connected to a SMU microtek 3012 to a microtek 900 inverter it works fine for a few hours then the main light on the inverter starts flashing and going on and off. I have tried different inverters and switching the smu. Anyone else have any Idea?

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What is the minimum Input Current Limit?

What is the minimum input current limit for Quattro?

Setting it on VEconfigure allows me to set it as low as I want. However, the input current limit won't go below 10.5 on the Colour Control.

It needs to be set lower as the customer only has a small generator. How do I do this?

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can switch as group be changed from color control

Changed some settings on RV, running 2 12/2000/80 units usually on 220v 50A shore power or 1 or 2 Generator sets. Now customer is feeding with 30A 120v shore and can't pass power. I believe Switch as group is at fault, should be seeing 120v at both inverters, just its not seeing 180 degree phase difference at the inverters? Hoping I can talk customer thru programming, since its far out of state now.

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IP67 Battery Charger Leakage Current

Some chargers have ground/leakage currents because of the filter capacitors used in the input line of the charger. What is the leakage current (ground curent) of the IP67 Battery Charger?

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Multi Plus 24/3000 AC In

We had lightning hit the electrical kiosk in the road and power was off for 2 days when power came back on the AC in is not accepting or reading any voltage it just shows 2v I have tested and and I get 230v what could the problem be.

Many thanks

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No up down buttons - is there a virtual option for raspberry pi running Venus OS

I have Venus OS loaded on a Raspberry Pi with a 7” touch screen in my RV. I have a BMV-712 and a Multiplus connected to it and everything is working great. My issue is I cannot figure out how to operate the up/down buttons that would be part of the CCGX or find a substitute such as a virtual keyboard or equivalent.

I want to change the input current limit. This appears to be accomplished by selecting the option and then pressing either the up or down button on the CCGX. I can adjust this by using the up/down arrow in the remote console, but I would like to make this adjustment regularly from the Raspberry Pi display. I will be using a small generator off grid as well as shore power in campgrounds which is why I chose to go with the Venus OS software over other options.

Thanks for the help!

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