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Request: Blue Smart - Add tail current to expert mode

Can the devs please add the ability to set end of absorption tail current in the Blue Smart charger lineup when in expert mode? This would be extremely helpful to prevent premature switch to float without relying on fixed absorption and the risk overcharging when doing that.

It appears that this was at least thought of at some point given in the Absorption duration settings it directs a user to disable the tail current setting when using fixed absorption.

If this is done PLEASE allow tail current setting to be dropped below the .50% level that is in the smart shunt (and maybe other products). Odyssey batteries want to see .02% of tail current to end absorption.

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MultiPlus SOC dropping when charger in Storage mode and inverter is off


I recently set up a small UPS using a MultiPlus 12/800 and a 105AhC20 AGM battery. Everything works as expected and I'm also running Venus OS on a Rpi 3B to be able to monitor the system.

The MultiPlus is working as standby UPS (no ignore AC settings), so it only uses the battery/inverter if AC goes down or misbehaves.

Battery Monitor on Venus is set to MultiPlus on VE Bus.

I noticed that SOC keeps dropping about 0.5% every day. This should not happen as the battery voltage is 13.4V (temp. comp.) and no load is applied. I also see a strange random load of 1A being drawn from battery. This is probably related.

I was able to catch one, see below...


I been thinking...

Is this maybe caused by temperature compensation? (temp raising so charger lowers the voltage maybe causing false current readings?) If so, this can also confuse SOC calculation?

Any thoughts and help would be very much appreciated.


So, if we had solar/external chargers or loads connected we shouldn't use the MultiPlus to calculate SOC, but if we have a basic setup like mine, with no external charger/loads, I think that would be a good idea that internal calculation could hold SOC at 100% after entering storage mode and if inverter was not being used, so it would ignore 'noise' readings like the ones I get that I think are caused by temperature compensation adjusting voltage.


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Feature Request - Set MPPT max current value in 0.5A steps or decimal value

I can set the max current value of my 75/10 MPPT in VictronConnect for Windows to a whole number only, but I would like to set it to a decimal value e.g. 2.5A. Can I do this somehow or could it be implemented in a future release?

Especially batteries with lower charging rates need at least .5A steps for efficient loading with bigger(ish) panels while not charging with overrated current.

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Feature Request - VRM Widget Settings - keep Sum of all phases showing if I select it (instead of individual phases)

In my Windget in PV Inverter Yield, the default is that L1 / L2 / L3 is shown.

But I like to see the sum of all phases. One may configure that, but it keeps resetting to L1 / L2 / L3 after closing and reopening the page.

Would be fine to see personal options in future releases.



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(Thermal Runaway?) VE.Smart Network Support on Blue Smart Charger IP67

Pretty sure this was asked a few years ago but wondering if anything has changed...

Any chance of VE.Smart Network coming available to the Blue Smart IP67 chargers?

Could really use that actual Battery Temperature reading...on these cool sunny days right now the ambient temp of the charger outside in the shade and the temp of the battery in a black plastic box is quite a big spread after a big charge (88f vs 61f - I think..the Blue Smart doesn't actually show temp- Another feature request to display Blue Smart temp?)

This leaves the MPPT on the VE.Smart Network to think that we are overcharging because it has temp compensated the voltage down for the warm battery (its probably right) while the BlueSmart IP67 is doing the opposite and temp compensating up for the cool charger.

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MPPT Limit Max Abs V after Temp Compensation in extreme cold?

I recently got my MPPT + BMV w/ Temp Sensor configured to match my battery specs. Some are:

  • Abs Voltage: 15.00V
  • Temp Compensation: -37.8 mV/*C
  • High Voltage Alarm: 15.3V
    • Conservatively set...I think 16V is the operating limit of most of my 12V devices

Its winter here and it's bright(ish) but cool today in Michigan (33*F)... I noticed my High Voltage alarm had triggered and it was Abs charging at 15.5V off the panel!

I thought something was wrong and then realized that Temp Compensation is likely the culprit. Did some math and sure enough, I hadn't considered what Temp Comp will do at our frequently low temps.

I'm ok with the temp comp doing its job, but what worries me is that through some math I've determined if the temp drops below 20*F and the sun comes out, it will be ABS charging at 16.0V and I'm in danger of frying a device!

Is it possible to set a max voltage in the MPPT that it's not allowed to exceed no matter what the compensation computes to? It's not uncommon for temperatures to reach 0* here when its clear skies. That would be 16.6V output!

Or..do I need to add a voltage regulator before house loads to prevent from frying my electronics during Abs charge??

Edit: Should also add that this is a lead-acid battery so I should be good to charge down to -4*F but that would be an Abs charge voltage of 16.5V!

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Request kWh Daily count to my displayed on the new VRM Dashboard

It would be great to have a daily kWh count associated with each item thats on the VRM Dashboard.


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Request battery Temp to be added to VE Bus Device icon on the new VRM Dashboard

The great new VRM dashboard does not seem to include battery temp as recorded by my Multiplus . The data is shown in the advanced screen where histrorical data is shown . I have seen that you do show battery temp for CanBus controlled batteries where this example is from


merlepeter asked

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Feature Request: Provide Support for Modbus/dbus switching of Multiplus AC-Out2 relay

I would like to request a feature request to support controlling the AC-Out2 relay in the Multiplus/Multiplus II via modbus.

At the moment, AC-Out2 can be controlled a number of other ways, but there is no modbus register address exposed to allow it to be controlled with scripts.

I am aware I can switch a GX relay connected to the Multiplus and control the AC-Out2 relay that way, but this is sloppy in that it requires extra wiring and also wastes a GX relay (of which there is only 2), and we need the relays for other functions.

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Feature Request - Program ESS feed-in like the scheduled charge program

@mvader (Victron Energy) and others.

I use ESS and everything works well but i have a need ESS doesnt seem to provide.

What i want is a scheduled feedin program so that i can use my batterypower at night to turn back my electricitymeter at a time when i want it.

It has got to do with night/day tarifs in the Netherlands but also use of the batterypower inside the house.

In the daytime i want the normal full feed in of excess solarpower as well. Then when there ain't solar anymore, feed in must stop until the feedin program kicks in and stops at a certain time or after so much hours. Preferably the first option and i dont understand why the charge schedule isnt set up that way in the first place. Imo much better because then you can really set it up as a timer and not as a countdown. More control.

Furthermore i would like to control the wattage at night. So in the daytime full exces feed in but in the night the wattage i want to pull out of my batteries.

Maybe you can implement this in a future beta? Thanks in advance.


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Feature Request - VRM - Account for grid energy going into batteries

As far as I am aware, currently in the Consumption View in VRM, the From Grid portion only accounts for loads that were directly powered from Grid. If your loads are lower than the allowed input power (per the current limit that is configured) however, the grid is also recharging your batteries on the side. If later grid is unavailable and you are powering loads by inverting from batteries, than this consumption only shows up as From Battery although that energy really originated from the Grid. Is there a way that we can account for how much battery charging from grid takes place to make the Consumption view better reflect where energy actually originated from? I would like to be able to easily see, of all the energy used by my system, how much came from grid vs how much came from solar. I suppose the same will be true of Generator as well.



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Feature Request - VRM - Show Daily Pmax for MPPTs in Solar Charger Summary

It would be nice in VRM is to display the Pmax (and maybe also Vmax) for the day for each MPPT in its Summary view. This allows for a quick glance to confirm if things seem like they are performing properly even if it was a short spike that was too short to be represented in the Solar Charger PV Yield graph. This information is available through the VictronConnect Trend page for the MPPTs and also in the Daily History on the GX devices so it is already being gathered which I should think makes this much simpler of a request as it just needs to be presented in VRM.


cookinwitdiesel asked

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Feature Request: ESS auto-recharge changeable Threshold

Right now the system will automatically go into auto-recharge if the SOC goes 5% below the minSOC but for my setup that means the inverter charges the battery every morning at 5-6am because of my DC loads. I would prefer to have a threshold of 10% that way I will make it to sunrise before auto charging will be activated.

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Feature Request/Bug Report: Venus GUI Diagram incorrect topology

Hi, I am now using Venus to monitor my system. However, I was surprised to see that the diagram of connected devices is incorrect. I am guessing it was done to try and oversimplify things for beginners?

This is how my system looks right now:


Firstly, this diagram has inconsistently applied design principles. The AC inverter load is not connected to the battery, but rather to a central "busbar", so by that formalism, the DC load also should be.

Secondly, this diagram prevents the system from being accurately represented, for example in the case where the solar system is producing enough power to simultaneously charge both the battery and power the DC load. In that case, this diagram depicts the power going through the battery first, and then to the DC load, which physically wouldn't happen - electrons being moved from the solar charger would literally never pass though the battery.

Would it be possible to correct this diagram? I am being driven mad by this nonphysical depiction. This is how I believe it should look:


vulture asked

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Feature request: Germany 70% feed in limitation of ESS to the grid

My system: Multigrid 48/3000/35-50 with Venus GX and two connected Pylontech US2000 Plus. A BlueSolar 150/35 is DC- connected to the Multigrid. My Fronius Primo 3.0-1 is AC- connected to the output 1 of the Multigrid. The gridmeter is an ET340.

Now i want to feed in the excess energy to the grid after loading the batteries to refinance my pv- system. If i want to get my feed in energy payed i have to register my system by an electrician to the energy supplier. There is a law in Germany called EEG: Only feed in 70% of all the generators maximum power output. The electrician have to set and confirm that the maximum power feed to grid is set to 70%.

Without this limitation to 70% on the entry point to grid you have to install a radio remote controller to govern down your system in four steps by the energy supplier in case of over- energy of the grid. This controller costs about 1100€ and monthly 5€. Last choice is to cut off all inverts to 70% of power generally.

Further information see: http://www.buzer.de/gesetz/11230/a188267.htm

The technical system and measuring devices are installed, available and working fine at the ESS. Other possibilities to limitate to 70% means an huge technical effort to the whole system and money or a loss of energy.

The Fronius and BlueSolar MPPT can be governed by the CCGX to zero feed in to the grid (works fine) but there is no possibility to govern it to a adjustable max. feed in to the grid.

I need a function to set the maximum power (50W steps) feeded to the grid by the ESS.
Priorities: 1 = self consumption; 2 = loading batteries; 3 = feed to grid with adjusted maximum power
This is an important function to use this system in Germany to feed in to the grid.

I don`t know the exact conditions of the network operators but password protection for the max. feed in value will be necessary.

Is Victron planning such a function?

moeterxl asked
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Feature Request - Rename digital inputs

Hi all

Not sure if this is in the pipeline or not but it would be great to have to option to rename the digital IO on the venus devices.

I already have the smoke alarm and door switch inputs in use but the cummins generator I'm about to install has alarm outputs for the engine and tamper switches on the cabinet doors. It would be great to rename one of the inputs to something like "generator door open" or "engine fault" something along along those lines.


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Feature Request : Public IP Address of Venus shown in VRM

VRM shows already the LAN/WiFi Address of the Venus device (in the device list), It would be good if it could also show the last public address as seen by VRM.

Help a few use cases for remote access type things on dynamic IP address internet connections.

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Feature request: ESS Discharge Power Limit

Please consider to add a "Discharge Power Limit" setpoint in ESS setings. Similar to SOC setting, it should only apply when grid is present. I think I will find this more useful for balancing self-consumption with SOC for backup power than my current SOC and grid set point manipulations.

Thank you.

jgrimm77 asked
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Multiplus II inverter fails but AC grid is still available?

I need a fallback switch for my hybrid system Multiplus II inverter if it dies
and the AC grid power is still available .

Surely Victron has already foreseen this possibility ?

Can anyone recommend a switch ???

willemoud asked
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Accessing excess power off-grid with a SmartSolar MPPT charger (for the R&D folks)

In solar battery charger systems, the battery requires less power when nearing the end of charge, but the solar panels (or turbines) can still deliver useful power. This could be exploited for heating, cooling, pumping, lighting etc. However, most potential power consumers draw a fixed power, often more than is available, so a system will cycle or tend to draw power from the battery, depending on how it is configured. For resistive loaded (eg heating elements and led lights) a "dimming" function could be implemented to match the excess power to the load. The dimming PWM output is already available in streetlight mode.

What I am proposing is a software addition that comes into play when the battery reaches float charge. It would implement a control loop to adjust the PWM output so as to maintain the float voltage while maximising the power into the load. The SmartSolar MPPT chargers already have all the input data required to generate the control signal.

The PWM signal could drive a standard dimmer, but might also a Victron new product opportunity. For example, I have a need to direct surplus energy to an 800W 240Vac heating element in a camper-van.

grahamhe asked

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Reset history on BMV-712 remotely (Apps)

Could we had this feature on the Apps?

Reset history on BMV-712 remotely (Apps)

i know we could do it on the BMV-712, it would be cool to do it remotely

fenix asked
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How do I filter on the Connect App Devices screen so I only see my devices?

I am currently drycamping with a plethora of other RV's (400) using Victron hardware in Lake Havasu and have to scroll two or three pages of devices to find mine in that sea of listings. I have named the first five letters of each of my controllers, SBS and the BMV to be the same but my devices are all over the place. It appears VC's default sort is by type of device. I am guessing that the folks writing/doing systems analysis of this software have never used it in a crowded vicinity of their own devices? Maybe boats don't get very close? Anyway, am I missing something obvious or am I, and every other RV'er around me having the same issue? -Bill

bigbillsd asked
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BMV712 features requests - Edit 2nd battery name, see temperatures

I have installed my new BMV712 and absolutely LOVE it.

The shunt is connected to measure all current coming out of my two GEL banks.

The voltage leads are connected to each of the two banks - house bank 1 and house bank 2.

Therein is my gripe - it would be great to be able (in the app) to rename them (ie House Bank 2 instead of the generic Starter Batt)

I also have the Bluetooth smart battery monitors on the same VE network - again I would like on the dashboard to be able to see the temperatures of the same batteries.

How to make my phone stay connected longer - as soon as the screen locks it disconnects. Change screen lockout?

Is there a way to reset the max voltage reading short of a full factory reset?

Hope this makes sense - would make a great device even better.



bigal asked
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Victron Inverter question

We have a 5kw Victron inverter and this morning the power in our house went. The blue box showed no red overload light (we werent over5kw) just the orange float light. Nothing had tripped on the main breakerboard for the house. It happened twice and then restored itself without intervention after aprox. 2-3 minutes. Please could someone give us an idea of what could be the problem. thanks

leah asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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VictronConnect improvement request (device selection, syncing data)


there are 3 anoying things in the (Android) App that are stretching my nerves every day.

1. I alwas have to select the device to display after the App was restarted even if I have just one device connected.

Suggestion (3 ways that would improve usability):

  • do not display device select screen if only one device is connected
  • store last selected device and open it on app restart
  • make it configurable (ie.e which screen to display on app start)

2. If the App notices connection interrupt a Popup tells me to check PIN. App does not try to reconnect until that Popup window is manually closed.

Suggestion (3 ways that would improve usability):

  • Display PIN Popup only once
    (usually nobody will change PIN more often than once per device)
  • Retry getting back connection in Backgound and automatically close Connection Interruption Popup when connection is back running
  • make it configurable (i.e. option to permanently ignore connection issues, retry counter, etc.)

3.If the App is switched to background or screen lock is active (just for a few seconds) it seems to drop all previously synced data and starts connecting and syncing everything from scratch when it gets back to foreground. (especially trend graph makes no sense if it always starts with zero data)


  • Just sync new/changed Live Data when App is brought from background to foreground. Store everything else in cache. Do not sync historic data that did not change more than once per day.
  • keep App active in background for a (configurable) amount of time

tomahawk asked
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Feature request: Allow 'DC input low restart' voltage values in VE Config closer to the 'DC input low shutdown' value

When programming 48V off grid systems with lithium batteries, I have found that the the 'DC input low restart' value's minimum 4V above the 'DC input low shutdown' voltage to be way too high.

My feeling is that this 4V margin is intended for lead-acid batteries, but it is not suitable for the much narrower operating voltage range that many lithium batteries have these days.

It is important to have low voltage shutdown set correctly to protect the batteries from over discharge, however, if this does occur the system won't restart again until the batteries are almost full!

I have also found this to be problematic in the event that a system is at a partial SOC (say 40% for example) and it is shut down manually for maintenance reasons. In the process of shutting the system down the inverter experiences a 'DC input low shutdown' voltage (momentarily before it dies). Then when the battery is reconnected the inverter won't turn on until it reaches the 'DC input low restart' voltage which corresponds to a SOC much higher than 40%.


Another feature that would be nice would be to be able to shut the inverter down on a set SOC outside of the ESS assistant. Or maybe this is already possible by way of virtual switch, which I haven't explored much yet??

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Feature Request: BMV should show time-remaining as time to full charge, when charging

Would really like to see the BMV time remaining calculation shift from time left on discharge to time-to-full charge (instead of infinite).

Could be done without a lot of display changes, simply by placing a minus (-) sign next to the number showing -hh:mm left till batteries are full, or perhaps even better have that "ceiling" be user configurable to a certain percent. For example I rarely charge my lithium batteries beyond 90 percent so having that ceiling be set to precent 90 (just like the time remaining floor is user settable) would be double bonus.

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Victron Firmware Updates - General


Just a general query regarding Victron's version control and firmware roll-out procedure. I get notifications via Twitter that there is a new firmware update (in this case - V2.31 for the Venus GX two days ago), but when i check the downloads section for the updated Modbus TCP Register list, it's still at V2.30 (two days after the firmware was released!). Not complaining, just curious what their typical timeline is for associated documents following a firmware release.

One more thing (this is just a nice to have, again, not an issue). When (say) the updated Modbus register is updated, could the new additions be highlighted in some way for that particular release? Highlight the rows/cells etc. in a different colour maybe? Would help to quickly identify what can be extracted as 'new' data...



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VictronConnect for SmartSolar feature requests


The App is quite nice, but what's annoying:

1. the App does not download the data for offline use. Should be easy doable and overwrite internal storage on new connect. Would help to look at the data when away from the camping car.

2. why don't you log more statistics? Would be great to see the sun effectiveness over the day. Would not have to be a minute based view, but maybe one value an hour or so. This detailed info would not have to be kept for a long period, lets say some days would be enough.

These two things would make it a perfect product for me.

BTW. I do use a MPPT 75/15 SmartSolar

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Feature Request- Victron Connect APP - history for plug in battery chargers

VictronConnect App

Is an software update planned, where I can see, how many Ah was re-charged, until Battery is back in “Storage”-Status?

I am using a BSC IP22 12|20(1) to charge a 150Ah DeepCycle AGM Battery in our VW California while 230V~ is available..

Would be nice to know how much Ah was the recharge, in order to estimate, when the airheater will fail due to lag of electricity and my wife ...

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