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'Tank overview' page with Cerbo GX tank level inputs only

In the manual for the GX Tank 140 there is a beautiful 'Tank overview' page that can be enabled. The Cerbo GX have four tank level inputs that I want to use and I don’t want to add a separate GX Tank 140.

Can the 'Tank overview' page be enabled when I just use the Cerbo GX tank level inputs and don’t use the GX Tank 140?

Or must the the GX Tank 140 be connected to the Cerbo GX to be able to activate the Tank overview' page?


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GX display upgrade?

Is Victron planning an upgrade to the design of the GX display anytime soon?

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Can two Separate Multiplus II inverters supply different loads while using the same battery bank and still be connected and monitored on the same Network/GX Device

We have a client that has an existing system with a 3kVa Multiplus II. The client recently added a flat (garage transformed for the kids) and they want to add another inverter to assist with the load to this flat/garage.

1. Can both Multiplus units be connected to the same battery bank but supply different loads? (one the house and the other one the garage?)

2. If connected in this way, can both units be connected to one GX device or will both have to be separate in such a case with their own gx devices?

And a bonus question for silliness: Can two separate systems be connected to one battery bank? (Especially now that DVCC is "Regulating the usage of the battery"?

I know the safe connection will be to parallel them and to allow them to supply both loads as "one", but is this configuration possible? The client asked and I do not have an answer for this. I know there is similar post to this but not one that answers the question.

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Multiplus 2 and Pylontech US 2000 Plus usable without GX device?

I have an off-grid system with a Multiplus 2 , two Bluesolar Mppt 150/35 and 8 Pylontech batteries US2000Plus. Yesterday the Color Control GX stopped working (first it showed wrong values, then I tried to reboot but it remains with the "Victron Energy" start display).

As the Mppts stopped to charge I disconnected them from the CC and reset them with the parameters for Pylontech batteries. Now they charge correctly, short time after 100% SOC they change to absortion modus, and the Pylontechs go standby when fully charged and if there´s no load. Also the Multiplus works properly.

Can I continue to use the system in this way without any GX device or should I better shut it down until the new CC arrives?

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GX Tank 140 and SEELEVEL Senders!


I was cruising the GX Tank 140 manual, and I had an idea! Please be easy, and I am just spitballing off the limited information I could find on the SEELEVEL system.

Unfortunately, I don't have my SEELEVEL senders yet as they are stuck over the border because I tried to save money on shipping to Canada .... so this idea may be way off but...

Does anyone know what the signal is sent back as from the SEELEVEL sender? Like is it 0-10v? Is it resistive? is it 4-20ma?

I was thinking that I could bypass the SEELEVEL display completely so I could view levels on a GX display or the Victron portal. I would Jump the GX Tank 140 internal power from channels 3 and 4 to channel 1 and 2, not remove any of the SEELEVEL sender tabs. then power the SEELevel senders individually sending the signals right back to the GX Tank 140! Viola!

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Is there a possibility to share data beetween two GX devices ?

I would like to use second GX device in system, but I need to use some data from first one. Is it possible to get for example battery current form first GX device and set it on second one as com.victronenergy.system Battery Current (841). I have noticed that there is new setting "ModBUS TCP Devices", but when I setup connection the result is






Or maybe other sugesstion for data synchronization ?

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What offers console in ve direct 1

Hello victron partners, I want to ask you what is the use of the option console in very direct 1? I attach screenshot. Thanks in advance.


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Gx removed from vrm

Hi I have a ccgx linked to a vrm account from the original installer

The owner is no longer using the installer as they made to many mistakes I need to take ownership of the ccgx

ID 64cfd94edfb9

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GX GSM GSM100100100 3G Lifecycle

Hi, I have just recently purchased a GX GSM 3G. I have only now seen that the 4G version is to be released and so I have a few questions if anyone can assist?

Will the 3G version still be supported and for how long?

How long do we expect 3G signals to still be available?

Will there be a firmware update to allow 4G on this unit, if it is possible?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Smart Networking vs. GX control, BMV712 +2x mppt 100/50's

I am in the middle of expanding my system which started as dual smartsolar 100/50's to include a BMV712, GX product (pi in my case), and soon to be installed MultiPlus 12/3000. I am confused about coordinating the solar controllers and synchronizing charge. The manual for smart networking says to not use smart networking with a GX product, however when I look at the MPPT's under the GX display, they show as no for networking and do not appear to be controlled by the GX at all.... What is the recommended setup?
From the manual.."VE.Smart Networking is designed for small systems which do not have a GX device - such as a Color Control GX or Venus GX. In systems which have a GX device, do not use VE.Smart Networking - See FAQ 6. If for some reason, the same information is being received by the charger over BLE and VE.Can/VE.Direct, the information coming over BLE (through VE.Smart Networking) will be ignored. "
also, FAQ 6 no longer exists. Q5 is the last question....
I have read all the manuals, and can't find this specific bit of info on configuration.

Thanks in advance.


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Connectivity/Service/Product roundup

Hi there community,

I am having a hard time to figure out what product/service/connectivity option I need. While VE is remarkably providing very good documentation about the product line and the associated services, I find it difficult to connect the many dots and get a clear, high-level perspective.

I just bought a Multi inverter/charger (800VA) that comes with a VE.Bus port. I read I can connect to it in several ways: the MK3 USB dongle, the MK2 RS-232 one, some GX devices, some digital monitors and so on. Then there's Venus OS and I could even write my own monitoring panel/software. Impressive (and that's why I chose VE in the first place).

The problem is that there's so many choices I can't easily find what I need. Ok then, what do I need? Thanks for you question :-)

I need a way to interface to the Multi 800VA (via VE.Bus) AND a way to extract the available information about the system (AC/DC usage, battery status, power absorption and the like) and to display them in some way (a Raspberry Pi or an old android tablet, for instance). I understand I could use the MK3 USB dongle to do that but then I'd like to do the same with the solar charger I'm planning to add soon (VE as well) and maybe get a BMV battery monitor in the future and who knows what else. I don't think the dongle will do. Or not? I saw the GX devices but they are way pricey for what I have and need in the short term (a CCGX or a Venus cost almost the same as the inverter!) but looks like it's the only monitoring/configuration(?) solution if you want to interface to the system as a whole and not the single products. Am I missing something?

Final Q, for those kind enough to get here. Should I buy a MK3 USB dongle and connect it to the Multi, will I be able to extract relevant information about the health of the system from a Raspberry Pi (like a model 3 I have sitting in the drawer))? Or an old (v8) Android tablet? Display is not gonna be an issue, I'll manage to spit the data somehow.

Thanks in advance for any useful pointer!



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GX Compatibility with Murata Fortelion


We plan to build an ESS system comprised of a Multi II GX and a couple of IJ1001M Fortelion Murata batteries. These batteries are relatively unknown and we do have first hand experience with them, so we'd have two questions please to Victron tech teams :


- Can you confirm the good functionning of the Murata system with latest Venus OS ?

- Which specific CAN BMS cable should we use ? Type A or B?

We heard that some improvements regarding communication with Murata were made with Venus OS 2.53v. We have been told however that one user experienced communication issues with the GX, we just need to double check before we move forward with that project...

Thanks in advance for the insights !

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Migrate settings from CCGX to Cerbo GX


I have to replace a Color Control GX due to it being overloaded (slow, rebooting, high load averages) after expanding my system. Have already purchased a Cerbo GX.

Is there a reasonably easy way to transfer settings from the old device to a new one, or will I have to do this screen by screen? I am hoping that it may be as easy as SSH in / copy a few config files and directories to and from SD card / reboot?



henk-1 asked
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Convert CCGX sqlite3-database file larger than 500MB into xls-file via VictronConnect

I have here a sqlite3-database file, which comes from my ColorControl-GX device (logging on the SD memory card).
Now I want to convert the data from the database into an Excel-file. For this I use software "VictronConnect" in the current version 5.34 and proceed according to the following description (see section 5.5):

Now I get an error message that the database file is larger than the limit of 524288000 bytes, which is exactly 500 MegaByte (524.288.000 Bytes / 2^20 = 500 MB).
Enclosed some screenshots - with v5.33 also tried with the same result.

Is this an error in the "VictronConnect" software?
Or is it an error in the firmware of the CCGX (VenusOS V2.53) that files larger than 500 MB are created? Consequently, new database files would have to be created when reaching the 500 MB database size.

My question now is, how can I convert the sqlite database file >500MB into an Excel file?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

In German:
Konvertierung einer CCGX sqlite3-Datenbank-Datei größer als 500MB in eine xls-Datei via VictronConnect

Ich habe hier eine sqlite3-database file, die von meinem ColorControl-GX kommt (Logging auf die SD-Speicherkarte).

Jetzt möchte ich die Daten aus der Datenbank in eine Excel-Datei konvertieren. Dazu nutze ich Software "VictronConnect" in der aktuellen Version 5.34 und gehe nach folgender Beschreibung vor (siehe Abschnitt 5.5):

Nun bekomme ich eine Fehlermeldung, dass die Datenbank-Datei größer als der Grenzwert von 524288000 Bytes ist, was exakt 500 MegaByte sind (524.288.000 Bytes / 2^20 = 500 MB).
Anbei einige Screenshots - mit v5.33 ebenfalls probiert mit gleichem Ergebnis.

Handelt es sich hier um ein Fehler in der Software "VictronConnect"?
Oder ist es ein Fehler in der Firmware des CCGX (VenusOS V2.53), dass Dateien angelegt werden, die größer als 500 MB sind? Hier müssten folglich beim Erreichen der 500MB-Datenbank-Größe neue Datenbank-Dateien angelegt werden.

Meine Frage ist nun, wie ich die sqlite-Datenbank-Datei >500 MB in eine Excel-Datei konvertieren kann?

Vielen Dank im Voraus.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,





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Canvu update failure. No Firmware Files Found on USB drive

I have tried 3 different makes of USB drives with root directory only. Tried powering unit on and off with and without USB. The CANvu normally has a USB to VE direct plug inserted for an MPPT. I remove it and replace with USB drive. I do not have a way to connect CANvu direct to the internet so doing the USB drive for update. All my other devices update OK. Thanks for any help you can give.

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GX 50 Touch Screen not responding

I recently bought a GX 50 touch and Cerbo GX.

The GX 50 touch screen won't respond to touch inputs. I can adjust the screen display and settings using the VRM portal and it displays correct data but I'm unable to interface with the GX touch without using another device to access the VRM portal.

Am i missing a setting somewhere to enable the screen?

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GX Touch 50 goes to sleep

Any way to disable the sleep timer on my GX Touch 50 display? This is on a boat and I want it to stay on, or at a minimum I want to adjust the sleep timer to be an hour or so.

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GX LTE 4G Frequencies


Does anyone know what frequencies the new GX LTE 4G modules work on. As various mobile operators have different frequencies I want to check that it will work with my current mobile provider.

Many Thanks

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Future development GX GSM

A small question before i get up my mind. Somewhere I have read the future release in Q3 2020 for the GX GSM to fit the America's market.
Is there an aim to also make it 4G/LTE-advanced compatible?

philippe asked
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Easysolar GX Pushbutton A, and GX device not connecting

Hello All,

I See many people are having problems with the GX device working and then suddenly stopping. I have similiar troubles. I managed to connect via my phone and since then cant find the device anywhere.

How can one reset the GX device to factory defaults?? And what does Pushbutton A do??


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BMV 712 just started showing sporadic DC measurements.

I just noticed my DC Power numbers were jumping around -100 and 150 watts while I know the DC power was fairly constant (E.G. fan running, lights, etc.).

My system has been running fine for a couple months with nothing like this happening. I even turned off all DC Power, by opening the DC breaker and was still seeing sporadic wattage for DC power.

I'm using a victron color GX to monitor the dc power. I've attached two screenshots, one showing normal DC usage where you can see my fridge compressor kick off and on. The other screenshot shows the negative wattage, which I have no external non-victron chargers. I have a victron mppt charger and a multiplus. The multiplus was disconnected during my tests. Whats even more interesting is the screenshot was taken when the DC breaker was disconnected. Could this be a bad rj45 cable ? That would be very unfortunate since my rj45 cable run is behind a lot of my furniture and would be pretty cumbersome to run another one. The sporadic and incorrect current is causing my battery SOC to be thrown off. Im not really sure how to diagnose this any further without having a replacement cable or unit. Has anyone else had this problem ?



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For a GX System w/BMS, what scenarios require separate physical charge/load disconnect wiring from the BMS?

In a GX system with the BMS connected via VE.Bus, do VE.Direct/VE.Can/VE.Bus devices need separate physical wiring to Remote ports (or controlling Battery Protect) to disconnect charge/discharge?

Am I correct in saying that in such a system, only devices not talking a Victron protocol need Battery Protects with Remote connected to the BMS?

syfte asked

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Gen start / alarm beacon wisdom

Some details on the system

Quattro 15000 with fronius 6k ac coupled on ac 1 out.

Honda eu7000is backup generator.

Color control gx

I would like to have a generator with auto start hooked up and have a strobe beacon which flashes due to alarms. My question is which relay inputs on the gx and quattro would you use? I'm thinking the relay on the gx would be used for the beacon. And a relay used on the quattro for the generator start/stop. Would I lose functionality if the generator was controlled by the quattro instead of the gx?

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Colour Control GX Will Not boot

My Colour Control GX will not boot, screen goes white and starts beeping.

Any indeas?

Will this be covered by 5yr warranty as well? HQ1719xxxx.

Thanks in advance.

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A Victron - Mastervolt Hybrid System?

Hello everyone.

Has anyone built a Victron - Mastervolt hybrid system? Why not select the best elements from both if building a solar/lithium battery system for a boat from scratch? Victron’s open-systems approach enables this.

I’m designing a lithium battery system for a sailing yacht, currently under construction. Basic parameters are: ~1200Ah of lithium batteries; 1200W of solar panels; combined inverter/charger with shore power connection; no generator but twin alternators; worldwide sailing program including Arctic/Antarctic environments.

I’ve been looking closely at Victron and Mastervolt systems, along with batteries from other suppliers. I’ve been struggling to reconcile a few concerns.

While I’m happy with most elements of a Victron system, weaknesses are:

- integration and control of alternators. While Victron offers modules that can shield lithium batteries and alternators from each others’ damaging tendencies, it doesn’t provide a fully integrated method for controlling alternators, so that they can deliver ideal battery charging.

- the low IP22 rating of the batteries. IP22 might stop small rocks and drips of water from getting into the batteries, however, these will be installed in the bilge area of a rocking and rolling sailing yacht. Hmmm. :-/

- a Victron lithium battery warranty will be voided by any charging below 5℃. The yacht will be used in Arctic and Antarctic locations, where water temperatures down to 1 or 2℃ are higher than air temperatures. To take advantage of this the hull is uninsulated below the waterline. Keeping the batteries warm will not always be convenient, but catching what sunlight is available will always be important.

Some problems with Mastervolt's offerings are:

- solar charge controllers. Mastervolt’s range is small and performance of the best candidate is insufficient.

- system programming and monitoring. Mastervolt’s software for programming system elements is effective but is far less user friendly than Victron’s. Mastervolt’s monitoring and control displays are less convenient. Victron’s options for Bluetooth interfacing, with Apple iOS and OS X apps and software is a big plus. The ease of interpreting energy flows via Victron’s GX devices can’t be matched by Mastervolt’s presentation of discrete numbers.

I’m thinking that an ideal hybrid system for my yacht, using the best of both makers, will be to ask the builder's electrical engineer to install:

From Victron:
- Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50, for system status display including tanks and pumps and to control charging via DVCC
- MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50
- Smart Solar MPPT 100/50 (x3)
- SmartShunt 1000
- Phoenix IP43 24/25 charger, for bowthruster battery charging

From Mastervolt:
- 3 x 12/5500 MLI lithium batteries (400Ah each). IP65 protection rating! No warranty voiding by charging below 5℃. With 3 x BlueSeas ML RBS safety switches - to cut loads and charging in the one unit, which also has a manual isolation switch. Brilliant! And a Blue Seas ML ACR battery combiner - to charge both house and engine-start batteries from alternators
- 2 x AlphaPro III alternator regulators - programmable for Bulk, Absorption and Float charging. Better and easier than Balmar's offerings I think.
- MasterShunt - to send battery voltage and temperature data to the alternator regulators (might not need this if the regulators can get this data directly from the Mastervolt batteries via Masterbus)
- Masterbus to USB adapter - to enable programming via MasterAdjust software and effing Windows.

This thread advises that using two shunts will work. This will be important, so please speak up if you can see a problem.

DVCC should work. Victron's GX devices appear to be battery agnostic. I don't plan to connect the Mastervolt batteries to the Cerbo's BMSbus port, but doing so might be a future project.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Thank you.

Edit on 28 Apr 2020. A thought is that I can get the great performance of the Mastervolt AlphaPro III alternator regulators without necessarily needing the Mastervolt batteries. All I need is the Mastervolt shunt, which will communicate with the regulators and keep the alternators safe, performing well and charging the batteries well. This means I can use Victron lithium batteries if desired. That's handy.

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Connection between Cerbo GX to Philipi PDCX

I have just installed a Cerbo GX in my boat. In the boat I have Philipi device connected to diesel and water tank ... and it has a PDCX connector.

Do you know how to connect the 2 systems ?

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