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Orion DC DC Charger - when will it be networkable?

Hi All, I have a camper that runs solar on the roof, and via a Smart DC DC Orion 24/24 - 17 charger in my truck camper. Currently these are not networked as I am driving along which does cause them to sometimes be in different charging states.

Posts on here have asked the question but have not been updated recently - when will the Orion DC DC chargers join the Victron Networked family?

I am very keen to have all devices working on the same charging algorithm. Is there a workaround with the Victron Dongle?

Does anyone know when these will be networkable?



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Isolated DC-DC in series and Buck-Boost Settings


After reading all the documentation and contacting various distributors I have conflicting data regarding two Victron products.

Question 1 regarding the Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter 25A / 50A / 100A:

Can you change the output voltage (via USB) while the converter is delivering power or will the output shortly disconnect to apply the settings?

Use case: I need to change the voltage +/- 2/3v while the connected equipment is running.

Got different answers - if maybe someone has it on the table a quick test would provide the definitive answer. The output should be under load.

Question 2 regarding the Orion-Tr DC-DC Converters Isolated:

Some of the equipment is running on 36v. Because there is no step up converter with an output between 30 and 40v one option is to use three isolated DC-DC converters IN SERIES to provide the needed 36. In theory, being isolated, it should work.

Has anyone used a similar setup or has more information if it's the right thing to do?

There is no other option (from what I have found) to have a 36v output.

Appreciate the time, willing to help research anything if it solves the problems.


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multiplus 24/3000/70 dip switches not working


Have a 24/ 3000/ 70 here, which don,t respond on the dipswitch settings, so after making a setting the up and down button, don,t give any response.

If i look on the mother board front and backsite, looks horrible with all those mods.. ( first experimental victron ? )

I like to lower the output to 230.volt, after changing the burnt toroidal transformers the output is on the high site.

Also like to lower the charge output..

Any ideas welcome

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Has DC System - Incorrect Consumption in VRM when Phoenix Inverter is run on DC

Hey everyone,

I am running an off-grid system with a GX Device and an MPPT, BMV and Phoenix Inverter 12/800. I also have DC loads connected to the system. As long as the inverter is not running, the consumption values in VRM are perfectly valid, but as the inverter runs, the values measured are off, as the inverter power is just added ON TOP of the DC Load Power which already includes all the current drawn by the inverter.

Is there a way to configure the GX Device to ignore the AC Power measurements, as they are already included in the DC Load? If not: it'd be great to have an option in the menu that states that the inverter is run on the DC system. Otherwise I am unable to reliably log the system consumption...



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Off-grid Victron Solution coupled with a Victron solar DC chargers and AC Wind turbine

Hello Everyone,

I'm designing for a client a completely remote solution/off-grid system with Victron technologies.

I'm feeding an average of 5kW AC load 24/7, 365 days a year, so I'm targeting both solar and wind to reduce my battery bank capacity since both sources are feasible to introduce in the project's area.

Accordingly, a battery bank with a Victron Quattro 8KVA DC coupled with several Victron smartsolar charge controllers in parallel and AC coupled at the AC output (load side) with two or one wind turbines having a total capacity of 6~7 kW max.

Can anyone help identify the best wind turbine system to couple them with this system? having an inverter that de-rates when the batteries are full (frequency controlled by the Quattro) and that operates efficiently at low wind speeds?

thank you in advance,

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AC and DC coupling - Co ordination

I just watched the webinar for Victron/Fronius Micro grids.

I want to understand what happens when the Fronius inverter is ramped down through the frequency control.

There are two parts to this question which are closely related.

First question is simple.

Can a common PV array feed both the string inverter and the Victron solar charge controller? So they would be connected in parallel and share a common dc energy source.


Let's say the house is only using 200 watts. Let's also assume we are using a 3KW fronius string inverter. The PV array is producing 4KW and the battery is 50% SOC.

Once the fronius inverter ramps lowers its output through frequency control can the solar charge controllers demand more of the PV energy and send that energy to the batteries?

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Using the ColorControl GX in a DC-only system and UI display

I have no experience with the CCGX and would appreciate comments on this configuration.

Looking at documents on the www, it seems that the CCGX UI main display has one predetermined way of displaying the system (maybe depending on what VE.BUS device is connected) The upper part shows the AC input / output and the lower part shows the DC input / output , battery and charging/discharging plus PV inputs.
I have a non-Victron battery charger and a nonVictron inverter, which I can not connect to the CCGX. Still I want to use the CCGX to collect infos on the generated 24V (300W water turbine) and the 24V power consumed by the nonVictron 230V inverter, using 2 BMV700 with their corresponding shunts. A BMV703 will be used to monitor the battery (SOC). Also three Solar MPPTs will be connected to the CCGX. The idea is to have a central information display for the relevant parts of the system (24V) and to use the CCGX with a GSM module to connect to the Victron portal (VRM). I will use the three VE.direct sockets on the CCGX for the three BMVs. For the Solar MPPTs I will use VE.direct to USB converter cables and connect all three, through a (powered) switch to the USB socket on the CCGX. I am somewhat confused on what exactly will I be able to display on the CCGX screens. The most important question that I have, is whether I will be able to see the relevant data for all attached VE.direct devices individually, in any available menus on the CCGX (and VRM)? Is the data for the 3 Solar MPPTs shown individualy, or consolidated to a single value?Thanks.

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What happens to onboard 12v accessories when I replace charger/converter with multiplus?

I'm about to replace my onboard charger/converter (12v) with a Multiplus 12/3000/120. I will be disconnecting the charger/converter and wiring the multiplus into the breaker panel 120v circuits.

Since the 12v converter will be disconnected as it's an all-in-one Parallax 7345 unit I assume I will loose the ability to operate all my motorhome 12v accessories that we connected to the DC circuit branch of the breaker panel.

Is my assumption sound? If so what have others done to get the 12v line operational? I'm thinking the 12v lights, radio, etc.

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Integrate a 2000W 48V DC wind turbine into the Victron system

Hello ,

I would like to integrate a 2000W 48V DC wind turbine into the Victron system and display it in the remote console.

The wind turbine has its own controller, my only concern is to record the power equivalent to the solar panels.

I already have a 1000A Smartshunt with VE.direct to measure the current, but I want the yield to be shown exactly as in a DC solar system and integrated into a GX in the total cost-effectiveness.

As an an example :

Solar 1: 2.55 kWh

Solar 2: 3.33 kWh

Wind turbine: 1.2kWh

Total energy 7.08 kWh in 24 hours

Would this firmware update be possible?

So set the SmartShunt not as a battery monitor but as a "DC generator".

Then create the name in the GX (wind turbine, water turbine, DC generator, etc.)

If someone has an idea or the developers could implement it, I would be very happy.



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How to measure two DC Inputs On CCGX

I am looking to install a Victron system on my RV that will be using a third-party DC-DC charger to charge 48v house batteries from the vehicle's 12v alternator. If I were to connect this charger through a dedicated BMV battery monitor (with a second one for the system's DC loads), is there any way to have one show up as an "alternator" input on the CCGX display screen?

I know I could connect it through the BMV-700 and presumably just have the CCGX show it as power flowing from the "DC loads" box to the battery. My primary concern is ease-of-use for the end user, so I would greatly appreciate any way to configure thte CCGX for this display.

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Can DC coupling Multiplus I or II Inject to grid after battery is fully charged?

Can DC coupling Multiplus I or II Inject to to grid after battery is fully charged?

how to NOT overchage the battery?

does the injection can be at full MPPT power posible when sun available?

Best Regards

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D.C. current in the external protective earthing conductor

I have read in some Victron manuals (MultiGrid and EcoMulti) the sentence:

"This product can cause a d.c. current in the external protective earthing conductor ".

Can you please give some technical information to understand why this happens?

Can it happen to more devices, such as MultiPlus?

Thank you!

Francisco Aroca asked
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MultiGrid don't use MPPT when battery reached 100%

In my ESS-system a Fronius Symo 8.2 is at AC-in and a MPPT250/100 at AC-out. When DC feed-in is disabled and the battery has reached 100% no power comes from MPPT but all from the Fronius.


Only when the Fronius no longer supplies sufficient power does the MPPT switch back on. This is how I lose feed-in remuneration. Is it possible to prefer MPPT-power for critical loads?

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Cerbo GX Current Consumption

Hi, I am looking for current consumption of Cerbo GX @ 12VDC. For comparison, the Venus GX is listed at 210mA at 12VDC in the manual. Cerbo does not list any power consumption in the manual.

I would like to install on a boat mainly to link my MPPT via Wifi to the VRM website, but am concerned that the current consumption will drain batteries too much. I will be using 2x 50W panels, but would like them to primarily charge the batteries.

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Can I combine Phoenix 350/12 Inverter remote on/off switch (5v) with 12 volt system switch?

Hi all,

In my caravan I currently have an option to switch of my 12 volt battery. I also have a Victron Phoenix 350/12 inverter which has remote on/off functionality. I would like to make use of my existing outlet to be able to switch the inverter on/off remotely from within hand reach, while currently one switch in the outlet is not used. Could I do the setup as in the picture? Thus combine the 12 volt and 5 volt (neutral) wire?


Hope you can help.


Tim Visser asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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12v to 36v battery to battery charging

In my boat I have two outboard motors, two cranking batteries (age) and two lithium batteries. One lithium battery (12v 100ah) is used for the house loads. It is charged via an Orion TR 12v/12v 18amp from the port side cranking battery.

The other lithium battery is a 36v 100ah battery that is used to power a trolling motor. Right now I have a Stealth1 B2B charger between this battery and the starboard side cranking battery.

I'd like to replace the stealth charger with a Victron product so that everything in my boat is same manufacturer.

Can I use a 12v/24v Orion TR paralleled with a 24v/48v converter to accomplish this? Better yet, can the Orion 12v/24v be modified to output 36v?

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Recommended DC cabling/fuse/breaker BYD LVL to 3 x MPII 48/5000 and 3 MPPT


What is the recommended DC interconnect between:

2 x BYD LVL 15.4,

3 x MPII 48/5000 and

up to 3 MPPTs ?

The Lynx systems (with the 600A internal fuse in the Lync shunt) looks OK, but the related documentation is focussing on other batteries.

According to the BYD/Victron documentation I expect problems with the BYD BMU and Lynx Shunt VE.Can connection to the CCGX.

What are the recommended fuse levels and breakers (if required) ?

Is the Lynx Shunt required at all with the BYD BMU is use anayway ?

best regards,


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DC charge on Multiplus II 48/3000 GX not working with FW 2.52

I bought a Multiplus II 48/3000 GX 2 months ago.

Everything was working fine with Firmware 2.51 in a way that too much energy produced from external Solar Inverters behind the Multiplus (AC side) have been used to load batteries instead of feeding into the grid.

With Fimrware 2.52 I realized that only PV Power directly connected to the MPPT of the Multiplus is used to charge the batteries and all Energy from other Solar Inverters are feed into the grid although the "setpoint grid" is set to 0 Watt.

My goal is to use the included DC Charger to load batteries as well from external Solar Inverters to charge batteries, e.g. when the weather conditions are bad and the MPPT connected panels are not sufficient to charge my batteries.

That said I downgraded to FW 2.51 again, switched the Multiplus off, waited 2 minutes, switched it on again and everything worked like before.

Seems to be a bug in the 2.52 FW. @Victron team: Who can look into this?


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BMS -High Voltage Alarm Venus reaction to it


Two Quattros - setup in SplitPhase, ACin1 has a generator, ACin2 has the grid

Four MPPT Solar controllers with a total of 56 panels

Large 1400Ah Lithium Battery managed by Batterie's internal BMS that communicates with Venus via CAN-BUS.

Venus is configure: with ESS, sell to grid,


When the BMS send to High Voltage Alarm to the Venus, and the Venus sends me an alarm, but does not seem to be doing anything to stop charging the battery. There are six devices that can charge the battery. (2) Quattros and (4) Smart Solar Charger MPPT, they are all controlled by the Venus. How can I get the Venus to hold on charging until the alarm is off.

If the alarm is present for a long time the Batteries internal BMS will disconnect the battery from the system, I have seen strange voltages of 60V to 66V DC, in the DCbus.


Carlo asked
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Venus OS showing DC power as negative while inverting

I recently put together a new system and as I've been testing and monitoring things, everything is working great but when I look at things in the Remote Console, the dc power seems to suggest its charging the batteries while inverting. I have tested dc connections and Im seeing a consistent 13.2 volts coming from the 24/12 converter, and all 12 volt motors and appliances are working great.

From the Remote Console, the animation seems to suggest that power is flowing from the DC Power into the battery and the values coming from DC are negative. I've attached an image with an example of what I'm seeing.


At the time of this screen shot, the system was disconnected from any power source except the batteries. There was originally a converter/charger but is unplugged from AC power.

I found this question https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/34619/hmmm-color-monitor-shows-negative-dc-draw.html and have read that the DC power is an approximation but I'm wondering if there is something that I am missing in my configuration that would help this number at least show as positive when inverting.

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Can a Lynx Ion + Shunt be used as disconnect for non-Victron batteries?


(Both Power In's in this photo are configured so positive terminals are fused. MultiPlus configured as Parallel 120VAC. All devices are connected to VenusOS running on a RaspberryPi.)

Can I install a Lynx Ion + Shunt to use as an emergency battery disconnect even though I don't own Victron batteries? I can't tell from the documentation if Victron batteries are required. I also don't see a way to wire it for a remote switch for the main relay.

What I'm trying to accomplish is a physical external battery disconnect for Emergency Services. By turning this this switch to the off (open) position I want to disconnect the battery bank. And turn off the MPPT controllers if possible.

Being able to also use the BMV-712 to turn the main relay on and off would be ideal. This appears to be the only Victron device that might allow me to use it like a Battery Protect, but also allow charging from the MultiPlus'.

Thanks in advance!

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DC Wiring Pylontech Akku <> 3-phase MultiPlus ESS

Hello World!

I am designing and setting up shortly a 3-Phase ESS system with 3 x Multiplus II 48V 5000VA and a recharable batterie bank with 8 x Pylontech 2,2 kWh (16,6 kWh). I read a lot here and elsewhere in the net. But I did find only very little information about the DC wiring of the battery bank.

I thought doing it without a minimum fuse technic it will be stupid and dangerous. I discovered at Victron the high current busbar in combination with single fuse holders. I thought to use for PLUS and MINUS DC for each two cable sets from Pylontech and connect each output (2x PLUS and 2 x MINUS) of the in total four cables from Pylontech with 200A fuse to the the busbar (so in total it is 400A) and to connect from bus bar to each of the Multis with a 100 A fuse and cable.

The eight pieces US2000+ will be take place in a high load server cabinet 19" ( 8 x 25 kg = 200 kg ) What about the wiring? The wiring from one akku to the next is standard with the Pylontech batteries. But where to put the two busbars? I think they should go and monuted into the server cabinet! But how to mount? Without any self engineering an d self constructing, I couldn't find any solution. Mount them to what? To wood? to AldDibod?

Any ideas? Any suggestions?


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BMV-600s showing impossible high consumption

Hi all,

Setup in Land Cruiser: NEW 2 x 12V AGM Battery with 100Ah each (total of 200Ah), fully charged and used for fridge, USB... only (no starter battery).

While the voltage indication on the BMV-600s monitor after a SYNC is with ~13.5V perfectly fine, the consumption displayed ("I") is impossibly high at ~ -160A. In line with that value, the TTC indicates only about 20 min with the "CE" rapidly increasing and the "SOC" obviously decreasing at the same paste.

After TTC of 20 min. and an apparently "empty" battery, it actually still contains ~13.5V.

There is clearly NO such high consumption and we believe the installation is carried out 100% according to the manual. We've also reset to factory settings multiple times.

Any ideas of what's going wrong?

Thanks & best regards,


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Run DC load with Easysolar?

I have an Easysolar 48/4000/150-70 waiting to be installed, and will run a Lifepo4 battery pack with REC BMS that connects to CCGX with CAN. I've understood this will give SOC and charge/discharge instructions to the solar control and inverter to avoid over/under voltage. However, I'd also like to run a 4G router on 9–30 VDC (max 7 watts) without the inverter running with high idle consumption (25 watts) and not risk running the battery low.

1. Is there anyway to pass through 48V through the Easysolar / Multiplus?

2. The Multiplus programmable relay supports 4A up to 35V (1A to 60V) - could I run the router on that relay alone?

3. If not, I assume I can use the Multiplus programmable relay to control a 48v relay (e.g. Crydom ED06D5 with a control voltage range of 5-15 DC) based on SOC (with a 48 to 12 converter)?

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Launch of the Lynx DC Distribution documentation manual - Feedback needed

Hello Community,

I have just published the Lynx DC distribution manual


I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions for how it could be made better or clearer, or any questions you have that it doesn't answer.

Thanks, Guy

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Feed MPPT75/15 with a 48V/7.3A (350W) dc power supply and use 24V battery bank

I read several threads in this forum about using MPPT with a dc power supply.

I want to do this, but have a doubt.

If I put at PV input a switchable dc power supply for example 48V/7.3A (350W) and use 24V battery bank I can get a current of about 14A (calculation without loss)

So I guess limit output current to battery to 10A will be fine and not burn up dc power supply nor the PV input which has a max input of 15A (I have 7.3A input)?

With this constelation I have a efficent UPS for 24V devices, battery low discharge protection and a data logger. Is this not nice?

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DC consumption not logging on VRM?

I have just set up a Raspberry Pi running Venus OS

System: 2x 75/15s + Pi / 7s Lithium NMC / DC only setup with all loads via the load outputs.

So the VRM dashboard shows 'live' consumption at last update, the advanced widget 'System Overview - DC system' does a good job of allowing me to see watts used at any point in time.

Load out data from the MPPTs clearly exists. Why then is there no DC consumption logged on the dashboard like solar power produced?


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SmartSolar 150/85 showing input voltage when nothing connected.

I have an issue with SmartSolar 150/85 showing pv voltage equal(-0.5v difference) to battery bank voltage even when no pv input is connected.

As this is a new unit purchased for testing purposes, does anyone have an idea what might be causing this?

The unit can still charge correctly, but after removing input source, the pv voltage shows a higher voltage than battery bank until Remote jumper is removed. Needs to be reset otherwise it stays in Bulk mode even though no pv is connected.

It obviously has been damaged during testing, just not sure what to check for repairing.

Also finding it difficult to remove blue cover :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Isolated

I have a narrowboat with Vetus engine twin alternators, 95amp leisure battery, 50 amp starter battery. I want the leisure bank to be charged at the correct voltage so was thinking the Orion - Tr Smart DC- DC will be a good option, this however would make my leisure 95amp alternator redundant. Is there anyway (set up) I could make use of both alternators and the DC to DC ? Thanks Mark

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No input current

I just installed the BMV 700. I'm not getting an input reading for amp hrs. It tells me how much I'm using, but not what's going in. This is a solar set up


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