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mppt does not match max peak


can someone tell me why my mppt 150/100’s gui does not correspond with the maximum peak power value which is 880Wp (2x4x110Wp) in my case. The circle in the screenshot looks like that it‘s like less than 50% of the max reachable value. The mppt was used with an 1.100Wp system before. Could that be the reason? If so, do i have to reset the history or loading the factory defaults?

Thanks for your help!



Jan Viehweger asked
RickP answered ·

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vecan dBus services disappear if GUI isn't running

I noticed that vecan dBus services (using dbus-spy) disappear if I kill the GUI process. These services return once the GUI has restarted.

Specifically in my case:



I'm currently running Venus version 2.52

Is this normal/expected or a bug?

Kevin Windrem asked
Kevin Windrem answered ·

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