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Firmware Update & Battery Charging

Hi, I am new to solar systems (pretty excited) and have just purchased an Easy Solar 24/1600/40/16 MPPT 100/50, BMV712, VE Bluetooth dongle (for controller) and two 12v 220 amp Lead Acid Batteries which I will be taking to my remote cabin. There is no internet or mains power available there.

I have two questions which I would appreciate answers for.

Is it ok to charge my batteries using the easy solar, charge only mode, connected to mains before i take them bush and connect the solar panels? How will I know the batteries are 100% charged before syncing to the BMV?

Regarding the BMV712. Should I update the firmware (is it necessary) on the BMV before syncing to the batteries? Are there other devices needing firmware updates in the Easy Solar and if so should I update those as well before taking them out of internet access?

Thanks for help in advance.


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Can MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70 firmware be updated through VE.Connect?

Hello everyone. I have a MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16 on firmware version 154. Is this firmware out-of-date? Can this Multi's firmware be updated using VE.Connect, or do I need to use the (deprecated, dangerous(??)) VEFlash method?

Reason for wanting to update:

In addition to the Multi, the system has a BMV-702, CCGX, and 2x MPPT 100/50. The MPPTs charge a 12 volt ReLion lithium-ion battery bank from two separate solar PV arrays.

I would like to tell the MPPTs that the battery voltage is what the BMV-702 measures, and not what each MPPT senses at its "battery" output terminals.

This is because in bulk charging there is a discrepancy of as much as 0.7 V between MPPT and battery voltages, depending on charging current. Under float conditions, the discrepancy tends slowly towards 0.1 V. The voltage drop from the MPPT output terminals to the battery's terminals is presumably due to the cabling, fuses, and isolator switches, none of which can be changed.

I want the MPPT to receive battery voltage data from the BMV-702 (or maybe the Multi) to solve this problem.

I read here that I can do this with the CCGX using DVCC and SVS. However, when I tried this I got an error message saying that there is a firmware incompatibility issue. Since all firmware in the CCGX, the BMV, and MPPTs is up-to-date I conclude it must be an issue with the Multiplus' firmware.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Nach Update auf V1.50; Warum lädt der MPPT 75/15 Laderegler nur noch in Erhaltungsspannung (Bulk) ?

Hallo, wir haben einen Smart Solar MPPT 75/15 an einem 110 Watt Solar Panel und einer 225 Amp/h Batterie installiert.

Vor dem Software Update auf V.1.50 hat das System toll funktioniert.

Bulk und Float alles ok. Siehe bitte Foto.

Nach dem Update auf V1.50 kennt das System nur noch Bulk - Ladung.

In den Tagen vor und nach dem Software Update waren keine Stromverbraucher aktiv. Auch sonst wurde nichts am System verändert.

Wir haben nun seit 3 Tagen Verbraucher hinzugeschaltet. Das System lädt weiterhin nur in Erhaltungsladung - Bulk weiter. Die Sonneneinstrahlung ist in den Tagen vergleichbar.

Warum lädt der MPPT 75/15 nur noch in Erhaltungsspannung (Bulk) ?

Gibt es ein neues Softwareupdate? Oder kann man auf die alte Software Version zurück wechseln?

Vielen Dank schon einmal im voraus für die Informationen.


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MPPT 75/15 load output inrush current issue after 1.50 firmware update

Hi, after updating to the latest firmware today (I believe it is 1.5 / 5.24) on my MPPT 75/15, the load output is turning off when I switch on some of my DC devices.

I suspect it is switching off due to DC inrush current as the load output comes back on after a couple of seconds.

It has been working fine up until the latest f/w was applied, so I suspect there has been a change / bug introduced.

One device that is causing the load to drop is a LED security light - not ideal as the load will disconnect every time it is triggered.

Is there anyway of reverting to the previous firmware version until this is fixed?


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Quattro 12 / 5000 / 120-2 x100 120v Firmware Update needed

I am adding a VE bus Smart Dongle to my Victron Quattro 12 / 5000 / 120-2 x100 120v and received a message in the connect app that the current firmware version is v413 and is not compatible with VictronConnect. It stated I needed to upgrade my firmware to 415 or higher.

I installed the system myself and bought it from a Victron Authorized Dealer who is telling me they cannot help with firmware and was unable to point me to a source where I can obtain a copy of the firmware update. The serial number of my unit is 2733413.VFD

If it matters I am running a 12v system with 8 Battle Born Lithium Batteries in a Class A Motorhome.


Can someone post the correct firmware update I need?

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BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 - PV power jumping up and down to zero in bulk
  • BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 Charge Controller 12/24V 15A
  • 2 * Solarmodul 100 Wp 52 x 115 x 3,5 cm monokristallin
  • 2 * Varta Professional Dual Purpose AGM 840 095 085 (LA 95)
  • Pössl Camper

Dear Victron fans,

After the last update of the firmware to 1.50 and with factory values, I noticed a strange bulk behavior: The curves are rising and falling (jumping) in seconds, sometimes down to zero (see screenshots). As a result, it took a long time to charge the battery. Oddly enough, the charging process seems to be normal when the engine is running and the battery is being charged (at the same time).

  • does anyone know the phenomenon?
  • maybe it has something to do with the upate?
  • maybe this is normal?



  • the engine is off


  • the engine is running


H.E.K asked
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75/15 Smart Solar not charging since firmware update

Last week I logged into my charger and had to apply a couple of firmware updates. Now the bluetooth connection is unstable and is no longer charging. I see a voltage in the 50's (3x100 watt panels in series) but zero watts or amps. I can connect fine with BMV-712 and battery sense. I reset to factory defaults, but still not working. Any suggestions?

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VEFlash needs firmware file - where to get it?

Hi gents, I have Multiplus type 26, still with old firmware 2609158.

I would like to upgrade (Lithium ready). VictronConnect on Win7 says I need to use VEFlash and that one asks to download firmware first.

I can connect with my Android tablet to the MPPT using bluetooth dongle, but the MultiPlus doesn't have to port/option I guess.

So I need the firmware file. How do I get it? I spent 10 years in networking, CCNP CCIP - no newbee


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1 Answer

BlueSolar MPPT 75/50 broken after software update

I connected to VictronConnect, it detected a new firmware and I had to upgrade to continue using VictronConnect.

After the update I got error on Victron software "#116 Lost Calibration Data" its not working anymore. Bulk and Absorption light flashing blue together.

According to Victron toolkit, it means a internal fault and I need replacement.

Its gone past its warranty, so cant send back to dealer, is there any way to roll back.

Any ideas?

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hard (without app) factory reset MPPT 75/15 smart solor charger


I purchaged a MPPT 75/15 smartsolar charger (replacement of a 14 years old PWS charger) for a original 50 Watts panel (also 14 years ago), just to boost a bit of the efficiency compensating for the panels age and charger technology.

Hardware version V01.

Many connectivity issues using bluetooth from Android 10 and MacOS (seemed impossible to get connected from the android 10 device - followed all instructions related to the bluetooth specifics as per victron).

Finally using MacOS I managed to get connected. And once I have got a charging display with voltage and power (values as expected). Second time I started the app on the Mac, it forced me to update the firmware, no way around. I hit the update button and from then onwards all misery (note less than one meter away from the charger all the time).

Somehow the update failed and now it gives me firmware version: none -> please update to 1.46

Green and yellow led flashing rapidly.

There is no longer any way to connect (unpowered for 30 min as well, multiple times).

Also error D26 comes in the app (MacOs):

Updating failed, communication lost. The product might be unusable. Check connection and power supply.
Try again and check the product settings once updated.

Again, all bluetooth reset / reconnect as per Victron have been followed.

So obviously the firmware is corrupt and I'm now looking for a *hardware* reset option which I asume would load the original firmware and resets all.

Any software / app option is not what I'm looking for.

Where is it?

Thx, Jan Jaap

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Do I have to install ESS into each Multi? (I have 2 in parallel)

In "Changelog assistants" file I see, that ESS now suppports limitting FeedIn power:

Release date: January 24, 2020

Supports limiting the FeedIn power. (Starting from firmware revision 469)

I updated my MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 to 2624469 firmware version, but I cannot find in ESS menu on CCGX panel the line, in which I could limit the FeedIn Power.

Maybe it does not work because I have 2 Multiplus devices in parallel?

What I have also found out, that though I disabled FeedIn, it still feeds energy in, taking it not only from my Solar panels, but also from my batteries. Isn't it strange?


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Firmware update on multiplus (in Easysolar 24/3000/70-50

Hi !

I have a Easysolar 24/3000 (bought in 2018) with a 10 kW lithium battery bank.

I works fine, but I see that my firmware version is 413. Do I need to update it as long as the system works fine?

My impression is that I do not need to, as long as everything is OK. Correct?


@ Guy Stewart
@Daniël Boekel

Eric Heiberg asked

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Color Control GX: How to find old versions of Venus OS firmware

Can anyone share the download link for Venus OS 2.18 firmware? I need to downgrade from 2.33, but it cannot be done from CCGX as I dont have any backup firmware in storage on the device.

djgagy asked
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1 Answer

Firmware 413 for 48/5000/70 Quattro

@Daniël Boekel

I got a new 48/5000/70 Quattro (230V) yesterday to replace my MultiPlus of similar specs. I want to upgrade the firmware but I'm scared of a bad flash. It has the 413 firmware. Can I get the same firmware sent to me just in case something goes wrong. I want to go the ESS route and have everything ready. It's requesting I have firmware 415 or higher and I have downloaded 433, 459 and 469. Kindly tell me which you think I should flash. I already have the BMV-712, BlueSolar 150/85, CCGX and the necessary peripherals for connectivity.


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Multiplus compact Firmware Update Problem - failed at 9%

The Firmware update on my Multiplus compact 12/1600/70 via VEFlash and MK3 USB Interface from Version 1906132 to 1906159 started fine. Following the described procedure I could connect and start the update without problems.

The "Busy Programming Firmware" window appeared and the counter run from 1% to 9%, when the update stopped suddenly. Now the Multiplus doesn't do anything except flashing the green charger LED fast.

I can't connect again or do anything else with the unit, so I hope for a suggestion for a solution here.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Ralf11 asked
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2 Answers

SmartSolar 250/60 mppt controller shows Unknown Product (A068) on Victron app

We have two existing 250/60 mppt controllers (PID:0xA05D & FW:139) which connect fine via Bluetooth and VE.Direct. Our brand new 250/60 mppt controller (PID:0xA068 & FW:147) works, but we can't connect via the latest Victron app to change settings or see history. Both Bluetooth and VE.Direct methods say "Unknown Product (A068)" when we try to connect. The only way we can get data from the new controller is via VE.Direct rs232 comms.

Why are the new controller PID and FW versions so different from our existing up-to-date controllers?

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firmware update 1919xxx ot VE.Bus compatable

Have been asked to update a Phoenix Multi Plus with current firmware 1919125.

Under 19 Family there is no 19 Model listed under the VE.Bus Firmware Numbers.txt

Is it correct that this model does not support VE.Bus so there is no firmware update available for this model?

Thanks in advance :)

handy asked
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1 Answer

where to download firmware for Multiplus 48v 5000 inverter

currently don't have access to AC PV sourcing / linking assistant I believe it is because my unit is behind on firmware,

previously was DC linking a sepparate 3rd party MPPT controler to the batteries, however have a SMA Sunny boy inverter ready to wire in but can't until i get this firmware

where can i download the updated firmware that supports PV shift power control from?

also all of the labels and stickers I've put details below.

Sicker on bottom compartment where all the terminals are, on the right hand wall

  • PMP 48/5000
  • 2021070637
  • HQ1522A89AE

Sicker in top compartment where the main board is, on the left hand side

  • PMP485021010
  • HQ1522A89AE
  • Multiplus 48/5000/70-100 230v

Label on top of mainboard

  • QM455CTR15200391

Label on a chip on the mainboard

  • 2624158.HEX

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Firmware 1700123 what interface?

What interface do I need to connect my Phoenix Multi to VEConfigure?

Can I update the firmware?

Can I only use the old VEConfigure?

The firmware is 1700123.

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Remote Console on VRM enabled but not online - firmware 2.42


I have a Venus GX connected to a Teltronika LTE modem. The Venus posts successfully to VRM, but Remote Console is not able to connect.

(Everything works fine with my computer on the same LAN).

I have tried the troubleshooting tips outline here:

But no difference.


Does anyone else have this working with Firmware Version 2.42?

Kind regards


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3 Answers

Old Phoenix MultiPlus (VE Configure 1) LiFePO4 settings/compatible?

I have a Victron Phoenix Multi 12/2500/120 which is about 15 years old.

The firmware number is 1700123.

My understanding is it does not have a VE.Bus, however it can still be configured using the original VEConfigure, (but is not compatible to VEConfigure 2 or 3, and the firmware cannot be updated). Is this right?
Do I need a MK2 to USB and RJ45 cable to use VEConfigure with this unit?
Does VEConfigure allow me to change any settings which I otherwise can't change using the dip switches?

I want to use the charger for a LiFePO4 bank, can someone tell me what settings I can change using VEConfigure 1? Will I have enough control to adapt this charger for a LiFePO4 bank?

I'm also interested in what settings others using victron chargers for LiFePO4 batteries recommend.

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Color Control GX Webinterface / VRM Portal / Firmware


I'm new to Victron Energy devices and I have a Color Control GX. I'm looking for some help/tips.

1. What ports are used by the device to connect to the VRM Portal?

2. Where can I find the latest Firmware, if the device is not connectet to the Internet? I didn't find any Firmware on the Website.

3. I can connect to the CCGX by LAN. The Webinterface is working and I'm using the Webinterface in PRTG (iFramein Website) to display the status. After about 24h the Webinterface is not responding anymore and the CCGX has to reboot. If that happens, the CCGX is still reacting on Ping. Does anyone have a Idea, what to do?

Thank you



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Where to find release notes for different firmware versions?

I'm trying to find out where I can get the release notes for each firmware version for my MPPT 75/15. The current version is 1.46. But I have no clue what improvements were made to the 1.45 version (for example). I'm very interested to find out when the improvement to synchronize multiple controllers will be implemented. Thanks

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SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/85 #68 Network misconfigured

Today, I remotely installed the last 4.42 update for CCGX. No problem. Then I upgraded, also remotely, the connected SmartSolar 250/85 from v. 1.46 to 1.47.

Imediately after an error code pops up in vrm and remote console:

Solar Charger [258] - #68 - Network misconfigured: Error code

In the error code overwiev (, it is suggested to disconnect the device with Victron Connect app. As this is a remote installation, I can not use the app to do this.

Furthermore, the error log keeps updateing every 10 or so seconds, shifting from "cleard after XX seconds" to "Active".

Please. I need som advice.

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Victron smart dongle firmware and setup

I have a Victron system with multiplus compact 12/1200, mppt smart solar, smart dongle, bmw 712 and color gx. Everything is connected in a bluetooth network and mppt and bmw 712 with to color gx. I have not installed temp sensor for multiplus, but connected smart dongle to multiplus with rj45 plug. Multiplus is connected to color gx with rj45 plug. As far as I can find out this is correct. All victron devices are updated with the latest software including multiplus (460) with the exception of smart dongle which has firmware v1.07. When i try to update smart dongle via victron connect i do not get access to update files..?

So my first question is what is the latest smart dongle firmware?

The other question is that smart dongle runs in "secondary mode" because color gx is connected. Is this wrong when I do not have temp sensor on mbw 712 or multiplus?

My idea was that smart dongle should share battery temp to all devices in the network, is this not possible?

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Problem writing parameters with Multiplus and VEConfigure3


I've a Multiplus 48/5000/70 with firmware 400. When I connect it with a MK2-USB and the latest version of VEConfigure 3, they retrieve all parameters but if I white new parameters to the inverter, the program stops at init of writing and show me an white error.

If I use an old version of VEConfigure (the version that need the password), is no problem to read/write parameters to the inverter.

The problem is the old version of the firmware?

And, other question: for change the Grid country, i will need a password? What is?


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PowerAssist on Multi 24/3000/70-50 not working

My MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 with firmware 2610422 when connecting a 1.5kW load it disconnect the Mains and switch to inverter mode and using solely the batteries.

The PowerAssist is enabled but it doesn't seem to work.

How can I get the PowerAssist working? Is the firmware a culprit?

Thanks in advance

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Upgrading firmware on multiple chargers over ethernet


I am expanding my system, and looking at getting another Bluesolar 150/70 to add to my Easysolar with its same charger, and I wanted to make sure it is possible to update BOTH chargers' firmwares over ethernet using my Colourcontrol? They would have different existing firmwares....

Looking at paralleling them to cope with 18 new 315W panels, as I have just moved to the cold high plateau in the centre of Tassie - I need light!!! Parallel charger operation seems easy as long as I can get the firmwares updated (I think...?)

Cheers, Sean.

ps - current firmware on my Easysolar - Multiplus 418, Bluesolar Charger 1.27, and would be buying a new unknown Bluesolar Charger....

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Cannot update Smart Sense firmware

My MPPT 100/30 firmware updated, but the firmware for the Smart Battery Sense will not allow me to update it. VictronConnect will go to the screen with the update button, but the button is not active and the screen freezes.

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BYD 13.8 Firmware Update

Could someone please explain the procedure of updating the firmware of BYD 13.8?

I installed a three phase system of 15KVA Quattro on a parallel system of 5 units 13.8kWH. BYD firmware version: 4.22

Observations: I have a Charge Current Limit (CCL) of 875A

The total charging power displayed on the CCGX is the cumulative of the inverters charging power. (Which is very fine)

Now I installed the same 3 phase system using 4 BYDs but the firmware version is 4.17

Observation: The charging power displayed on the CCGX is the power of a single inverter i.e the charging power of the inverter the CCGX was connected to(Master/L1)

The Charge Current Limit (CCL) displayed on the parameter is also 175A.

This is traceable to the firmware version of the BYD. Any assistance to be rendered to update this BMU will be appreciated. No traceable solution on the internet.


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