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This Community Forum does not display year information in posts

Hi Team Victron

Something that has been an annoyance of late is digging back through previous posts and not knowing which year they are from. Month and day is listed but not year.

Can this date format be amended to include the year?


warwick asked
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How to contact the Community Manager & Site Admin

What is the best way to get in contact with the Community Manager for site administration issues (accounts, emails, file attachments, etc)?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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show complete date ( for question posted


I would find it helpfull to see the complete date of a posting / question in this nice community portal. Usually there is only displayed the month and the day. Could you please add the YEAR?

e-box asked
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Why can one who answers a question mark it as "accepted"?

Trying to understand why someone who offers an answer to a question can then mark it as "answered" whether or not it is?

I asked a question about the availability of CAD images for Victron components. A person trying to be helpful directed me to a different answer, which talked about 3D CAD images. I then realized my question wasn't clear as I was seeking images to use with 2D CAD software. I replied to him in the original thread clarifying that while I appreciated his response, I was seeking something different.

Since then, he has twice marked my question "answered", even though it has not been. Since I"m still hoping someone can help me with 2D CAD images, I'd rather it wasn't pulled from the unanswered list.

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Why is this community structure so confusing?


I am new to this community and would like to give feedback with my opinion on the structure of the forum threads - it is horrible!

I get that you are trying to create a knowledgebase with each topic having only one answer, but but this idea of comments vs answers really mucks up the flow of the threads, makes it confusing to follow, and spoils the user experience.

I have not seen another forum anywhere that uses this format.

Edited - Moved to a new question by Guy.

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Victron Community Guidelines

Hello and Welcome!

These are some of the Victron Community guidelines. The community is predominantly volunteers, and the vast majority of the answers are provided by enthusiasts. It is not an Official Ask Victron site, for that please use the normal line of support.

Read the Victron Support page, and follow the steps in order

After you have read the Support page, if you believe that Victron Community is the best place for your enquiry, please search the previous posts. If you find your question already answered, please give it an upvote.

If you cannot find a similar question, register an account and prepare your post.

You will need to provide some basic information before you can post a question.

Try to limit the Subject and first line of your post to a single, short, question.

This can then be followed on by further background information to provide context, examples or attempts you have already made to address the issue; If you think it will help in answering.


One Question per post

This community is intended to become a knowledge base. We want people to be able to quickly search for their question, and find the answer. Ideally the answer is a link or reference to the precise Victron documentation.

To help with this, please keep your posts focused clearly on a single question, issue or problem.

If you have follow up questions that are different from the original, please create a new post. It is encouraged to create more posts with clear titles, if you have more questions.

If we think that multiple different questions are being asked, we may ask you to split them up.

This allows future users to find specific questions, and clear precise answers very quickly.

If you try to ask follow up questions in the same post, they are likely to be missed, because the original question appears as answered.


Accept the best answers

If you have asked a question, and an answer helps you towards a solution, please click the 'Accept' link under the answer.

Even if you didn't ask the original question, if you see or are helped by an answer on the site, you can also click to accept it as well. This will elevate the answer and help others who have the same issue.


Not really the place for System Design

Long, multifaceted issues involving system design, multiple run on questions with very specific installation and nuanced details are not really well suited for the structure of the community. It is best to have a single question with a clear title per post. More complex enquires are best be directed towards your distributor.


Constantly Improving Documentation

Victron is constantly improving documentation, every single day something is updated.

It is ok to ask questions that may be in the manual, though we ask you to also look yourself, and self-post the answer if you find it before someone else does, ideally with the manual and section reference.

This can help others, and also help Victron to make manuals clearer.


Choose A Good Topic Title

Please use an appropriate title when asking a new question. “No lights on 100/50 MPPT” is a good title. “URGENT HELP PLS!!!” is not. This helps those who have specific product knowledge find your question to answer, and also others who might have the same issue find it easily later.


Editing Posts

Occasionally Victron will edit questions, topics and answers if we think it will be helpful or add clarity.


Helping Out

If you would like to help, there is a list of unanswered questions here and normally on the right hand side on desktop and down the bottom on mobile.


Many Answers

We hope that every question will receive an answer from the community. If you think you can clarify further, even if there is already an answer, please contribute. Other users are able to upvote better answers, or accept the best one (or more).

On occasion, a Victron person may also contribute. Please do not specifically @ request an answer from Victron without first giving the community an opportunity to answer.


Be Honest

We are all here to learn, please be honest with your level of experience and confidence. If you are certain of a solution and a fact, it is ok to say so. If you only think something might be some way, or are just testing an idea, please say that too.


When will new product X, Y or Z be available?

Please do not ask the community when products, updates or approvals will be ready or available.

New products are announced at various shows and on the Victron blog website. This is done when the specifications are quite certain, but before there is a good indication around supply dates. Delays can occur. Victron Professionals can subscribe to our weekly newsletter which provides updates.

Check the price list on our website. For soon-coming-but-not-yet-in-available products, it lists an indicative release date. Once in the price list, you can place an order with your distributors, and then you will be among the first to receive the product when it starts shipping. Anything not listed in the price list yet is not progressed far enough for us to give out a date. So we will not comment on availability questions.

Approvals are often subject to testing and 3rd party organisations that operate on their own timeline.

Thanks for your interest and patience, we want to have these available too!


More Technical than Business

As a manufacturer our focus is on supporting our equipment from a technical perspective, and rely upon a worldwide dealer network to reach customers.

If you feel very strongly about an experience you have had with a Victron dealer, and think that it is important that Victron knows about it, please direct it towards the appropriate regional sales manager instead of posting it on the community.

Please try and keep financial and business conversations direct with those involved and not on the Community site. Please do not post specific pricing, the internet is already exceptional for comparative price shopping. This community is not about that. The community can help with equipment issues, software bugs, and even feature requests but not finding the best deal, or getting a refund.


Questions about systems with Modifications and Customisations

Please ask any questions and information that involves anything that touches the ‘unsupported’ side of Victron equipment (such as custom programming, self-made cables, Raspberry Pi, modified hardware, APIs, Modbus TCP, NodeRed, ESS mode 2+3, etc) to the special MODIFICATIONS SPACE.

There you can find an active enthusiast community who are looking to make the most of their systems and expand their own knowledge and control beyond the bounds of what most normal users and installers expect (a nice stable and reliable power system).

This space is also for 3rd party battery BMS integrations that are NOT on the supported battery compatibility list.


I want to speak to the Manager!

Sometimes there is a problem with the site, or your account, and you might need to speak to the Victron Community Manager. Please follow these directions to get in touch.

A Disclaimer

This is a public community and anybody is able to contribute. Please use the normal channel of support if you are unsure of how to proceed, or wish to escalate an enquiry.

Power systems are inherently complex systems with unknown elements outside of our control, Victron does not validate the information provided here. Friendly questions and suggestions are made in good faith and all electrical work should be supervised by a qualified technician.

I hope you are all enjoying the site and finding it useful. Thanks for being a part of the Victron Community.

Guy Stewart

Victron Community Manager

PS - I also welcome any suggestions you might have. This is a live document, so there will be changes:

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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Extending an existing system

Due an increase in the laod requirement, I intend to extend the below off grid system:


My idea id to add an already purchased set of 3 x multiplus 5000-48 V and another Fronius 27 kW PV inverter. Battery capacity will not be modified as it was already oversized. I thought of the following scheme :


Can anyone confirm or amend this extension project?

hajji asked
silas answered ·

1 Answer

Cannot post a question using emoji

EDIT: the reason is a bug/'feature' with non-ascii smiley characters :-(

This has now happened thrice in a row. Ipad, both Safari & Chrome; question ca. 2000 characters long, new verified user.

What is the problem?

"An Internal error has occurred and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

We are doing our best to fix the problem as soon as possible."

ksytsi asked
Trina commented ·

4 Answers

How do I Find old posts?

Hi Victron staff,

How can I find posts that I made (ie. questions I asked) or posts that I replied to? I tried searching using my username and also using tags but the results often come up short of what's there requiring me to scroll through the list of questions both answered and unanswered to find those posts.


jbakuwel asked
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3 Answers

Tension drop

In the history of victron Connect the maxi tension of my 2 S. panels has drop from 40/44 V to 30/32 V. This happened after the last firmware update of my regulator 100/20;

Bug or solar panels problem?

andre2 asked

0 Answers

I am looking for assistance setting up a new system with the 75/15 and FLA batteries

I recently set up a new system with a Victron 75/15 controller, two 110 watt panels and two deep cycle group 31 130 amp hour floating leads acid batteries. The controller and everything is working, except, I know the controller is not properly set up. It defaulted to Gel Victron deep discharge (2).

Is there a proper preset programed into the unit?

If not, can someone provide the proper settings so that I do not damage the batteries.

wherzfeld asked
JohnC answered ·

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SmartSolar MPPT sync released

Hello Victron Community,

Good news today!

We are officially releasing synchronised charging for SmartSolar MPPTs over a VE.Smart Network (bluetooth between the units).

It is now available with version 5.22 of VictronConnect (MPPT firmware update included).

You can find out more about it in this blog post here.

and some more technical details in the updated manual here

I thought though that given the milestone, it would be nice to give a bit of background on what goes into a feature like this, AND how this Victron Community site has actively contributed.

The Victron Community has always been extremely engaged. Given the flat structure of the company, it is possible for the right person, or team to quickly get involved and play a part in bringing something like this to life.

Active contributors who wanted these features for their installations, and participated in the discussions about these features were invited to participate in some smaller group discussions to explore exactly how it should work. R&D developers then took that feedback, and worked on writing the code. As alpha and beta testing versions became available, that small group of active contributors, again provided information and feedback.

This helped speed and improve the quality of the testing, as it expanded Victron's qualified testing environments.

Once happy with the stability, a more open version was made available, via Victron Professional and VRM. This has been going on now for several months, and based on that experience we are now able to bundle the new firmware and features into VictronConnect, available to all.

Thank you all who have contributed and provided the positive and constructive feedback that has got us to this point.

Victron is ALWAYS learning how we can improve our products, and the processes that we use to research and develop them.

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked

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Is there an easier way to keep up on Questions you are following?

I've flagged several questions as "Following" that are of interest to me here in the Victron Community - but there does not seem to be an easy way to actually keep up on them.

Am I missing something?

I've seen several questions that I am "Following" get new comments or answers, but I only found these updates by manually hunting them down.

I can see the questions I am following in my profile, but they are not even sorted by date of last update so even that requires manually flipping through pages.

Ideal - I'd love to see all the questions and topics I am following sorted by date of last activity right on the front page of the Community.

Will this ever be possible?


- Chris

technomadia asked
Charlie Johnson answered ·

2 Answers

Problem with incorrect data reception with color control

Dear lady, dear sir,

We are a hotel and our only energy production, apart from our generating set, is our solar installation, so essential to us.

We are in court with the installer for another reason than the solar panel, so the contact is broken.


The BMV 700 is new with 1 month old and has been replaced in guarantee


The Fronius is also new - a few days ago it was also replaced under warranty

Can the problem of incorrect data come from?

I had noticed inconsistencies before its replacement BUT not this.

There has been a problem with the color control data for two weeks now, namely mentions a discharge when there is more solar production than consumption, see photo.

I think some data are incorrect.

But the more incredible the error displayed on the screen

doesn't happen all the time, it's random

I see that there are some problems after observing the equipment.

One of the three inverters does not load, while the other two do.

Is that normal?

The inverters indicate low battery, then when it is at 46.5 volts.

Is that normal?

I think the limit for this 43-volt alert is yes or no.

Another question: is there a maintenance plan for the facilities and equipment?

·Plaquas solar : 46 pc

·Inverter : 3 PC – N° : HQ1612GRY7W*. trifasico

·Color contrôle victron

·Battery monitor : BMV 700

·Fronius : modelo Symo 15.0-3-M

El groupo electrógeno de 20 kva esta conectado a el color control

Batteria VESNA : 24 pc de type : 16 OP zS 2000 LA

2000 Ah

Do I need to do system upgrades as well?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Sincerely yours

olivier asked
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1 Answer

Feedback on Community Changes


Regular visitors may have noticed some changes to the site this week.

Please let us know if anything isn't working like it should for you.

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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14 Answers

Why is my post in Moderation?

Why my posts are still under moderation after so many days

dimitri-1 asked
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On my BMV 702 can I connect my RV house battery and my starting battery using the the Negative post of only one battery

Both my house battery and my chassis battery are using the same negative ground on my RV. chassis. If I were to connect a second Pos wire from the chassis battery to the shunt (by the house battery )without running an additional negative cable from the chassis battery, will I be able to monitor the second battery?

billperson asked
billperson commented ·

1 Answer

Color Control GX reporting data

Can you pull report from

Color Control GX that supports graphs in internet

jimmy asked
Paul B answered ·

1 Answer

Congratulations on 2000 Questions and Answers

Hello Victron Community,

We have just had a milestone of 2000 questions answered.

This also coincides with 2000 registered users and over 3,750 unique visitors per week.

This is all in little over 6 months.

Thank you all, and especially those who visit regularly to learn from each other and share what you have already learned.

With much appreciation,

Guy Stewart

Victron Community Manager.

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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3 Answers

Help needed with "How to Perform a system Check and Basic Troubleshooting"

Hello Victron Community,

Along with the launch of the Victron Community, and the Victron Support page, I started a document last year to help users to help themselves before they contacted others for more support.

The beginnings of the document are here:

I would really appreciate some other peoples feedback or even contributions.

If you have a GitHub account, you should be able to edit it directly (with the link at the bottom)

Otherwise, I would welcome any suggestions or contributions in comments to this post.

Once it is good enough - it will be linked in Step 2 of the Victron Support page.


Guy Stewart

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
Paul B answered ·

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"reach out" doesnt work?

Since no one replied to my post, there was an option to reach out to an expert. Only that doesn't seem to work either, it keeps sitting in the "Searching" phase. This is on latest FF on MacOS.

scubasail asked
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Private Conversation

Is there any way to have a privat chat with respondants on this site??

6878mm asked
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Can we get back the feature that shows the last-modified time on the topics?

Until last week, this site showed a timestamp next to each question, so we could quickly see which topics were new or had updates. Now, that information is gone. Is there any way to get it back?

[As a bonus, it would be nice if there were a "dense display" option or theme, so that we could see dozens of topics quickly. Just like on any other discussion forum would show topics.]

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