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Consumption Miscalculation of Data in VRM

We experience miscalculated data in the historical Consumption data presented in the VRM dashboard

The system includes:

Cerbo GX (V2.62)

3 Quatro Combi-inverters in 3-Phase (V478)

Smart Shunt

The system is charged by Solar with Smart MPPT's and by an external DC Power supply of ~13KW periodically.

Obviously, when the DC input is on, the consumption calculation is reduced down to zero. In reality, the AC-Loads are almost constantly >5000W.


We assume that it's because the consumption data is read from the SmartShunt & MPPT's but the "Has DC" info is not calculated (as explained in the VRM Portal FAQ).

Question is,

1. is there a way to use the consumption data based on the Combi-Inverter AC-Loads data instead of the Shunt data?

2. Alternatively, is there a way to remove the Historical Data from the VRM dashboard as it is incorrect and confusing the users?

Thank you

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SmartSolar vs BlueSolar charger if a third party wind controller already feeds a 48V DC bus

Is BlueSolar a better option, if a third party wind controller is on a 48V DC bus? Maybe, because SmartSolar is foreseen for synchronous operation via Bluetooth with other SmartSolar MPPT-s, it cannot tolerate the wind controller which do not communicate with SmartSolar?

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Power increased when added a second charge controller

I added 600W (24V) of solar panels to 1320W and added a 100|20 solar charger to my existing 150|70 and am now getting a huge increase in DC Power consumption. It is almost worse charging my battery than before adding the extra panels. If I shut the new panels off the DC Power goes back to normal (under 50W). When I turn them back on the DC Power increases to around 250W or more and seems to mimic the AC consumption. Is there a setting on the new controller that needs to be changed? I have experimented with a couple of settings but no change. I am at a lose at this point. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Dc coupling off grid system

Is there a rule between PV size on Solar chargers and the inverter/charger?

For example, I have a system of 6 Quattro 15 KVA and 19 MPPT Rs 200 A.

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Orion DC DC Charger - when will it be networkable?

Hi All, I have a camper that runs solar on the roof, and via a Smart DC DC Orion 24/24 - 17 charger in my truck camper. Currently these are not networked as I am driving along which does cause them to sometimes be in different charging states.

Posts on here have asked the question but have not been updated recently - when will the Orion DC DC chargers join the Victron Networked family?

I am very keen to have all devices working on the same charging algorithm. Is there a workaround with the Victron Dongle?

Does anyone know when these will be networkable?



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DC Power + AC Load not equaling Battery Discharge rate

Hi all,

I am hoping to get some help debugging this issue. I recently connected my new victron quattro and im having an issue with DC Power read out. I havent been able to update the Quattro firmware yet (still on 413) so im hoping its just out of date. I'm pretty sure the discrepancy is the inverter losses not being taken into account by the DC power but im not 100% sure. My system comprises of a Cerbo GX, BMV-712, two MPPT smart charge controllers and the Quattro. Any Ideas what it could be? Would updating the firmware and enabling DVCC help? Anytips would be much appreciated.



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Differnte MPPT vs Orion

If I have a 2nd aux 12v battery in my car that I need charged with the correct characteristics (Li-ion) I can choose to pick the MPPT (12v) and connect solar OR orion (12-12) and connect it to alternator DC 12~14.4V.

If I wanted both, would I need both? What stops me from feeding alternator power to the solar in on the MPPT? Aren't these the same chargers with another name?

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MPPT: How to interpret 'consumption' in VictronConnect


I have two 120Wp panels connected to a MPPT 75/15, and the output connected to a Sterling ProSplit R, which splits the power over three battery groups (starter, bow propellor and general).

Looking at the Victron Connect app after a few sunny days I see that I generate around 1400Wh, sounds about right. The consumption (sorry the screenshot is in Dutch) is only 30-60Wh.

Does that mean I am not actually user the power generated? The bars are fully white, indicating Bulk Charge, which I would expect as the batteries are constantly getting usage from a fridge.

Thanks in advance!



markkey asked
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DC\DC Charger wire size recommendations

Please could I have a bit of advise on the correct mm2 wire to use in the below.

I am installing a 30amp DC to DC charger in my trailer, the distance between the car battery (source) and charger is about 7m and the distance between the charger and the auxiliary battery is about 3m.

What size cable should I use for the 7m run?

What size cable should I use for the 3m run?


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DC Loads Increase - with high Multiplus charge rate

Hi All

I wonder if anyone can explain a strange issue I am seeing on my system...

Set up - 3x Lithium (3x 200A), VE.Bus BMS, Venus GX, BMV712 and Multiplus (EasyPlus 12/1600/70 - set to 70A charge current max).

Example of situation / what I am seeing -

  • I leave the boat for a few days
  • with a constant load of about 1.5A on batteries
  • I arrive back at boat - and BMV says state of charge is 90%
  • all good so far

I plug shore power in - and switch Multi on - and do NOT switch on anything else -

  • it goes straight to Bulk - good.
  • If I look in Venus at the Multiplus - it says it is generating 70A - good.
  • I look at the BMV - and it says it has about 60A going in to batteries - strange
  • I expect the current going in to batteries to be about 68.5A (charge current - loads)
  • where are the other 10A going / being lost ?
  • I look on VRM and see DC Power showing my DC loads are pulling about 10A
  • but this is not true - the loads / devices are only about 1.5A
  • I have not switched any other loads on

This false high DC loads figure (about 10A) stays while charging Amp are high (in bulk). When multi goes to absorption - the false high DC loads (10A) reduces in line with the drop of charging Amps. I watch the 10A loads reading slowly drop to 1.5A as the multi reduces its charge current from 70A to almost nothing. Then - in float - the DC loads read accurately - 1.5A.

Any thoughts on what the issue is ?



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Wrong DC Power Display on OCTO GX

Hi, i see since last week that the calculation on the Octo GX are wrong.

the show me on the Batterie -27 Watt, but in the summary consumation 70 Watt.

Multiplus are off, Solar Charger are off.

Any Idea, what happens with the wrong calculation?


psp-maxi asked
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DC Power shows incorrect consumption on unloaded phoenix inverter

After some time wondering why my "DC Power Consumption" some times report incorrect values in the dashboard i started trying to figure out why.

System components:
* Phoenix Inverter 12V 800VA 230V
* Smartshunt 500A
* EPEver PC charge controller (reporting to venus)
* Pi3 with Venus os
* 100Ah 12v Lifepo4 battery

While running on battery and no or a small load on the inverter, the "DC Power" reports a power consumption of approx. 23w or 46w more than that the actual power used displayed on the battery shunt on the Venus and in VRM.

Display when inverter is loaded with approx 12w(bulb) + 6w of inverter idle consumption:


(The shunt reports correct all the time, checked with a clamp meter)

I've seen the difference between shunt and dc power to been up to 46w when the inverter is completely idle(ON but nothing connected on AC side)

After some peeking into `dbus-spy` i think i've found the issue, and it seams to be that the inverter reports between 0 and -0.2A load on `AC/Out/L1/I` when idling, reporting -0,1A on 230v will report to -23w of usage and shown as 42w( -1*(-19+-23) ) extra ont the "DC Power" block in the UI. This is also the reason why the issue disappears when the inverter is loaded, as this negative reading then will be gone.

As for now it looks like the current reading on my inverter could be out of sync inside the device, or that it just displays incorrect values when idling... Is there a way to get this reading "in-sync" again (a form of calibration?) or something else that could be done to make my reading more exact? eg. ignore current readings bellow zero from the inverter ? as the inverter have no way of generating back power there should never be a negative value reported on the AC side.

Anyone have an advice for this issue?

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Will the Fuse LEDs on Lynx Distributor illuminate without the 4-pin cable supplied with unit?

Trying to use the Lynx Distributor (and Power In) without the Lynx Ion Shunt or BMS (using BYD batteries). I had assumed the Fuse LEDs would illuminate with a working fuse in place and powered, however a line on the old Victron Live page for DC Distribution Systems suggests that this small data cable is used to power the LEDs (rather than taking power from the busbar itself). I cannot get the LEDs to illuminate - are the LEDs useless unless using the Lynx Shunt? Because Lynx Shunt uses CANbus, it cannot be used in conjunction with BYD on a CCGX (though I think VGX would support it).

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System CC doesn't appear on the main screen

Hello victron community members, I have installed the last release candidate firmware, I select CC system, but it is not shown on the main screen, did I something wrong?

Thanks in advance.




palom170 asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

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Why isn't my DC power direct ?


I have a Quattro 10 000 connected to a Cerbo GX. My quattro is in manual mode, so i can decide if it is charging or discharging my battery. When i ask to charge 1000W, the input AC power follows the request but my DC power don't really follow it...

I don't understand why my DC power si so different from my AC power... Is it the result of the instability of the grid ? Because i'm conneced on a singlephase '' micro-grid '' which is generated by another inverter...


laurine-ferrando asked
Paul B answered ·

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Cerbo GX Current Consumption

Hi, I am looking for current consumption of Cerbo GX @ 12VDC. For comparison, the Venus GX is listed at 210mA at 12VDC in the manual. Cerbo does not list any power consumption in the manual.

I would like to install on a boat mainly to link my MPPT via Wifi to the VRM website, but am concerned that the current consumption will drain batteries too much. I will be using 2x 50W panels, but would like them to primarily charge the batteries.

pyro asked
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Lynx Distributor Terminal Sizes

I can't find any specs on the Lynx Distributor terminal size. Can anyone help?

nate-costello asked
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BMS12/200 in old vehicle do I need a DC-DC charger for the starter battery?

I`m building a Camper van on the basis of an 1991 4x4 Van.

90Ah LiFePo Battery

180Wp Solar

30A Alternator


No land power connection (fully autark setup with very low power consuption)

Is the set up as shown in the picture correct?

Is the power from the solar charger suited to charge the starter battery or do I need a DC-DC charger?

The BMS12/200 fully protects the LiFePo Battery from any harm as well as the starter battery from discharge, is that correct?

many thanks for your expertice!!


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Am planning to install a 10kva system ac and dc coupled system the system which was designed by the installer had PV passing through two mppt 150/100 to battery bank. Quattro inverter CCGX

My question comes the installer advised that one can add an additional fronius inverter to the system after the designed has already factored the 1:1 rule as long as it’s rated smaller than the overall inverter charger. Meaning that there are two fronius e.g 10kva and 5kva on a quattro 10kva bus

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How to measure two DC Inputs On CCGX

I am looking to install a Victron system on my RV that will be using a third-party DC-DC charger to charge 48v house batteries from the vehicle's 12v alternator. If I were to connect this charger through a dedicated BMV battery monitor (with a second one for the system's DC loads), is there any way to have one show up as an "alternator" input on the CCGX display screen?

I know I could connect it through the BMV-700 and presumably just have the CCGX show it as power flowing from the "DC loads" box to the battery. My primary concern is ease-of-use for the end user, so I would greatly appreciate any way to configure thte CCGX for this display.

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HowTo PV Charger priority over Quattro Charger

A non-ESS hybrid connected to the grid with Quattro mode "on" will throttle down the PV charger and charge the battery from grid...


when, by putting the Quattros into "inverter only" mode, the PV charger could actually deliver the charge. Or at least any charge so it would not be needed from grid:


Obviously, the question is how to achieve PV charger priority over Quattro charger priority, so one could leave the grid on, but not at the expense of PV chargers being turned down, which IMHO should have been the default in the limbic (non-assistant) system of Victron devices anyway.

petajoule asked
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Argofe 100-3 Connecting to Output Posts 2 and 3 leaving 1 empty.

Hi, planing to buy Argofet 100-3 for my boat. I only need 2 outputs currently, with the third one for use when i fit an electric windlass in future. Due to space constraints, it would be easier to wire up my banks to output 2 and 3, blanking off 1 for the time being. Is this okay or do i need to use 1 and 2?

Manny thanks


flea-taylor asked

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24h MPPT data not syncing with VRM - why?

I have a small solar remote off grid setup with a Victron 75/15 MPPT. While sun is limited in winter I have a DC timer hooked up for disabling the load during most of the day. To track battery voltage and solar yield, I have Venus OS on a RPi installed. While the RPi also consumes load, it is not connected permanently (so it is placed after the timer). This is no option. It would drain the battery. Same for 4G router, and some small DC equipement. I noticed that when the setup is ‘on’ I can see stats on VRM but that seems to only show data from within the on-time frame. Via VictronConnect I can also connect to Venus OS and the MPPT and within the MPPT environment I can see all 24h data. Do you know why this is not synchronized with VRM?

Or is there an option to do so? Hope someone can help!

12 volt 20ah Lifepo4 battery - 60w panel - DC timer - VRM - RPi - Venus OS - 4G router

Tim asked
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12V Marine system help


I will do my best to keep this short:

I have a 26ft. Sailboat on the Ossiachersee in Austria.

Because of weight, I want to switch from Lead Acid to Lithium. Because Lithium is so expensive, I want to switch from PWM to Victron MPPT for max battery protection (and max batt/solar efficiency.)

Unfortunately, due to different solar panel sizes, I can't have the PVs in series (see diagram).

Is my diagram here correct, or do I need less or more components?

Any info is greatly appreciated!




mpmattman asked
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Help with switching simple 12v marine system from PWM to MPPT. Which compnents needed?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the community.

I have a simple to moderate 12v solar system on my 26ft. sailboat. Because of weight, I want to switch from PWM and lead acid to MPPT and lithium. While money isn’t really and issue, I would still rather not have overkill with components that I might not need, so was looking for some advice as to the exact components that I need.

Current specs:

· 720ah wet batt. bank (lead acid)

· 40A 12v PWM controller (Steca Solarix 4040)

· 350W solar (all in parallel - different sizes because of the shape of the boat):

o 2x 16.7 V Max. (each) / 5.99 A Max. (each) (100Wp) ETFE Mono-Flex

o 3x 17.2 V Max. (each) / 2.92 A Max. (each) (50Wp) ETFE Mono-Flex

· All loads (except motor) connected with terminal bar and then to PWM load terminal (including 2 small 300w inverters for port and starboard), everything with on/off switches and fuses (max combined current @ 35 amps)

· External max 60A 12v trolling motor connected directly to battery, also with fuse and switch.

First of all, am I correct in assuming that I cannot connect different wattage (amperage) panels in series for an mppt system (as the lowest amperage would be taken), and would therefore have to keep everything in parallel?

After the research, this is what I envisioned (using all Victron parts, except for batteries):

· 4x 120ah lithium batts…total 480ah

· Victron smart controller mppt 100/30 (https://www.victronenergy.com/solar-charge-controllers/smartsolar-100-30-100-50)

· The above 350w solar panels in parallel. I know mppt would work better with higher voltages, but I am assuming if I put them in series, it would take the lowest amperage and therefore lose 50% efficiency?

· Cerbo GX ( https://www.victronenergy.com/panel-systems-remote-monitoring/cerbo-gx) I know this seems like overkill, but I need to be able to remoter monitor charge and temp, plus connect a few devices….

· All loads, including motor directly connected to batt through 100A battery protector (https://www.victronenergy.com/battery_protect/battery-protect) whereas the protector would be connected to the Cerbo (is that possible?)

· Mppt control display connected to cerbo?? (https://www.victronenergy.com/panel-systems-remote-monitoring/mppt-control)

· Temp sensor connected to cerbo? (https://www.victronenergy.com/accessories/temperature-sensor-qua-pmp-venus-gx)

The reason I want to switch to a Victron mppt system, is because the batteries are so expensive, that I want to ensure maximum life. So am I missing anything above, component wise? Should I be using a BMV instead of the mppt control display or a BMS in stead of/or in conjunction with the battery protector? Do I need a smart shunt, relay switch or any other components to make this system work efficiently and hassle free?

My goal is to get advice on the exact components to buy. Any and all advice or information is greatly appreciated!



mpmattman asked

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Has DC System - Incorrect Consumption in VRM when Phoenix Inverter is run on DC

Hey everyone,

I am running an off-grid system with a GX Device and an MPPT, BMV and Phoenix Inverter 12/800. I also have DC loads connected to the system. As long as the inverter is not running, the consumption values in VRM are perfectly valid, but as the inverter runs, the values measured are off, as the inverter power is just added ON TOP of the DC Load Power which already includes all the current drawn by the inverter.

Is there a way to configure the GX Device to ignore the AC Power measurements, as they are already included in the DC Load? If not: it'd be great to have an option in the menu that states that the inverter is run on the DC system. Otherwise I am unable to reliably log the system consumption...



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Which DC-DC charger 18A or 30A

Dear All,

I am new to all this and busy trying to design a simple electric diagram for my camper-van conversion.

I will only be using a 100Ah leisure battery and I was wondering if the DC-DC smart charger 12 / 12 18A would be enough.

I am assuming charging with the 18A would take twice as much time than with the 30A. Correct?
What would be a rough estimation of how much I could charge with say an hour of driving?

Many thanks for your support.

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DC Power Where is it going?

Hi all

System is LiFePO4 12v battery (EVE 2p4s), REC BMS, CCGX, Multiplus (3000/12/230/50) and smartsolar 100/30.

Has DC System turned on and REC BMS (for Victron), CCGX, Multiplus and MPPT are all playing nicely.

Battery is at 70%, inverter is on but no AC load, MPPT output is 29A.

CCGX is displaying a 158w DC load. Removed all dc fuses to ensure that there was no load other than system control and idle Multiplus and DC load did not change. Turned Multiplus off via CCGX and no change to DC load.

Check REC BMS and only 14.22A to battery is displayed.

Where is the other approximately 13 amps going?






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Venus OS, DC input and load=SOC

Hello, please help

In my small system I use a SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 that is connected to a battery. Two 90W solar panels charge system. Now in the cold part of the year I don't have an inverter connected to the system. I only use DC load on MPPT for lighting, internet and Raspbery PI. That way I have an accurate insight into charging and consumption so I can calculate the SOC batteries (of 55AH cca600W), but I would like to see that in VENUS. I don't have a BMW!

Is it possible to configure it in VenusOS? I am attaching screen of what the view of the console looks like now. thx in andvance


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Orion Smart TR Isolated 12/12 30

Hello community,

I am currently building a van and planning on installing the Orion dc to dc charger to charge my lithium battery bank. I have a question about cable run length.

I believe the largest cable the unit can accept is 6 AWG. I have a long run at about 25 ft minimum. Will this size of cable manage well over that long of a cable run?

Thank you in advance!

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