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display error on Victron BMV - 602S

Hi, since I've replaced batteries on my Victron BMV - 602S the display show the error you can se on the picture below. Any press of buttons doesn't work. What does it means?

thank you.


Anxur asked
Thiemo van Engelen (Victron Energy staff) answered ·

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Bluesolar PWM error

Hi all,

I have done a search but can't find an answer relevant.

I have a BlueSolar Charge Controller-LCD-USB 12V-20A.

It has started showing a flashing error message L5C (or maybe LSC) as shown in the image below. "L" in the manual relates to the output load and sunset etc which doesn't appear relevant.

It doesn't appear in the error codes listed in the manual and I can't see anything useful on Google. It also doesn't appear to have any issues with the operation as it takes charge from the panels, and the loads which come via this unit.

Thanks for any help which can be offered.


Davith asked
G. Junier answered ·

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Error 66 with equal settings

Hi, please see the attached pictures. I have added 2 Solarcharger 250/85 mc4 ve.can to the system.
(Multiplus 24/3000 with cerbi gx and agm batteries with 30kwh) Before that everything was fine. Now I get error #66. All devices have the newest firmware. Both smartcharger have the same settings. I saved settings from #1 and copied it to #2. I confirmed the that all settings are equal. A bmv 712 is installed. Both charger are connected with a cat7 cabel and #1 is terminated #2 in the middel and cerbo is the end with terminator. Can you please help?



skykay asked
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mk2vsc-30 error on Remote VEConfigure


I'm trying to download the configuration file from my multiplus, but get the error:

Error Message: 'MK2 communication error'

Error Code: mk2vsc-30

What does it mean? And why MK2? It's connected with an MK3...

Setup is:

MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16 connected with MK3 USB to Raspberry Pi. Also have a BMV712 connected to the Pi.



st3v3 asked
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VE.Bus Error 5 Overvoltage on AC-Out

Setup (in an RV):

* 2x MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 120V set up in master-slave configuration
** One each connected to a circuit breaker panel
* SmartSolar MPPT 150/70
* Color Control GX
* BMV-712

AC panels have loads distributed across them. Included among these are two RV aircon units, with soft-start capacitors added. When I run a specific RV aircon unit, which is on one panel, and another high-wattage device on the other panel, I get VE.Bus Error 5 and the accompanying 30-second shutdown of all AC loads.

Testing so far:

* Seems to be centered around the interaction between the inverters, one of the aircon units, and the solar system.
* Only happens when inverting. When on shore power, no issues.
* Seems to only happen when the compressor on the AC comes on.
* Second AC unit does not appear to generate the problem.
* Load at the time is anywhere from 1600 - 3000 W, depending on what I have running. Seems to initially require me to put a heavy load on the system, then I can get it to happen with solely the AC unit in operation.
* Slave unit always displays the fault. This inverter drives the aircon unit that I can generate the fault with.
* Have not tried cutting out the PV controller far have only cut the panels out (400A panel cutout switch, 80A controller cutout switch)

Any ideas appreciated.

malcolmdmoore asked
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Error 24 Quattro 48v 15000kva

Hi, my system was working fine, but a few days ago on Venus I had error 24, I read in the error article Error 24: switch system protection started. turn off the inverter and after 4 hours I turned on however we do not use a generator or public network. Today the error reappeared without success for it to work again.


I do not think it was an overload since in the advanced parameters it shows me the maximum power consumption does not exceed 3000w per quarantine


Jimmy Sanchez Huerta asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) commented ·

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E3 error on Twin Multiplus configuration

Keep getting Error 3 on system when I use over 1000 watts on Line 2. I have shore power 240V AC 50 amp. Power runs through 2 Multiplus 3000 inverters. One for each leg of the 240V AC. Three x 300 amp hour Victron lithium batteries and 3 mppt solar chargers with 1200 watts of PV. The system runs great just on batteries with the inverters on for days at a time. UNTIL we try to cook on our induction cooktop and use a microwave at the same time. The cooktop is maximum 1500 watts. The microwave is maximum 1000 watts. Both are on line 2 of the AC which is the slave unit on the Multiplus setup. You can start both the cooktop going and the microwave. Usually about 3 to 5 minutes later the Error 3 comes on and kicks the inverters off. Switch off system for 2 or 3 minutes and start again. Same thing. After 3 to 5 minutes Error 3. Batteries are at a minimum 80%. CANvu is showing about 2400 watts AC on line 2 and 300 watts AC on line 1. All fuses are good. All wiring has been checked 10 times. No excess heating of the batteries. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Also I can use the hot water heater or AC systems for short times. These are 240 volt and utilize both sides of the inverter AC output equally. Tested up to 2000 watts on each AC leg. I don't get the error then. Only if one side loads up.

Pegasus2009 asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Smart Solar MPPT 150/45 Error 38 and 39

Hi All,

As topic says having error 38 and 39 come up as soon as the panels are reconnected. Checked wiring, battery voltages, shutdown for 3min both battery and panels removed cable. Removed all isolators/relays from system and hooked direct to battery with a test set of breakers.

Has been working perfectly, have had no over voltages or spikes, firmware all up to date. Quattro charges no problem at all from Ac Input 1. Had just performed a battery capacity test aswell so voltage has been taken down quite low 42.8v.

System is 51.2V LifePo4. Quattro 8kVa, Venus GX, MPPT 150/45

Thanks Andrew

Andrew P asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Err 67 - BMS Connection lost - after firmware upgrade with PylonTech batteries.

- All Firmware Updated versions indicated below:

  • Multiplus II 5kva v459
  • Smartsolar 150/60 MPPT VE.Direct v1.50
  • 3 x US3000 Pylontech Batteries
  • CCGX v2.53
  • 9 x 330w Modules

The BMS loses connection and stays in this error state. How do I solve this problem?

  • I have updated the firmware on all devices
  • I have followed the Pylontech Victron guide

The only way my system differs from the guide I am using 3 x US3000 batteries instead of 4. Could this be the root of the problem? It doesn't seem so according to the Victron guide.

Error codes:


I installed this for a client and need to do the handover soon, can this problem be solved, how do I reset the alarm? Can this all be done remotely?

I did a manual reset on site and the sytem was running without errors for about 5 days and now the problem is back.

jond asked
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Error Message: mk2vsc already running Error: 744

I have a Victron GX & Multiplus II (5kW).

I've always connected to these via VRM, about a week ago I uploaded a new .rvsc file to my Multiplus which I've done many times before. During the upload it failed, not really sure why it just hung. Now whenever I try to use the Remote VEConfigure to download (or upload) to my Multiplus I get "Error Message: mk2vsc already running Error: 744". I've tried re-starting both the Multi and GX but still get the same error. The multi is working fine and I can see it through the Remote Console.

nicd asked
Alexandra commented ·

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Help with MPPT SmartSolar #39 Input shutdown due to battery over-voltage when connected to DC Power Supply

Image screenshot here (photo would not upload)

This error is occurring ONLY when connecting MPPT to a 12v single or string.

Using MPPT charger to perform distribution tests on parallel wiring.

Power source is 48v bridge rectifier, error reiterates with 24v 1500w switch mode.

Battery voltage is indeed switched to 12v, error reiterates with another AGM battery in the exact same way. No error with 24v or 36v strings, MPPT starts bulk immediately.

Have also tried with another MPPT out of the box, same problem.

Battery voltage is 11.50v

Thank you

Renz asked

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MultiGrid 3000 - VE.Bus Error 11 (step 6)


I have an ESS 3-phase installation with 6 MultiGrid 48/3000/35-50 (two on each phase).

The system runs fine except this famous relay test.

I tried almost everything to troubleshoot this error, but before I try to contact my vendor(s) for the Multis, maybe someone here has an idea.

First of all, the error happens with or without load at the Multis. Without load means that there is nothing connected to the ACout of the Multis.

If I disconnect the Grid from the Multis (ACin), the Multis disconnect Active(in) and Neutral(in).

Measuring now the impedance between Neutral(in) and Neutral(out) shows > 5M Ohm, which looks correct for me.

Measuring Neutral(in) against PE(GND) shows 0 Ohm, Neutral(out) against PE shows > 10M Ohm.

If I disconnect the PE (GND) from the Multis the relay test passes without error and everything runs smooth.

I got my first 3 Multis about a year ago, the others are from October last year (1) and from two weeks ago (2).

For the error details see the attached pictures.

It would be very helpful to know what is tested during 'step 6'.

Any help is very appreciated.



schwarzenbergf asked
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Error LSC or L5C on PWM charge controller


My BlueSolar PWM LCD 12/24V-30A has the error code LSC (or L5C).

Cant find anything.... pls help

thx Reto

Wueeschi asked
Alexandra commented ·

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Multiplus II – Ground relay test failed #8 - Error 11 0x24

Hello everyone,

This device worked perfectly over the past two weeks and today it started dropping the AC loads.

This notification is displayed – “MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 - #8 Ground relay test failed”

The VE.Bus Error report shows – “Last VE.Bus Error 11 report 0x24/Error occurred/GND Relay Error”

When I restart the Multi it produces the error right away. The bulk and absorption LEDs are also on.

Current firmware version is v471 (Multiplus II software version: 2623471)

I have done the following:

-Verified that AC-in GND is properly connected to grid earth.

-Tested for voltage between AC-in GND and AC-in Neutral. Ok - no voltage measured

-Verified that earth and neutral is not connected somewhere. All ok.

-Physically disconnected all cables from AC- out1 and AC-out2 to verify that there is no problems with any of the loads.

-Switched loads directly to grid via change over switches - all loads functions properly.

-Tested RCDs all ok.

Thank you,


JeanMc asked
Bassman answered ·

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Error #68 on SmartSolar 100/30


Venus GX FW ver. 2.53

Multiplus 12/2000-80 FW ver. 469

BMV-712 FW ver. 4.03

SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/30 FW ver. 1.47

BMV and MPPT are connected to Venus GX via VE.Direct

Multiplus connected to Venus via VE.Bus

DVCC enabled

Shared Temperature provided by Multiplus

Shared voltage and current provided by BMV

After a recent firmware update I'm now getting Error #68 Network misconfigured. Documentation on Error #68 says "charger detects multiple conflicting network sources, with the same priority, trying to send the same information to the charger. VE.Can and VE.Direct interfaces have both the same priority level, and BLE (using VE.Smart Networking) has a lower priority."

This appears to be in conflict, as I am using VE.Direct, which has a higher priority over BLE. I am not using VE.Can.

Disconnecting one or the other clears the error, but reduces functionality.

My working assumption on this setup is that SmartNetworking provides temp, voltage and current info to SmartSolar and SmartSolar uses VE.Direct to provide information back to Venus GX. Is this correct? Are they in conflict? If VE.Direct and BLE are at 2 different priorities, why am I getting Error #68?


Mike_G asked
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VE Bus Error 17

@mvader (Victron Energy)


We have been experiencing VE Bus Error 17, we have followed Victron's suggested advice such as updating all devices to the latest firmware, replacing all of the VE Bus cables including the one to the Venus GX, reloading all of the ESS assistants into each of the inverters etc. The system has not shut down with error 17 for around 4 days however this is not unusual and we are not confident that it is resolved until the problem has been pinpointed.

Please see the VE.Bus diagnostics below. We have 6 Multiplus II's in the system yet only 5 of them appear here. The VE Bus daisy chain runs through Phase L2, device 2 (4) (the missing one) to get to Phase L3, device 2 (5) proving the cables are ok all the way through to the last inverter. I have also exchanged this inverter (L2 device 2 (4)) with another one to see if the new inverter showed a counter, with no such luck.


1. What could be the reason that all 6 inverters in the system are not appearing in this list?

2. As Error 17 is related to the slaves in a system and will report this error when the communication with the phase-master has timed out, could this missing slave be related to the error 17 shut downs we are experiencing?

We have been battling this error on our own for around a month and would now appreciate some advice and some help to overcome the problem to reassure our customer that the system can operate as intended.


Wes Corbet


Wesley Corbet asked

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EasySolar error code 67

I have a 3kw EasySolar unit operating with 3 Pylontech Li-ion batteries. I am getting the following error code


It comes up sporadically and usually clears itself after a while, but still very annoying because the loads get switched off. Does anyone know how to remedy this problem?

Thanks a lot for your help! :)

hrl17 asked
Alexandra answered ·

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Multiplus II Grid Relay Failure - Grid Code Password

Good Day, I have a MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 230V SKU: PMP482305000, operating for about a year on ESS. We have had load shedding a bit in South Africa, and recently we had extended power outages in addition to load shedding. For the past few days, a grid relay fault has been appearing shutting down the unit. I double checked the wiring, especially the neutral, and all ok.

I had to bypass the unit.

Please may I have the grid code password to disable the grid code relay.

Moodlyd asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) commented ·

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Lots of problems with ESS multiplus 2 (error 24)

I Installed a multiplus 2 with 10kWh of BYD batteries in an ESS system first half of the year, it worked well for a month or two then started bringing up error 24, I followed the instructions for what to do for error 24 and sent them off to my victron distributor, victron decided to send me a new unit, I intsalled the unit and instantly had the same problems, after lots of return visits and firmware updates in the hope the issue had been found and resolved which is costing me lots of time and money ive realised that the unit will go straight into error 24 with the current sensor plugged in, If i remove the sensor and restart the unit it starts fine then plug it in it begins to act as an ESS system should with no error code, the problem being that i simulated a power cut by turning the AC isolator off and then back on, and as the sensor is in it goes into error 24, i have updated the firmware twice and replaced the unit. Its a real shame as its also costing the customers confidence in the system i have installed for them, and I cant keep going back to resolve this I have seen on the VRM it is in error 24 again today and i went to them on friday. It has the latest 2629 467 firmware intalled and the UK G98/G99 grid code. Please can you sort a resolution for this ASAP.

jacko asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) commented ·

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250/100 MPPT Error 33 when batteries reach 100%.

I have 20 X 275 watt Trina panels wired in 4 strings of 5 panels. 2 parallel circuits running to 5kVA EasySolar with 250/100MPPT. When first connected PV volts approx 170V. Now getting PV volts exceeding 250V when battery at 100%.

Open circuit voltage of panels is 38.7V, so 5 panels in series should be 193.5V. How am I getting up to 257V?

Mark asked
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Victron Multiplus, single, Error code 17


I got ve.bus error 17 on a single multi plus inverter. ( see . This shouldn't come on a single device, so I updated firmware to latest one, but it didn't help.

What could cause this and how to fix?

Tony G asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA commented ·

2 Answers

#48 Warning DVCC Firmware insufficient alarm

Victron 3000 with color control. While I was looking in VRM - this error showed up on my app. I can't find a reference to what it is. Things seem to be working normally. What is this. Where should I be able to find a reference?


mggardner asked
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Quattro sporadic "overload" while charging

I've looked at the other posts regarding "overload" and all of them are actually using the inverter; in my case I am only charging yet I get an "overload".

I have a 7 year old Victron Quattro 24/5000/120-2x100 which has been showing some problems recently.

When I run the generator to power the Victron, which is set to “charge” only mode with no inverter, the system works correctly initially. It will trigger the 220V output after a couple of seconds and charge the battery bank. I use VE Configure 3 to configure the system and also to monitor it. I do have a remote digital multi control panel, but I’ve unplugged it to simplify debugging the problem.

After a random period of time – it could be a couple of minutes or after an hour, the system shuts down with the “overload” red light on the virtual panel, the charging stops as does the 220V output. The system needs to be turned off at the device and then switched on again to get rid of the “overload” red light.

Nothing special is going on at either the 220V output or the charging system when this happens. The load on the 220V is 2A and the charging attributes are as shown below. The battery bank is a large AGM bank which can accept 100A charging (and I used this setting for years), but I’ve reduced the actual current limit to 10A with the problem still occurring, and now it is set to 30A but when the problem occurs the actual load is often under 10A.

The Quattro device itself is not warm to the touch when this happens.

How can the overload light be triggered when the inverter is turned off? What conditions can trigger a overload while charging?


Zanshin asked
Maurice answered ·

8 Answers

Why don't others listed get error emails

I have five users listed to receiver Error Alarms from our Victron System.

I get emails every time there is an error, but the others that are liked do not appear to get any.

Why is this So? asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

1 Answer

Top left and right leds flashing green, intermittently.

Does anyone know what this signifies? Everything seems to work except my microwave doesn’t like the power, it works well on shore or generator but not on inverter power. Thanks

paul henry asked
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I have a Quattro 24i, 5000, 120i that keeps turning off with an e24 code when I am motoring.

Some days it will work for a few hours before turning off. There is no consistent amount of time before it turns off. I’m running in a 2011 Maine Cat P47 with Balmar 24v alternators and have 3 170 watt solar panels controlled by a Blue Sky Solar Boost 50 unit. Speed of travel also doesn’t seem to have an effect on when it will shut off. This has been going on since i bought the boat about two years ago. The unit never shuts off when at anchor, only when motoring.

Spencerwbailey asked
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Bluetooth dongle update failed, Error B10

I've been having difficulties to update firmware to v2.23 for my dongle using my android phone. It usually stops after couple of seconds at 12% (sometimes earlier). The result note is always the same: 'B10 Timeout waiting for a response. ...' I went through all the troubleshooting tips and tricks in the manual but no luck. The phone was right next to the dongle during the update. The update works on my old iPad but only to the 2.15 version. I'm then able to use the Victron app on the iPad but I can't use my phone as it always forces me to update straight after start up. Which fails every time.

Has anyone got any tips?

chanik asked
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Error 21 on Solar charge MPPT

Hi, there isn't a way to know where this error 21 come from. We realised that this error came often when a client just buy a MPPT to us, not a full solar kit. And this happended when there is many solar panels or batteries.

The last case, the client has 6 solar pannels 160W 2s 3p, 960W and 5 batteries in 12V for a MPPT 100/50. (Already told this client to improve his install before change the MPPT)

MyShopSolaire asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

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Error 24 in an ESS system

I have error 24 fault in an ESS system I’ve looked up the fault and it relates to current going through the back feed relay, surly in an ESS system the relay would be connected almost all of the time? It’s in a multi plus 2 I’ve attached and image of the install. Thanks


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