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250 Kbits/s battery on Multiplus II-GX ?


We are installing lithium batteries with their own BMS working at 250 kbits/s using EasySolar-II GX and Multiplus-II GX units. It seems the Multiplus-II GX units do not have the 250 kbit/s baud rate option, as do all the other GX units.


Is there a way to get the Multiplus-II-GX to work at 250 kbit/s? Changing firmware perhaps?

The batteries have been tested with a Color Control GX and work fine. But it is not working with the Multiplus-II GX.

Any help is appreciated. We have 450 units of those standing by...


Jordi Faxedas

jordifax asked
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Communications to DC-DC charger from Color Controler GX


I have a great Victron System with the Color Control GX, Battery Monitor, 3000W inverter , 2 level monitors, 150/70Smart Solar and the 12/12/ 30 amp DC to dc charger. I love that i can get so much data and reports from these devices, but miss the ability to see the charge data from the 12/12 charger. Is there plans to have it communicate with the Color control, or will it always be walled off?



mike-hoffinger asked

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Rewards ? - How does this work

I have no idea where to post this :)

How do the rewards work?

Lyndsay Cotton asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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Can ATT support the new GSM LTE modem in the USA?

I would like to buy the new LTE modem, but it is not yet on the approved list at ATT. That does not mean it does not work, but they have not tested it yet.

Does anyone have experience with this yet?

Many thanks,

jfrieschuetz asked
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Can API be used for discharge / recharge import / export grid?

Hi there,

I live in an area with notoriously bad dirty (low voltage) power issues and as a result have an interesting spike in power price. I am wondering if the API can be used to instruct discharge when price is high and similarly charge from grid when price is low?

I have not been able to deduce these commands from the api docs here:

I have written a program to handle spot price already, I am just trying to figure out the best way to instruct victron.



mike-casey asked
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Coms issue

Unit: Easy Solar 48 5000VA 70A


My laptop won't communicate with this system using the VEConfiger 3 software using a VE.Direvt to USB cable connector plugged into the back of the color controller.

The soft ware can't auto detect the com port, does any one have any ideas on this issue please?

dallas-kugel asked
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Question about the CAN IDs of the Venus GX (VGX) messages

Hello, I am using a Venus GX to communicate with an MPPT. I have connected a PCAN transceiver to the CAN 2 port of the VGX (not the VE.Can port) and I receive frames with the following CAN IDs:









I would like to know which information is within each CAN frame so a PLC can use it for analysis. Can anybody please help me to find any document which explains the information sent by this port? In the Victron's documentation I've found only the PGNs but this is not useful as I want to use the information sent by the raw CAN bus.

msurca asked

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Color Control showing inverter in "Off" State

We have a small off-grid system that includes a Color Control, BMV, Phoenix Inverter and Solar Charger.

In the system overview screen, the Color Control shows the inverter as "Off", despite showing AC loads. In the "devices" list, the inverter shows up, and we are able to see the details and see that its state is "inverting". (see attached screenshots).

Firmware on all devices is up to date and we have checked the pins on the VE.Direct cable to ensure there is no damage/debris.

The system is still working fine, the only issue is the erroneous state, but obviously we would like the customer to have a fault-free system. What could be the issue here?


Elliot Morgan asked

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Communication Cables advice

Hi all,

We have a client looking to install a hybrid solar system with a small battery backup as well as exporting to the grid. The client wants a Victron system and he has his own panels.

72 x 330W solar panels to be wired with 3 x SmartSolar MPPT 250/100-Tr VE.Can chargers

3 x Quattro 48/10000/140-100/100 inverters (1 for each phase)

1 x Color Control GX

Can you please help me with what cabling and communication I would need to order?

I saw some pictures online with VE Direct cables and network cables, but I am not at all experienced with how the Victron systems communication works.

Thank you in advance, and let me know if there is any additional info needed to help.



rvsolar asked
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Is it posible to connect on parallel a Phoenix multiplus 24/3000/70 and a multiplus 24/3000/70?

Is it posible to connect on parallel a Phoenix multiplus 24/3000/70 and a multiplus 24/3000/70?

Abel Ivars asked
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How to contact the Community Manager & Site Admin

What is the best way to get in contact with the Community Manager for site administration issues (accounts, emails, file attachments, etc)?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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Can not connect to smart dongle via Bluetooth using Samsung a8

I just purchased a new Samsung a8 and am unable to connect to my 75/15 mppt controller and Bluetooth smart dongle. The dongle is not visible in the Victon connect app device list and does not appear when searching for Bluetooth devices

I can still connect using my old Samsung S5 phone and using my partners Samsung a5. I have updated the mppt and phone to the latest firmware but this did not solve the problem. the Samsung a8 connects to all of my other bluetooth devices such as my laptop, bluetooth speaker and other phone.

Any help would be appreciated

ryan asked
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Alternator w/ WS500 and Victron Venus or Cerbo

I love the Victron Venus system and would love to upgrade to the Cerbo (if i can every get my hands on one). I'm currently in the process of upgrading our alternator on our yacht. For this we will use a WS500 regulator which has the ability to get data from the victron BMV shunt in order to control voltage and Amperage coming from the alternator.

My question: is there anyway to see only alternator output through a venus or cerbo device? I know that the WS500 has a CAN bus but i would be unsure how these two devices would communicate or if there would be any way to display that information. It would be very helpful to understand what all the charging systems are doing (solar, wind, alternators, etc) on a single screen.

I do believe the answer is, no, there is no way to do this but i figure i would ask before i close the door to the idea.

polarseal asked
Paul B answered ·

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Get AC output informations via CAN

we are developing an aggregator including 3 Multiplus 48/5000. Our controller is able to communicate via the VE.Bus to VE.Can interface. Currently we can control the inverters and read system informations using proprietary message on the NMEA2000 but cannot get informations about the load because I could not find such VREGs. Which I do not really understand because these informations can be read in the case of other devices.


I would like to ask how I determine the output power, current and voltage data of each phase on the VE.Can.

Balint Major

balint603 asked

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Communication protocol BMV 7xx <-> Venus GX <-> Smartsolar

It seems as if i have a problem articulating my problem as even #victronsupport has given up on me..!!!

I have to alternate my venus GX firmware every morning to 'activate' comms between my venus and Mppt

My setup is as follows : Venus GX - V2.40 or 2.42, depending on what ran the previous day, MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 v 433, BMV-700 v3.10 and SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/60 v1.47.

The issue occured when i updated my mppt to latest firmware. I have tried all permutations of settings to no avail

In the morning when the mppt starts it loops on an error as can be seen in the video

From the attached graphs it can be seen that there is some misalignment between the components





@Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff), hopefully this will tickle your interest again....

gwbn asked
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Communication protocol BMV 7xx <-> Venus GX

Hi all,

Could someone tell me what kind of "regular" communication is between Venus GX and BMV?

Planned system: MPPT+BMV+Phoenix C + Normal battery + Venus GX ( DVCC + SVS)

Why? I would like to use a monitoring of serial line between BMV and Venus GX (RX line from Venus GX point of view) for regulation purposes ... as a robust way ...

And ... I would like to be sure before buying of BMV and Venus GX ...

A) Is it Master (Venus GX) - Slave (BMV) communication (Victron HEX)? What is the request's frame rate?

B) Is it a type of broadcast communication of BMV (Victron simple TXT)? So Venus GX has every 1s updated information?

jit asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

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Smart solar MPPT 100/15 does has port?

I'm still in doubt if the smart solar MPPT does support

I know the Blue Solar MPPT will. Some sources states only Blue Solar...

I've an smart solar MPPT 100/15 (Bluetooth version). Does this version has the at the 4 pin connector below the fuse?

And if so what is the serial voltage 3.3 or 5V?

Thanks for clarification

tkmbe asked
Murray van Graan answered ·

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Quattro - Battery data available on VE.Bus?

I am not very familiar with the victron communication universe.

Does the VE.Bus interface of a Quattro provide actual battery voltage and current (charing discharging) data? The device should because these data are necessary for control purposes.

And further more, can these data be logged, either directly on a computer (via MK3--) or via ethernet network (ethernet remote2+Router) without a BMV device?

In this case, can settings be done via this 2 connection options on the device (Quattro) or is an additional device ( VE.Dir. Blue. Smart Dongle ) for this purpose necessary?

The application is actual a test set-up in a Lab.

Kindest regards and thanks for the support.

Joss Fritz

jossfritz asked
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USB Programming tools

I have a BMV-501, and Pheonix Multiplus compact installed.

In addition to 'VE Configure software', what components do I need to configure these devices using a Windows 10 PC?

p-hayton asked
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BMV 712 voltage discrepancies

I have a new RV (Fifth Wheel, caravan, etc.) that came with solar prewired and a residential refrigerator on a 1000W inverter with bypass when AC is present.

I want to maximize what I can do with batteries and solar, I was recommended to Victron. I started with a BMV 712 and a Venus GX, which I've been working with off and on for about a month.

I've been struggling with the no-name cheap batteries (2 x 12vdc lead acid deep cycle) wired in parallel that came in the coach. I wanted to have my math correct before I spent any serious money on high end batteries, so I installed two brand name lead acid batteries with a stated 20 hr capacity of 90 amps each. I configured the BMV 712 to 180 Ah capacity. First, was this correct?

I've been running the inverter and fridge until the battery voltage gets to 12.1vdc per the BMV 712, which I would consider about the maximum discharge to prevent damage on this type battery. Second, does this sound correct?

The refrigerator cycles on and off, but draws an hour over hour average of 45 watts. My WiFi connection draws 5 watts, the Victron gear itself all pulls less than 5 watts together, from metering. Altogether about 55-60 watts, which the BMV agrees with.

The runtime is usually 3-4 hours, which by the math seems very light. Like 1/3 or 1/4 what I should see.

Today I've added a BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller (also connected to the Venus via, during that install I was checking the battery pair and noticed the voltage didn't agree with the BMV. A good voltmeter on the battery is showing a voltage typically 25 volts or more than the BMV, so I've been watching this during testing.

I installed the BMV with the shunt, cable, and temperature sensor provided. Is there any troubleshooting or calibration to be checked?

Third, what does the "synchronize SOC" function do, when should I perform it?



manowell asked
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easySolar 48-3000 - communication problem between inverter and color control

I finish to update my BYD battery to latest firmware (after waiting for the special USB to CAN cable from them) so I finally plugged everything and was hopping to have it all to work.

We did the installation a few weeks ago with my PV installer, we did set up to date color control and inverter, and he setted up the victron inverter and color control configuration for them to be ready to discuss with BYD. As the battery was on a too old firmware, I had to wait to update them to latest firmware which is now done (BMU and BMS).

So I finally turned everything on. BYD is recognized by the color control, mppt is charging them, but when I turned on the inverter, it constantly disconnect and reconnect from CCGX.

here is a small video showing what's happening.

Any idea what could be happening? How I could fix it?

Also, the inverter has a (quite) loud electrical noise. Is that normal?



tpachoud asked
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Victron compatibility with Apollion Cube


Does anyone know if Victron inverter/chargers are compatible with the Apollion Cube?


Is anyone using an Apollion Cube as a storage module?

tbag asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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Is a GX device required with a Multiplus II + Pylontech US2000 + MK3?


I see many discussions using Gx or Venus. Are these guys a "must have" to be able to run Multi II with US2000 batteries ? I only have the MK3, I was told this is enough.

My equipment:

-Multi II version 5010

-A set of 3 US2000 batteries

-18 PV x300Wp, so 5400Wp on the roof including APSSystems YC600 micro inverters

-Multi II AC in : Grid connected wtih the loads

-Multi II ACout1 : PV panels including the micro inverters (so out in 220C ac)

-Multi II ACout2 : empty

Using the VE config and setting up the ESS assistant, the Multi II has initially started in Inverter mode then after 1 min delay in "Mains On", while the sun was down and batteries fully loaded.

So I guess it started to use the batteries to feed the power but as there was no com, it stops.

Can you please confirm my assumptions ? or explain the reasons why I can not today feed the loads from the energy stored in the batteries?

Any workaround ?

Thank you

zak asked
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Is there a way to display Schneider MPPT, Outback MPPT and Morningstar MPPT data on VRM?

I have a client who has an Outback system with 2 x 3kVA Inverters and 1 x 60A Outback, 1 x 60A Schneider and a 45A Morningstar. I want to take out the 2 outback inverters and give him a 10kVA Quattro with Colour Control and BMV. How would i be able to monitor the charge controllers on VRM? Or is it even possible?

rossmuller1 asked
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Communication through MK2 cable to the PC

Hello. I´ve seen in some tutorials that to configure my Victron equipment with my PC is necessary to communicate it through an ethernet cable and a Victron MK2 connector to plug it in to my computer to a USB port. I want to ask if any one knows if I have to use the Victron MK2 adaptor or if I can use any other ethernet-UBS adapter for the communication. Thank you.

uttcarrosolar asked
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Ethernet over Powerline - EOP communications from CCGX to router query Client does not want Wi Fi anything on the property and we are unable to run LAN cable from CCGX to router. Has anyone used EOP with Victron CCGX for internet connection with or without issue please?

Rod asked
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Fronius Galvo 2.5-1 and Multi 5.0 problems with zero feed in and frequency shift

Hello I have a multiplus 5.0/Venus/Fronius Galvo Grid-connected solar backup system. It Is connected to the local grid and must not feed power back to the grid.

I have set up both systems as described in literature (modbus, ip settings, etc) and added the self consumption hub assistant. The fronius appears in the venus menu and everything seems fine at first.

however, sometimes the fronius is temporarily pushing power onto the grid (up to 1000W for up to 10 seconds) and then resetting itself. This happens when the daytime loads are small and the battery backup is 100%. The fronius will turn on, push power to grid and reset again and again. This also seems to be overcharging the batteries. The whole control system seems very sluggish.

I dont understand why the fronius seems slow to respond to frequency shifting. I feel like I am not using the right assistant for this application. I have read everything about fronius and victron on this website a bunch but just cant get the system to respond right in all situations.

I want to understand better the control mechanism. It seems that while the grid is available the victron multi and venus should be controlling the fronius via modbus, and when the local grid goes down it should switch to frequency control. Am I right? Why cant the venus just control via modbus the whole time? Which assistant would this use?

Alternatively, can I just use a fronius smart meter and separate the two systems? Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks for the any help.


etarkleson asked
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Mqtt or ModbusTCP

HI everyone!

I am about to implement an opportunity load into a Victron ecosystem.

I already have the code to define the amount of power to be derived to the water heater, but I am not sure of which protocol to use, ModbusTCP or MQTT.

I can use both ( as the project is based on a RPi), but I am not sure which of them I should use, as it seems both adequate to my needs of reading variables from the CCGX.

Could you guide me? I have already read the “Data communication with Victron Energy products”, but I found no guidance apart the internet related or not.

FYI: It is for an offgrid system, without WiFi and the connections will be made via an Ethernet cable.

Thanks for your help!


fcriado asked
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Bidirectional converters controllability

We are currently working on research of PV-based microgrids energy management algorithms. Our facilities include a microgrid with PV panels, PV, grid, wind and and load emulators, batteries (mostly lead-acid) as well as two bidirectional converters with poor user-based external controllability.

We had a look on Victron products to evaluate the possibility to purchase one bidirectional converter depending on their external controllability. In the following we include the grid architecture we are working on as well as a short list of the variables we want to measure/control.

The AC microgrid is composed by two groups of PV generators, the connection to the Utility Grid, an Energy Storage System (composed of a Bidirectional Converter and a Battery Bank) and two types of load demands (Critical and Non-Critical: CL and NCL). PV field 1 with the Utility Grid and the Non-critical loads are connected to the AC input of the Bidirectional Converter and the PV field 2 with the Critical loads are connected to the Bidirectional Converter AC output.


An external Energy Management System should be able to read and write registers in the Bidirectional converter.


. Power exchange between the Bidirectional converter and the Utility Grid through the AC in port (PBC_ACin)

. Battery Bank absorption time

. Change/discharge or Charge ONLY mode


. Battery SOC

. Absorption charge flag

All these settings should be modified using a suitable communication protocol via the bidirectional inverter serial port facility.

Is there any Victron bidirectional converter fitting these requirements?

guinjoan asked
wkirby answered ·

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Battery Communication protocol

Hi, we are a battery storage system supplier and currently we have some customers who use Victron inverters and also interested in our battery modules. So it's very important to realize compatibility between our products, we do find the communication protocol on your website, but still we have some questions, can we know someone in your company who can support in this issue? We'll appreciate it if you can help, my email is


max asked
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