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How to Limit DC-DC Charger Current on Orion-Tr Smart?

Hey Victron community!

First time posting here, so forgive me if I'm missing any formalities.

I recently bought a Victron Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Non-Isolated 12/12-30. We are planning to use the charger in a travel trailer with a custom 300ah battery bank. The problem is that we want to wait to upgrade the OEM positive wire from the tow vehicle's battery (it is currently a 10awg wire) to a much larger wire until after we start using the trailer. Per my research, we will need closer to a 2awg wire, which is much bigger and a pain to re-route from the tow vehicle, so hoping to kick the can down the road a little.

With that said, is there a way to limit either max current or max power output on these units? Or is the only way to limit it via limiting the voltage? Are there any tricks to artificially limit the current?

Thanks in advance!

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DC-DC converter remote switch

I'm installing a Orion-TR48/12/30A converter. I wonder if the remote on-off switch completely turns the device off or does it take some small idling current when turned off by the remote switch?

Simo Hassi asked

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Orion DC DC Charger - when will it be networkable?

Hi All, I have a camper that runs solar on the roof, and via a Smart DC DC Orion 24/24 - 17 charger in my truck camper. Currently these are not networked as I am driving along which does cause them to sometimes be in different charging states.

Posts on here have asked the question but have not been updated recently - when will the Orion DC DC chargers join the Victron Networked family?

I am very keen to have all devices working on the same charging algorithm. Is there a workaround with the Victron Dongle?

Does anyone know when these will be networkable?



trollan asked

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Orion tr smart with smart alternator setup


Is there someone here Who has experience with the New type smart alternator on orion tr smart charger.

I'm not sure about the right way to setup the orion.

I think it should Be set like this:

the running detection cutoff to 12.8V and the startup voltage to 13.1V. And using the Engine startup override function.


Sten asked

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Choosing a DC-DC charger - truck camper with LiFePO4

I'm looking into buying a DC-DC charger for my truck camper, but I'm unsure which one. Here are the details of my setup:

- Truck: 6.5L diesel engine with 100A alternator, 2 AGM starter batteries (12V parallel)

- Camper: 200Ah LiFePO4 batteries, 8AWG wiring on the DC input

- Alternator outputs around 13.5V, LiFePO4 batteries need around 14.5V (i.e. stepping up the voltage is a must)

Based on those details, it seems like the Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30 would fit the bill, but I'm concerned about the following:

1. Does the Orion-Tr Smart require a remote connection to operate, or can it switch on and off based on input voltage reading alone? I'm going to install the charger on the camper, so I won't have access to the ignition switch, so the only way to determine if the motor is running is by measuring the input voltage - can the Orion-Tr Smart do that?

2. Is 30A reasonable for 8AWG wiring with a 100A alternator? It seems to me like it would be OK, but the charger will be far from the alternator (probably around 5-10m of wire).

3. Is the Orion-Tr Smart the most cost-effective solution for my use case? Another option is the Orion-Tr (without the smart part), but I'm not sure if it can handle LiFePO4 charging.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this!

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What's The Best DC-DC Charger & MPPT For My Needs?


I'm in the process of converting my first camper van and currently researching electrics. For now, all electrics will be 12V but we may add 230V circuitry later. My van has a smart alternator so I need a DC-DC charger for the leisure battery and I also have a 100W solar panel (18V @ 5.5A) that will be charging the leisure battery also.

I am leaning towards the purchase of this unit that can do both but want to investigate a possible Victron alternative as I am also purchasing a Victron Phoenix 12|375 inverter for the build also. Can someone recommend a Victron DC-DC charger & MPPT combo that would rival or beat the performance of the linked Ring unit for the same price or better? Thank you.

Gavin Sheehan asked

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How to measure two DC Inputs On CCGX

I am looking to install a Victron system on my RV that will be using a third-party DC-DC charger to charge 48v house batteries from the vehicle's 12v alternator. If I were to connect this charger through a dedicated BMV battery monitor (with a second one for the system's DC loads), is there any way to have one show up as an "alternator" input on the CCGX display screen?

I know I could connect it through the BMV-700 and presumably just have the CCGX show it as power flowing from the "DC loads" box to the battery. My primary concern is ease-of-use for the end user, so I would greatly appreciate any way to configure thte CCGX for this display.

Chase Martin asked
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3 Answers

Common ground connection with isolated DC/DC charger

I'm in the process of installing a LiFePO4 battery in my Roadtrek class B motorhome. It's a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The LFP battery will replace two lead acid batteries which were able to be charged from an onboard inverter-charger and also from the alternator through a battery isolator. To protect my alternator, I'm installing an isolated Orion-TR Smart 12/12/30 DC-DC charger. This was based on my research regarding some of the electronics I have on board. That said, the ground of the engine/chassis battery and the 'house' (LFP) battery is common. Is this going to be detrimental to the Orion? Thanks for any and all advice you share.

almacrae asked
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which orion dc to DC


I am updating the leisure electrics in my VW T6 Euro 6 to a lithium system. I am replacing everything with Victron apart from the CBE Fused distribution box and the only thing I am stuck on is the DC to DC charger. I will be using a single 100AH lithium leisure battery. I am presently using a Ring RSCDC30 combined 30 Amp DC DC Charger/MPPT which has the positive out feeding to the CBE unit then from there to a busbar. Although programmable I have been advised against using it for lithium so will be replacing with a Victron MPPT and a Victron Orion unit. Can anyone advise which Orion unit is best suited for use with a VW T6 Euro 6. Also do I need isolated or non-isolated.

many thanks

tcummins857 asked
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Victron Orion-Tr Smart 24/12 for 12V input

Hi. A supplier near me only has stock of the 24/12-30A Orion-Tr Smart and not the 12/12-30A. I am wanting to charge a 12V LifePo4 battery in a trailer from the vehicle, which is 12V. Can I buy the 24/12 -30A DC-DC converter and use it with only a 12V input?

Leon Bezuidenhout asked
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Orion Tr 12/12-18 on off led blinking

I have just installed a Orion Tr 12/12-18 on my boat to charge a lithium ion battery. The battery charging voltage is 12.6v but I can not get the charger to charge it the on/off led just blinks at different intervals. What does that mean?

David67 asked
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DC/DC conversion 12V to 48V

I need to feed a very small 48VDC load out of a 12V battery (about 10W). I am considering the possibility of connecting the output of two 12V-to-24V isolated DC/DC converters in series.

Is this series connection an option?

Roberto Kruse asked
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1 Answer

Is it normal for Orion-Tr 48|12-30 DC/DC to fluctuate output?

Connected to 48v Lifepo4 (Battleborn). Output is set to 14.6v but it regularly drops to 9.2v. The output is going into an Orion-Tr 12|12-30 Isolated DC-DC Charger and the voltage drop is constantly disabling/enabling charging due to input voltage lock out. Any advice appreciated!

petermcgowan asked
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Can I parallel DC-DC Chargers to increase total charging power?

I need a higher current than 30A (12V). Can I parallel 2 together? If so what precautions should I consider?


AllanD asked
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Multiple battery strings with DC-DC converters and example component diagrams and converter configurations ?

Hi Forum. I'm in communication with BMS manufacturers about how best to configure 32 prismatic cells for a marine application. System voltage of 48 although the vast majority of loads are 12. Redundancy is important so we are thinking about qty. 2 16S1P strings with DC-DC converters isolating each string. Are there any examples of such Victron configurations in the wild that I can study ?

Sven Nurber asked
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How to setup multiple chargers connecting simultaneously.


I have purchased the following devices and I am starting to setup the system on my Boat, where I have a Starter Battery and a House Battery:

  • Blue Power Charger 12 30 3
  • Smart solar MPPT 100 30
  • Orion-TR Smart 12 12 - 30
  • Smart Battery Protect 12/24 100
  • BMV-712 Smart
  • 2 x Victron 12V 175W Mono Solar Panels

My question relates to situation in which these devices will all be working at the same time.

The AC/DC and DC/DC Charger, will rarely do that, as I will either be on Shore Power or on Engine Power, but there could be very rare instances of the engines being run while on the dock for a few minutes when also still connected on Shore power.

My main concern is the MPPT Solar Charger running at the same time as the DC/DC Charger when under way and in daylight. But technically, if I am in the situation described above at the dock, all three chargers could be working at the same time, for some short period of time.

Can this damage the devices or the Battery? At present the Battery is a AGM 100Ah Deep Cycle but I will soon be replacing it with a LiFePO4.

Can someone please recommend the best way to setup this system? Am I better off switching manually things on off based on the usage? Or can I setup the devices parameters in such a way that they will automatically stop working at the right time based on the voltage produced by other devices?

I would appreciate some guidance and help.

Thank you in advance,


adric asked
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2 Answers


Does the victron 50amp buckboost need connecting directly to the alternator or can this be connected to the starter battery as I have seen this done.

Roberthudson859@gmail.con asked

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Can you mix Victron buck boost converters in parallel?

Was looking at doing a 100a and 50a buck boost converters in parallel. Assuming all the settings are matching and cable runs are equal, can this be done?

Cory Wikel asked
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4 Answers

tsconfig USB Treiber für Buck Booster


Welchen USB-Treiber muss ich bei Windows 7 installieren, damit den Buck Booster konfigurieren kann?

Vielen Dank im Voraus


rr911 asked
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1 Answer

Using both a DC/DC and a MPPT Charger


I am planning on using the Victron Orion TR-Smart 12 12 30 Isolated to charge a LiFeP04 House Battery from the Start Battery of an outboard Alternator.

However, I am also planning on adding solar, to top up the house battery when we are not running the outboard. For this purpose, I am considering the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30, but I am now wondering how the charging would switch between the two systems? Does Victron have a Smart integrated MPPT/DC2DC Charger? Or can it be achieved differently with Victron devices? I know of other branded products that do this.

Can I connect simultaneously both Victron units to the House battery?



adric asked
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MPPT and DC-DC in parallel?


Is it OK to connect Orion-Tr (12-12-30) and MPPT (100/20) to the (second) battery in parallel or do I need to have a switch so they don't both connect at the same time?


CaptainMagnus asked
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Non-Isolated vs Isolated Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger

Hi all,

I have a VW Caddy van that I’m converting to a camper. It’s a modern one with a silly euro 6 alternator and some I’m on the understanding that I need an Orion Smart DC to DC charger, specifically the Smart one to charge my Victron AGM battery (in time this may become a lithium).

If I’m planing on using the chassis as a ground for both the starter battery and the leisure battery combined, do I need the isolation?


Cwoody asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

1 Answer

BMV, Solar 100/50, Orion 30a, 1600, inverter/charger to set up with Lithium Batteries

I'm looking to set up an off grid van system. I have 4x 150w of solar on the roof and 2x 150ah of basic lithium batteries.

I was planning on fitting:

Smart Solar 100/50

Orion 12v/12v 30a (Poss x2)

Multiplus 1600va

BMV 712.

Smart Battery Protect 100

The batteries have a basic BMS, with low voltage and over voltage protect, but I would like to have low temp protect and be able to set my own DOD alarm and cut out. How is the best way to connect and program this system? I have looked into the set up guides and there seems to be many different ways. I also wonder if the different charging units may trip over each other during charging, ie DC to DC and Solar when driving or Solar and 230v Charger when plugged in. Is there any way of syncing them to work as one rather than each unit doing its own thing?

Tharbarn asked

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Addition of Orion Smart DC to DC Charging

Here is my configuration thus far: LiFePO4 House bank, AGM (or SLA) Start Battery. Alternator is 120A non-smart (one option considered is the Balmar retrofit kit but cost is more than the Orion Smart DC Charger) The House was an AGM bank before and both batteries were connected through an electronic battery isolator for charging (diesel engine alternator and shore powered charger and Solar MPPT).

I've read that it may be advisable to keep the Lead-acid start battery from a starting CCA capability AS WELL as a safety consideration -- should the BMS ever disconnect the LiFePO4 bank (over or undervoltage) and say the engine is running, I am concerned the alternator could burn out or excess voltage be pushed through my DC system, damaging electronics.

Since I will have to disconnect one bank from the shore power charger (it can only be set to Lithium or Lead Acid charge profiles) I was wondering if the Orion Smart Charger would help to provide Alternator charging to the House bank through the Start Bank.

The rationale for leaving the Lead Acid connected to the alternator is that 1. Serve as protection from overcharging as it is cheap(er) to replace, 2. the chemistry prefers to be at a higher SOC and can sustain higher/longer levels of charge should we motor for longer periods.

Thoughts? I've seen others who charge from house to start bank. Or is there a product that provides 2 bank DC to DC Charging (using different charge profiles)?

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Use Orion-TR Smart DC-DC 12/12 30 directly between alternator and two lithium banks?

I have shifted to lithium only on my sailboat. So I need to decrease my engine alternator to 14.2 V for all batteries. I.e., I cannot base the installation on a source and an aux. battery, as suggested in the Orion TR Smart manual. Instead, I want to connect Input to the alternator and Output to the main POS/NEG pins on the consumption side.

Is this possible with the Orion-TR Smart?

My setup:

- Bank 1: 200 AH lithium charged directly by solar panels, through dedicated MPPT regulator.

- Bank 2: 200 AH lithium charged directly by wind generator, through dedicated HRDI regulator.

I have a battery bank selector (with 1, 2, and Both) that selects which bank to consume from and consequently which bank the alternator charges to.

The engine starter is connected to the selector, so I can start with either bank, or both.

This has worked perfectly through a standard Balmar alternator regulator when I had lead batteries. So, I really just want to replace the Balmar regulator with a "lithium-specific" regulator.

soren Petersen asked
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2 Answers

Charging my LifePo4 with an alternator


I am designing my setup but the only thing that is not clear to me is how to safely have my batteries charge through my alternator.

The battery will be a LiFePo4 battery, 12V 600Ah.
Inverter/charger Victron Phoenix 12/2500/120
700W of Solar through SmartSolar 100/50

I am still deciding on the BMS. My van is a 2006 Renault Master, so I'm pretty sure it's not one of the newer "smart alternators".

From what I can find online it looks like there might be a way to use either a BMS or a VE.Bus BMS to do this? I would like the alternator to be connected to my starter battery at all times, and connect a system to that that
A) Doesn't destroy my alternator
B) Doesn't drain my starter
C) Shuts off charging when battery is full

Has anyone already made a setup like this?

Thank you!!!

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Orion TR Smart DC-DC to charge boat diesel starting bank?

It's good to see the Orion Smart series officially announced on the blog today:


But while it's usually shown set up to use input from a vehicle start battery to charge an auxiliary bank, I want to do the reverse. In my case there would be two alternators on the same 450hp boat diesel feeding a 440ah Firefly AGM 12v house bank with the Orion Smart 12/12-30 supplying the smaller Dekka AGM 12v starting bank. That way I'd get more use from the alternators, plus alternator redundancy, and the system would be ready if I ever switch the house bank up to Lithium-Ion.

Am I thinking straight?

PS The boat already has BMV712/Smart Solar/Venus system that I greatly appreciate:


How will Orion eventually integrate with the family?

BenE asked
Mike_G answered ·

4 Answers

Lithium ion charger and converter

Hi there,

I'm in the process of building a campervan and want to use my Lithium battery that is 16,8v at 100% SOC with build-in BMS. I have two that in total gives me app. 5kw of power before 0% SOC that i plan to install.

Most chargers do max app. 14v and that is just not good enough here.

I will setup the system with shore power, solar power and the possibility to use a generator (wind, diesel or regen from propeller). I will need AC power for a 2 stove induction cooker and microwave and guessing peak would be as much as 3kw

Can you recommend me a setup with Vitron components for my Van. I will use this as a showcase as my battery pack soon will go to the consumer marked if we get funding towards this multi purpose of grid battery as expected.

Best Regards


Jesper Schweitz asked

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Buck Boost 50A DC-DC Converter only as DC-DC converter?

i want to use a Buck Boost DC-DC Converter for a 24V auxiliary heating (24V 480W) in a truck, is this possible with this converter? - No battery should be charged with it, it should only be used as a DC-DC converter with a constant output voltage of 25 V and 25 A.

Wolfgang Wuttke asked
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1 Answer

12v boat system charged with Multiplus and DC-DC charger to 24V thruster


we have a 12v 3*230Ah house battery that is charged with a 120A Multi and an alternator. We are looking to eliminate a separate 24v charger that is used for a bow thruster. We are looking into the new Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Isolated with 12V in and 24V out.

The assumption is that we can set it voltages so that either the alternator or the multi would provide a voltage level for the DC-DC to start charging the 24V system. Is there any reason why such design should be avoided? (The difference between stanard use case is that we also want to charge when the Multi is connected and only when the alternator is running) and we also assume that the on the 12v side it would not influence that charging process and any way.

eliott asked
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