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System overview - Multiplus II + Pylontech US2000 + Fronius Smart Meter + Fronius Inverter Symo + Raspberry (venus os)+ excess feeding

hi all,

I´m planning to install an ESS with the components listed above.

Has anybody realized this configuration already and may support me or has an overview/schematic?


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Alternative to frequency shifting for adjusting AC PV power?

Hello, questions- is their a victron version of Selectronics managed AC coupling instead of the current frequency shifting as this is more precise and would eliminate any clock timer issues as well..

If not something for the Victron team to look at implementing perhaps?


Drae asked
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ESS: Basic Understanding for Factor 1.0 rule and 3 Phase PV Inverter


I couldn't find the answer to my question in the forum, so I'd like to ask it here:

I'm talking about an ESS Scenario where I can use Phase 1 as a Backup if the grid fails. (One Multiplus-II between Grid and Phase-1 Loads).

I have a Fronius Symo 5.0 and a Multiplus-II 3000. So I'd like to install 1 phase of my fronius PV on AC-OUT just in case the Grid fails. But as far as I have understood I cannot do that because the PV Inverter delivers 5KW and the Multiplus-II can only handle 3 KW.

But what I do not understand is the following: How does the PV Inverter split the energy delivered from the PV Modules on the 3 phases? And what's the maximum load that's deliverd on one phase? Let's say phase 1 is on AC OUT of the Multi, phase 2 and 3 are on AC In side. So in case of a grid failure: would the PV Inverter put the entire power on phase 1?

So let's say I add a 2nd Multiplus-II. Then Factor 1.0 rule would be OK. Phase 1 and 2 of the PV Inverter would be on AC OUT, Phase 3 on AC IN side. How would the power be deliverd from the PV Inverter in case of a grid failure? Would it deliver all power on Phase 1 and 2?



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ESS why datamanager fronius by excess power


Sorry for my english,i'm french.

I installer to:

- multiplus II 48/5000 with a genus GX

- Mppt 150/45

- lifepo4 400ah battery

- Fronius primo 5.0-1 I

would not do any network injections.

The PV inverter will be connected to the AC output. mppt directly on the batteries.

I would like to use the ESS zero injection function.

For my self-consumption to be optimal I would like to use the smart counter fronius at the level of the AC output of the victron to be able to use the solarweb to activate the inputs of the datamanager box on the are connected the relays and the pilot from the 'information "by excess power".

And so that the rest of the surplus is injected into the battery, before zero injection works.

So would it be possible to install the smart meter at the AC outlet of the victron without interfering with the ESS system?

Thank you nicolas

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2 x Fronius Symo -> Zero Feedin not working on one Symo

Hi Forum !

i have expanded my system with a second Fronius Symo. I used zero feedin for over a year successfull with the first symo. Both Datamanagers have absolutely the same settings but the second symo is not working with zero feed in. So at the moment one (the old) inverter is doing his zero feedin job nicely .... the other is feedin in if my batteries are full and the first inverter ramped down to zero.

The only difference i can see is, that the connection type of the working inverter is "sunspec" and the not working inverter is "solarapi". Did i miss something where i can change this ? I can not find anything regarding inverter connection type in the venus settings or the datamanager settings. Also maybe the connection type has nothing to do with my problem.

I hope someone can help me out ....

Thanks a lot !


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Fronius off-grid setup Hello, my current full off-grid system consisting of: * two 150/70 MPPT charge controllers, * CCGX, * Multiplus II 48/5000, * Pylontech Batteries 13.8 kWh, * supplied by 4560watts of solar.... I have another 12 x 405watt Canadian solar Panels to utilise. I would like to use a fronius 4.0.1 in an AC coupled setup to compliment my currently DC coupled system.... Will this be a feasible setup? Any suggestions appreciated.. Cheers....

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ESS, Fronius zero feed in and grid setpoint negative setpoint without draining batteries?

Hi I have an ESS system where ive incorporated a fronius primo 8.2kW inverter i have all communication set up and working for zero feed in, however i want to allow export of 16 amps or 3.68kW as this is acceptable, I assumed i would be able to set the gridpoint to -3600 and it would allow the inverter to put upto this amount out onto the grid before limiting output. However the victron actually started pulling power from the batteries to export 3600 watts to the grid. Is there a way around this as the customer can actually gain a tarriff from exported units but it makes no sense to drain the batteries into the grid.

Thanks Jack

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3 phase Microgrid with Fronius (AC and DC coupled) Output 2

I was wondering how the Output 2 on a Quattro or Multiplus 3 phase micro-grid with Fronius works. If the Fronius is on Output 1, how do the Victron inverters make Output 2 operate? Does it operate as it normally does in a normal three phase installation without Fronius?

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Unknown battery draw down


My recently installed system has a colour control which reports (contradictory) ve.bus battery state information from the Mutli's and a 3ph PV inverter in off grid configuration. With All output MCCB switched off, there is a constant +-100W (2A) draw indicated in the battery symbol in addition to the L1-L3 standby load. This discrepency is also not included in VRM portal output.

Going into winter this unplanned loss will significantly affect the battery SoC. Is this indeed an undocumented standby consumption within 3ph configuration of the Victron inverters, or is the in built BMV reporting incorrect info?

SoC at dawn reads: <60%

Lead acid capacity:9.8Kwh

Reported night time load: 2Kwh



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1 Multiplus II 5000VA AC-coupled with Fronius Primo 4.0 on phase L1 on a 3-phase grid powered system

Hi guys, I am planning to use 1 Multiplus II 5000VA AC-coupled with Fronius Primo 4.0 on phase L1 on a 3-phase grid powered system. My question is: if there are some issues with 3-phase loads like a Heat Pump, when suddenly happens phase L1 grid failure and then Multiplus will work on inverter mode, although L2, L3 still powered from the grid?

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Fronius and Color Control

Is it possible to communicate a Fronius inverter with a Victron Control Color without having internet?. The Installation is a Rural Sector

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