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Orion TR Smart woes. Not impressed.


I have three different Victron DC systems and had plans to add the Orion TR Smart to two of them. I purchased a 12v 30a non-isolated Orion TR for my RV and to bluntly put it.. I'm not impressed.

This device has no ve.direct connector, what is the logic behind this decision? If I've invested the money to control every aspect of my Victron system through Venus, why would this device be headless? There also seems no way to add it into the bluetooth VE networking protocol.

I have come to rely heavily on DVCC for my dynamic charging needs, so the fact that this device can only be controlled through bluetooth with an extremely limited set of configuration options is frustrating.

The bluetooth radio in this device is abysmal. I can control every other Victron Smart product meters away from them, whereas this Orion TR doesn't even broadcast outside of the vehicle it's in. I have also seen similar complains in the ratings sections of a retailer and on this forum.

Has anyone used the external relay control features of their multiplus or possibly bmv-7xx to provide at least some type of logic-based control to their dc-dc charger?

I feel like this device was rushed to market. I am struggling to see the value in the Orion TR, I am considering returning this item. Does anyone have any insight if there are firmware improvements scheduled for this product or if I'm missing something here?

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Is it possible to use MPPT 100/50 Solar Charge controller just like a DC-DC-Converter without MPPT?

I want to use my MPPT 100/50 1) with a bicycle powered alternator (0 to 75V and 36A, up to 1000W but 100W normal power) at the input and 2) different electrical consumers or battery charging at the output. Actually I need a DC-DC converter with very wide input voltage range.
1) This seems to work fine (with battery at the output) but the MPPT should be switched off to get this working like a normal DC-DC-converter. Otherwise, the MPPT will never find the right point because the input voltage changes to fast. Can I switch MPPT off somehow via VE.direct settings or custom firmware?
2) I didn't try that yet because I fear to destroy the device. Is it possible to directly connect different consumers (e.g. DC-AC inverter, 12V Car Mobile Charger, Car Hifi)?

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VRM problem no energy consumption is shown

I have actual two MPPTs for two solar strings in my car (RV/Overlander)

And a smart shunt plus the Cerbo GX.

For some weeks everything worked very well, I could see all data at the VRM homepage.

If Saturday only the solar data are displayed, but not the energy consumption any more.

The actual consumption is still shown on the Dashboard side, but not in the graphs and statistics any more. What could be the reason? I have changed nothing in between.

On the remote console display I still can see all data. Solar and energy DC consumption.

I have restarted now the Cerbo GX two or three times, but nothing changed.

Thx for a hint

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Orion 12 / 24 - 20 Converter: Zero Load consumption when remotely switched off

According to this thread: https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/33923/orion-tr-smart-1212-30-current-consumption-when-re.html

the new Tr Smart dont draw any current, when remotely switched off. Can somebody say whether this also aplies to the non "Tr Smart" units?


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12V 30A Victron DC-DC Non-isolated Charger Draws 55A!??

I have a 12V 30A Victron DC-DC non-isolated charger that may not be working correctly (or I've really missed something). It draws 55A!. A relay selects 1 of 2 sources. The DC-DC draws 55A at about 9.7V from a 12V 30A Iota inverter. From a Ford Ranger alternator, voltage drops to about 9.7V and current spikes (at least to 27A) but a 50A thermal breaker quickly opens so I do not have an accurate reading. A VA meter is installed on the input to the DC-DC and the App shows similar V values. I have verified the wiring.

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Compact campervan system for solar and alternator charging

For a small campervan I'm looking for a way to charge the household battery from both solar and alternator.
I have gathered the following components:

-Household battery: AGM super cycle 12V/60Ah
-Smart Solar MPPT 75/10
-Orion Smart Tr 12/12-30

The start and house hold batteries will share common ground. The output load will be connected through a relay to the household battery. The relay coil will be switched by the load output of the MPPT to prevent deep discharge.

According to the datasheet of the Victron AGM batteries the charge current must be limited to 0.2C (12A in this case). At higher charge currents temperature compensation is required.

I see the following potential problems:

-The Orion will bulk charge with at least 30A and the Orion can not use a temperature sensor to compensate. This will probably reduce battery life.
-The available space for the battery and the chargers is quite small. The orion will dissipate more than 50W during bulk charging which is a lot in the small compartiment.
-The high current draw from the alternator might slow down the charging time of the start battery.

The options to solve this:
-Reduce the Orion charge current but this seems not possible when looking at the settings in the App.
-Use the isolated Orion Smart Tr 12/12-18. With 18A charge current the battery might have a longer life.
-Use a DC/DC converter to feed the PV input of the MPPT and a Cyrix between the alternator and the DC/DC converter. A relay will switch between solar and DC/DC converter as source. I know some people use the Orion 12/24-5 isolated converter for this purpose. The Orion's short circuit current of 39A concerns me in combination with the MPPT spec of 13A max. As far as I understand the MPPT will short the input during the MPPT tracking cycle. An option here could be to use a diffent brand DC/DC converter with constant current limit below 13A.

Can anyone advise?

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TR Smart Isolated 12/12-30A direct from starter positive to Converter

Is it possible to pull the positive lead to my TR Smart DC_DC charger from the starter on my VW Westfalia instead of running from the start battery to the charger saving wire run?

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DC-DC convertor sizing and isolation

I am looking to put together a 12V sailboat system from a yanmar with an 80 amp dumb alternator. O have a lead starter battery and lithium house batteries. Do i need isolated or not? Sounds like isolated is OK. Also would I go to a larger DC-DC convertor or just stick with the 30 amp.

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Hi all, appologies if this has been answered previously but I’ve had no luck finding the answers I need.

I originally had the SCC075015060R - MPPT 75/15 12/24V connected to a solar panel with 1 x 190a & 1 x 100a Lead Acid sealed batteries In my Ford Ranger 2019

I am now wanting to change to DCDC and I think the unit I need is the ORI121236120 - Orion TR Smart 12/12 30A DCDC Charger but was wondering if it is possible to still run the MPPT so I can plug a folding solar blanket when away instead of having to drive around to recharge. (similar to the Redarc units)

Is this setup possible, do I need any extras such as busbars ect? and does anyone have a wiring diagram of a setup like this to put my mind at ease??? I just want to order all parts and tackle it in one hit.

Thankyou all appreciate any help


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DC-DC Converter or BuckBoost

Hi All,

Need a little advise before purchasing one of the above...

I have just bought a VW Caddy with a Euro 6 engine and alternator, my plan is to convery it to a camper with a multiplus and solar/mppt fitted. I have some Victron AGM Battries (2x 60Ah in parallel) and want to be able to charge them from the altrnator when driving.

Being a euro 6, do I have to use a BuckBoost? Or as I'm using AGM, can I use a Orion-Tr DC-DC Converter?


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Orion 12-24 reverse polaity protection


I'm using an Orion 12-24V 20A DC-DC converter and wanting to ensure that the input is reverse polarity protected.

I am using a 40A breaker on the input, is there any internal diode protection in the unit or will i need to add a external diode for this?

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TSConfig Drivers not found

Connecting Buck boost to Windows 10 computer. TSConfig application downloaded from victron site. But the link to download the drivers is no longer valid, 404 not found.

Does anyone know where to download the drivers for TSConfig application?

https://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/Pages/USBtoUARTBridgeVCPDrivers.aspx [silabs.com]

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Air conditioner with DC 36V input


For an air conditioner application with a 36V DC input (more precisely 30V<input<40V) I want to use batteries to power it.

Which Victron E product could either:

-charge a 36V battery bank, or

-convert 12V/24V dc to 36V dc



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Orion TR Smart DC-DC to charge boat diesel starting bank?

It's good to see the Orion Smart series officially announced on the blog today:


But while it's usually shown set up to use input from a vehicle start battery to charge an auxiliary bank, I want to do the reverse. In my case there would be two alternators on the same 450hp boat diesel feeding a 440ah Firefly AGM 12v house bank with the Orion Smart 12/12-30 supplying the smaller Dekka AGM 12v starting bank. That way I'd get more use from the alternators, plus alternator redundancy, and the system would be ready if I ever switch the house bank up to Lithium-Ion.

Am I thinking straight?

PS The boat already has BMV712/Smart Solar/Venus system that I greatly appreciate:


How will Orion eventually integrate with the family?

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Cerbo GX temperature input To monitor Battery temperature for multiple lithium chargers (MPPT, AC, buck-boost)

Hi. I’m building a system around Cerbo GX and want to monitor the battery temperature of my lithium batteries to switch off the MPPT or AC chargers when the temp is too low. Can I use the simple Victron temperature lead connected to the Cerbo GX temp input to disable charging? Or do I need to get the Smart temp sensor and create a VE Smart network to achieve this? and can I use one temperature sensor to switch off AC and Solar chargers, or do I need separate temp sensor for each charger? I also plan to add a DC-DC buck boost charger, and need this to also switch off on low temp. How can I also achieve this through the Cerbo GX or do I need the Ve Can temp sensor?

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Could someone please check if I'm thinking this right?

Hey folks! I'm setting up the electrical for my van conversion and have zero experience besides videos and articles. I came across the Smart BMS CL 12-100 but I'm not super sure if that's what I need? It charges the battery safe from the alternator, right? Sames as the Orion? Is it a new thing?

I've put this diagram together to illustrate what I'm thinking. Please ignore fuse/trip sizes as it's just to illustrate, I still need to calculate everything.

Anyway, would really appreciate some thoughts on this.


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Do i need a dc dc converter ? Alternator from enginge serves 70 A into battery.

We currently have 2 batteries, 1 start 180ah, 1 auxilary 230ah. These are loaded by a mppt and by the alternator of the engine via a cyrix. However the alternator feed 70 amps if the engine is running. The start battery is a normal lead battery, the other is a AGM battery. Do i need a dc dc converter to limit the loading ?

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How thick cable for Orion 12/12-30

Hi, I have a question about

Orion-Tr Smart 12 / 12-30A (360W) DC-D

I want to use it in my motorhome for charging from the car battery to my battery in living area they are at 360A. The charger is 30A, I have 8 meters between carbattery and the battery in living area. 8m plus and8m minus that is 16 meter and it will charge at 30 Amp, I need a cable at 30mm2 and spec for the orion says it can only take up to 16mm2, what will I do? Can I use 16Mm2 cable or do they burn up? Please help me. I have your solarcharger already and I need the bluetooth function.

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Proper way to charge 12V bank from 48V bank ?

Hi Forum. This boat has 48V battery bank with some 12V loads that draw more than 30A. I was thinking of a Victron DC-DC converter, but doesn't it make more sense to use a DC battery charger to ensure that an absorption charge happens when necessary ? I'm curious what others recommend or do in such a situation ?

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DC to DC Converter 12V to 24V for bow thruster auxiliary battery bank

Can a DC to DC Converter (12V to 24V) be used as a battery charger for bow thruster auxiliary battery bank? Orion Smart Tr? There are competing products made by Cristec and Scheiber that offer this ability safely, but prefer to use Victron. How can this be safely done (overloading/overcurrent by bow thruster) with Victron product? Example Image below taken from https://store.marinebeam.com/cristec-12v-24vdc-multistage-dc-dc-battery-charger/


Dan K asked

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How to Limit DC-DC Charger Current on Orion-Tr Smart?

Hey Victron community!

First time posting here, so forgive me if I'm missing any formalities.

I recently bought a Victron Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Non-Isolated 12/12-30. We are planning to use the charger in a travel trailer with a custom 300ah battery bank. The problem is that we want to wait to upgrade the OEM positive wire from the tow vehicle's battery (it is currently a 10awg wire) to a much larger wire until after we start using the trailer. Per my research, we will need closer to a 2awg wire, which is much bigger and a pain to re-route from the tow vehicle, so hoping to kick the can down the road a little.

With that said, is there a way to limit either max current or max power output on these units? Or is the only way to limit it via limiting the voltage? Are there any tricks to artificially limit the current?

Thanks in advance!

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DC-DC converter remote switch

I'm installing a Orion-TR48/12/30A converter. I wonder if the remote on-off switch completely turns the device off or does it take some small idling current when turned off by the remote switch?

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Orion DC DC Charger - when will it be networkable?

Hi All, I have a camper that runs solar on the roof, and via a Smart DC DC Orion 24/24 - 17 charger in my truck camper. Currently these are not networked as I am driving along which does cause them to sometimes be in different charging states.

Posts on here have asked the question but have not been updated recently - when will the Orion DC DC chargers join the Victron Networked family?

I am very keen to have all devices working on the same charging algorithm. Is there a workaround with the Victron Dongle?

Does anyone know when these will be networkable?



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Orion tr smart with smart alternator setup


Is there someone here Who has experience with the New type smart alternator on orion tr smart charger.

I'm not sure about the right way to setup the orion.

I think it should Be set like this:

the running detection cutoff to 12.8V and the startup voltage to 13.1V. And using the Engine startup override function.


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Choosing a DC-DC charger - truck camper with LiFePO4

I'm looking into buying a DC-DC charger for my truck camper, but I'm unsure which one. Here are the details of my setup:

- Truck: 6.5L diesel engine with 100A alternator, 2 AGM starter batteries (12V parallel)

- Camper: 200Ah LiFePO4 batteries, 8AWG wiring on the DC input

- Alternator outputs around 13.5V, LiFePO4 batteries need around 14.5V (i.e. stepping up the voltage is a must)

Based on those details, it seems like the Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30 would fit the bill, but I'm concerned about the following:

1. Does the Orion-Tr Smart require a remote connection to operate, or can it switch on and off based on input voltage reading alone? I'm going to install the charger on the camper, so I won't have access to the ignition switch, so the only way to determine if the motor is running is by measuring the input voltage - can the Orion-Tr Smart do that?

2. Is 30A reasonable for 8AWG wiring with a 100A alternator? It seems to me like it would be OK, but the charger will be far from the alternator (probably around 5-10m of wire).

3. Is the Orion-Tr Smart the most cost-effective solution for my use case? Another option is the Orion-Tr (without the smart part), but I'm not sure if it can handle LiFePO4 charging.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this!

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What's The Best DC-DC Charger & MPPT For My Needs?


I'm in the process of converting my first camper van and currently researching electrics. For now, all electrics will be 12V but we may add 230V circuitry later. My van has a smart alternator so I need a DC-DC charger for the leisure battery and I also have a 100W solar panel (18V @ 5.5A) that will be charging the leisure battery also.

I am leaning towards the purchase of this unit that can do both but want to investigate a possible Victron alternative as I am also purchasing a Victron Phoenix 12|375 inverter for the build also. Can someone recommend a Victron DC-DC charger & MPPT combo that would rival or beat the performance of the linked Ring unit for the same price or better? Thank you.

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How to measure two DC Inputs On CCGX

I am looking to install a Victron system on my RV that will be using a third-party DC-DC charger to charge 48v house batteries from the vehicle's 12v alternator. If I were to connect this charger through a dedicated BMV battery monitor (with a second one for the system's DC loads), is there any way to have one show up as an "alternator" input on the CCGX display screen?

I know I could connect it through the BMV-700 and presumably just have the CCGX show it as power flowing from the "DC loads" box to the battery. My primary concern is ease-of-use for the end user, so I would greatly appreciate any way to configure thte CCGX for this display.

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Common ground connection with isolated DC/DC charger

I'm in the process of installing a LiFePO4 battery in my Roadtrek class B motorhome. It's a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The LFP battery will replace two lead acid batteries which were able to be charged from an onboard inverter-charger and also from the alternator through a battery isolator. To protect my alternator, I'm installing an isolated Orion-TR Smart 12/12/30 DC-DC charger. This was based on my research regarding some of the electronics I have on board. That said, the ground of the engine/chassis battery and the 'house' (LFP) battery is common. Is this going to be detrimental to the Orion? Thanks for any and all advice you share.

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which orion dc to DC


I am updating the leisure electrics in my VW T6 Euro 6 to a lithium system. I am replacing everything with Victron apart from the CBE Fused distribution box and the only thing I am stuck on is the DC to DC charger. I will be using a single 100AH lithium leisure battery. I am presently using a Ring RSCDC30 combined 30 Amp DC DC Charger/MPPT which has the positive out feeding to the CBE unit then from there to a busbar. Although programmable I have been advised against using it for lithium so will be replacing with a Victron MPPT and a Victron Orion unit. Can anyone advise which Orion unit is best suited for use with a VW T6 Euro 6. Also do I need isolated or non-isolated.

many thanks

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